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Introduction to Medieval Europe 300 1500

Introduction to Medieval Europe 300   1500 Author Wim Blockmans
ISBN-10 9781351598446
Release 2017-10-20
Pages 498
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Introduction to Medieval Europe 300–1500 provides a comprehensive survey of this complex and varied formative period of European history, covering themes as diverse as barbarian migrations, the impact of Christianisation, the formation of nations and states, the emergence of an expansionist commercial economy, the growth of cities, the Crusades, the effects of plague, and the intellectual and cultural life of the Middle Ages. The book explores the driving forces behind the formation of medieval society and the directions in which it developed and changed. In doing this, the authors cover a wide geographic expanse, including Western interactions with the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic World. This third edition contains a wealth of new features that help to bring this fascinating era to life, including: • A number of new maps and images to further understanding of the period • Clear signposting and extended discussions of key topics such as feudalism and gender • Expanded geographic coverage into Eastern Europe and the Middle East. ? The book is accompanied by a companion website which is a free resource that features, for instructors, assignable discussion questions and all of the images and maps in the book available to download, and for students, a comparative interactive timeline of the period and links to useful websites. New to this edition are suggested medieval films and novels to be assigned alongside each chapter. Clear and stimulating, the third edition of Introduction to Medieval Europe is the ideal companion to studying Europe in the Middle Ages at undergraduate level.

An Introduction to Medieval History

An Introduction to Medieval History Author Paolo Delogu
ISBN-10 0715630792
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 251
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A comprehensive introduction to the sources, methods, and theories most often used by historians of the western middle ages, "Introduction to Medieval History" explores the origins of the idea of the ‘middle ages’ and its development in Renaissance and modern European historical discourse, the problem of periodisation and the principal themes of modern historiography. The sources of medieval history are described in detail, with chapters on history-writing in the middle ages, administrative and legal documents, coinage and the evidence of archaeology. Professor Delogu examines the materials of medieval history and the historical circumstances of their production and use, with accounts of the methods of analysis and interpretation employed by medievalists. Throughout, the reader is provided with extensive and up-to-date bibliographies for the key areas of medieval studies. The aim of the book is to enable students of medieval history to approach the written and material cultures of the period directly. The result: a handbook adapted to the needs of undergraduates and junior research students (and their teachers), and indeed anyone interested in this period of European history.

Thinking Medieval

Thinking Medieval Author M. Bull
ISBN-10 9780230501577
Release 2005-09-27
Pages 158
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This book is aimed at students coming to the study of western European medieval history for the first time, and also graduate students on interdisciplinary medieval studies programmes. It examines the place of the Middle Ages in modern popular culture, exploring the roots of the stereotypes that appear in films, on television and in the press, and asking why they remain so persistent. The book also asks whether 'medieval' is indeed a useful category in terms of historical periodization. It investigates some of the particular challenges posed by medieval sources and the ways in which they have survived. And it concludes with an exploration of the relevance of medieval history in today's world.


Science Author Margreet de Heer
ISBN-10 9781561637515
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 192
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Explaining different scientific disciplines in clear, colorful chapters, this illustrated primer is a great way to introduce young readers to a complex topic. In her easily accessible style, Margreet de Heer visualizes science and makes it approachable for those with little knowledge of the subject. Touching a number of topics in various scientific disciplines—including math, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, and quantum theory—this work ponders questions such as Who exclaimed "Eureka" and why? Why did Galileo get into a fight with the Church? and What happens when you have your DNA tested? This humorous yet substantive graphic account strips the subject of unnecessary complexity, making it a perfect introduction to exploring scientific concepts.

Remembering the Crusades and Crusading

Remembering the Crusades and Crusading Author Megan Cassidy-Welch
ISBN-10 9781134861514
Release 2016-11-03
Pages 266
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Remembering the Crusades and Crusading examines the diverse contexts in which crusading was memorialised and commemorated in the medieval world and beyond. The collection not only shows how the crusades were commemorated in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, but also considers the longer-term remembrance of the crusades into the modern era. This collection is divided into three sections, the first of which deals with the textual, material and visual sources used to remember. Each contributor introduces a particular body of source material and presents case studies using those sources in their own research. The second section contains four chapters examining specific communities active in commemorating the crusades, including religious communities, family groups and royal courts. Finally, the third section examines the cultural memory of crusading in the Byzantine, Iberian and Baltic regions beyond the early years, as well as the trajectory of crusading memory in the Muslim Middle East. This book draws together and extends the current debates in the history of the crusades and the history of memory and in so doing offers a fresh synthesis of material in both fields. It will be essential reading for students of the crusades and memory.

The Lindisfarne Gospels

The Lindisfarne Gospels Author Michelle P. Brown
ISBN-10 0802085970
Release 2003
Pages 479
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Contents of accompanying CD-ROM: Appendix 2 : the contents of the Lindisfarne Gosepls : key to manuscript sigla in the final column of the text table : table showing the textual arrangement of the Lindisfarne Gospels, with selective collation.


Castle Author David Macaulay
ISBN-10 0547348258
Release 1982-10-25
Pages 80
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The word itself conjures up mystery, romance, intrigue, and grandeur. What could be more perfect for an author/illustrator who has continually stripped away the mystique of architectural structures that have long fascinated modern man? With typical zest and wry sense of humor punctuating his drawings, David Macaulay traces the step-by-step planning and construction of both castle and town.

Reading the Middle Ages

Reading the Middle Ages Author Barbara H. Rosenwein
ISBN-10 9781442606029
Release 2013-11-18
Pages 544
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Covering over one thousand years of history and containing primary source material from the European, Byzantine, and Islamic worlds, Barbara H. Rosenwein's Reading the Middle Ages, Second Edition once again brings the Middle Ages to life. Building on the strengths of the first edition, the second edition contains 40 new readings, including 13 translations commissioned especially for this book, and a stunning new 10-plate color insert entitled "Containing the Holy" that brings together materials from the Western, Byzantine, and Islamic religious traditions. Ancillary materials, including study questions, can be found on the History Matters website (

Readings in Medieval History

Readings in Medieval History Author Patrick J. Geary
ISBN-10 9781442634336
Release 2015-11-16
Pages 368
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Patrick J. Geary's highly acclaimed collection of source materials on the medieval period is well-known for offering an excellent selection of substantial excerpts--or whole documents wherever possible--from the most widely studied historical texts. This much-anticipated fifth edition features a larger format, as well as enlarged type, to make the collection more reader-friendly. Study questions have been added at the end of each section to help students focus on key points in the text. Volume I includes a new selection from the Rule of St. Benedict and a new translation of Einhard's The Life of Charlemagne, as well as a color photo section introducing students to fascinating medieval art such as a seventh-century stone from Hornhausen, a shirt that belonged to Queen Bathild, and a page from the St. Petersburg Bede.

Mediaeval Feudalism

Mediaeval Feudalism Author Carl Stephenson
ISBN-10 0801490138
Release 1942
Pages 116
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"In the following pages I have tried to explain, as simply and concisely as possible, the historical significance of the feudal system. . . . My purpose has not been to give a comprehensive description of Europe in the feudal age, or even of feudal society. I have taken for granted that the reader will be familiar with the main political events of the Middle ages: the barbarian invasions, the formation of the Carolingian Empire, the establishment of the later monarchies, the Crusades, and the like. I have omitted all but cursory mention of the manorial system and the revival of commerce . . . . I have, in other words, restricted the discussion to the few institutions that may be said to have constituted feudalism proper, or to have been peculiarly associated with it."—from the PrefaceThis reprint of the first single-volume work in English (originally published in 1942) to treat the principles of feudalism gives a clear and concise account of the origin, growth, and decay of the feudal system. Special attention is paid to the principles of feudal tenure, chivalry, the military life of the nobility, and the workings of feudal government, as illustrated by actual cases.

Europe After Rome

Europe After Rome Author Julia M. H. Smith
ISBN-10 9780199244270
Release 2005
Pages 384
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This is the first single-author study in over fifty years to offer an integrated appraisal of the early Middle Ages as a dynamic and formative period in European history. Written in an attractive and accessible style, it makes extensive use of original sources to introduce early medieval men and women at all levels of society from slave to emperor, allows them to speak directly to the reader. It overturns traditional narratives, offering an entirely fresh approach to this period by rejecting any notion of a dominant, uniform early medieval culture, and arguing that the fundamental characteristic of the early Middle Ages is diversity of experience. This beautifully designed book will appeal to scholars, students and history enthusiasts alike.

Medieval Worlds

Medieval Worlds Author Roberta Anderson
ISBN-10 9781136405204
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 320
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Complete with introductions, full commentary, glossary, and a guide to further reading, Medieval Worlds is a comprehensive sourcebook for the study of Western Europe from the fifth to the fifteenth century. Drawing on a wide range of documents, from chronicles, legal, state, and church documents, to biographies, poems, and letters from all over Europe, the authors expertly illustrate to the reader the unity – and complexity – of the medieval world. Amongst many more, central issues discussed include: the diverse world of monasteries the Papacy the Crusades women the roles of the town and countryside. Medieval Worlds presents the reader with a view of the medieval era as it was: one of immense diversity with openness to new ideas, and outreach in areas from technology to natural philosophy.

Readings in Medieval History

Readings in Medieval History Author Patrick J. Geary
ISBN-10 9781442634367
Release 2015-11-16
Pages 496
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Patrick J. Geary's highly acclaimed collection of source materials on the medieval period is well-known for offering an excellent selection of substantial excerpts--or whole documents wherever possible--from the most widely studied historical texts. This much-anticipated fifth edition features a larger format, as well as enlarged type, to make the collection more reader-friendly. Study questions have been added at the end of each section to help students focus on key points in the text. Volume II includes new material on the Black Death as well as new readings on Western Europe and the Mongols. A color photo section has been added, introducing students to fascinating medieval art such as the two earliest images of Joan of Arc and the Sachsenspiegel.

What is Medieval History

What is Medieval History Author John Arnold
ISBN-10 9780745639321
Release 2008
Pages 155
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What is it that medieval historians do? And how - and why - do they do it? What is Medieval History? provides an accessible, far-ranging and passionate guide to the study of medieval history. The book discusses the creation of the academic field, the nature of the sources, the intellectual tools used by medievalists, and some key areas of thematic importance from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Reformation. Students, teachers, researchers and interested general readers will find the book an invaluable guide. The author explores his field through numerous fascinating case studies, including a magical plot against a medieval pope, a fourteenth-century insurrection, and the importance of a kiss exchanged between two tenth-century noblemen. Throughout the book, readers are shown not only what medieval history is, but the cultural and political contexts in which medieval history has been written. And, above all, What is Medieval History? demonstrates why the pursuit of medieval history continues to be important to the present and future world.

Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages

Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages Author Frances Gies
ISBN-10 9780062016737
Release 2010-08-03
Pages 384
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A compelling, lucid, and highly readable chronicle of medieval life written by the authors of the bestselling Life in a Medieval Castle and Life in a Medieval City Historians have only recently awakened to the importance of the family, the basic social unit throughout human history. This book traces the development of marriage and the family from the Middle Ages to the early modern era. It describes how the Roman and barbarian cultural streams merged under the influence of the Christian church to forge new concepts, customs, laws, and practices. Century by century it follows the development -- sometimes gradual, at other times revolutionary -- of significant elements in the history of the family: The basic functions of the family as production unit, as well as its religious, social, judicial, and educational roles. The shift of marriage from private arrangement between families to public ceremony between individuals, and the adjustments in dowry, bride-price, and counter-dowry. The development of consanguinity rules and incest taboos in church law and lay custom. The peasant family in its varying condition of being free or unfree, poor, middling, or rich. The aristocratic estate, the problem of the younger son, and the disinheritance of daughters. The Black Death and its long-term effects on the family. Sex attitudes and customs: the effects of variations in age of men and women at marriage. The changing physical environment of noble, peasant, and urban families. Arrangements by families for old age and retirement.

The Politics of Memory and Identity in Carolingian Royal Diplomas

The Politics of Memory and Identity in Carolingian Royal Diplomas Author Geoffrey Koziol
ISBN-10 250353595X
Release 2012
Pages 661
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Based upon a 'performative' interpretation of royal charters, The Politics of Memory and Identity offers a new and surprising narrative of West Frankish history from the death of Louis the Pious in 840 to the demise of the Carolingian dynasty in 987. The key is a carefully contextualised analysis of the circumstances in which kings issued charters and an alert examination of the charters' verbal and visual semiotics. For which monasteries and cathedrals did kings issue diplomas and under what conditions? Who were the patrons who interceded for the recipients of diplomas and what titles were they given? Which kings were named as predecessors and which were omitted? Such clues allow us to recover the meaning of events whose significance was concealed by chroniclers, and to find unsuspected continuities in 150 years of West Frankish politics. They allow us to see a ruthless exercise of power in the use of forgeries and a commitment to political reform in the reform of monasteries. They reveal the long shadow cast by the reign of Charles the Bald in West Frankish history and the importance of a handful of monasteries as 'sites of memory'. Above all, an intertextual reading of diplomas shows that political leaders in the kingdom made decisions based on policy, where the policy was articulated in terms of lessons drawn from their understanding of the past, and diplomas were the records that conveyed the lessons.

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table Author Roger Lancelyn Green
ISBN-10 9780141918709
Release 2008-08-07
Pages 416
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King Arthur is one of the greatest legends of all time. From the magical moment when Arthur releases the sword in the stone to the quest for the Holy Grail and the final tragedy of the Last Battle, Roger Lancelyn Green brings the enchanting world of King Arthur stunningly to life. One of the greatest legends of all time, with an inspiring introduction by David Almond, award-winning author of Clay, Skellig, Kit's Wilderness and The Fire-Eaters.