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In the Land of Armadillos

In the Land of Armadillos Author Helen Maryles Shankman
ISBN-10 9781501115196
Release 2016-02-02
Pages 304
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A radiant debut collection of linked stories from a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, set in a German-occupied town in Poland, where tales of myth and folklore meet the real-life monsters of the Nazi invasion. 1942. With the Nazi Party at the height of its power, the occupying army empties Poland’s towns and cities of their Jewish populations. As neighbor turns on neighbor and survival often demands unthinkable choices, Poland has become a moral quagmire—a place of shifting truths and blinding ambiguities. Blending folklore and fact, Helen Maryles Shankman shows us the people of Wlodawa, a remote Polish town: we meet a cold-blooded SS officer dedicated to rescuing the creator of his son’s favorite picture book, even as he helps exterminate the artist’s friends and family; a Messiah who appears in a little boy’s bedroom to announce that he is quitting; a young Jewish girl who is hidden by the town’s most outspoken anti-Semite—and his talking dog. And walking among these tales are two unforgettable figures: the enigmatic and silver-tongued Willy Reinhart, Commandant of the forced labor camp who has grand schemes to protect “his” Jews, and Soroka, the Jewish saddlemaker and his family, struggling to survive. Channeling the mythic magic of classic storytellers like Sholem Aleichem and Isaac Bashevis Singer and the psychological acuity of modern-day masters like Nicole Krauss and Nathan Englander, In the Land of Armadillos is a testament to the persistence of humanity in the most inhuman conditions.

Armadillo World Headquarters

Armadillo World Headquarters Author Eddie Wilson
ISBN-10 9781477313824
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 520
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“Eddie’s story is by turns hilarious, informative, and the living spirit of its age. . . . [He] piles the most unlikely anecdotes on top of one another, creating a land of enchantment and an order of chemically altered consciousness that rescues an era I’d thought not so much lost as forgotten. Not only am I thrilled I’ve read this story and wish I was in it, I wish I’d written it.” —Dave Marsh, from the foreword “The Armadillo World Headquarters . . . was one of the most exciting, and remained one of the most exciting, places in the United States for the years that it was in operation. I saw a little of everything at the Armadillo, and it was one of the great experiences of my life.” —Ann Richards, from the author’s preface On August 7, 1970, Eddie Wilson and a band of hippies threw open the doors of Armadillo World Headquarters, and the live music capital of the world was born in Austin, Texas. Over its ten-year lifespan, the Armadillo hosted thousands of high-profile musicians—Willie Nelson, Frank Zappa, Bruce Springsteen, Taj Mahal, AC/DC, Charlie Daniels, the Ramones, Roy Buchanan, and Bette Midler, to name a random few. The Armadillo helped define the Austin lifestyle, culture, and identity, setting the stage for successors such as the SXSW music festival, PBS’s Austin City Limits, and the ACL festival, which have made Austin an international destination for music fans. In this rollicking memoir, Eddie Wilson tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Armadillo from the moment he first peered into a derelict National Guard armory building and knew that destiny had found him. He vividly describes how two previously clashing groups—rednecks and hippies—came together at the Armadillo, enjoying a new blend of country music and rock that spawned a many-named movement: cosmic cowboy, progressive country, and redneck rock, among others. Wilson also reveals the struggles and creative solutions that kept the doors open, the angels who provided timely infusions of cash, the janitors and carpenters who maintained the Dillo, and the artists who created iconic poster art. Extensively illustrated with candid photographs and music posters, Armadillo World Headquarters recounts the story of this legendary venue as no other book can.


Armadillos Author P. K. Lynch
ISBN-10 9781785079603
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 288
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A lead title for Spring 2016, Armadillos is far more than a coming of age story. 'P.K. Lynch can tell a story deep as a wound... Read this one' -- Jeanette Winterson

Armadillo s Orange

Armadillo s Orange Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000051324155
Release 2003
Pages 32
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An armadillo remembers where his burrow is by the orange near the opening, but when the orange rolls away, he discovers a new way to find his home.

West of Here

West of Here Author Jonathan Evison
ISBN-10 9781565129528
Release 2011
Pages 486
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A novel that is part historical and part modern contracts the lofty goals of the pioneers that settled a peninsula in Washington State with the trivial pursuits of its present-day inhabitants. By the author of All About Lulu.

A Journey to Guitarland with Maestro Armadillo

A Journey to Guitarland with Maestro Armadillo Author Jr Thomas Amoriello
ISBN-10 1612966799
Release 2016-04-14
Pages 28
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"A Journey to Guitarland with Maestro Armadillo" is the first in a series written for children as a fun lesson and introduction to the wonderful world of the guitar. No guitar required!

The Deer Pasture

The Deer Pasture Author Rick Bass
ISBN-10 0890962286
Release 1985
Pages 122
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A collection of seventeen narratives in which Rick Bass describes his family's deer pasture and its significance as a family tradition.

Redneck Riviera

Redneck Riviera Author Dennis Covington
ISBN-10 1582432953
Release 2004
Pages 182
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The author describes his odyssey to the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle to claim his inheritance, two and a half acres of land purchased by his father, in a study of the clash of values that is tearing apart much of rural America.

Armadillo Rodeo

Armadillo Rodeo Author Jan Brett
ISBN-10 9780399549342
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 32
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When Bo spots what he thinks is a "rip-roarin', rootin'-tootin', shiny red armadillo," he knows what he has to do. Follow that armadillo! Bo leaves his mother and three brothers behind and takes off for a two-stepping, bronco-bucking adventure. Jan Brett turns her considerable talents toward the Texas countryside in this amusing story of an armadillo on his own.

The Color of Light

The Color of Light Author Helen Maryles Shankman
ISBN-10 1490473246
Release 2013-09-12
Pages 574
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A novel of art, passion, and vampires.At the American Academy of Classical Art, popular opinion has it that the school's handsome and mysterious founder, Raphael Sinclair, is a vampire. It is a rumor Rafe does nothing to dispel.Scholarship student Tessa Moss has long dreamed of the chance to study at Rafe's Academy. But she is floundering amidst the ups and downs of a relationship with egotistical art star Lucian Swain.Then, one of Tessa's sketches catches Rafe's attention: a drawing of a young woman in 1930s clothing who is covering the eyes of a child. The suitcase at her feet says Wizotsky. Sofia Wizotsky, the love of Rafe's life, was lost during the Holocaust. Or was she? Rafe suspects Tessa may be the key to discovering what really happened.As Rafe finds excuses to interact with Tessa, they quickly discover they cannot deny their growing attraction to one another. It is an attraction forbidden by the Academy Board and disapproved of by anyone familiar with Rafe's playboy reputation and Tessa's softhearted innocence. But what if fate has other plans for Tessa and Rafe? What if they break all rules to succumb to a passion that defies history?

An Armadillo in Paris

An Armadillo in Paris Author Julie Kraulis
ISBN-10 1770495266
Release 2014-10
Pages 32
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After reading his grandfather's travel diary, Arlo the armadillo, sets out to explore Paris and meet La Dame de Fer.

But Not the Armadillo

But Not the Armadillo Author Sandra Boynton
ISBN-10 1481481002
Release 2018-09-04
Pages 16
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For more than thirty-five years, readers have wondered what happens to the mystery armadillo on the last page of Sandra Boynton’s classic board book, But Not the Hippopotamus. Now, at last, comes the long-awaited sequel. Behold the armadillo, a cute and curious creature who follows his nose wherever it goes. Join him as he quietly travels the less-traveled road: he picks cranberries, stops and smells the flowers, takes a nap in the meadow, searches out the source of a beautiful melody, and at day’s end passes an overeager hippo sprinting the other direction. Told with Boynton’s signature charm and unpredictability, But Not the Armadillo is a gentle and worthy companion book to But Not the Hippopotamus—perfect for curious little kids and grown-ups alike. And for everyone who has ever been concerned about the armadillo: Don’t worry. He’s completely fine just the way he is.


Accident Author Andrea Tsurumi
ISBN-10 9781328466525
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 48
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When a clumsy armadillo named Lola knocks over a glass pitcher, she sets off a silly chain of events, encountering chaos wherever she goes. But accidents happen—just ask the stoat snarled in spaghetti, the airborne sheep, and the bull who has broken a whole shop’s worth of china. In the tradition of beloved books like The Dot and Beautiful Oops, this charming, hilarious debut from author-illustrator Andrea Tsurumi shows that mistakes don’t have to be the end of the world.

The Land of Hungry Armadillos

The Land of Hungry Armadillos Author Lawrence David
ISBN-10 038532698X
Release 2000-05-01
Pages 32
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Greedy Gus not only refuses to share with his little sister but also trades her to a monster which forces her to bake cupcakes for hungry armadillos.

But Not the Hippopotamus

But Not the Hippopotamus Author Sandra Boynton
ISBN-10 1442454083
Release 2012-08-28
Pages 18
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A shy hippo makes a big impact in this anniversary edition of a Sandra Boynton classic. A hog and a frog cavort in the bog. But not the hippopotamus. A cat and two rats are trying on hats. But not the hippopotamus. The original But Not the Hippopotamus was an instant favorite among children and parents. Now this hilarious Boynton book is back in a Special 30th Anniversary Edition, complete with its silly rhymes and humorous, charming illustrations. In this simple, playful board book, a shy hippo watches as other animals engage in social activities. Finally, the other animals invite the hippo along and, after dithering a moment, she leaps into the fun...with hilarious results. The repetitive, enjoyable rhythm, cheerful mood, and well-crafted, simple rhymes will endear this story to toddlers everywhere. This anniversary edition has an enlarged trim size and metallic ink on the cover, making this Boynton classic even more special.

The Adventures of Armadillo Baby and Annabelli

The Adventures of Armadillo Baby and Annabelli Author Robert Zamenhof
ISBN-10 1515223299
Release 2015-07-25
Pages 84
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The Adventures of Armadillo Baby and Annabelli is a charming and whimsical collection of animal stories about the adventures of a pair of brother and sister armadillos. The dominant character in these stories is a horribly powerful and very large protagonist named Raina Sparkle, chimera of dragon, bat, and dinosaur, loving toward the armadillos, but frightfully intimidating and scary to any human or animal who dares to try and harm them! The armadillos are friends with some local animals, like Seflagori, the camel, and Noseberry, the anteater, but learn the hard way that they must be wary of certain other animals, like Elvis and Montmorency, the two Syrian crocodiles, Horatio the Hawk, and Rexi the leader of the angry water reeds. Certain humans should also be avoided, like Captain Shutemup and his communications officer Sparky Blaberon, both from The Happy Gun cruise ship. The armadillos love to eat and the menus for some of their meals are described in detail with reasonable cultural accuracy. The armadillos also love to sleep, and each story ends with the armadillos safely and happily in bed. But the armadillos seem to end up in hot water no matter what innocent activities they participate in, ultimately forcing them to call on the help of Raina Sparkle, their kind protector, who inevitably bails them out of their troubles. Although the armadillos are anthropomorphized, they nevertheless are imbued with amusing armadillian behavioral characteristics, such as walking on the bottoms of ponds, holding their breath underwater for many minutes, curling up into a protective ball when threatened, and jumping straight up when excited or startled. The Adventures of Armadillo Baby and Annabelli will definitely be loved by younger readers and may also bring smiles and chuckles to their adult companions.

The Upright Heart

The Upright Heart Author Julia Ain-Krupa
ISBN-10 9780990004394
Release 2016-09-13
Pages 176
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"Stylistic virtuosity, penetrating emotional power, and a post-apocalyptic vision . . . a brilliant literary achievement. . . . Julia Ain-Krupa gives us something luminous." — Philip K. Jason, Jewish Book Council The Upright Heart chronicles the return from Brooklyn of a Jewish man, Wolf, to his native Poland soon after World War II. He is haunted by the memory of his Catholic lover, Olga, whom he abandoned to marry a woman of his own faith and start a new life in America, and who perished sheltering the parents and younger sister he left behind. Harassed on the streets of postwar Poland, Wolf is watched over by the spirits of those who died during and after the war but have yet to let go. His story is woven together with those of others, living and dead, Catholic and Jew, including the deceased students of a school for girls, a battalion of fallen German soldiers, and an orphan boy who wanders the streets of Krakow, believing in a magic pill he has conjured up as a way to survive. Set amid the ruins of the Holocaust and the Nazis' total war, this haunting novel is at once a page-turning drama and a meditation on what it means to be human, part of a community, alive. The Upright Heart's dreamlike qualities and fluent lyricism draw the reader toward a consecrated realm, while its narrative force guides the story into the present, where survivors and their children, beset by the devastations of the past, struggle alongside the dead to perceive and appreciate the beauty of that which remains and that which might yet be. From the Trade Paperback edition.