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Introduction to Global Military History

Introduction to Global Military History Author Jeremy Black
ISBN-10 9781317796404
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 334
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This lucid account of military developments around the modern world begins with the American War of Independence and the French revolutionary wars and continues chronologically to the latest 21st century conflicts. It combines determinedly global coverage with thought-provoking analysis not only of the military aspects of conflict but also its social, cultural, political and economic dimensions and consequences. By placing familiar events alongside the largely unknown, the reader is forced to reassess the standard grand narrative of military history that rests on assumptions of Western cultural and technological superiority. It will be essential reading for students worldwide, whether studying modern military history, modern world history, history and international relations or war and society. This fully updated second edition includes: chapter introductions and conclusions to assist study and revision 'Voices of War' sourced extracts from the field of conflict case studies in each chapter to support the narrative and provoke discussion a 12-page colour map section and over 20 other integrated maps annotated references from the latest publications in the field

War Peace and International Relations

War  Peace and International Relations Author Colin S. Gray
ISBN-10 9781136588617
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 392
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War, Peace and International Relations provides an introduction to the strategic history of the past two centuries, showing how those 200 years were shaped and reshaped extensively by war. The book takes a broad view of what was relevant to the causes, courses, and consequences of wars. Written by leading strategist Professor Colin Gray, the book provides students with a good grounding in the contribution of war to the development of the modern world, from the pre-industrial era to the age of international terrorism and smart weapons. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and updated: It is the first one-volume strategic history textbook on the market; It covers all the major wars of the past two centuries; It is up to date and comprehensive, including a new section on the American Civil War, a new chapter on geography and strategy, and completely rewritten chapters on Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s and on irregular warfare. This textbook will be essential reading for students of strategic studies, security studies, war studies, international relations and international history.

Introduction to Global Politics

Introduction to Global Politics Author Richard W. Mansbach
ISBN-10 9781315301815
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 594
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The fully updated third edition of Introduction to Global Politics continues to provide a vital resource for students looking to explain global politics using an historical approach, firmly linking history with the events of today. By integrating theory and political practice at individual, state, and global levels, students are introduced to key developments in global politics, helping them make sense of major trends that are shaping our world. Retaining the successful format of previous editions, this is a highly illustrated textbook with informative and interactive boxed material throughout. Chapter opening timelines contextualize the material that follows, and definitions of key terms are provided in a glossary at the end of the book. Every chapter ends with student activities, cultural materials, and annotated suggestions for further reading. Key updates for this edition: New material on key topical issues such as Islam’s relationship with the West, Islamic State, BRICS and other emerging economies, the continuing effects of the Arab Spring, and R2P. Coverage of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and North Korea’s continued development of its nuclear weapons and missile programs. Analysis of new technologies for warfighting – such as drones, IEDs and cyber technologies – as well as technologies for countering terrorism and conducting unconventional wars. Updated examples from around the globe in every chapter. Stimulating and provocative both for students and for instructors, Introduction to Global Politics, 3rd Edition, is essential reading for students of political science, global politics, and international relations.

Western Warfare 1775 1882

Western Warfare  1775 1882 Author Jeremy Black
ISBN-10 9781317489924
Release 2014-12-18
Pages 224
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This is a wide-ranging and comprehensive survey of warfare from the outbreak of the American War of Independence to the British conquest of Egypt. Drawing on both primary and secondary sources this book offers an unrivalled account of civil and international conflicts involving Western powers, integrating both naval and land warfare. This book covers military capability as well as conflict, social and political contexts as well as weaponry, tactics and strategy. As well as examining such major conflicts as the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, the American Civil War and the Wars of German Unification, this book redresses the imbalance of previous treatments by examining other important conflicts, for example, those in Latin America, as well as insurgency and counter-insurgency in Europe. This book's global perspective provides for a more reliable assessment of what constitutes military capability. In so doing, the author challenges the technological determinism and linear conceptions of developments in military science that continue to characterise much of military history. Instead the author reveals a much more complex dynamic, indeed going so far as to question the idea of 'modernity' itself. Bold in scope, and cutting-edge in its interpretations, this book offers much for the student, general reader and professional historian alike.

The First Global War

The First Global War Author William R. Nester
ISBN-10 0275967719
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 308
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By 1756 the wilderness war for control of North America that erupted two years earlier between France and England had expanded into a global struggle among all of Europe's Great Powers. Its land and sea battles raged across the North American continent, engulfed Europe and India, and stretched from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Indian, and Pacific waters. The new conflict, now commonly known as the Seven Years' War of 1756-1763, was a direct continuation of the last French and Indian War. This study explores the North American campaigns in relation to events elsewhere in the world, from the ministries of Whitehall and Versailles to the land and sea battles in Europe, Africa, South Asia, and the Caribbean. Few wars have had a more decisive effect on international relations and national development. The French and Indian War resulted in France's expulsion from almost all of the Western Hemisphere, except for some tiny islands in the Caribbean and St. Lawrence. Britain emerged as the world's dominant sea power and would remain so for two centuries. Finally, within a generation or two the vast debts incurred by Whitehall and Versailles in waging this war would help to stimulate revolutions in America and France that would forever change world history.

Rethinking Military History

Rethinking Military History Author Jeremy Black
ISBN-10 9781134477012
Release 2014-12-10
Pages 272
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Rethinking Military History is a bold new 'thought book' that reconsiders military history at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The chapters provide a valuable and concise survey of the main themes in the study of military history from 1500 to the present day as Jeremy Black reveals the main trends in the practice and approach to military history and proposes a new manifesto for the subject to move forward. This must-read study demonstrates the limitations of current approaches, including common generalizations, omissions, and over-simplications. Engaging theoretical discussions, with reference to specific conflicts, suggest how these limitations can be remedied and adapted, whilst incorporating contributions from other disciplines. Rethinking Military History is essential reading for all those with an interest in military history, and all who wish to take part in moving the discipline forward.

Strategy in the American War of Independence

Strategy in the American War of Independence Author Donald Stoker
ISBN-10 9781134210398
Release 2009-10-16
Pages 272
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This book examines the strategies pursued by the Colonies and the other combatants in the American War for Independence, placing the conflict in its proper global context. Many do not realize the extent to which the 1775 colonial rebellion against British rule escalated into a global conflict. Collectively, this volume examines the strategies pursued by the American Colonies, Great Britain, France, Spain, and Holland, and the League of Armed Neutrality, placing the military, naval, and diplomatic elements of the struggle in their proper global context. Moreover, assessing how each nation prosecuted their respective wars provides lessons for current students of strategic studies and military and naval history. This book will be of great interest to students of strategic studies, American history, Military History and political science in general. Donald Stoker is Professor of Strategy and Policy for the US Naval War College’s Monterey Program in Monterey, California. He joined the Strategy and Policy faculty in 1999 and has taught both in Monterey and Newport. Kenneth J. Hagan, Professor Emeritus, the U.S. Naval Academy, is currently Professor of Strategy and Policy for the U.S. Naval War College’s Monterey Program. Michael T. McMaster is a Professor at the U.S. Naval War College in Monterey. He is a retired U.S. Navy Commander.

Soldier of the American Revolution A Visual Reference

Soldier of the American Revolution  A Visual Reference Author Denis Hambucken
ISBN-10 9781581578461
Release 2011-10-03
Pages 64
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The life of the average soldier at the onset of the American Revolution in words and photographs. In 1775, at the beginning of the American War of Independence, the men who stood up to the British Regulars were men and boys, farmers, laborers, and artisans. Most procured their own weapons and fought without pay against overwhelming odds. Th is book offers modern readers a colorful glimpse into the day-to-day conditions of an average soldier through photographs of actual artifacts and exacting, historically accurate reproductions of soldiers’ clothing, supplies, and equipment. While other books examine the American Revolution from a political, military, or tactical perspective, this book focuses on day-to-day life and the human experience of the Revolutionary War soldier, the everyman who fought and won freedom for us all.

The War of American Independence 1775 1783

The War of American Independence 1775 1783 Author Stephen Conway
ISBN-10 0340625201
Release 1995
Pages 280
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In 1775 thirteen of George III's North American colonies rebelled. Localized at first, the trouble spread and eventually took on the character of a world war. By 1783 Britain had been forced to acknowledge the loss of the thirteen colonies and a new polity - the United States of America - hademerged. Stephen Conway examines the causes of the conflict and develops an understanding of the war itself. He places the Anglo-American struggle in its broadest context taking account of its Caribbean, European, Indian, and even African dimensions.

The United States Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps Author John C. Fredriksen
ISBN-10 9781598845426
Release 2011
Pages 361
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Presents a history of the Marine Corps from the American Revolution up to the present-day military involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation

Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation Author Joseph S. Nye
ISBN-10 0134403169
Release 2016-01-08
Pages 448
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Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation book for free.

Beating Goliath

Beating Goliath Author Jeffrey Record
ISBN-10 9781597970907
Release 2007
Pages 180
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An urgently needed analysis of why great powers lose asymmetrical wars

War Made New

War Made New Author Max Boot
ISBN-10 9781101216835
Release 2006-10-19
Pages 640
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A monumental, groundbreaking work, now in paperback, that shows how technological and strategic revolutions have transformed the battlefield Combining gripping narrative history with wide-ranging analysis, War Made New focuses on four ?revolutions? in military affairs and describes how inventions ranging from gunpowder to GPS-guided air strikes have remade the field of battle?and shaped the rise and fall of empires. War Made New begins with the Gunpowder Revolution and explains warfare?s evolution from ritualistic, drawn-out engagements to much deadlier events, precipitating the rise of the modern nation-state. He next explores the triumph of steel and steam during the Industrial Revolution, showing how it powered the spread of European colonial empires. Moving into the twentieth century and the Second Industrial Revolution, Boot examines three critical clashes of World War II to illustrate how new technology such as the tank, radio, and airplane ushered in terrifying new forms of warfare and the rise of centralized, and even totalitarian, world powers. Finally, Boot focuses on the Gulf War, the invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iraq War?arguing that even as cutting-edge technologies have made America the greatest military power in world history, advanced communications systems have allowed decentralized, ?irregular? forces to become an increasingly significant threat.

The Day of Battle

The Day of Battle Author Rick Atkinson
ISBN-10 080508861X
Release 2008-09-16
Pages 791
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The second volume in a trilogy chronicling the liberation of Europe during World War II focuses on the Allied campaigns in Sicily and Italy, detailing the bloody battles at Salerno, Anzio, Monte Cassino, and more under the command of controversial Lt. General Mark Clark, as well as the June 1944 liberation of Rome. By the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of An Army at Dawn. Reprint. 150,000 first printing.

The Atlantic in Global History

The Atlantic in Global History Author Jorge Canizares-Esguerra
ISBN-10 9781351611718
Release 2017-09-05
Pages 268
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The Atlantic in Global History is a collection of original essays by leading authors that both introduce the main themes of Atlantic history and expand the category of the Atlantic chronologically, spatially, and methodologically. Moving away from the nation-state focused model of Atlantic history, this book emphasizes the comparisons among national experiences of the Atlantic. Meanwhile, by extending beyond the early modern period and into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it presents the continued analytical value of the Atlantic paradigm. Each chapter explores the events that formed the nations and cultures of the Atlantic region and examines the Atlantic’s relationship with non-Atlantic communities. This second edition is updated with a new introduction, which includes a section dedicated to developments in the field since the publication of the previous edition, and a new guide for instructors, with suggestions for classroom use. The volume’s broad global and chronological coverage makes it an ideal book for students and lecturers of Atlantic History.


Decolonization Author Dane Kennedy
ISBN-10 9780199340491
Release 2016-04-06
Pages 128
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Between 1760 and 1800, the American people cast off British rule to create a new nation and a radically new form of government based on the idea that people have the right to govern themselves. This title provides a cohesive synthesis of the military, diplomatic, political, social, and intellectual aspects of the American Revolution, paying special attention to the Revolution's causes and consequences.

Giorgio Agamben

Giorgio Agamben Author Tom Frost
ISBN-10 9781134097791
Release 2013-11-20
Pages 254
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This book collects new contributions from an international group of leading scholars – including many who have worked closely with Agamben – to consider the impact of Agamben’s thought on research in the humanities and social sciences. Giorgio Agamben: Legal, Political and Philosophical Perspectives addresses the potential of Agamben’s thought by re-focusing attention away from his critiques of Western politics and towards his scheme for a political future. Part I of the book draws upon a wide range of issues such as legal oaths, legal reasoning and Christian conceptions of love in order to examine the potential for Agamben’s work to impact upon future legal scholarship. Part II focuses on political perspectives that include references to Marx, Rousseau and Agamben’s conception of the ‘messianic’. Theology, biology, and the thought of Gilles Deleuze, Walter Benjamin and Antonin Artaud are all drawn upon in Part III to explore philosophical perspectives in Agamben’s thought. This book demonstrates the importance and originality of Giorgio Agamben, who has articulated a vision of politics that must be recognised as an influential contribution to modern philosophical and political thinking. It is a book that will be of considerable interest to many working across the humanities and social sciences.