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Introduction to Projective Geometry

Introduction to Projective Geometry Author C. R. Wylie
ISBN-10 9780486141701
Release 2011-09-12
Pages 576
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This introductory volume offers strong reinforcement for its teachings, with detailed examples and numerous theorems, proofs, and exercises, plus complete answers to all odd-numbered end-of-chapter problems. 1970 edition.

Geometry A Comprehensive Course

Geometry  A Comprehensive Course Author Dan Pedoe
ISBN-10 9780486131733
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 464
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Introduction to vector algebra in the plane; circles and coaxial systems; mappings of the Euclidean plane; similitudes, isometries, Moebius transformations, much more. Includes over 500 exercises.

Lectures on Analytic and Projective Geometry

Lectures on Analytic and Projective Geometry Author Dirk J. Struik
ISBN-10 9780486173528
Release 2014-03-05
Pages 304
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This undergraduate text develops the geometry of plane and space, leading up to conics and quadrics, within the context of metrical, affine, and projective transformations. 1953 edition.

Introduction to the Geometry of Complex Numbers

Introduction to the Geometry of Complex Numbers Author Roland Deaux
ISBN-10 9780486158044
Release 2013-01-23
Pages 208
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Geared toward readers unfamiliar with complex numbers, this text explains how to solve problems that frequently arise in the applied sciences and emphasizes constructions related to algebraic operations. 1956 edition.

Solid Analytic Geometry

Solid Analytic Geometry Author Abraham Adrian Albert
ISBN-10 9780486814681
Release 2016-07-19
Pages 176
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Concise text covers basics of solid analytic geometry and provides ample material for a one-semester course. Additional chapters on spherical coordinates and projective geometry suitable for longer courses or supplementary study. 1949 edition.

Projective Geometry

Projective Geometry Author T. Ewan Faulkner
ISBN-10 9780486154893
Release 2013-02-20
Pages 144
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Highlighted by numerous examples, this book explores methods of the projective geometry of the plane. Examines the conic, the general equation of the 2nd degree, and the relationship between Euclidean and projective geometry. 1960 edition.

A New Look at Geometry

A New Look at Geometry Author Irving Adler
ISBN-10 9780486320496
Release 2013-10-03
Pages 416
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Richly detailed survey of the evolution of geometrical ideas and development of concepts of modern geometry: projective, Euclidean, and non-Euclidean geometry; role of geometry in Newtonian physics, calculus, relativity. Over 100 exercises with answers. 1966 edition.

Geometry and Symmetry

Geometry and Symmetry Author Paul B. Yale
ISBN-10 9780486169323
Release 2014-05-05
Pages 288
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DIVIntroduction to the geometry of euclidean, affine and projective spaces with special emphasis on the important groups of symmetries of these spaces. Many exercises, extensive bibliography. Advanced undergraduate level. /div

An Introduction to Finite Projective Planes

An Introduction to Finite Projective Planes Author Abraham Adrian Albert
ISBN-10 9780486789941
Release 2015-02-18
Pages 112
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Text for both beginning and advanced undergraduate and graduate students covers finite planes, field planes, coordinates in an arbitrary plane, central collineations and the little Desargues' property, the fundamental theorem, and non-Desarguesian planes. 1968 edition.

Geometry and the Visual Arts

Geometry and the Visual Arts Author Daniel Pedoe
ISBN-10 048624458X
Release 1976
Pages 296
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This survey traces the effects of geometry on artistic achievement and clearly discusses its importance to artists and scientists. It also surveys projective geometry, mathematical curves, theories of perspective, architectural form, and concepts of space.

Foundations of Geometry

Foundations of Geometry Author C. R. Wylie
ISBN-10 9780486472140
Release 2009-05-21
Pages 338
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Explains geometric theories and shows many examples.

101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic

101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic Author Clarence Raymond Wylie
ISBN-10 0486203670
Release 1957
Pages 125
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Solve murder problems and robberies, see which fishermen are liars and how a blind man can identify color ? purely by reasoning! Hours of mind-strengthening entertainment.

Lectures in Projective Geometry

Lectures in Projective Geometry Author A. Seidenberg
ISBN-10 9780486154732
Release 2012-06-14
Pages 240
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An ideal text for undergraduate courses, this volume takes an axiomatic approach that covers relations between the basic theorems, conics, coordinate systems and linear transformations, quadric surfaces, and the Jordan canonical form. 1962 edition.

The Functions of Mathematical Physics

The Functions of Mathematical Physics Author Harry Hochstadt
ISBN-10 9780486652146
Release 1986
Pages 322
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A modern classic, this clearly written, incisive textbook provides a comprehensive, detailed survey of the functions of mathematical physics, a field of study straddling the somewhat artificial boundary between pure and applied mathematics. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the theorists who devoted themselves to this field — pioneers such as Gauss, Euler, Fourier, Legendre, and Bessel — were searching for mathematical solutions to physical problems. Today, although most of the functions have practical applications, in areas ranging from the quantum-theoretical model of the atom to the vibrating membrane, some, such as those related to the theory of discontinuous groups, still remain of purely mathematical interest. Chapters One and Two examine orthogonal polynomials, with sections on such topics as the recurrence formula, the Christoffel-Darboux formula, the Weierstrass approximation theorem, and the application of Hermite polynomials to quantum mechanics. Chapter Three is devoted to the principal properties of the gamma function, including asymptotic expansions and Mellin-Barnes integrals. Chapter Four covers hypergeometric functions, including a review of linear differential equations with regular singular points, and a general method for finding integral representations. Chapters Five and Six are concerned with the Legendre functions and their use in the solutions of Laplace's equation in spherical coordinates, as well as problems in an n-dimension setting. Chapter Seven deals with confluent hypergeometric functions, and Chapter Eight examines, at length, the most important of these — the Bessel functions. Chapter Nine covers Hill's equations, including the expansion theorems.

Hidden Connections and Double Meanings

Hidden Connections and Double Meanings Author David Wells
ISBN-10 9780486832647
Release 2018-07-18
Pages 176
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You don't have to be a mathematician to appreciate these intriguing problems and puzzles, which focus on insight and imagination rather than technique. Includes hints and solutions.

Selected Topics in the Classical Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable

Selected Topics in the Classical Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable Author Maurice Heins
ISBN-10 9780486800691
Release 2014-11-24
Pages 176
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Elegant and concise, this text explores properties of meromorphic functions, Picard theorem, harmonic and subharmonic functions, applications, and boundary behavior of the Riemann mapping function for simply connected Jordan regions. 1962 edition.

Prelude to Mathematics

Prelude to Mathematics Author W. W. Sawyer
ISBN-10 9780486152776
Release 2012-04-19
Pages 224
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This lively, stimulating account of non-Euclidean geometry by a noted mathematician covers matrices, determinants, group theory, and many other related topics, with an emphasis on the subject's novel, striking aspects. 1955 edition.