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Inspiring Participatory Democracy

Inspiring Participatory Democracy Author Tom Hayden
ISBN-10 9781317257486
Release 2015-11-30
Pages 208
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The famous 1962 Port Huron Statement by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) introduced the concept of participatory democracy to popular discourse and practice. In Inspiring Participatory Democracy Tom Hayden, one of the principal architects of the statement, analyses its historical impact and relevance to today's movements. Inspiring Participatory Democracy includes the full transcript of the Port Huron statment and shows how it played an important role in the movements for black civil rights, against the Vietnam war and for the Freedom of Information Act. Published during the year of Port Huron's 50th anniversary, Inspiring Participatory Democracy will be of great interest to readers interested in social history, politics and social activism.

The Essential Mario Savio

The Essential Mario Savio Author Lynne Hollander Savio
ISBN-10 9780520283381
Release 2014-09
Pages 320
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The Free Speech Movement in Berkeley, California, was pivotal in shaping 1960s America. Led by Mario Savio and other young veterans of the civil rights movement, student activists organized what was to that point the most tumultuous student rebellion in American history. Mass sit-ins, a nonviolent blockade around a police car, occupations of the campus administration building, and a student strike united thousands of students to champion the right of students to free speech and unrestricted political advocacy on campus. This compendium of influential speeches and previously unknown writings offers insight into and perspective on the disruptive yet nonviolent civil disobedience tactics used by Savio. The Essential Mario Savio is the perfect introduction to an American icon and to one of the most important social movements of the post-war period in the United States.

The Port Huron Statement

The Port Huron Statement Author Tom Hayden
ISBN-10 1560257415
Release 2005-08-25
Pages 192
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We seek the establishment of a democracy of individual participation governed by two central aims: that the individual share in those social decisions determining the quality and direction of his life; that society be organized to encourage independence in men and provide the media for their common participation . . ." —from the PORT HURON STATEMENT Four key periods in American history have most influenced what America is like today: the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II, and the 1960s. No document better frames and explains the 1960s than the PORT HURON STATEMENT. The statement was a generational call for direct participatory democracy in which Americans would have greater say over the decisions affecting their lives. It called for the extension of democratic principles to the workplace as well as the electoral arena. It opposed the dominance of the military-industrial complex with the hope that social movements could reform the Democrats as a party of progressive opposition. In its vision greater democracy would lessen individuals' alienation. The manifesto's 1962 publication preceded the phenomena of the counter-culture, hippies and back-to-the-land. It is truly the intellectual roots of the social change of the 1960s and its impact is still being felt in 2005. In "The Big Lebowksi," the character played by Jeff Bridges claimed authorship; it was condemned by right-wing justice Robert Bork, recalled with nostalgia by Garry Wills and E.J. Dionne, and sections have been printed in countless readers on American history.

The Port Huron Statement

The Port Huron Statement Author Richard Flacks
ISBN-10 9780812246926
Release 2015-02-03
Pages 352
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The Port Huron Statement was the most important manifesto of the New Left student movement of the 1960s. Initially drafted by Tom Hayden and debated over the course of three days in 1962 at a meeting of student leaders, the statement was issued by Students for a Democratic Society as their founding document. Its key idea, "participatory democracy," proved a watchword for Sixties radicalism that has also reemerged in popular protests from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street. Featuring essays by some of the original contributors as well as prominent scholars who were influenced by the manifesto, The Port Huron Statement probes the origins, content, and contemporary influence of the document that heralded the emergence of a vibrant New Left in American culture and politics. Opening with an essay by Tom Hayden that provides a sweeping reflection on the document's enduring significance, the volume explores the diverse intellectual and cultural roots of the Statement, the uneasy dynamics between liberals and radicals that led to and followed this convergence, the ways participatory democracy was defined and deployed in the 1960s, and the continuing resonances this idea has for political movements today. An appendix includes the complete text of the original document. The Port Huron Statement offers a vivid portrait of a unique moment in the history of radicalism, showing that the ideas that inspired a generation of young radicals more than half a century ago are just as important and provocative today. Contributors: Robert Cohen, Richard Flacks, Jennifer Frost, Daniel Geary, Barbara Haber, Grace Elizabeth Hale, Tom Hayden, Michael Kazin, Nelson Lichtenstein, Jane Mansbridge, Lisa McGirr, James Miller, Robert J. S. Ross, Michael Vester, Erik Olin Wright.

Dewey s Dream

Dewey s Dream Author Lee Benson
ISBN-10 1592135935
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 149
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Realizing Dewey's vision of making public schools the seedbed of a democratic society.

Democracy is in the Streets

Democracy is in the Streets Author James Miller
ISBN-10 0674197259
Release 1987
Pages 431
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On June 12, 1962, sixty young activists drafted a manifesto for their generation--"The Port Huron Statement"--that ignited a decade of dissent. "Democracy Is in the Streets" is the definitive history of the people and ideas that shaped the New Left in America during the turbulent 1960s. From the ideal of "participatory democracy" to the reality of community organizing, from the most publicized radical leaders to less well known theorists and activists, James Miller brings to life the hopes and struggles, the triumphs and tragedies, of the students and organizers who took the political vision of "The Port Huron Statement" to heart--and to the streets.

A New Insurgency

A New Insurgency Author Gregory L. Parker
ISBN-10 1607853507
Release 2015-03-06
Pages 559
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A New Insurgency has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A New Insurgency also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A New Insurgency book for free.

Bounded Choice

Bounded Choice Author Janja Lalich
ISBN-10 0520937511
Release 2004-08-16
Pages 353
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It is easy to portray the members of cults as vunerable, needy people who cannot think for themselves. In this comparative study of the Heaven's Gate cult and the Democratic Workers Party, Janja Lalich offers a more complex and disturbing assessment of 'cult mentality'.

The New Left

The New Left Author Dimitrios I. Roussopoulos
ISBN-10 1551642999
Release 2007
Pages 189
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The greatest contribution of the New Left of the 1960s was its determination to build a culture and politics of popular participation at every level of society. A radical conception of democracy, it inspired the movements for civil rights, for peace and solidarity, and for gender and sexual equality. It framed the social debate, in terms of community-centered democratic theory, which continues to guide and inspire well into the twenty-first century. As the contributors to this anthology revisit the 1960s to identify its ongoing impact on North American politics and culture, it becomes evident how this legacy has blended with and influenced today’s worldwide social movements, in particular, the anti-globalization movement and the Right to the City movement. The successes and failures of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as they struggle for a voice at global levels are examined, as are the new movements of the urban disenfranchised—the homeless, the alienated youth, the elderly poor. Apart from evoking memories of past peace and freedom struggles from those who worked on the social movements of the 1960s, this work also includes a number of essays from a rising generation of scholars, too young to have experienced the 1960s firsthand, whose perspective as non-participants enables them to offer fresh interpretations. Dimitrios Roussopoulos, a prominent New Left activist in the 1960s, continues to write and edit on major international issues while being a committed activist, testing theory with practice.

Protest Nation

Protest Nation Author Timothy McCarthy
ISBN-10 9781595586063
Release 2010-04-20
Pages 240
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Protest Nation is a guide through the speeches, letters, broadsides, essays, and manifestos that form the backbone of the American radical tradition in the twentieth century. With examples from socialists, feminists, union organizers, civil-rights workers, gay and lesbian activists, and environmentalists that have served as beacons for millions, the volume also includes brief introductory essays by the editors that provide a rich biographical and historical context for each selection included. Selections include a fiery speech by socialist Eugene Debs, an astonishing treatise on animal liberation by Peter Singer, "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson, Harvey Milk's "The Hope Speech" and many others. Brief introductory essays by the editors provide a rich biographical and historical context for each selection included. Protest Nation presents the most significant and brilliant examples of radical writing, in a concise volume geared for anyone interested in reconnecting with the deep currents of American radical thinking. These range from a fiery speech by Eugene Debs, the great socialist orator; to the original Black Panther Party Platform; to Peter Singer’s astonishing treatise on animal liberation, among many others.

Students for a Democratic Society

Students for a Democratic Society Author Harvey Pekar
ISBN-10 0809089394
Release 2009-04-27
Pages 214
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Created in the form of a graphic novel, an illustrated history of the Students for a Democratic Society organization details the 1962 convention during which the group prepared the Port Huron Statement, drafted by Tom Haden, its role during the tumultuous era of the 1960s, and its final meeting in 1969 during which the SDS was shattered into myriad factions.

Freedom Is an Endless Meeting

Freedom Is an Endless Meeting Author Francesca Polletta
ISBN-10 9780226924281
Release 2012-06-12
Pages 294
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Freedom Is an Endless Meeting offers vivid portraits of American experiments in participatory democracy throughout the twentieth century. Drawing on meticulous research and more than one hundred interviews with activists, Francesca Polletta challenges the conventional wisdom that participatory democracy is worthy in purpose but unworkable in practice. Instead, she shows that social movements have often used bottom-up decision making as a powerful tool for political change. Polletta traces the history of democracy in early labor struggles and pre-World War II pacifism, in the civil rights, new left, and women's liberation movements of the sixties and seventies, and in today's faith-based organizing and anti-corporate globalization campaigns. In the process, she uncovers neglected sources of democratic inspiration—Depression-era labor educators and Mississippi voting registration workers, among them—as well as practical strategies of social protest. But Freedom Is an Endless Meeting also highlights the obstacles that arise when activists model their democracies after familiar nonpolitical relationships such as friendship, tutelage, and religious fellowship. Doing so has brought into their deliberations the trust, respect, and caring typical of those relationships. But it has also fostered values that run counter to democracy, such as exclusivity and an aversion to rules, and these have been the fault lines around which participatory democracies have often splintered. Indeed, Polletta attributes the fragility of the form less to its basic inefficiency or inequity than to the gaps between activists' democratic commitments and the cultural models on which they have depended to enact those commitments. The challenge, she concludes, is to forge new kinds of democratic relationships, ones that balance trust with accountability, respect with openness to disagreement, and caring with inclusiveness. For anyone concerned about the prospects for democracy in America, Freedom Is an Endless Meeting will offer abundant historical, theoretical, and practical insights. "This is an excellent study of activist politics in the United States over the past century. . . . Assiduously researched, impressively informed by a great number of thoughtful interviews with key members of American social movements, and deeply engaged with its subject matter, the book is likely to become a key text in the study of grass-roots democracy in America."—Kate Fullbrook, Times Literary Supplement "Polletta's portrayal challenges the common assumption that morality and strategy are incompatible, that those who aim at winning must compromise principle while those who insist on morality are destined to be ineffective. . . . Rather than dwell on trying to explain the decline of 60s movements, Polletta shows how participatory democracy has become the guiding framework for many of today's activists."—Richard Flacks, Los Angeles Times Book Review "In Freedom Is an Endless Meeting, Francesca Polletta has produced a remarkable work of historical sociology. . . . She provides the fullest theoretical work of historical sociology. . . . She provides the fullest theoretical picture of participatory democracy, rich with nuance, ambiguity, and irony, that this reviewer has yet seen. . . . This wise book should be studied closely by both academics and by social change activists."—Stewart Burns, Journal of American History

The Nation

The Nation Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105112921817
Release 2002-07
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The Nation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Nation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Nation book for free.

Liberty Equality Power

Liberty  Equality  Power Author John M. Murrin
ISBN-10 0155081020
Release 1998-08-01
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Liberty Equality Power has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Liberty Equality Power also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Liberty Equality Power book for free.

The Radical Reader

The Radical Reader Author Timothy McCarthy
ISBN-10 9781595587428
Release 2011-05-10
Pages 688
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Radicalism is as American as apple pie. One can scarcely imagine what American society would look like without the abolitionists, feminists, socialists, union organizers, civil-rights workers, gay and lesbian activists, and environmentalists who have fought stubbornly to breathe life into the promises of freedom and equality that lie at the heart of American democracy. The first anthology of its kind, The Radical Reader brings together more than 200 primary documents in a comprehensive collection of the writings of America’s native radical tradition. Spanning the time from the colonial period to the twenty-first century, the documents have been drawn from a wealth of sources—speeches, manifestos, newspaper editorials, literature, pamphlets, and private letters. From Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” to Kate Millett’s “Sexual Politics,” these are the documents that sparked, guided, and distilled the most influential movements in American history. Brief introductory essays by the editors provide a rich biographical and historical context for each selection included.

Hell No

Hell No Author Tom Hayden
ISBN-10 9780300218671
Release 2017-01-31
Pages 168
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Why those who protested the Vietnam War must be honored, remembered, and appreciated "Hell no" was the battle cry of the largest peace movement in American history--the effort to end the Vietnam War, which included thousands of veterans. The movement was divided among radicals, revolutionaries, sectarians, moderates, and militants, which legions of paid FBI informants and government provocateurs tried to destroy. Despite these obstacles millions marched, resisted the draft on campuses, and forced two sitting presidents from office. This movement was a watershed in our history, yet today it is in danger of being forgotten, condemned by its critics for everything from cowardice to stab-in-the-back betrayal. In this indispensable essay, Tom Hayden, a principal anti-Vietnam War organizer, calls to account elites who want to forget the Vietnam peace movement and excoriates those who trivialize its impact, engage in caricature of protesters and question their patriotism. In so doing, he seeks both a reckoning and a healing of national memory.

Writings For A Democratic Society

Writings For A Democratic Society Author Tom Hayden
ISBN-10 0872864618
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 592
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The best of Tom Hayden's writings from the turbulent 1960s to the Iraq war.