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Interpretation and Difference

Interpretation and Difference Author Alan Bass
ISBN-10 0804753385
Release 2006
Pages 194
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This book synthesizes Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Derrida on interpretation and difference in order to provide a new theory of how interpretation functions in psychoanalysis.

For Love of the Father

For Love of the Father Author Ruth Stein
ISBN-10 9780804763042
Release 2010
Pages 220
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For Love of the Father provides a psychological explanation of the attraction of destructive and self-destructive fundamentalism in terms of male longings.

Open Secrets

Open Secrets Author Anne-Lise François
ISBN-10 0804752532
Release 2008
Pages 290
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Open Secrets contests the dominant influences of utilitarianism, expressive individualism, and imperatives to self-improvement by examining a series of texts in which "nothing happens" and arguing that these works, far from hiding from narrative demands, make an open secret of fulfilled experience and yield a revelation without insistence or rhetorical underscoring.

The Discourse of the Syncope

The Discourse of the Syncope Author Jean-Luc Nancy
ISBN-10 0804753539
Release 2008
Pages 164
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Nancy’s classic study of the role of language in Kant demonstrates why the question of how to write philosophy, of philosophical style, is not just ancillary to critical philosophy but goes to the heart of the project of establishing human reason in its autonomy and freedom.

Reflections on Literature and Culture

Reflections on Literature and Culture Author Hannah Arendt
ISBN-10 0804744998
Release 2007
Pages 360
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This is the first volume in any language that collects Hannah Arendt's remarkable series of essays and notes on literary figures and cultural questions.


Psyche Author Jacques Derrida
ISBN-10 0804747989
Release 2007
Pages 460
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A twenty-eight essay collection that is published in two volumes. This work includes translations of seminal essays such as "Psyche: Invention of the Other," "The Retrait of Metaphor," "At This Very Moment in This Work Here I Am," "Tours de Babel" and "Racism's Last Word"; as well as three essays that appear in English.

Radical Atheism

Radical Atheism Author Martin Hägglund
ISBN-10 9780804700771
Release 2008
Pages 255
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Radical Atheism challenges the religious appropriation of Derrida's work and offers a compelling new account of his thinking on time and space, life and death, good and evil, self and other.

Ambiguities of Witnessing

Ambiguities of Witnessing Author Mark Sanders
ISBN-10 UOM:39015074044671
Release 2007
Pages 257
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Ambiguities of Witnessing explores the complex relationship between law and literature in testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the body that investigated crimes of the apartheid era in South Africa.

Writing and Madness

Writing and Madness Author Shoshana Felman
ISBN-10 0804744491
Release 2003
Pages 294
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This is the author's most influential work of literary theory and criticism in which she explores the relations between literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis.

Difference and Disavowal

Difference and Disavowal Author Alan Bass
ISBN-10 9780804738286
Release 2000
Pages 309
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Difference and Disavowal is a major rethinking of a central tenet of Freudian psychoanalysis--the repression theory. It centers on fundamental issues in practice and theory, beginning with a central conundrum for clinical psychoanalysis: how to understand apparently analyzable patients who resist the essential therapeutic measure of analysis--interpretation. The author finds the answer in a revision and expansion of Freud's theory of fetishism. Freud introduced the defense mechanism of disavowal in order to understand what he called the registration and repudiation of reality in fetishism. However, his understanding of the reality disavowed in fetishism is self-contradictory. The contradiction in Freud's argument can be resolved by understanding disavowal in terms of registration and repudiation of difference. The patients who resist interpretation register and repudiate the differentiating process implicit in every interpretation. The problem of resistance to interpretation expands the basic conception of the unconscious to include registration and repudiation of differentiating, processive reality. Freud's conception of an unconscious force that simultaneously differentiates, binds, and raises tension levels--Eros--demands integration with the theory of disavowal. This integration produces a theory of an inevitable trauma, an inevitable registration and repudiation of difference, as an essential element in psychoanalytic theories of mind, psychopathology, and treatment. At the end of his life Freud himself was beginning to rethink repression as the cornerstone of his work. He was beginning to see disavowal as the foundation of defensive process. Once disavowal is understood in relation to difference and Eros, one has a major tool with which to rethink the development of Freudian psychoanalysis from its earliest days to the present. The author shows how other analysts--such as Ferenczi, Abraham, Klein, Loewald, and Winnicott--have unwittingly but crucially contributed to the problem of resistance to interpretation

Europe or the infinite task

Europe  or the infinite task Author Rodolphe Gasché
ISBN-10 UOM:39015078787028
Release 2009
Pages 412
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Gasché's latest book explores the concept or idea of Europe in the philosophies of Husserl, Heidegger, Patoka, and Derrida, and how it is linked to the notions of rationality, universality, world, the relation the other, and responsibility.

Acting out

Acting out Author Bernard Stiegler
ISBN-10 0804758689
Release 2009
Pages 93
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Acting Out brings together two short books (the autobiographical I>How I Became a Philosopher and To Love, To Love Me, To Love Us) by Bernard Stiegler, the fruit of the discipline he developed in prison and of the passion he brings to his political, philosophical, and technical diagnoses of contemporary life.

Skirting the ethical

Skirting the ethical Author Carol Jacobs
ISBN-10 0804757895
Release 2008
Pages 223
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Skirting the Ethical presents highly original readings of six pivotal works that, disrupting our conventional concept of morality, point us towards a non-prescriptive mode of ethics, as an ever-to-be-renewed rethinking that has much to do with the act of interpretation.

Being Singular Plural

Being Singular Plural Author Jean-Luc Nancy
ISBN-10 0804739757
Release 2000
Pages 207
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This book, by one of the most innovative and challenging contemporary thinkers, rethinks community and the very idea of the social. Nancy's fundamental argument is that being is always "being with," that "I" is not prior to "we," that existence is essentially co-existence.


Breathturn Author Paul Celan
ISBN-10 1557132186
Release 1995
Pages 261
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Translated from the German by Pierre Joris, this book is the first of three titles of Celan's poetry written in his last years before suicide. Published originally by Sun & Moon Press, this volume was a major success and helped, along with other titles published in mid 1990s, to reevaluate Celan's significance in the 20th century.

The Book to Come

The Book to Come Author Maurice Blanchot
ISBN-10 0804742243
Release 2003
Pages 267
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Featuring essays originally published in La Nouvelle Revue Française, this collection clearly demonstrates why Maurice Blanchot was a key figure in exploring the relation between literature and philosophy.

At War with the Obvious

At War with the Obvious Author Donald Moss
ISBN-10 9781317553946
Release 2017-08-24
Pages 174
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Psychoanalytic thought has already transformed our basic assumptions about the psychic life of individuals and cultures. Those assumptions often take on the valence of common sense. However, this can mean that their original and important meanings often become obscured. Disruptive ideas become domesticated. At War with the Obvious aims to return those ideas to their original disruptive status.? Donald Moss explores a wide range of issues—the loosening of constraints on deep systematized forms of hatred, clinical, and technical matters, the puzzling status of revenge and forgiveness, a consideration of the dynamics of climate change denial, and an innovative look at the problem of voice in the clinical situation. Because it is rooted in a profound reconsideration of the origins of psychic life, psychoanalysis remains vital, in spite of the perennial efforts to keep it effaced and quieted. Moss covers a range of central psychoanalytic concepts to argue that only by examining and challenging our everyday assumptions about issues like sexuality, punishment, creativity, analytic neutrality, and trauma, can psychoanalysis offer a radical alternative to other forms of therapy. At War with the Obvious will appeal to psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists, cultural theorists and anyone for whom incisive psychoanalytic thought matters.