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Insomnia Author Charles M. Morin
ISBN-10 9780306478963
Release 2007-05-08
Pages 190
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This is a practitioner's guidebook presenting steps to assessing and treating a problem that borders on health and psychology. It is an invaluable resource for psychologists, nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals and all those who deal with sufferers of chronic sleep problems.

Acupuncture for Insomnia

Acupuncture for Insomnia Author Hamid Montakab
ISBN-10 9783131644015
Release 2012-04-04
Pages 200
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Insomnia and related sleep disorders concern 30-40% of the adult population and even up to 25% of children, affecting alertness and memory, causing emotional and physical fatigue, and putting the individual at increased risk for depression, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and other health hazards. Acupuncture for Insomnia: Sleep and Dreams in Chinese Medicine presents a highly effective treatment for chronic and acute sleeplessness using therapeutic strategies from both, TCM as well as Classical Chinese Medicine. Special Features Provides full background on the physiology, causes, and treatment of sleep disorders, drawing key parallels between concepts of Western and Chinese Medicine Classifies all acupuncture points that affect sleep to help in choosing the most appropriate treatment for your patient Offers a detailed analysis of sleep in Chinese Medicine to give you a full understanding of the energetics of sleep and wakefulness Analyzes the significance of dreams in Chinese Medicine and how dreams can be skillfully integrated into a patients therapy Written from the unique perspective of a physician who is also trained in TCM and classical acupuncture, the book presents numerous case examples, and an up-to-date review of scientific studies on Chinese medicine and sleep. It is an essential reference for all acupuncture practitioners who provide optimal treatment to patients with insomnia, sleep disorders, and other sleep pathologies.


Insomnia Author Eluned Summers-Bremner
ISBN-10 1861893175
Release 2008-02-27
Pages 176
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This cultural, historical, and scientific exploration of sleeplessness by Eluned Summers-Bremner begins with the literature of ancient times, and finds its sufferers in prominent texts such as the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Mesopotamian epic Gilgamesh, and the Bible. Moving to Romantic and Gothic literature, she shows how sleeplessness continued to play a large role as the advent of street lighting in the nineteenth century inspired the fantastical blurring of daytime reality and night visions and authors connected insomnia to the ephemeral worlds of nightmares and the sublime. Meanwhile, throughout the ages insomnia has been variously categorized by the medical community as a manifestation of a deeper psychological or physical malady. Today’s medical solutions tend to involve prescription drugs—but, as Insomnia reveals, important questions linger about the role of the pharmaceutical industry and the effectiveness of such treatments. “Summers-Bremner’s account of literary usages of insomnia, from Gilgamesh to Garcia Márquez, is a rich one, sufficient to make the case that insomnia is a recurrent theme in Western culture.”––Wall Street Journal “A whimsical tour of the history of how different cultures have viewed not only insomnia but also the night itself, sleep, dreams, darkness, and activities that occur in the dark.”—New England Journal of Medicine “Summers-Bremner’s excellent account of insomnia shows that the consideration of our waking moments is indicative of the changing ways we think about life.”—Financial Times Magazine


Insomnia Author John Chatham
ISBN-10 9781623150457
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 112
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Do you spend night after night dreaming of a better night’s sleep? Tired of feeling like a zombie throughout the day? Insomnia: The Guide to Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Relief for a Better Night’s Sleep helps those who suffer from insomnia, chronic insomnia, depression, and other sleep disorders. Insomnia, by bestselling author John Chatham, offers a breakdown of the top ten causes and symptoms of insomnia, and helps sufferers identify what type of insomnia they have so that the relief can begin. Utilizing extensive research, Insomnia explores the science of sleep from its importance on your body’s overall health to the four stages of sleep. Offering relief to those who have trouble sleeping, Insomnia explores various forms of treatment to put you on the path to a better night’s sleep. • Offers research and findings on the benefits and side effects of sleep medications • Find relief through homeopathic treatments, and understand the benefits of diet • Discover the “Ideal Sleep Positions” and the importance of sleep hygiene. Tired of sleepless nights? A good night’s rest shouldn’t be so difficult. Find the remedy you need with Insomnia: The Guide to Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Relief for a Better Night’s Sleep.


Insomnia Author J. R. Johansson
ISBN-10 9780738737386
Release 2013-06-08
Pages 360
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Praise: "Insomnia was the perfect blend of everything I love in a story. Suspense, twists, characters with many levels...I relished the creepiness and intrigue of the dreams. I highly recommend this book to everyone, and I hope a sequel comes soon!"—JAMES DASHNER, NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE MAZE RUNNER "Cleverly written and dangerously dark, Insomnia will take you to the brink of insanity. A must-read for thriller and romance fans alike."—ELANA JOHNSON, AUTHOR OF POSSESSION "Insomnia is suspenseful, fascinating, and completely unputdownable. I've decided to nickname Jenn Johansson 'Scary McScarypants,' because she spooked me in all the best ways."—CARRIE HARRIS, AUTHOR OF BAD TASTE IN BOYS "A riveting story of terror and despair that will keep you up long past your bedtime."—JENNIFER BOSWORTH, AUTHOR OF STRUCK

Insomnia Poems

Insomnia  Poems Author Linda Pastan
ISBN-10 9780393247190
Release 2015-10-26
Pages 96
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Incandescent poems about living and aging—about being awake in this young century—by one of our most moving and eloquent poets. These poems chart the journeys of sleepless nights when whole lifetimes seem to pass with their stories: loves lost and gained; children and seasons in their phases; and the world beyond, both threatening and enriching life. The time before sleep acts as an invitation to reflect on the world's quieter movements—from gardens heavy after a first storm to the moon slipping into darkness in an eclipse—as well as on the subtle but relentless passage of time. Insomnia embodies Linda Pastan's graceful and iconic voice, both lucid and haunting.

Living with Insomnia

Living with Insomnia Author Phyllis L. Brodsky
ISBN-10 9780786485642
Release 2011
Pages 205
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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects people worldwide. This text provides those with sleep problems or chronic insomnia an overview of research on the causes of sleep loss and the physical effects of insomnia, as well as possible treatments. Disorders are summarized and illustrated with real-life stories about sleep experiences and remedies. This is a concise guide to help readers improve their sleep habits and lives.

Case Studies in Insomnia

Case Studies in Insomnia Author P.J. Hauri
ISBN-10 9781475795868
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 254
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If ever a book could be called timely, this is it. Sleep disorders medicine has made rapid advances in recent years. The field has attained growing respectability, with a textbook recently published, a congressionally man dated National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research, and a growing public awareness of the importance of sleep disorders. However, this rapid growth has made the discrepancy among certain components of the field all the more obvious. Thus, we find that patients who complain of insom nia are almost never in the majority of those seen in sleep disorders centers, in spite of the well-known fact that the prevalence of such individ uals in our society is by far the largest. Current articles on insomnia abound, but they tend to be facile recitations of diagnosis and impractical global recommendations for treat ment, without providing the essential details. Indeed, the clinical profes sions really do not know what to do about insomnia. This is reflected in a number of observations I have made in the recent past. For example, the majority of individuals who complain of insomnia take alcohol, aspirin, over-the-counter medications, hot baths, and a host of other nostrums, but rarely seek a physician. In the unlikely event that a physician is consulted, he is likely to prescribe a sleep medication but without any particular consistency, or any clear instructions on its use.

Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems Author Colin Espie
ISBN-10 9781472105769
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 160
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A Books on Prescription Title All the help you need to conquer your sleep problems and start living life to the full Poor sleep is one of the most common health problems and can leave you feeling exhausted, stressed and run-down. While prescribed medications and over-the-counter remedies rarely offer lasting benefits, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help enormously and is the treatment of choice for insomnia. Develop good pre-bedtime routines. The most effective relaxation techniques. Establish a new sleeping and waking pattern. Deal with a racing mind. Use sleeping pills more effectively. Handle jet lag and sleepwalking.

Insomnia Medical Sleep Disorder Diagnosis

Insomnia  Medical Sleep Disorder   Diagnosis Author Md Belal Bin Heyat
ISBN-10 9783960670896
Release 2017-01
Pages 56
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Sleep is an important phenomenon in everyone’s life. We spend one-third of our life sleeping. Lack of sleep may result in several sleeping disorders which can affect the mental, emotional and physical well-being. In this research, a disease known as Insomnia will be discussed. Normally, dreaming is an activity which is taking place in mind while the body is at rest. Insomnia, or sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder of being unable to fall asleep or to stay asleep as long as desired. A person suffering from Insomnia wakes up early or frequently during the night and feels exhausted, slow and is unable to concentrate. The various stages of sleep and the systems affecting the human body will be discussed in detail. The various symptoms, their causes and the respective treatment are also part of this study. Moreover, a time-frequency analysis of EEG signals is necessary. The electrical and chemical activities of the brain change in the presence of sleep disorder. These changes affect the waveform of the EEG signal and help to detect those disorders. In this work, the use of a short time-frequency analysis applied on Electroencephalogram (EEG) Signals is made for diagnosing Insomnia. A comparison between the normalized powers of the two types of patients, i.e. normal patient and Insomnia patient, is drawn to achieve meaningful results.


Insomnia Author Dr Dilys Davies
ISBN-10 9781911163169
Release 2016-01-28
Pages 148
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One third of the population is estimated to experience insomnia and it is widely recognised to have far-reaching affects on the sufferer's health, relationships, work and happiness. However, there is often very little help available. Increasing concern over sleeping pills has led many sufferers to look for alternative approaches to aid better sleep. This book provides clear, practical advice to help deal with the problem of insomnia, encourage natural sleep, identify causes and provides information on natural remedies for poor sleep.


Insomnia Author Linda K. Devries
ISBN-10 0877881847
Release 2000-03
Pages 168
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More than 130 million Americans have sleep-related problems. Linda DeVries offers up-to-date data about the causes and treatments of sleep disorders, complete with self-tests to help you identify physical and emotional causes and tips for sleeping better.I


Insomnia Author Stephen King
ISBN-10 9781501143724
Release 2016-05-31
Pages 912
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"Ralph Roberts never expected to live out his remaining golden years mourning the death of his beloved wife. He also never expected to begin suffering from chronic insomnia for the first time in his life. Each night he wakes up a little bit earlier, until he's barely sleeping at all. During his overnight walks, he's now observing some strange things going on here in Derry, Maine--and they're more than sleep-deprived hallucinations. There's definitely a mean streak that's always been running through this small New England city; underneath its ordinary surface, awesome and terrifying forces are at work. The dying has been going on in Derry for a long, long time, and Ralph Roberts will soon find that lack of sleep is the least of his worries."--Page 4 of cover

Restful Insomnia

Restful Insomnia Author Sondra Kornblatt
ISBN-10 1609250958
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 224
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Insomnia has meant nights of frustration—until now. A new program, Restful Insomnia, helps insomniacs mimic the benefits of sleep so they can greet the mornings refreshed. If you are among the 70 million sleep-deprived Americans who do battle every night, take heart! This book will show you how to use your waking night hours to quiet your mind, replenish your creativity, and relax deeply. You'll come to accept your insomnia and discover how to derive enough of the benefits of sleep to be able to get up in the morning feeling refreshed.


Insomnia Author Martin P. Szuba
ISBN-10 0521010764
Release 2003-06-19
Pages 285
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This book is the first to collate the scientific data relating to insomnia in order to improve clinical management.

Overcoming Insomnia

Overcoming Insomnia Author Jack D. Edinger
ISBN-10 9780199339402
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 87
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It is estimated that one in ten U.S. adults suffers from chronic insomnia. If left untreated, chronic insomnia reduces quality of life and increases risk for psychiatric and medical disease, especially depression and anxiety. The Overcoming Insomnia treatment program uses evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) methods to correct poor sleep habits. CBT has been proven in multiple studies to improve sleep by reducing time spent in bed before sleep onset, reducing time spent awake after first sleep onset, and increasing the quality and efficiency of sleep. This second edition has been thoroughly updated by the program developers, Jack D. Edinger and Colleen E. Carney. Patients use the Workbook in conjunction with the treatment they receive from their therapist. Patients will receive information about healthy sleep and the reasons for improving sleep habits, and the therapist will develop a program to address that patient's specific sleep problems. Use of a sleep diary, assessment forms, and other homework (all provided in the Workbook) allows patient and therapist to work together to develop an effective sleep regimen tailored specifically for each patient.

Freedom from Insomnia

Freedom from Insomnia Author Alexander Stalmatski
ISBN-10 1856263789
Release 2001
Pages 168
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This text outlines the Buteyko method which could help insomniacs. It argues that the phenomenon of over-breathing is primarily responsible for sleep problems, and provides a course of exercises that can anyone can learn in a week to tackle the problem.