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Warrior Saints Four Centuries of Sikh Military History

Warrior Saints   Four Centuries of Sikh Military History Author Amandeep Singh Madra
ISBN-10 0956016871
Release 2018-04-12
Pages 272
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When the Mughal Empire began persecuting the Sikhs in the 1600s, this community of North Indian devotees was forced to take up arms or face extinction. Warrior Saints (Vol. 1) compellingly told the remarkable story of how they fought back to establish a powerful modern-day empire, stretching from the borders of Tibet to Afghanistan, which they then lost to the Honourable East India Company in two of its toughest 19th-century military conflicts. Warrior Saints (Vol. 2) continues that fascinating story. The British were so impressed by the military prowess of their conquered foe - representing a curious mix of ancient Indian warfare combined with modern Napoleonic methods - they recruited Sikhs into Queen Victoria's Indian Army. Initially mobilised to protect the borders and outposts of the British Empire in distant lands including China, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Egypt and Burma, thousands of Sikhs went on to lay down their lives in the Two World Wars. With the emergence of an independent India, the Sikhs opened a fresh chapter in the saga of their fighting tradition

Contracts in English

Contracts in English Author Stuart G. Bugg
ISBN-10 3406641334
Release 2013
Pages 226
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Contracts in English has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Contracts in English also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Contracts in English book for free.

Artists textiles in Britain 1945 1970

Artists  textiles in Britain  1945 1970 Author Geoffrey Rayner
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113068915
Release 2003-03-01
Pages 127
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Artists' Textiles has over 100 stunning new illustrations of textiles for fashion (including headscarves) and furnishings designed by artists living or working in Britain for British companies during the period 1945-1970. This was a time of belief in 'Art for the People' in the new democratic spirit of Post-war Britain and has parallels in other media such as school prints. A comprehensive introduction by Richard Chamberlain and Geoff Rayner puts the period in its context, giving an historical perspective and covering contemporary events such as the Painting Into Textiles exhibition at the ICA in 1953. The final section of the book features an alphabetical biography; included are the artists and the manufacturers and concentrates on the artists' involvement with applied or decorative arts rather than a list of their fine art achievements.

Walk When the Moon Is Full

Walk When the Moon Is Full Author Frances Hamerstrom
ISBN-10 0936984171
Release 2013-01-20
Pages 40
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Fran Hamerstrom's charming children's book was first published in 1975. the book stayed in print for 25 years! Elva, Fran's daughter, has illustrated the book with all new black and white illustrations. Join Fran and her children, Alan and Elva, as they explore the magic of walks during thirteen full moons, and the mysteries they reveal.

UN Behindertenrechtskonvention

UN Behindertenrechtskonvention Author Antje Welke
ISBN-10 3784120997
Release 2012
Pages 234
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UN Behindertenrechtskonvention has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from UN Behindertenrechtskonvention also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full UN Behindertenrechtskonvention book for free.

Beyond Ugly

Beyond Ugly Author Constance Briscoe
ISBN-10 9781844568345
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 300
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From the Number One Bestselling author of Ugly: Despite her mother’s constant physical and psychological abuse, Constance Briscoe has gained a place at Newcastle University to study law – a long-held ambition. She finances her studies by several jobs at weekends and during the holidays, including working with the terminally ill in a hospice. She also finds the money to pay for several cosmetic surgery treatments in an attempt to transform the face that her mother has convinced her is ugly, ugly, ugly. With the degree achieved, Constance takes up Michael Mansfield’s invitation to become a pupil in his prestigious chambers. But she didn’t find the support and encouragement she expected.

Picasso Cubism 1907 1917

Picasso Cubism  1907 1917 Author Josep Palau i Fabre
ISBN-10 8434306190
Release 1990
Pages 529
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Værker fra Picasso's kubistiske periode

Milk Pamphlets

Milk Pamphlets Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924003082579
Release 1879
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Milk Pamphlets has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Milk Pamphlets also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Milk Pamphlets book for free.

Kali Kaula A Manual of Tantric Magick

Kali Kaula   A Manual of Tantric Magick Author Jan Fries
ISBN-10 1905297408
Release 2010-09
Pages 576
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Kali Kaula is a practical and experiential journey through the land of living magickal art that is Tantra, guided by the incisive, inspired and multi-talented hands of Jan Fries. By stripping away the fantasies and exploring the roots, flowers and fruits of Tantra, the author provides an outstandingly effective and coherent manual of practices. Acknowledging the huge diversity of Tantric material produced over the centuries, Jan Fries draws on several decades of research and experience and focuses on the early traditions of Kula, Kaula and Krama, and the result is this inimitable work which shines with the light of possibility. Unique in style and content, this book is more than a manual of tantric magick, it is a guide to the exploration of the inner soul. It contains the most lucid discussions of how to achieve liberation in the company of numerous Indian goddesses and gods, each of whom brings their own lessons and gifts to the dedicated seeker. It is also an eloquent introduction to the mysteries of the great goddess Kali, providing numerous views of her manifold nature, and showing the immense but hidden role played throughout history by women in the development and dissemination of tantric practices and beliefs. Jan Fries explores the spectrum of techniques from mudra to mantra, pranayama to puja, from kundalini arousal to purification to sexual rites, and makes them both accessible and relevant, translating them out of the Twilight Language of old texts and setting them in the context of both personal transformation and the historical evolution of traditions. The web of connections between Tantra and Chinese Alchemy and Taoism are explored as the author weaves together many of the previously disparate strands of philosophies and practices. This book challenges the reader to dream, delight, and develop, and provides an illustrated guidebook on how to do so. Bliss awaits those who dare.

Experiments in Ethics

Experiments in Ethics Author Anthony Appiah
ISBN-10 0674026098
Release 2008-01
Pages 274
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Introduction: The waterless moat -- The case against character -- The case against intuition -- The varieties of moral experience -- The ends of ethics.

The Risk Management in Crowdfunding

The Risk Management in Crowdfunding Author Xiaoshuai Yuan
ISBN-10 3732378101
Release 2016-02-26
Pages 98
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This book gives an introduction of the new funding model crowdfunding," which describes the fund-raising through numerous individuals via online intermediaries. During the financial crisis, traditional financing channels tighten up on their investments, Funding for innovative business projects, for small and medium sized enterprises become more difficult, crowdfunding becomes a feasible solution. Ordinarily crowdfunding is used in the initial funding or early-stage financing, both involve in high risks. Crowdfunding industry is still in its infancy, appropriate stakeholders' protection mechanism not only benefits entrepreneurs and investors, but also has great significance for the industry itself. The content is structured with into 2 main parts, the first part gives a concise overview about the Internet-based financial industry and introduced the basic concept, characteristics of crowdfunding and an overview of the current regulatory state from three dynamic markets: US, Europe and China, to introduce industrial environment from macro-economic perspective. The following part leads into risk management theory and introduces specific risks in crowdfunding, it tries to answer the research question How could crowdfunding platforms reduce risks for its participants? " with selected cases and interviews with industrial insiders."

The Magic Eye Volume I

The Magic Eye  Volume I Author
ISBN-10 9780836270068
Release 1993-10-01
Pages 32
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Presents a series of seemingly abstract computer-generated pictures--created with the use of the "Salinsky Dot" image-rendering system--from which a 3-D image will emerge, accompanied by instructions to help viewers discover the images


Virility Author Fred Goudon
ISBN-10 3867870101
Release 2008
Pages 180
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Enchanted imagery from one of France's finest image-makers. Using the flamboyant French 'esprit', Goudon focuses on 20-something models in this, his fourth collection. In the midst of staged, styled shoots, Goudon also shows everyday scenes of guys dressed only in a towel, enjoying the vista of Saint Tropez, or a cheerful scene of two friends laughing.

Documenta 14 Daybook

Documenta 14  Daybook Author Quinn Latimer
ISBN-10 3791356550
Release 2017-04
Pages 344
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Follow the 163 days of documenta 14 in this stunning daily record created by the event's artists. documenta 14 promises to be one of the most exciting iterations in the exhibition's 62 year history. Presented in the form of an artist's daybook, this journal offers readers a panoramic view of the event through wide-ranging perspectives. Each "daily" spread is created by one of the exhibition's artists. It features artwork created by the artist specifically for the book and specially commissioned texts by an impressive array of critics, curators, historians, poets, and novelists. Exquisitely designed and produced to echo the event's diverse excellence, the documenta 14: Daybook offers an insider's view of one of the art world's most inventive and powerful exhibitions.