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International Law

International Law Author Boleslaw Adam Boczek
ISBN-10 0810850788
Release 2005
Pages 477
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International Law: A Dictionary is a pathbreaking study of the development of international law from the earliest times to the present for students, scholars, legal professionals, and other interested readers. Combining the features of a brief encyclopedic dictionary and a textbook, readers are acquainted with the basic tenets of public international law. Preceding the main text are a list of acronyms and abbreviations, a glossary of Latin phrases, a chronology of major developments, a table of cases with references to entries and a list of the 373 entries. Numerous cross-references lead the reader to relevant entries, and the abundant references to primary sources, mostly treaties and court cases, enable the reader to locate research materials. The selected bibliography includes books, research aids, textbooks, and casebooks as well as recent books on special international law topics.

International Law

International Law Author Mohammed Bedjaoui
ISBN-10 9789231027161
Release 1991
Pages 1
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The arrival of the "International Law: Achievements and Prospects" can fairly be described as a major event in international legal publishing. It has been written by international lawyers from the North, the South, the East and the West, whose differing origins and different, or even opposed, academic backgrounds have ensured that the book encapsulates and brings into focus the main forms of civilization' and the principal legal systems of the world'. The book's most distinctive feature is its international, multi-cultural and polyphonic nature. "International Law: Achievements and Prospects" aims to inform and to educate, to make the discipline of international law accessible to a very broad public, and to promote a meeting of minds on fundamental notions, key concepts, and the guiding principles of international law, over and beyond frontiers, ideologies and doctrines. In addition, it is intended to provide a framework for thought, to describe what international law is today, to specify its nature, define its purpose and show its strengths, and also to point out its weaknesses. All the contributing authors are or have been practitioners of international law. Their contributions express a global view of international law which helps to unravel the complex reality of the contemporary world. "International Law: Achievements and Prospects" has been produced under the auspices of UNESCO; its content also aspires to reflect, in some measure, the imprint of that Organization's sponsorship.

International Law

International Law Author Eric Suy
ISBN-10 9041105824
Release 1998-05-11
Pages 809
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Professor Suy occupies a prominent place in international law, both as an academic lawyer as well as the former Under-Secretary-General & Legal Counsel of the United Nations. His activities as a teacher, scholar, UN Legal Counsel, keynote speaker on many occasions & as a legal advisor to Belgian & foreign governmental authorities naturally led to the sub-divisions of this volume, such as the law of international organizations, the law of the European Union, the law of armed conflict, & the peaceful settlement of disputes. The contributions, all by friends of Eric Suy, present the vast panorama of his intellectual pursuits.

The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law

The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law Author Bardo Fassbender
ISBN-10 9780199599752
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 1228
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This handbook provides an authoritative and original overview of the origins of public international law. It analyses the modern history of international law from a global perspective, and examines the lives of those who were most responsible for shaping it.

Commentaries Upon International Law

Commentaries Upon International Law Author Sir Robert Phillimore
ISBN-10 HARVARD:32044103157061
Release 1854
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Commentaries Upon International Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Commentaries Upon International Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Commentaries Upon International Law book for free.

Developments of International Law in Treaty Making

Developments of International Law in Treaty Making Author Rudiger Wolfrum
ISBN-10 3540252991
Release 2005-03-29
Pages 634
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The book explores the various means of making non-conventional/non-treaty law and the cross-cutting issues that they raise. Law-making by technical/informal expert bodies, Conferences of Parties, international organizations, the UN Security Council, regional organizations and arrangements and non-state actors is examined in turn. This forms the basis for the analysis of the complementarity of international treaty law, customary international law and non-traditional law-making, potential subject matters of non-treaty law-making, domestic consequences of non-treaty law-making, proliferation of actors, commissions and treaty bodies of the UN system, and International courts and tribunals.

International Law

International Law Author Jan Klabbers
ISBN-10 9780521194877
Release 2013-03-28
Pages 350
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Clear and concise: a landmark publication in the teaching of international law from one of the world's leading international lawyers.

Chapters on the Principles of International Law

Chapters on the Principles of International Law Author John Westlake
ISBN-10 UOM:39015031646436
Release 1894
Pages 275
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Chapters on the Principles of International Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chapters on the Principles of International Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chapters on the Principles of International Law book for free.

International Law Volume 1 The General Works

International Law  Volume 1  The General Works Author Hersch Lauterpacht
ISBN-10 0521076439
Release 1970-07-02
Pages 562
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A collection of Hersch Lauterpacht's papers on international law.

Peoples and International Law

Peoples and International Law Author James Summers
ISBN-10 9789004154919
Release 2007-08-13
Pages 464
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Peoples and International Law is the most comprehensive current account of the right of self-determination in international law. The book examines the law of self-determination as the product of the interaction between nationalism and international law. This broad and interdisciplinary work charts this interaction through different aspects of the legal process – in international instruments, judicial decisions, legal obligations and historical context – critically and in extensive detail. The book is essential reading for those with an interest both in peoples’ rights in international law and the study of nationalism.

Transparency in International Law

Transparency in International Law Author Andrea Bianchi
ISBN-10 9781107021389
Release 2013-11-07
Pages 642
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While its importance in domestic law has long been acknowledged, transparency has until now remained largely unexplored in international law. This study of transparency issues in key areas such as international economic law, environmental law, human rights law and humanitarian law brings together new and important insights on this pressing issue. Contributors explore the framing and content of transparency in their respective fields with regard to proceedings, institutions, law-making processes and legal culture, and a selection of cross-cutting essays completes the study by examining transparency in international law-making and adjudication.

International Law

International Law Author Malcolm D. Evans
ISBN-10 9780199654673
Release 2014
Pages 873
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Evans' International Law provides wide-ranging analysis of all the key issues and themes in public international law and brings together an outstanding collection of interesting and diverse writings from the leading scholars in the field. The fourth edition succeeds both in explaining the principles of international law and exposing the debates and challenges that underlie it. Now fully revised and updated, it continues to provide an authoritative and stimulating overview of this increasingly important subject; revealing international law in its full diversity. International Law is also accompanied by an Online Resource Centre, featuring the personal views and recollections of eminent international law practitioners.

International Law at a Time of Perplexity

International Law at a Time of Perplexity Author Yôrām Dinšṭein
ISBN-10 9024736544
Release 1989-06-14
Pages 1
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This volume contains a consolidated reproduction of Part One (articles 1 to 35) of the Draft Article on State Responsibility & their important Commentaries, prepared by the International Law Commission in the period ending in 1980. These articles deal with the origin of international responsibility, including general principles, the act of State, breach of an international obligation, & circumstances precluding wrongfulness. They were drawn up on the basis of eight reports submitted by the Special Rapporteur, Professor, now Judge Roberto Ago. An introduction written by Shabtai Rosenne traces the history of the official codification of the topic of State Responsibility since the League of Nations first broached the matter in 1924. State Responsibility is central to the daily practice of international law, & its systematic treatment is central to the codification process. The International Law Commission is continuing work on the topic. In the meantime, the articles of Part One, now concentrated for the first time in a single volume, are the major starting point for this work. This volume will be of great value to practitioners, teachers & students of international law. Shabtai Rosenne was a member of the International Law Commission from 1962 to 1971, when the basic decisions regarding the approach to the current phase of the work were taken.

International Law

International Law Author Antonio Cassese
ISBN-10 9780199259397
Release 2005
Pages 558
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Previous edition, 1st, published in 2001.

Human Rights and Development in International Law

Human Rights and Development in International Law Author Tahmina Karimova
ISBN-10 9781317351641
Release 2016-04-28
Pages 357
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This book addresses the legal issues raised by the interaction between human rights and development in contemporary international law. In particular, it charts the parameters of international law that states have to take into account in order to protect human rights in the process of development. In doing so, it departs from traditional analyses, where human rights are mainly considered as a political dimension of development. Rather, the book suggests focusing on human rights as a system of international norms establishing minimum standards of protection of individuals and minimum standards applicable in all circumstances on what is essential for a dignified existence. The various dimensions covered in the book include: the discourse on human rights and development interrelationship, particularly opinio juris and the practice of states on the question; the notion of international assistance and cooperation in human rights law, under legal regimes such as international humanitarian law, and emerging rules in the area of protection of persons in the event of disasters; the extraterritorial scope of economic, social and cultural rights treaties; and legal principles on the respect for human rights in externally designed and planned development activities. Analysis of these topics sheds light on the question of whether international law as it stands today addresses most of the issues concerning the protection of human rights in the development process.

International Law in Antiquity

International Law in Antiquity Author David J. Bederman
ISBN-10 1139430270
Release 2001-03-05
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This study of the origins of international law combines techniques of intellectual history and historiography to investigate the earliest developments of the law of nations. The book examines the sources, processes and doctrines of international legal obligation in antiquity to re-evaluate the critical attributes of international law. David J. Bederman focuses on three essential areas in which law influenced ancient state relations - diplomacy, treaty-making and warfare - in a detailed analysis of international relations in the Near East (2800–700 BCE), the Greek city-states (500–338 BCE) and Rome (358–168 BCE). Containing topical literature and archaeological evidence, this 2001 study does not merely catalogue instances of recognition by ancient states of these seminal features of international law: it accounts for recurrent patterns of thinking and practice. This comprehensive analysis of international law and state relations in ancient times provides a fascinating study for lawyers and academics, ancient historians and classicists alike.

Perspectives on International Law

Perspectives on International Law Author Nandasiri Jasentuliyana
ISBN-10 904110884X
Release 1995-11-02
Pages 556
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In the spirit of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and the United Nations Decade of International Law, the contributors to "Perspectives on International Law" honour with this legal treatise a devoted friend of the United Nations and international law, Judge Manfred Lachs - a noted judge, diplomat, humanist and, above all, teacher. The work includes a variety of perspectives on international law relating to what were Judge Lachs' four main areas of interest: the theory and practice of international law, the United Nations, the World Court, and space law. The book meets the need for a reference work covering selected subject areas and providing different perspectives on some of the key issues of current concern. Many eminent experts in various fields related to international law, including Judges of the International Court of Justice, diplomats, and professors of law - most of whom knew Judge Lachs personally - have contributed. Each chapter has been prepared specifically for the book. The contributors represent all political, legal and cultural regions of the world and provide a range of backgrounds and viewpoints, offering a variety of new ideas for strengthening international law, based on their assessment of the lessons of the past.