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Information and Self Organization

Information and Self Organization Author Hermann Haken
ISBN-10 9783662078938
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 196
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Complex systems are ubiquitous, and practically all branches of science ranging from physics through chemistry and biology to economics and sociology have to deal with them. In this book we wish to present concepts and methods for dealing with complex systems from a unifying point of view. Therefore it may be of inter est to graduate students, professors and research workers who are concerned with theoretical work in the above-mentioned fields. The basic idea for our unified ap proach sterns from that of synergetics. In order to find unifying principles we shall focus our attention on those situations where a complex system changes its macroscopic behavior qualitatively, or in other words, where it changes its macroscopic spatial, temporal or functional structure. Until now, the theory of synergetics has usually begun with a microscopic or mesoscopic description of a complex system. In this book we present an approach which starts out from macroscopic data. In particular we shall treat systems that acquire their new structure without specific interference from the outside; i. e. systems which are self-organizing. The vehicle we shall use is information. Since this word has several quite different meanings, all of which are important for our purpose, we shall discuss its various aspects. These range from Shannon information, from which all semantics has been exorcised, to the effects of information on receivers and the self-creation of meaning.

Information and self organization

Information and self organization Author H. Haken
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924050596638
Release 1988
Pages 196
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Information and self organization has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Information and self organization also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Information and self organization book for free.

Self Organization and Clinical Psychology

Self Organization and Clinical Psychology Author Wolfgang Tschacher
ISBN-10 9783642775345
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 472
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Self-organization and clinical psychology signals the advent of a new paradigm in psychology. Physicists, neuroscientists and individual and grouptherapists have joined forces to elucidate the new and exciting advances that are being achieved by applying the concepts of non-linear dynamics and self-organization to the human nervous system and the mind.


Synergetics Author Hermann Haken
ISBN-10 9783642883385
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 390
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Over the past years the field of synergetics has been mushrooming. An ever increasing number of scientific papers are published on the subject, and numerous conferences all over the world are devoted to it. Depending on the particular aspects of synergetics being treated, these conferences can have such varied titles as "Nonequilibrium Nonlinear Statistical Physics," "Self-Organization," "Chaos and Order," and others. Many professors and students have expressed the view that the present book provides a good introduction to this new field. This is also reflected by the fact that it has been translated into Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, and other languages, and that the second edition has also sold out. I am taking the third edition as an opportunity to cover some important recent developments and to make the book still more readable. First, I have largely revised the section on self-organization in continuously extended media and entirely rewritten the section on the Benard instability. Sec ond, because the methods of synergetics are penetrating such fields as eco nomics, I have included an economic model on the transition from full employ ment to underemployment in which I use the concept of nonequilibrium phase transitions developed elsewhere in the book. Third, because a great many papers are currently devoted to the fascinating problem of chaotic motion, I have added a section on discrete maps. These maps are widely used in such problems, and can reveal period-doubling bifurcations, intermittency, and chaos.

Self Organization in Optical Systems and Applications in Information Technology

Self Organization in Optical Systems and Applications in Information Technology Author Mikhail A. Vorontsov
ISBN-10 9783642603150
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 247
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Contrary to monographs on non-linear optics this book concentrates on problems of self-organization in various important contexts. The reader learns how patterns in non-linear optical systems are created and what theoretical methods can be applied to describe them. Next, various aspects of pattern formation such as associative memory, information processing, spatio-temporal instability, photo refraction, and so on are treated. The book addresses graduate students and researchers in physics and optical engineering.

Synergetics of Measurement Prediction and Control

Synergetics of Measurement  Prediction and Control Author Igor Grabec
ISBN-10 9783642603365
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 458
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In this monograph, a statistical description of natural phenomena is used to develop an information processing system capable of modeling non-linear relationships between sensory data. The system, based on self-organized, optimal preservation of empirical information, applies these relationships for prediction and adaptive control. This monograph is written for students, scientists and engineers in academia and industry who are interested in experimental work related to the adaptive modeling of natural laws, the development of sensory-neural networks, intelligent control, synergetics and informatics. No specific knowledge of advanced mathematics is presupposed. Examples taken from physics, engineering, medicine and economics demonstrate the applicability of such intelligent systems.

Self Organization and the City

Self Organization and the City Author Juval Portugali
ISBN-10 9783662040997
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 352
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This book integrates the theories of complex self-organizing systems with the rich body of discourse and literature developed in what might be called ‘social theory of cities and urbanism’. It uses techniques from dynamical complexity and synergetics to successfully tackle open social science questions.

Entropy Measures Maximum Entropy Principle and Emerging Applications

Entropy Measures  Maximum Entropy Principle and Emerging Applications Author Karmeshu
ISBN-10 3540002421
Release 2003-03-11
Pages 297
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This book is dedicated to Prof. J. Kapur and his contributions to the field of entropy measures and maximum entropy applications. Eminent scholars in various fields of applied information theory have been invited to contribute to this Festschrift, collected on the occasion of his 75th birthday. The articles cover topics in the areas of physical, biological, engineering and social sciences such as information technology, soft computing, nonlinear systems or molecular biology with a thematic coherence. The volume will be useful to researchers working in these different fields enabling them to see the underlying unity and power of entropy optimization frameworks.

On Self Organization

On Self Organization Author R.K. Mishra
ISBN-10 9783642457265
Release 2013-12-18
Pages 298
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On Self Organization has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from On Self Organization also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full On Self Organization book for free.

Self Organization and Management of Social Systems

Self Organization and Management of Social Systems Author H. Ulrich
ISBN-10 9783642697623
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 158
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Self Organization and Management of Social Systems has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Self Organization and Management of Social Systems also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Self Organization and Management of Social Systems book for free.


Synergetics Author H. Haken
ISBN-10 UOM:39015017123624
Release 1977
Pages 325
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Synergetics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Synergetics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Synergetics book for free.

Advanced Synergetics

Advanced Synergetics Author Hermann Haken
ISBN-10 9783642455537
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 356
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This text on the interdisciplinary field of synergetics will be of interest to students and scientists in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering, and other fields. It continues the outline of basic con cepts and methods presented in my book Synergetics. An Introduction, which has by now appeared in English, Russian, J apanese, Chinese, and German. I have written the present book in such a way that most of it can be read in dependently of my previous book, though occasionally some knowledge of that book might be useful. But why do these books address such a wide audience? Why are instabilities such a common feature, and what do devices and self-organizing systems have in common? Self-organizing systems acquire their structures or functions without specific interference from outside. The differentiation of cells in biology, and the process of evolution are both examples of self-organization. Devices such as the electronic oscillators used in radio transmitters, on the other hand, are man made. But we often forget that in many cases devices function by means of pro cesses which are also based on self-organization. In an electronic oscillator the motion of electrons becomes coherent without any coherent driving force from the outside; the device is constructed in such a way as to permit specific collective motions of the electrons. Quite evidently the dividing line between self-organiz ing systems and man-made devices is not at all rigid.

Critical Phenomena in Natural Sciences

Critical Phenomena in Natural Sciences Author Didier Sornette
ISBN-10 9783662041741
Release 2013-04-17
Pages 434
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A modern up-to-date introduction for readers outside statistical physics. It puts emphasis on a clear understanding of concepts and methods and provides the tools that can be of immediate use in applications.

Brain Dynamics

Brain Dynamics Author Hermann Haken
ISBN-10 9783540462842
Release 2006-11-22
Pages 249
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This book addresses a large variety of models in mathematical and computational neuroscience. It is written for the experts as well as for graduate students wishing to enter this fascinating field of research. The author studies the behaviour of large neural networks composed of many neurons coupled by spike trains. An analysis of phase locking via sinusoidal couplings leading to various kinds of movement coordination is included.

Self Organization

Self Organization Author V.I. Krinsky
ISBN-10 9783642702105
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 266
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According to its definition, Synergetics is concerned with systems that produce macroscopic spatial, temporal, or functional structures. Autowaves are·a specific, yet very important, case of spatio-temporal structures. The term "autowave" was coined in the Soviet Union in analogy to the term "auto-oscillator". This is - perhaps too literal - translation of the Russian word "avto-ostsillyatory" (= self oscillator) which in its proper translation means "self-sustained oscillator". These are oscillators, e. g. , clocks, whose internal energy dissipation is compensa ted by a (more or less) continuous power input. Simi larly, the term "autowaves" de notes propagation effects - including waves - in active media, which provide spa tially distributed energy sources and thus may compensate dissipation. An example which is now famous is represented by spiral or concentric waves in a chemically active medium, undergoing the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction. This book provides the reader with numerous further examples from physics, chem istry, and biology - e. g. , autowaves of the heart. While the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction is now widely known, a number of very important results obtained in the Soviet Union are perhaps less well known. I am particularly glad that this book may help to make readers outside the Soviet Union acquainted with these important exper imental and theoretical findings which are presented in a way which elucidates the common principles underlying this kind of propagation effects. Professor V.

Lasers and Synergetics

Lasers and Synergetics Author Robert Graham
ISBN-10 9783642727580
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 272
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Lasers and Synergetics, written to honour Hermann Haken on his 60th birthday, is concerned with the two main areas of research to which Prof. Haken has made fundamental contributions. In fact, the two areas are interrelated since the development of the interdisciplinary science synergetics has been closely connected with the emergence of laser theory. Synergetics deals with complex systems that possess the fundamental property of spontaneous selforganization of their macroscopic behaviour. The book summarizes basic ideas, important concepts and principles used to describe selforganizing systems from a unified viewpoint. Special attention is paid to lasers, nonlinear optics and to coherence phenomena in other physical, biological and sociological systems. Some surveys of historical developments are presented, but most space is devoted to the publication of recent results and the description of current research work.

Introduction to Modern Traffic Flow Theory and Control

Introduction to Modern Traffic Flow Theory and Control Author Boris S. Kerner
ISBN-10 9783642026058
Release 2009-09-16
Pages 265
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The understanding of empirical traf?c congestion occurring on unsignalized mul- lane highways and freeways is a key for effective traf?c management, control, or- nization, and other applications of transportation engineering. However, the traf?c ?ow theories and models that dominate up to now in transportation research journals and teaching programs of most universities cannot explain either traf?c breakdown or most features of the resulting congested patterns. These theories are also the - sis of most dynamic traf?c assignment models and freeway traf?c control methods, which therefore are not consistent with features of real traf?c. For this reason, the author introduced an alternative traf?c ?ow theory called three-phase traf?c theory, which can predict and explain the empirical spatiot- poral features of traf?c breakdown and the resulting traf?c congestion. A previous book “The Physics of Traf?c” (Springer, Berlin, 2004) presented a discussion of the empirical spatiotemporal features of congested traf?c patterns and of three-phase traf?c theory as well as their engineering applications. Rather than a comprehensive analysis of empirical and theoretical results in the ?eld, the present book includes no more empirical and theoretical results than are necessary for the understanding of vehicular traf?c on unsignalized multi-lane roads. The main objectives of the book are to present an “elementary” traf?c ?ow theory and control methods as well as to show links between three-phase traf?c t- ory and earlier traf?c ?ow theories. The need for such a book follows from many commentsofcolleaguesmadeafterpublicationofthebook“ThePhysicsofTraf?c”.