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Introduction to Compact Riemann Surfaces and Dessins D Enfants

Introduction to Compact Riemann Surfaces and Dessins D Enfants Author Ernesto Girondo
ISBN-10 9780521519632
Release 2012
Pages 298
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An elementary account of the theory of compact Riemann surfaces and an introduction to the Belyi-Grothendieck theory of dessins d'enfants.

Dessins d Enfants on Riemann Surfaces

Dessins d Enfants on Riemann Surfaces Author Gareth A. Jones
ISBN-10 9783319247113
Release 2016-03-23
Pages 259
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This volume provides an introduction to dessins d'enfants and embeddings of bipartite graphs in compact Riemann surfaces. The first part of the book presents basic material, guiding the reader through the current field of research. A key point of the second part is the interplay between the automorphism groups of dessins and their Riemann surfaces, and the action of the absolute Galois group on dessins and their algebraic curves. It concludes by showing the links between the theory of dessins and other areas of arithmetic and geometry, such as the abc conjecture, complex multiplication and Beauville surfaces. Dessins d'Enfants on Riemann Surfaces will appeal to graduate students and all mathematicians interested in maps, hypermaps, Riemann surfaces, geometric group actions, and arithmetic.

Riemann and Klein Surfaces Automorphisms Symmetries and Moduli Spaces

Riemann and Klein Surfaces  Automorphisms  Symmetries and Moduli Spaces Author Milagros Izquierdo
ISBN-10 9781470410933
Release 2014-11-21
Pages 348
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This volume contains the proceedings of the conference on Riemann and Klein Surfaces, Symmetries and Moduli Spaces, in honor of Emilio Bujalance, held from June 24-28, 2013, at Linköping University. The conference and this volume are devoted to the mathematics that Emilio Bujalance has worked with in the following areas, all with a computational flavor: Riemann and Klein surfaces, automorphisms of real and complex surfaces, group actions on surfaces and topological properties of moduli spaces of complex curves and Abelian varieties.

Symmetries in Graphs Maps and Polytopes

Symmetries in Graphs  Maps  and Polytopes Author Jozef Širáň
ISBN-10 9783319304519
Release 2016-03-26
Pages 332
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This volume contains seventeen of the best papers delivered at the SIGMAP Workshop 2014, representing the most recent advances in the field of symmetries of discrete objects and structures, with a particular emphasis on connections between maps, Riemann surfaces and dessins d’enfant.Providing the global community of researchers in the field with the opportunity to gather, converse and present their newest findings and advances, the Symmetries In Graphs, Maps, and Polytopes Workshop 2014 was the fifth in a series of workshops. The initial workshop, organized by Steve Wilson in Flagstaff, Arizona, in 1998, was followed in 2002 and 2006 by two meetings held in Aveiro, Portugal, organized by Antonio Breda d’Azevedo, and a fourth workshop held in Oaxaca, Mexico, organized by Isabel Hubard in 2010.This book should appeal to both specialists and those seeking a broad overview of what is happening in the area of symmetries of discrete objects and structures.iv>

Rigidity and Symmetry

Rigidity and Symmetry Author Robert Connelly
ISBN-10 9781493907816
Release 2014-06-11
Pages 374
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This book contains recent contributions to the fields of rigidity and symmetry with two primary focuses: to present the mathematically rigorous treatment of rigidity of structures and to explore the interaction of geometry, algebra and combinatorics. Contributions present recent trends and advances in discrete geometry, particularly in the theory of polytopes. The rapid development of abstract polytope theory has resulted in a rich theory featuring an attractive interplay of methods and tools from discrete geometry, group theory, classical geometry, hyperbolic geometry and topology. Overall, the book shows how researchers from diverse backgrounds explore connections among the various discrete structures with symmetry as the unifying theme. The volume will be a valuable source as an introduction to the ideas of both combinatorial and geometric rigidity theory and its applications, incorporating the surprising impact of symmetry. It will appeal to students at both the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as post docs, structural engineers and chemists.

Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory

Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory Author Hussein Mourtada
ISBN-10 9783319477794
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 232
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This lecture notes volume presents significant contributions from the “Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory” Summer School, held at Galatasaray University, Istanbul, June 2-13, 2014. It addresses subjects ranging from Arakelov geometry and Iwasawa theory to classical projective geometry, birational geometry and equivariant cohomology. Its main aim is to introduce these contemporary research topics to graduate students who plan to specialize in the area of algebraic geometry and/or number theory. All contributions combine main concepts and techniques with motivating examples and illustrative problems for the covered subjects. Naturally, the book will also be of interest to researchers working in algebraic geometry, number theory and related fields.

Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves

Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves Author Renzo Cavalieri
ISBN-10 9781316798935
Release 2016-09-26
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Hurwitz theory, the study of analytic functions among Riemann surfaces, is a classical field and active research area in algebraic geometry. The subject's interplay between algebra, geometry, topology and analysis is a beautiful example of the interconnectedness of mathematics. This book introduces students to this increasingly important field, covering key topics such as manifolds, monodromy representations and the Hurwitz potential. Designed for undergraduate study, this classroom-tested text includes over 100 exercises to provide motivation for the reader. Also included are short essays by guest writers on how they use Hurwitz theory in their work, which ranges from string theory to non-Archimedean geometry. Whether used in a course or as a self-contained reference for graduate students, this book will provide an exciting glimpse at mathematics beyond the standard university classes.

Groups Languages and Automata

Groups  Languages and Automata Author Derek F. Holt
ISBN-10 9781108211048
Release 2017-02-23
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Fascinating connections exist between group theory and automata theory, and a wide variety of them are discussed in this text. Automata can be used in group theory to encode complexity, to represent aspects of underlying geometry on a space on which a group acts, and to provide efficient algorithms for practical computation. There are also many applications in geometric group theory. The authors provide background material in each of these related areas, as well as exploring the connections along a number of strands that lead to the forefront of current research in geometric group theory. Examples studied in detail include hyperbolic groups, Euclidean groups, braid groups, Coxeter groups, Artin groups, and automata groups such as the Grigorchuk group. This book will be a convenient reference point for established mathematicians who need to understand background material for applications, and can serve as a textbook for research students in (geometric) group theory.

Geometry of Riemann Surfaces

Geometry of Riemann Surfaces Author Frederick P. Gardiner
ISBN-10 9780521733076
Release 2010-02-11
Pages 395
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Riemann surfaces is a thriving area of mathematics with applications to hyperbolic geometry, complex analysis, conformal dynamics, discrete groups, algebraic curves and more. This collection of articles presents original research and expert surveys of important related topics, making the field accessible to research workers, graduate students and teachers.

An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry

An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry Author Karen E. Smith
ISBN-10 9781475744972
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 164
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This is a description of the underlying principles of algebraic geometry, some of its important developments in the twentieth century, and some of the problems that occupy its practitioners today. It is intended for the working or the aspiring mathematician who is unfamiliar with algebraic geometry but wishes to gain an appreciation of its foundations and its goals with a minimum of prerequisites. Few algebraic prerequisites are presumed beyond a basic course in linear algebra.

Quantum Triangulations

Quantum Triangulations Author Mauro Carfora
ISBN-10 9783642244391
Release 2012-01-14
Pages 284
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Research on polyhedral manifolds often points to unexpected connections between very distinct aspects of Mathematics and Physics. In particular triangulated manifolds play quite a distinguished role in such settings as Riemann moduli space theory, strings and quantum gravity, topological quantum field theory, condensed matter physics, and critical phenomena. Not only do they provide a natural discrete analogue to the smooth manifolds on which physical theories are typically formulated, but their appearance is rather often a consequence of an underlying structure which naturally calls into play non-trivial aspects of representation theory, of complex analysis and topology in a way which makes manifest the basic geometric structures of the physical interactions involved. Yet, in most of the existing literature, triangulated manifolds are still merely viewed as a convenient discretization of a given physical theory to make it more amenable for numerical treatment. The motivation for these lectures notes is thus to provide an approachable introduction to this topic, emphasizing the conceptual aspects, and probing, through a set of cases studies, the connection between triangulated manifolds and quantum physics to the deepest. This volume addresses applied mathematicians and theoretical physicists working in the field of quantum geometry and its applications.

Bridging Algebra Geometry and Topology

Bridging Algebra  Geometry  and Topology Author Denis Ibadula
ISBN-10 9783319091860
Release 2014-10-20
Pages 289
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Algebra, geometry and topology cover a variety of different, but intimately related research fields in modern mathematics. This book focuses on specific aspects of this interaction. The present volume contains refereed papers which were presented at the International Conference “Experimental and Theoretical Methods in Algebra, Geometry and Topology”, held in Eforie Nord (near Constanta), Romania, during 20-25 June 2013. The conference was devoted to the 60th anniversary of the distinguished Romanian mathematicians Alexandru Dimca and Ştefan Papadima. The selected papers consist of original research work and a survey paper. They are intended for a large audience, including researchers and graduate students interested in algebraic geometry, combinatorics, topology, hyperplane arrangements and commutative algebra. The papers are written by well-known experts from different fields of mathematics, affiliated to universities from all over the word, they cover a broad range of topics and explore the research frontiers of a wide variety of contemporary problems of modern mathematics.

Homotopy of Operads and Grothendieck Teichmuller Groups

Homotopy of Operads and Grothendieck Teichmuller Groups Author Benoit Fresse
ISBN-10 9781470434823
Release 2017-05-22
Pages 704
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The ultimate goal of this book is to explain that the Grothendieck–Teichmüller group, as defined by Drinfeld in quantum group theory, has a topological interpretation as a group of homotopy automorphisms associated to the little 2-disc operad. To establish this result, the applications of methods of algebraic topology to operads must be developed. This volume is devoted primarily to this subject, with the main objective of developing a rational homotopy theory for operads. The book starts with a comprehensive review of the general theory of model categories and of general methods of homotopy theory. The definition of the Sullivan model for the rational homotopy of spaces is revisited, and the definition of models for the rational homotopy of operads is then explained. The applications of spectral sequence methods to compute homotopy automorphism spaces associated to operads are also explained. This approach is used to get a topological interpretation of the Grothendieck–Teichmüller group in the case of the little 2-disc operad. This volume is intended for graduate students and researchers interested in the applications of homotopy theory methods in operad theory. It is accessible to readers with a minimal background in classical algebraic topology and operad theory.

Graphs on Surfaces and Their Applications

Graphs on Surfaces and Their Applications Author Sergei K. Lando
ISBN-10 9783540383611
Release 2013-04-17
Pages 455
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Graphs drawn on two-dimensional surfaces have always attracted researchers by their beauty and by the variety of difficult questions to which they give rise. The theory of such embedded graphs, which long seemed rather isolated, has witnessed the appearance of entirely unexpected new applications in recent decades, ranging from Galois theory to quantum gravity models, and has become a kind of a focus of a vast field of research. The book provides an accessible introduction to this new domain, including such topics as coverings of Riemann surfaces, the Galois group action on embedded graphs (Grothendieck's theory of "dessins d'enfants"), the matrix integral method, moduli spaces of curves, the topology of meromorphic functions, and combinatorial aspects of Vassiliev's knot invariants and, in an appendix by Don Zagier, the use of finite group representation theory. The presentation is concrete throughout, with numerous figures, examples (including computer calculations) and exercises, and should appeal to both graduate students and researchers.

The Concept of a Riemann Surface

The Concept of a Riemann Surface Author Hermann Weyl
ISBN-10 9780486131672
Release 2013-12-31
Pages 208
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This classic on the general history of functions combines function theory and geometry, forming the basis of the modern approach to analysis, geometry, and topology. 1955 edition.

Scl 2009

Scl 2009 Author Danny Calegari
ISBN-10 4931469531
Release 2009-06
Pages 209
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This book is a comprehensive introduction to the theory of stable commutator length, an important subfield of quantitative topology, with substantial connections to 2-manifolds, dynamics, geometric group theory, bounded cohomology, symplectic topology, and many other subjects. We use constructive methods whenever possible, and focus on fundamental and explicit examples. We give a self-contained presentation of several foundational results in the theory, including Bavard's Duality Theorem, the Spectral Gap Theorem, the Rationality Theorem, and the Central Limit Theorem. The contents should be accessible to any mathematician interested in these subjects, and are presented with a minimal number of prerequisites, but with a view to applications in many areas of mathematics.Published by Mathematical Society of Japan and distributed by World Scientific Publishing Co. for all markets

Abelian l Adic Representations and Elliptic Curves

Abelian l Adic Representations and Elliptic Curves Author Jean-Pierre Serre
ISBN-10 9781439863862
Release 1997-11-15
Pages 208
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This classic book contains an introduction to systems of l-adic representations, a topic of great importance in number theory and algebraic geometry, as reflected by the spectacular recent developments on the Taniyama-Weil conjecture and Fermat's Last Theorem. The initial chapters are devoted to the Abelian case (complex multiplication), where one finds a nice correspondence between the l-adic representations and the linear representations of some algebraic groups (now called Taniyama groups). The last chapter handles the case of elliptic curves with no complex multiplication, the main result of which is that the image of the Galois group (in the corresponding l-adic representation) is "large."