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Integrated Urban Models Volume 1 Policy Analysis of Transportation and Land Use RLE The City

Integrated Urban Models Volume 1 Policy Analysis of Transportation and Land Use  RLE  The City Author S. H. Putman
ISBN-10 9781135684235
Release 2013-04-15
Pages 352
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This book was first published in 1983.

Eco2 Cities

Eco2 Cities Author Hiroaki Suzuki
ISBN-10 082138144X
Release 2010-05-07
Pages 388
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This book is a point of departure for cities that would like to reap the many benefits of ecological and economic sustainability. It provides an analytical and operational framework that offers strategic guidance to cities on sustainable and integrated urban development.

Enabling Inclusive Cities

Enabling Inclusive Cities Author Asian Development Bank
ISBN-10 9789292577209
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 118
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This tool kit presents an integrated approach to inclusive urban development and was prepared for ADB staff and their partners to engage in inclusive urban development programming and implementation as an integral component of ADB’s lending programs. It presents methods to gather required information on a particular context and location for inclusive urban development; to decide priorities; and to plan, design, and implement inclusive urban projects. The operational focus is provided by practical guidelines and criteria for inclusive urban development projects and is designed to stimulate innovation in the solution and approaches that define inclusive urban development projects.

Profitability and sustainability of urban and periurban agriculture

Profitability and sustainability of urban and periurban agriculture Author René van Veenhuizen
ISBN-10 9251058814
Release 2007
Pages 95
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Urban agriculture (UA) is a dynamic concept that comprises a variety of livelihood systems ranging from subsistence production and processing at the household level to more commercialized agriculture. It takes place in different locations and under varying socio-economic conditions and political regimes. The diversity of UA is one of its main attributes, as it can be adapted to a wide range of urban situations and to the needs of diverse stakeholders. This paper aims to provide pertinent information on profitability and sustainability of UA to a wide audience of managers and policymakers from municipalities, ministries of agriculture, local government, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), donor organizations and university research institutions. It aims to highlight the benefits of linkages between agriculture and the urban environment, leading to a more balanced understanding of the conflicts and synergies. It examines how UA can contribute substantially to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly in reducing urban poverty and hunger (MDG 1) and ensuring environmental sustainability (MDG 7).

Climate Change and Cities

Climate Change and Cities Author Cynthia Rosenzweig
ISBN-10 9781139497404
Release 2011-04-28
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Urban areas are home to over half the world's people and are at the forefront of the climate change issue. The need for a global research effort to establish the current understanding of climate change adaptation and mitigation at the city level is urgent. To meet this goal a coalition of international researchers - the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) - was formed at the time of the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit in New York in 2007. This book is the First UCCRN Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities. The authors are all international experts from a diverse range of cities with varying socio-economic conditions, from both the developing and developed world. It is invaluable for mayors, city officials and policymakers; urban sustainability officers and urban planners; and researchers, professors and advanced students.


Planning Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015007177598
Release 1970
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Planning has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Planning also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Planning book for free.

The Geography of Transport Systems

The Geography of Transport Systems Author Jean-Paul Rodrigue
ISBN-10 9781317210108
Release 2016-12-19
Pages 440
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This expanded and revised fourth edition of The Geography of Transport Systems provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the field with a broad overview of its concepts, methods and areas of application. Aimed mainly at an undergraduate audience, it provides an overview of the spatial aspects of transportation and focuses on how the mobility of passengers and freight is linked with geography. The book is divided in ten chapters, each covering a specific conceptual dimension, including networks, modes, terminals, freight transportation, urban transportation and environmental impacts, and updated with the latest information available. The fourth edition offers new material on the issues of transport and the economy, city logistics, supply chains, security, energy, the environment, as well as a revised content structure. With over 160 updated photographs, figures and maps, The Geography of Transport Systems presents transportation systems at different scales ranging from global to local and focuses on different contexts such as North America, Europe and East Asia. This volume is an essential resource for undergraduates studying transport geography, as well as those interested in economic and urban geography, transport planning and engineering. A companion web site, which contains additional material, has been developed for the book and can be found here:

Transportation Planning on Trial

Transportation Planning on Trial Author Mark Garrett
ISBN-10 9780803973534
Release 1996-05-20
Pages 232
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After a decade-long shift in emphasis in regional transportation planning, steadily impacted by politics and planning commissions, environmental impact studies, and national, state and local legislation, the authors interpret and explain the meaning of the transportation planning process in the United States today. The book focuses on the interrelations between federal legislation, the judicial process and transportation planning, particularly in light of two important landmark federal acts - The Clean Air Act of 1990 and the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991. The repercussions of these Acts have caused planners throughout the US to be much more circumspect about commitments they include in transportation plans and tr

Eco city Planning

Eco city Planning Author Tai-Chee Wong
ISBN-10 940070383X
Release 2011-05-02
Pages 295
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Eco-city planning is a key element of urban land use planning in perspective and of ongoing debate of environmental urban sustainable development with a spatial and practical dimension. The conceptual basis of ecological planning is that we can no longer afford to be merely human-centred in approach. Instead, the interdependency of human and non-human species has forced us to appreciate the ‘rights’ and ‘intrinsic values’ of non-human species in our pursuit for a sustainable ecosystem. This volume has as approach an emphasis on environmental planning policies whereby, for example, energy saving, anti-pollution measures, use of non-car modes, construction of green buildings, safeguarding of nature and natural habitats in urban areas, and use of more renewable resources are promotional norms. Their aims and leading outcome serve to protect the Earth from adverse effects of global warming and different sources of pollution threatening the quality of life of human societies.

Discrete Choice Analysis

Discrete Choice Analysis Author Moshe E. Ben-Akiva
ISBN-10 0262022176
Release 1985
Pages 390
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The methods of discrete choice analysis and their applications in the modelling of transportation systems constitute a comparatively new field that has largely evolved over the past 15 years. Since its inception, however, the field has developed rapidly, and this is the first text and reference work to cover the material systematically, bringing together the scattered and often inaccessible results for graduate students and professionals. Discrete Choice Analysis presents these results in such a way that they are fully accessible to the range of students and professionals who are involved in modelling demand and consumer behavior in general or specifically in transportation - whether from the point of view of the design of transit systems, urban and transport economics, public policy, operations research, or systems management and planning. The introductory chapter presents the background of discrete choice analysis and context of transportation demand forecasting. Subsequent chapters cover, among other topics, the theories of individual choice behavior, binary and multinomial choice models, aggregate forecasting techniques, estimation methods, tests used in the process of model development, sampling theory, the nested-logit model, and systems of models. Moshe Ben-Akiva and Steven R. Lerman are both faculty members of the Civil Engineering Department at MIT and affiliated with its Center for Transportation Studies. Discrete Choice Analysis is ninth in the MIT Press Series in Transportation Studies, edited by Marvin Manheim.

Cities and Agriculture

Cities and Agriculture Author Henk de Zeeuw
ISBN-10 9781317506614
Release 2015-09-16
Pages 450
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As people increasingly migrate to urban settings and more than half of the world's population now lives in cities, it is vital to plan and provide for sustainable and resilient food systems which reflect this challenge. This volume presents experience and evidence-based "state of the art" chapters on the key dimensions of urban food challenges and types of intra- and peri-urban agriculture. The book provides urban planners, local policy makers and urban development practitioners with an overview of crucial aspects of urban food systems based on an up to date review of research results and practical experiences in both developed and developing countries. By doing so, the international team of authors provides a balanced textbook for students of the growing number of courses on sustainable agriculture, food and urban studies, as well as a solid basis for well-informed policy making, planning and implementation regarding the development of sustainable, resilient and just urban food systems.

Re visioning Indian Cities

Re visioning Indian Cities Author K. C. Sivaramakrishnan
ISBN-10 9788132107859
Release 2011-08-04
Pages 304
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Re-visioning Indian Cities probes the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) right from its inception to its present-day avatar. The book significantly adds to the knowledge base on the urban history of India. Commencing with a historical background of the JNNURM, the book traces the evolution of public policy in India on urban growth. In the process it provides an understanding of the complex urban issues and examines whether the JNNURM is a project response or a policy response to these problems. The rationale behind the choice of the cities covered by the Mission, the scope and coverage of the work undertaken and the progress till date are extensively discussed. The formidable problems of mega-city governance and the difficulties of correlating rural and urban development at the district level are reviewed.

Handbook of Transport Geography and Spatial Systems

Handbook of Transport Geography and Spatial Systems Author David A. Hensher
ISBN-10 0080441084
Release 2004
Pages 672
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The subject of this volume is the dynamic interactions between transport and the physical, economic, and human geographies it weaves through. The reader is introduced to the new spatial system technologies that are bringing geography and transport management and analysis together.

Entropy in Urban and Regional Modelling Routledge Revivals

Entropy in Urban and Regional Modelling  Routledge Revivals Author Alan Wilson
ISBN-10 9781136498527
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 166
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First published in 1970, this groundbreaking investigation into Entropy in Urban and Regional Modelling provides an extensive and detailed insight into the entropy maximising method in the development of a whole class of urban and regional models. The book has its origins in work being carried out by the author in 1966, when he realised that the well-known gravity model could be derived on the basis of an analogy with statistical, rather than Newtonian, mechanics. Subsequent investigation demonstrated that the entropy maximising method stems from an even higher level of generality, and the beginning of the book is devoted to an account of its importance and use as a general modelling tool. This reissue will be welcomed by a range of students and professionals from fields as diverse as urban and regional studies, economics, geography, planning, civil engineering, mathematics and statistics.

Decision making on Mega projects

Decision making on Mega projects Author Hugo Priemus
ISBN-10 9781848440173
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 342
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It will be useful for those experienced and senior professionals who are charged with authorizing and controlling projects. Recommended. P.F. Rad, Choice Building on the seminal work of Bent Flyvbjerg, this book is a collection of expert contributions that will prove essential to anyone wanting to understand why mega-projects go wrong and how they can be made to work better. Professor Sir Peter Hall, University College London, UK This book offers a refreshing and fascinating look at mega-projects from the perspective of public evaluation and planning. With the changing role of the public sector in planning and implementing large-scale projects and a subsequent strong emergence of private public modes of operation, mega-projects have become a problematic phenomenon. This volume is a major source of information and reference. It provides the reader with unique insights and caveats in mega-projects planning. Peter Nijkamp, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands This book enlarges the understanding of decision-making on mega-projects and suggest recommendations for a more effective, efficient and democratic approach. Authors from different scientific disciplines address various aspects of the decision-making process, such as management characteristics and cost benefit analysis, planning and innovation and competition and institutions. The subject matter is highly diverse, but certain questions remain at the forefront. For example, how do we deal with protracted preparation processes, how do we tackle risks and uncertainties, and how can we best divide the risks and responsibilities among the private and public players throughout the different phases of the project? Presenting a state-of-the-art overview, based on experiences and visions of authors from Europe and North America, this unique book will be of interest to practitioners of large-scale project management, politicians, public officials and private organisations involved in mega-project decision-making. It will also appeal to researchers, consultants and students dealing with substantial engineering projects, complex systems, project management and transport infrastructure.

Agent Based Modeling and Network Dynamics

Agent Based Modeling and Network Dynamics Author Akira Namatame
ISBN-10 9780191074998
Release 2016-01-28
Pages 320
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While the significance of networks in various human behavior and activities has a history as long as human's existence, network awareness is a recent scientific phenomenon. The neologism network science is just one or two decades old. Nevertheless, with this limited time, network thinking has substantially reshaped the recent development in economics, and almost all solutions to real-world problems involve the network element. This book integrates agent-based modeling and network science. It is divided into three parts, namely, foundations, primary dynamics on and of social networks, and applications. The authors begin with the network origin of agent-based models, known as cellular automata, and introduce a number of classic models, such as Schelling's segregation model and Axelrod's spatial game. The essence of the foundation part is the network-based agent-based models in which agents follow network-based decision rules. Under the influence of the substantial progress in network science in late 1990s, these models have been extended from using lattices into using small-world networks, scale-free networks, etc. The text also shows that the modern network science mainly driven by game-theorists and sociophysicists has inspired agent-based social scientists to develop alternative formation algorithms, known as agent-based social networks. It reviews a number of pioneering and representative models in this family. Upon the given foundation, the second part reviews three primary forms of network dynamics, such as diffusions, cascades, and influences. These primary dynamics are further extended and enriched by practical networks in goods-and-service markets, labor markets, and international trade. At the end, the book considers two challenging issues using agent-based models of networks: network risks and economic growth.

Microeconomic Models of Housing Markets

Microeconomic Models of Housing Markets Author Konrad Stahl
ISBN-10 9783642465314
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 200
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The present volume is an outgrowth of several years' interactions be tween U. S. American and W. -German economists interested in analyzing the structure and functioning of housing markets, and the impacts of govern mental policies on these markets. Such an interaction turns out to be fruitful in several respects. Unquestionably, German economists can learn a lot from the high level of sophistication exhibited in much of the American literature. However, this is not a one way road of learning and the adoption of concepts, for the following reason. Most of the analysis presented in that literature hinges on the use of the standard microeco nomics textbook tools. Now, even a casual observation of housing markets in European countries reveals that behavior and conduct in these markets do not follow the assumptions presumed in this mode of analysis, which calls into question the uncritical employment of that tool kit. This has important consequences for policy analysis and indeed, for some principal attitudes towards housing policy, and points sharply to the need for developing analytical concepts that take up more of the pecul iarities of housing market behavior and conduct. While such a develop ment may be particularly warranted in view of European housing markets, we maintain this to be the case in view of the American housing market as well.