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Interior Castle

Interior Castle Author St. Teresa of Avila
ISBN-10 9780486115528
Release 2012-03-06
Pages 176
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Deeply spiritual and profoundly human, this 16th-century masterpiece is the work of a revered saint. Its insights into prayer and meditation as the keys to fulfillment have inspired generations of readers.

Saint Teresa of Avila The Interior Castle A Study Edition

Saint Teresa of Avila   The Interior Castle A Study Edition Author Teresa of Avila
ISBN-10 9780935216851
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 484
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The Interior Castle is more than a book. It is a powerful image of the mystery of the human person. It is the soul of St. Teresa of Avila, who journeys through the castle from one dwelling place to another mapping out a feminine, yet warlike, program for the Christian spiritual life. It is also the last book Teresa wrote: in 1577, five years before she died, she recorded, to the best of her knowledge, the experiences for which she praised God. Reading Teresa herself is indispensable. The authors of this study edition designed it as a springboard to reading and understanding Teresa’s text. They present a chapter of Teresa’s book, followed by a review of the progress of her thought and the principal ideas in each chapter. Next they give interpretive notes: doctrinal, historical, and sociological. Then because Teresa wanted her writings to be in harmony with sacred Scripture, they point out scriptural texts that support her ideas. Finally, the authors show how teachings of the present-day church demonstrate both how Teresa's basic notions were correct and how we can apply her principles to our times.

Saint Teresa of Avila for Every Day

Saint Teresa of Avila for Every Day Author Saint Teresa (of Avila)
ISBN-10 9780809144174
Release 2006
Pages 92
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This devotional book is made up of her sayings from Teresa's masterpiece The Interior Castle. It is the perfect pocket-/purse-sized gift book for those who have a devotion to St. Teresa and to Carmelite spirituality in general.

The Life of St Teresa of Avila by Herself

The Life of St Teresa of Avila by Herself Author Saint Teresa (of Avila)
ISBN-10 9780140440737
Release 1957
Pages 316
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Famous Carmelite classic in a wonderful traditional translation. her spiritual struggles, vision of her potential place in Hell, mystical graces - yet she remained very down to earth. Full of strong Catholic faith and robust common sense. One of hte most admirable women of all time! Nice, large type. Imprimatur.


Castles Author Sidney Toy
ISBN-10 9780486319414
Release 2013-04-09
Pages 256
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Concise, scholarly survey traces castle development from ancient roots. Nearly 200 photographs and drawings illustrate moats, keeps, baileys, and many other features. Caernarvon Castle, Dover Castle, Hadrian's Wall, Tower of London, and more. 199 black-and-white illustrations.

The Collected Works of St Teresa of Avila Vol 2

The Collected Works of St  Teresa of Avila Vol 2 Author Saint Teresa (of Avila)
ISBN-10 0960087664
Release 1980-05-01
Pages 554
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This volume contains two of Teresa's most popular works: The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle. Shortly after writing The Book of Her Life for her confessor, St. Teresa wrote The Way of Perfection at the request of her nuns who were eager to learn about prayer and contemplation. Throughout this work she teaches her nuns about prayer and also teaches us. Toward the end of her life, after she had experienced both the spiritual betrothal and spiritual marriage, Teresa wrote The Interior Castle, her own panoramic view of her relationship with God, from the lowest stages to the highest. Teresa here demonstrates her great gift for writing about that relationship and attracting us to explore the possibility of pursuing it. Along with these two classics, Volume Two also includes one of Teresa's minor works, her Meditations on the Song of Songs.

Entering Teresa of Avila s Interior Castle

Entering Teresa of Avila s Interior Castle Author Gillian T. W. Ahlgren
ISBN-10 080914316X
Release 2005
Pages 162
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This book explains the seven stages of the spiritual journey described in the classic "Interior Castle. Here, Teresa of Avila, the great Spanish mystic and theological Doctor of the Church, meticulously (and metaphorically, using striking marriage and nature imagery) details the theological doctrine of transformative union with the incarnate, Triune God that systematically evolved over the course of her lifetime of spiritual experiences and scriptural knowledge. In seven sections of this companion, paralleling those of "Interior Castle, Gillian Ahlgren clearly and methodically explicates each passage of the soul, which is envisioned as a crystal castle made of many rooms-from stillness and contemplative prayer, to humbling self-knowledge, to understanding of the potentiality of the human-divine union, and to the center of the seventh, the place of transformative union, and the deeper, theological insights into God.

The Imitation Of Christ Annotated Edition

The Imitation Of Christ  Annotated Edition Author Thomas à Kempis
ISBN-10 9783849620851
Release 2012
Pages 157
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This is the extended and annotated edition including * an extensive biographical annotation about the author and his life The Imitation of Christ (Latin: De Imitatione Christi) by Thomas à Kempis is a Christian devotional book. It was first composed in Latin ca.1418-1427. It is a handbook for spiritual life arising from the Devotio Moderna movement, where Kempis was a member. The Imitation is perhaps the most widely read devotional work next to the Bible, and is regarded as a devotional and religious classic. Apart from the Bible no book has been translated into more languages than the Imitation of Christ. The text is divided into four books, which provide detailed spiritual instructions: "Helpful Counsels of the Spiritual Life", "Directives for the Interior Life", "On Interior Consolation" and "On the Blessed Sacrament". The approach taken in the Imitation is characterized by its emphasis on the interior life and withdrawal from the world, as opposed to an active imitation of Christ by other friars. The book places a high level of emphasis on the devotion to the Eucharist as key element of spiritual life. (courtesy of

The Little Flowers

The Little Flowers Author Saint Francis
ISBN-10 9781406792225
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 412
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These three works form the chief sources of the saint's life and the beginnings of the Franciscan Order which he founded in 1212. Born at Assisi in 1182, St Francis embraced a life of holy poverty after a gay and sometimes extravagant youth. At the age of twenty-two he fought with great spirit and was taken prisoner in a petty feud between the town of Assisi and Perugia. During his captivity he reflected on his former mode of life, but attempted to take up arms once more on his recovery. However, a second illness intervened, and after a period in which wordly pleasure and spiritual counsels sought mastery and he finally determined to dedicate his life and work to God. Through pilgrimage, devotion, example and simple teaching he became one of the great Christian reformers. 'Whatever accretions of legendary material', says Fr McKay in his Introduction, 'have crept in here and there to heighten the colours of St Francis's portrait, they are undoubtedly in keeping with the total impressions which St. Francis made upon the world of his day.' Moreover St Francis was the very opposite of a sour Puritan: we are told he was the 'most joyous of saints, and would have no sad, long faces about him, and always rebuked any friar that was gloomy or melancholy.' He wanted his friars to be joculatores Dei ('the minstrels of God'). The Little Flowers is translated from the 'Fioretti', an Italian translation of a Latin original of which the earliest extant manuscript is one of 1390. It is a narration of miracle and hymn connected with the saint and his friars. The Mirror of Perfection is based on documents and memoirs left by Friar Leo, St Francis's favourite disciple, and was completed about 1318. St Bonaventure wrote the Life of St Francis c. 1260, intending it to stand as an authoritative Life and to supersede the numerous fragmentary biographies then in circulation.

The Opulent Interiors of the Gilded Age

The Opulent Interiors of the Gilded Age Author Arnold Lewis
ISBN-10 9780486319476
Release 2016-06-23
Pages 192
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Best source of information and illustrations for private houses in Eastern cities during the early 1880s. Rare photographs of mansions belonging to Vanderbilt, Morgan, Grant, and many others. Extensive, informative new text.

Towards Mystical Union

Towards Mystical Union Author Julienne McLean
ISBN-10 0854396616
Release 2003
Pages 319
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A manual for spiritual direction, this guide is also intended to be a contribution to the interface between modern depth psychology, contemplative prayer and the Christian mystical tradition. It has been written in response to an increasing hunger for spiritual direction and discernment from a holy Mother, which St Teresa can provide.

Contemplative Rosary

Contemplative Rosary Author Dan Burke
ISBN-10 9781682780442
Pages 144
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You know that in an Apostolic Letter in 2002, Pope John Paul II added five Luminous Mysteries. Did you know that in that same Letter he also called for a new way of praying the Rosary? St. John Paul II’s new way of praying the Rosary was based on the teachings of St. Theresa of Avila and has become known as the Contemplative Rosary because it more perfectly unites vocal prayer and meditation, transforming the prayers of the Rosary into a contemplative meeting with God. Did you know about these changes? Have you tried them? In our new book, The Contemplative Rosary, we have not only incorporated the five new Luminous Mysteries, we have included as well the many other changes Pope John Paul made to the Rosary. Here are his additions to the texts and prayers — additions small and large — that, as John Paul intended, unite the Rosary more closely to the official liturgical prayers of the Church as well as to Scripture. Here are also scores of full-color images for your contemplation that anchor your attention in each Mystery and transform your Rosary from a hasty, habitual recitation into a profound speaking to God and a keen listening to Him. Following the wise advice of St. Theresa of Avila and the new method proposed by St. John Paul, you’ll find here for each mystery: • A lovely, full-color classical painting depicting the events in the Mystery, for help in your contemplation • A unique announcement of the Mystery • A statement of the expected fruits of the Mystery • The Scriptural passage you should consider before embarking on your prayers of the Mystery • A call for a moment of silence in order to recollect yourself before entering the presence of God • Each Mystery’s own unique Hail Mary, including within each a John Paul II recommended statement of faith “to pull wandering minds back to Christ and center them in the mystery” • Seven meditations tailored to each Mystery, to accompany your recitation of the Hail Marys (but only employ one at a time) • A concluding short prayer asking God for the fruits specific to that Mystery • Plus much more, so that finally you can begin to pray the Rosary as Saint John Paul wants you to pray it!

The Desert Fathers

The Desert Fathers Author Benedicta Ward
ISBN-10 9780140447316
Release 2003-03-27
Pages 201
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The Desert Fathers were the first Christian monks, living in solitude in the deserts of Egypt, Palestine, and Syria. In contrast to the formalised and official theology of the "founding fathers" of the church, the Desert Fathers were ordinary Christians who chose to renounce the world and live lives of celibacy, fasting, vigil, prayer and poverty in direct and simple response to the gospel. Their sayings were first recorded in the 4th century and consist of spiritual advice, anecdotes and parables. The Desert Fathers' teachings and lives have inspired poetry, opera and art, as well as providing spiritual nourishment and a template for monastic life.

Reading Women s Worlds from Christine de Pizan to Doris Lessing

Reading Women s Worlds from Christine de Pizan to Doris Lessing Author S. Jansen
ISBN-10 9780230118812
Release 2011-04-25
Pages 243
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In this work, Jansen explores a recurring theme in writing by women: the dream of finding or creating a private and secluded retreat from the world of men. These imagined "women's worlds" may be very small, a single room, for example, but many women writers are much more ambitious, fantasizing about cities, even entire countries, created for and inhabited exclusively by women.

The Fish Ladder

The Fish Ladder Author Katharine Norbury
ISBN-10 9781632860019
Release 2015-08-11
Pages 304
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Katharine Norbury was abandoned as a baby in a Liverpool convent. Raised by a loving adoptive family, she grew into a wanderer, drawn by the landscape of the British countryside. One summer, following the miscarriage of a much-longed-for child, Katharine sets out-accompanied by her nine-year-old daughter, Evie-with the idea of following a river from the sea to its source. The luminously observed landscape grounds the walkers, providing both a constant and a context to their expeditions. But what begins as a diversion from grief evolves into a journey to the source of life itself: a life threatening illness forces Katharine to seek a genetic medical history, and this new and unexpected path delivers her to the door of the woman who abandoned her all those years ago. Combining travelogue, memoir, exquisite nature writing, and fragments of poems with tales from Celtic mythology, The Fish Ladder has a rare emotional resonance. It is a portrait of motherhood, of a literary marriage, a hymn to the adoptive family, but perhaps most of all it is an exploration of the extraordinary majesty of the natural world. Imbued with a keen and joyful intelligence, this original and life-affirming book is set to become a classic of its genre.

Christian Spirituality

Christian Spirituality Author Arthur Holder
ISBN-10 9781135285418
Release 2009-09-10
Pages 392
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Christian Spirituality: The Classics is a unique and comprehensive guide to thirty key Christian spirituality texts. Ranging from Origen and Augustine to Jonathan Edwards, Thérèse of Lisieux and Thomas Merton, it offers a view of the texts which is founded in scholarship, but which also presents them as living documents that invite- even compel -contemplative reflection and existential response. Each chapter briefly describes the classic text’s author and audience, gives a synopsis of its contents, suggests some of its influence in history, and then explores aspects of the text’s meaning for readers today. Key themes include: What is the meaning of life? How can human beings find truth? How can they discover who they really are? How can they live together in peace? How can they live more fully in God’s presence in this world and be united with God in the world to come? The scholars who have written these chapters are all experts on their respective topics, but they wear their learning lightly. Anyone wishing to discover the riches of Christian spirituality will find this the ideal introduction and should be able to progress to a deeper understanding of the texts themselves.

The Poetics of Stage Space

The Poetics of Stage Space Author Bruce A. Bergner
ISBN-10 9780786475414
Release 2013-05-06
Pages 180
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"This book is basically an analysis of theatre scene design through the powers and characteristics of physical space. It covers an array of considerations for the theatre designer: the observable features of given physical spaces, their layout, detailing and atmosphere, present the features from the points of view of various disciplines"--Provided by publisher.