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International Arbitration in Korea

International Arbitration in Korea Author Joongi Kim
ISBN-10 0198755430
Release 2017-03-02
Pages 400
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International Arbitration in Korea provides a comprehensive introduction to more than 140 arbitral cases and commentaries in Korea and introduces the arbitration community to the jurisprudence and scholarship of this underappreciated but well developed jurisdiction. The book encompasses all the major current and historical arbitration cases in Korea alongside practical and scholarly commentary. In keeping with the growth of international arbitration in Asia, Korea is emerging as an alternative centre of arbitration and the number of international arbitration cases involving Korean parties is on the increase. The Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) has reported growth in the number of international arbitrations seated in the region and South Korea's Arbitration Act, as well as KCAB's own International Rules, are both due to be revised in 2015. International Arbitration in Korea is both the first book in English to cover the most significant arbitration cases in Korea and the first to take account of these latest amendments. The book is an essential international arbitration resource and reference that will be attractive to academics, arbitrators, jurists, students, practitioners, in-house counsel, and researchers.

Arbitration Law of Korea

Arbitration Law of Korea Author Bae, Kim and Lee, LLC
ISBN-10 9781933833774
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 528
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The book is an analysis of commercial arbitration law and practice in South Korea, presenting in an accessible, yet comprehensive manner, the country’s arbitration law, the major Korean arbitration institution and its rules, relevant court rulings, etc. It includes a historical and legal overview and discussion of the rise and breadth of the use of commercial arbitration in Korea. Arbitration Law of Korea: Practice and Procedure covers all of the essential topics, including arbitration agreements, arbitral tribunals, arbitral awards, arbitration procedures, enforcement of awards, supportive roles played by the courts, etc. Arbitration Law of Korea: Practice and Procedure is up-to-date with recent amendments to the rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board and also contains: (1) a new and improved, complete translation of the Arbitration Act and (2) both Korean and English versions of the 2011 amendments to the arbitration rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.

Asian Leading Arbitrators Guide to International Arbitration

Asian Leading Arbitrators  Guide to International Arbitration Author Michael Charles Pryles
ISBN-10 9781933833118
Release 2007-10-01
Pages 568
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The essays in this volume, prepared by a virtual “who’s who” of the leading arbitrators in Asia, present a unique insight into arbitration practices and procedures in the world’s largest and fastest growing region. This book offers thoughtful advice and insights into the world of international arbitration in Asia from some of the most prominent and experienced international arbitrators in the world. The contributors are arbitrators from Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom and the USA. The contributors offer insights and advice on the way in which international arbitrations are carried out from the point of view of arbitrators reading pleadings and memorials and listening to witnesses and hearing arguments. The authors' discussions are intended to be thoughtful, insightful and useful - and perhaps, occasionally, iconoclastic. There may be instances in which the authors disagree with one another on certain points, for there are often many routes that can be taken to achieve a result. The book will be useful not only to persons who may serve as arbitrators in international arbitral proceedings but also to those who may, in their position as advocates, wish to persuade persons - including, perhaps, the authors.

International Dispute Resolution

International Dispute Resolution Author A. J. van den Berg
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105061970971
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 270
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ICCA's lively, successful 1996 Seoul Conference, hosted by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, addressed four questions: . Is there a growing international arbitration culture? . Is there an expanding culture that favours combining arbitration, conciliation, and/or other dispute resolution procedures? . To what extent do arbitrators in international cases disregard the bag & baggage of national systems? . When & where do national courts reflect an international culture when deciding issues relating to international arbitration? In ICCA's Congress Series, international experts, professionals, & practitioners in the field of arbitration examine the topic of the culture of international arbitration. This work includes text from Conference commentators. The comments & reports address such diverse topics as UNCITRAL's contribution to the international arbitration culture, the interaction of arbitration & mediation, & the development of an arbitration culture within the state judiciary in the Russian federation. The variety, timeliness, & global character of these papers make this book an informative resource for practitioners of arbitration, other forms of ADR, & litigation.

The Developing World of Arbitration

The Developing World of Arbitration Author Anselmo Reyes
ISBN-10 9781509910205
Release 2018-02-22
Pages 356
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The Developing World of Arbitration studies the recent emergence of Asia Pacific jurisdictions as regional or international arbitration centres, thanks to various reform efforts and initiatives. This book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of the ways in which arbitration law and practice have recently been reformed in Asia Pacific jurisdictions. Leading contributors across the Asia Pacific region analyse twelve major jurisdictions representing varying patterns and degrees of development, whether driven from top down, bottom up, or by some hybrid impetus. Setting the arbitration systems and reforms of each investigated jurisdiction in the context of its economic, political, and judicial dynamics, this book presents, for the first-time, a cross-jurisdiction comparative and contextual study of the developing world of arbitration in the Asia Pacific and contributes to comparative international arbitration literature from an Eastern perspective. It also aims to identify an Asia Pacific model of arbitration modernisation, one that may be distinct from a Western model, and predicts future trajectories of development and challenge in light of the ever increasing competition between Eastern- and Western-based arbitration centres. This edited collection will be an invaluable addition to the libraries of academics and practitioners in the field of international commercial arbitration.

Injunctive Relief and International Arbitration

Injunctive Relief and International Arbitration Author Hakeem Seriki
ISBN-10 9781317685043
Release 2014-07-25
Pages 294
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This book explores from an English law and Institutional perspective the various types of injunctive relief that are available to a party before and during arbitral proceedings. In particular, this book examines the basis of the power of English Courts to grant such injunctions and explains when such injunctions will be granted. It considers any limitations attached to such injunctions and the relationship between section 44 of the Arbitration Act 1996 and section 37 of the Senior Courts Act 1981. It also provides an in-depth analysis of case law and the emerging trends in this area of arbitration, as well as the powers of arbitrators under the ICC and LCIA Rules to grant such relief and other remedies that might be available to a party seeking to uphold an arbitration agreement. This book will be a vital reference tool for practitioners, arbitrators and postgraduate students.

Arbitration in Asia 2nd Edition

Arbitration in Asia   2nd Edition Author Michael J. Moser
ISBN-10 9781933833200
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 850
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Asia has witnessed an extraordinary growth in the use of international arbitration in the past two decades. Arbitration in Asia is an ideal reference to guide practitioners and business people in the proper selection of a suitable arbitral seat or jurisdiction in Asia. The book includes substantive chapters reflecting detailed commentary and analysis on 18 Asian jurisdictions from the area's leading arbitration practitioners and experts. The materials in this looseleaf volume provide a practical reference guide and resource tool for the law and practice of international commercial arbitration in Asia.

International Arbitration Review

International Arbitration Review Author James H Carter
ISBN-10 9781912377718
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 592
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The International Arbitration Review, edited by James H Carter of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, provides an analytical review of what has occurred in each of the important arbitration jurisdictions during the past year, capturing recent developments and putting them in the context of the jurisdiction's legal arbitration structure and selecting the most important matters for comment. In this book, leading practitioners seek to provide current information on both general international commercial arbitration and international investment arbitration, treating important investor-state dispute developments in each jurisdiction as a separate but closely related topic. There are in-depth examinations of arbitration in 41 jurisdictions as well as editorial chapters on The Impact of Corporate Taxation on Economic Losses, and overviews on ASEAN and Africa. Contributors include: Bart Legum, Michelle Bradfield and Jean-Christophe Honlet, Dentons; James Nicholson, FTI Consulting."e;This new and timely publication promises to tackle pressing and present day global concerns and to make valuable contributions to the ongoing dialogue on international arbitration"e; - Peter Tomka, President, International Court of Justice, The Hague"e;Comprehensive and topical, an excellent reference."e; - Professor Christine Mallin, University of Birmingham Business School"e;The most discursive and engaging survey of the world of arbitration today."e; - Jamie Maples, Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP

Corporation Laws Cases of South Korea

Corporation Laws   Cases of South Korea Author Jong-Hoon Lee
ISBN-10 9041194045
Release 2018-02-21
Pages 816
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Corporation Laws and Cases of South Korea' is the first comprehensive resource in English to address the international demand for detailed guidance for lawyers advising investors on conducting business in South Korea. South Korea?s economy ranks fifteenth in the world by nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and twelfth by purchasing power parity (PPP). Despite overpopulation and almost no natural resources, South Korea has consistently boasted one of the world?s fastest-growing economies and is now the sixth largest exporter and ninth largest importer in the world. This book provides detailed information on the corporation law and its key cases in South Korea.

The Making of International Law in Korea

The Making of International Law in Korea Author Seokwoo Lee
ISBN-10 9789004315754
Release 2016-05-09
Pages 344
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The Making of International Law in Korea addresses the development of international law in Korea and Korea’s approach to contemporary international legal issues.

International Investment Treaties and Arbitration Across Asia

International Investment Treaties and Arbitration Across Asia Author Julien Chaisse
ISBN-10 9789004360105
Release 2018-02-05
Pages 728
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International Investment Treaties and Arbitration Across Asia examines whether and how the Asian region has or may become a significant ‘rule maker’ in contemporary international investment law and dispute resolution, focusing on the ‘ASEAN+6’ economies.

International Arbitration in the United States

International Arbitration in the United States Author Laurence Shore
ISBN-10 9041150161
Release 2018-01-30
Pages 860
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International Arbitration in the United States is a comprehensive analysis of international arbitration law and practice in the United States (U.S.). Choosing an arbitration seat in the U.S. is a common choice among parties to international commercial agreements or treaties. However, the complexities of arbitrating in a federal system, and the continuing development of U.S. arbitration law and practice, can be daunting to even experienced arbitrators. This book, the first of its kind, provides parties opting for "private justice" with vital judicial reassurance on U.S. courts' highly supportive posture in enforcing awards and its pronounced reluctance to intervene in the arbitral process. What's in this book: With a nationwide treatment describing both the default forum under federal arbitration law and the array of options to which parties may agree in state courts under state international arbitration statutes, this book covers aspects of U.S. arbitration law and practice as the following: institutions and institutional rules that practitioners typically use; ethical considerations; costs and fees; provisional measures; and confidentiality. There are also chapters on arbitration in specialized areas such as class actions, securities, construction, insurance, and intellectual property. How this will help you: As a topical reach that gives a wide perspective on the practice of international arbitration in the U.S., this book helps practitioners to conduct and navigate an international arbitration in the U.S. confidently. The in-depth discussion of law of international arbitration, including legal framework applicable in the U.S. in each stage of arbitration, from drafting of arbitration agreements to enforcement of arbitration awards, has not been attempted by any other publication. This book, thus, serves as an invaluable resource to both U.S. and non-U.S. lawyers for conducting arbitration on U.S.

Transnational Construction Arbitration

Transnational Construction Arbitration Author Renato Nazzini
ISBN-10 9781351984065
Release 2017-12-06
Pages 266
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Transnational Construction Arbitration addresses topical issues in the field of dispute resolution in construction contracts from an international perspective. The book covers the role of arbitral institutions, arbitration and dispute resolution clauses, expert evidence, dispute adjudication boards and emergency arbitrator procedures, investment arbitration and the enforcement of arbitral awards. These topics are addressed by leading experts in the field, thus providing an insightful analysis that should be of interest for practitioners and academics alike.

Comparison of Asian International Arbitration Rules

Comparison of Asian International Arbitration Rules Author Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
ISBN-10 9781929446506
Release 2003-09-01
Pages 250
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This is a unique work for those who are involved in international arbitration. Utilizing a chart of parallel provisions it compares the leading sets of Asian international arbitration rules. It was first created by Simpson as an internal reference tool. The Comparison of Asian International Arbitration Rules will be of great value in three distinct areas of international arbitration practice. First, in assisting clients in selecting arbitration rules and drafting arbitration provisions for their international commercial contracts. For example, where a client seeks to include a provision governing a specific procedural issue in an arbitration clause, the chart provides easy reference to the different provisions used in the leading sets of international arbitration rules. Second, the chart will assist in developing arguments on procedural issues in connection with representation of clients in international arbitration proceedings. Finally, comparison will facilitate evaluation by scholars, practitioners and the institutions themselves of the desirability and effectiveness of particular provisions in light of comparable ones. Compiling this chart was a challenging process, primarily because the various sets of international arbitration rules deal with specific procedural issues very differently. Additionally, one of the most difficult tasks in compiling this chart was deciding which sets of Asian international arbitration rules to include in the chart in light of space and formatting limitations. Ultimately various factors were considered in deciding which sets of rules to include in the chart. The China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission ("CIETAC"), Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre ("HKIAC"), Japan Commercial Arbitration Association ("JCAA"), Korean Commercial Arbitration Board ("KCAB"), and Singapore International Arbitration Centre ("SIAC") rules were included as leading sets of institutional Asian international arbitration rules. Other Asian institutional arbitration rules are not included simply for reasons of manageability and space. The arbitration rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade ("UNCITRAL") were included as the preeminent set of ad hoc international arbitration rules, which are frequently used by parties in Asia as well as by Asian arbitration organizations, such as the HKIAC, as the basis for their institutional arbitration rules. The structure of this chart follows the structure of the second edition of our chart on international arbitration rules, in part, to facilitate the use of the two charts together. Like the second edition of the chart on international arbitration rules, this chart contains an index of topics with page references to assist in locating subjects in the rules, and the full texts of the sets of arbitration rules are included in an appendix for ease of reference

Concise Arbitration

Concise Arbitration Author Mistelis
ISBN-10 9789041126092
Release 2010-05
Pages 1115
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Concise International Arbitration is part of Kluwer Law International's 'Concise' series. These publications have proven enormously valuable to busy practitioners who require a succinct, accessible and authoritative commentary on the most commonly-used instruments, unencumbered by dense legal argument. Each book in the series breaks down the relevant texts by article and by each paragraph of the article, followed by one or more notes. The intention is to give the reader a rapid appreciation of the meaning and effect of each provision and to point in the right direction should further information (e.g., case law) be needed.

International Arbitration Discourse and Practices in Asia

International Arbitration Discourse and Practices in Asia Author Vijay K. Bhatia
ISBN-10 9781351860123
Release 2017-07-28
Pages 224
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International business exchanges between and with Asian countries have increased enormously over the last few years. As a natural consequence, this has brought about an increasing number of trade disputes that are being resolved through arbitration as an effective alternative to more expensive litigation. This volume offers a variety of perspectives on this important international dispute resolution practice in Asia. Essentially interdisciplinary in approach, it brings together specialists in law, international commercial arbitration and discourse analysis. The contributing authors include practitioners as well as academics. Together they explore the interrelations between discourses and practices in the field of arbitration in Asia. The work also investigates the extent to which the ‘integrity’ of arbitration principles, typical of international commercial arbitration practice, is maintained in various Asian contexts. The authors focus particularly on arbitration norms and practices as they are influenced by local juridical, cultural and linguistic factors. The book will be a valuable resource for academics and practitioners working in the areas of arbitration and dispute resolution, as well as researchers with an interest in language, communication and discourse analysis.

International Commercial Arbitration in Asia

International Commercial Arbitration in Asia Author Philip J. McConnaughay
ISBN-10 9781929446858
Release 2006
Pages 546
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International Commercial Arbitration in Asia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from International Commercial Arbitration in Asia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full International Commercial Arbitration in Asia book for free.