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Introduction to Singularities and Deformations

Introduction to Singularities and Deformations Author Gert-Martin Greuel
ISBN-10 9783540284192
Release 2007-02-23
Pages 472
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Singularity theory is a young, rapidly-growing topic with connections to algebraic geometry, complex analysis, commutative algebra, representations theory, Lie groups theory and topology, and many applications in the natural and technical sciences. This book presents the basic singularity theory of analytic spaces, including local deformation theory and the theory of plane curve singularities. It includes complete proofs.

Singularities in Geometry Topology Foliations and Dynamics

Singularities in Geometry  Topology  Foliations and Dynamics Author José Luis Cisneros-Molina
ISBN-10 9783319393391
Release 2017-02-13
Pages 231
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This book features state-of-the-art research on singularities in geometry, topology, foliations and dynamics and provides an overview of the current state of singularity theory in these settings. Singularity theory is at the crossroad of various branches of mathematics and science in general. In recent years there have been remarkable developments, both in the theory itself and in its relations with other areas. The contributions in this volume originate from the “Workshop on Singularities in Geometry, Topology, Foliations and Dynamics”, held in Merida, Mexico, in December 2014, in celebration of José Seade’s 60th Birthday. It is intended for researchers and graduate students interested in singularity theory and its impact on other fields.

Maximal Cohen Macaulay Modules Over Non Isolated Surface Singularities and Matrix Problems

Maximal Cohen Macaulay Modules Over Non Isolated Surface Singularities and Matrix Problems Author Igor Burban
ISBN-10 9781470425371
Release 2017-07-13
Pages 114
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In this article the authors develop a new method to deal with maximal Cohen–Macaulay modules over non–isolated surface singularities. In particular, they give a negative answer on an old question of Schreyer about surface singularities with only countably many indecomposable maximal Cohen–Macaulay modules. Next, the authors prove that the degenerate cusp singularities have tame Cohen–Macaulay representation type. The authors' approach is illustrated on the case of k as well as several other rings. This study of maximal Cohen–Macaulay modules over non–isolated singularities leads to a new class of problems of linear algebra, which the authors call representations of decorated bunches of chains. They prove that these matrix problems have tame representation type and describe the underlying canonical forms.

Trends in Representation Theory of Algebras and Related Topics

Trends in Representation Theory of Algebras and Related Topics Author Andrzej Skowroński
ISBN-10 3037190620
Release 2008
Pages 710
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This book is concerned with recent trends in the representation theory of algebras and its exciting interaction with geometry, topology, commutative algebra, Lie algebras, quantum groups, homological algebra, invariant theory, combinatories, model theory and theoretical physics. The collection of articles, written by leading researchers in the field, is conceived as a sort of handbook providing easy access to the present state of knowledge and stimulating further development.

Topics on Real and Complex Singularities

Topics on Real and Complex Singularities Author Satoshi Koike
ISBN-10 9789814596053
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 212
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A phenomenon which appears in nature, or human behavior, can sometimes be explained by saying that a certain potential function is maximized, or minimized. For example, the Hamiltonian mechanics, soapy films, size of an atom, business management, etc. In mathematics, a point where a given function attains an extreme value is called a critical point, or a singular point. The purpose of singularity theory is to explore the properties of singular points of functions and mappings. This is a volume on the proceedings of the fourth Japanese–Australian Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities held in Kobe, Japan. It consists of 11 original articles on singularities. Readers will be introduced to some important new notions for characterizations of singularities and several interesting results are delivered. In addition, current approaches to classical topics and state-of-the-art effective computational methods of invariants of singularities are also presented. This volume will be useful not only to the singularity theory specialists but also to general mathematicians. Contents:On the CR Hamiltonian Flows and CR Yamabe Problem (T Akahori)An Example of the Reduction of a Single Ordinary Differential Equation to a System, and the Restricted Fuchsian Relation (K Ando)Fronts of Weighted Cones (T Fukui and M Hasegawa)Involutive Deformations of the Regular Part of a Normal Surface (A Harris and K Miyajima)Connected Components of Regular Fibers of Differentiable Maps (J T Hiratuka and O Saeki)The Reconstruction and Recognition Problems for Homogeneous Hypersurface Singularities (A V Isaev)Openings of Differentiable Map-Germs and Unfoldings (G Ishikawa)Non Concentration of Curvature near Singular Points of Two Variable Analytic Functions (S Koike, T-C Kuo and L Paunescu)Saito Free Divisors in Four Dimensional Affine Space and Reflection Groups of Rank Four (J Sekiguchi)Holonomic Systems of Differential Equations of Rank Two with Singularities along Saito Free Divisors of Simple Type (J Sekiguchi)Parametric Local Cohomology Classes and Tjurina Stratifications for μ-Constant Deformations of Quasi-Homogeneous Singularities (S Tajima) Readership: Mathematicians in singularity theory or in adjacent areas; advanced undergraduates and graduate students in mathematics; non-experts interested in singularity theory and its applications. Key Features:Contains applications of the singularity theory to other mathematical fieldsNew topics in singularity theory, e.g. the relationship between free divisors and holonomic systems, openings of differentiable map-germs, non-concentration of curvatureIncludes articles by prize-winning researchers like Kimio Miyajima and Osamu SaekiKeywords:Singularities;CR Structure;Deformation Theory;Free Divisor;Concentration of Curvature;Holonomic System;Front;Opening

Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems VI

Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems VI Author Lawrence Zalcman
ISBN-10 9781470417031
Release 2016-05-19
Pages 316
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This volume contains the proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems, held from May 19–24, 2013, in Nahariya, Israel, in honor of David Shoikhet's sixtieth birthday. The papers range over a wide variety of topics in complex analysis, quasiconformal mappings, and complex dynamics. Taken together, the articles provide the reader with a panorama of activity in these areas, drawn by a number of leading figures in the field. They testify to the continued vitality of the interplay between classical and modern analysis. The companion volume (Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 653) is devoted to partial differential equations, differential geometry, and radon transforms.

Mathematical Reviews

Mathematical Reviews Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015078588798
Release 2008
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Mathematical Reviews has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mathematical Reviews also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mathematical Reviews book for free.

Function Algebras on Finite Sets

Function Algebras on Finite Sets Author Dietlinde Lau
ISBN-10 9783540360230
Release 2006-11-23
Pages 670
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Function Algebras on Finite Sets gives a broad introduction to the subject, leading up to the cutting edge of research. The general concepts of the Universal Algebra are given in the first part of the book, to familiarize the reader from the very beginning on with the algebraic side of function algebras. The second part covers the following topics: Galois-connection between function algebras and relation algebras, completeness criterions, and clone theory.

Ideals and Reality

Ideals and Reality Author Friedrich Ischebeck
ISBN-10 9783540263708
Release 2006-03-30
Pages 336
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Besides giving an introduction to Commutative Algebra - the theory of c- mutative rings - this book is devoted to the study of projective modules and the minimal number of generators of modules and ideals. The notion of a module over a ring R is a generalization of that of a vector space over a field k. The axioms are identical. But whereas every vector space possesses a basis, a module need not always have one. Modules possessing a basis are called free. So a finitely generated free R-module is of the form Rn for some n E IN, equipped with the usual operations. A module is called p- jective, iff it is a direct summand of a free one. Especially a finitely generated R-module P is projective iff there is an R-module Q with P @ Q S Rn for some n. Remarkably enough there do exist nonfree projective modules. Even there are nonfree P such that P @ Rm S Rn for some m and n. Modules P having the latter property are called stably free. On the other hand there are many rings, all of whose projective modules are free, e. g. local rings and principal ideal domains. (A commutative ring is called local iff it has exactly one maximal ideal. ) For two decades it was a challenging problem whether every projective module over the polynomial ring k[X1,. . .

Polynomial Convexity

Polynomial Convexity Author Edgar Lee Stout
ISBN-10 9780817645373
Release 2007-05-03
Pages 439
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This comprehensive monograph is devoted to the study of polynomially convex sets, which play an important role in the theory of functions of several complex variables. Important features of Polynomial Convexity: *Presents the general properties of polynomially convex sets with particular attention to the theory of the hulls of one-dimensional sets. *Motivates the theory with numerous examples and counterexamples, which serve to illustrate the general theory and to delineate its boundaries. *Examines in considerable detail questions of uniform approximation, especially on totally real sets, for the most part on compact sets but with some attention to questions of global approximation on noncompact sets. *Discusses important applications, e.g., to the study of analytic varieties and to the theory of removable singularities for CR functions. *Requires of the reader a solid background in real and complex analysis together with some previous experience with the theory of functions of several complex variables as well as the elements of functional analysis. This beautiful exposition of a rich and complex theory, which contains much material not available in other texts, is destined to be the standard reference for many years, and will appeal to all those with an interest in multivariate complex analysis.

Techniques of Variational Analysis

Techniques of Variational Analysis Author Jonathan Borwein
ISBN-10 9780387282718
Release 2006-06-18
Pages 362
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Borwein is an authority in the area of mathematical optimization, and his book makes an important contribution to variational analysis Provides a good introduction to the topic

Poisson Structures

Poisson Structures Author Camille Laurent-Gengoux
ISBN-10 9783642310904
Release 2012-08-27
Pages 464
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Poisson structures appear in a large variety of contexts, ranging from string theory, classical/quantum mechanics and differential geometry to abstract algebra, algebraic geometry and representation theory. In each one of these contexts, it turns out that the Poisson structure is not a theoretical artifact, but a key element which, unsolicited, comes along with the problem that is investigated, and its delicate properties are decisive for the solution to the problem in nearly all cases. Poisson Structures is the first book that offers a comprehensive introduction to the theory, as well as an overview of the different aspects of Poisson structures. The first part covers solid foundations, the central part consists of a detailed exposition of the different known types of Poisson structures and of the (usually mathematical) contexts in which they appear, and the final part is devoted to the two main applications of Poisson structures (integrable systems and deformation quantization). The clear structure of the book makes it adequate for readers who come across Poisson structures in their research or for graduate students or advanced researchers who are interested in an introduction to the many facets and applications of Poisson structures.​

Isomonodromic Deformations and Frobenius Manifolds

Isomonodromic Deformations and Frobenius Manifolds Author Claude Sabbah
ISBN-10 1848000545
Release 2007-12-20
Pages 279
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Based on a series of graduate lectures, this book provides an introduction to algebraic geometric methods in the theory of complex linear differential equations. Starting from basic notions in complex algebraic geometry, it develops some of the classical problems of linear differential equations. It ends with applications to recent research questions related to mirror symmetry. The fundamental tool used is that of a vector bundle with connection. The book includes complete proofs, and applications to recent research questions. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, the book assumes some familiarity with basic complex algebraic geometry.

Lagrangian Transport in Geophysical Jets and Waves

Lagrangian Transport in Geophysical Jets and Waves Author Roger M. Samelson
ISBN-10 9780387462134
Release 2006-11-24
Pages 150
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Written jointly by a specialist in geophysical fluid dynamics and an applied mathematician, this is the first accessible introduction to a new set of methods for analysing Lagrangian motion in geophysical flows. The book opens by establishing context and fundamental mathematical concepts and definitions, exploring simple cases of steady flow, and touching on important topics from the classical theory of Hamiltonian systems. Subsequent chapters examine the elements and methods of Lagrangian transport analysis in time-dependent flows. The concluding chapter offers a brief survey of rapidly evolving research in geophysical fluid dynamics that makes use of this new approach.

On Thom Spectra Orientability and Cobordism

On Thom Spectra  Orientability  and Cobordism Author Yu. B. Rudyak
ISBN-10 9783540777519
Release 2007-12-12
Pages 590
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Rudyak’s groundbreaking monograph is the first guide on the subject of cobordism since Stong's influential notes of a generation ago. It concentrates on Thom spaces (spectra), orientability theory and (co)bordism theory (including (co)bordism with singularities and, in particular, Morava K-theories). These are all framed by (co)homology theories and spectra. The author has also performed a service to the history of science in this book, giving detailed attributions.

Algebraic Cobordism

Algebraic Cobordism Author Marc Levine
ISBN-10 9783540368243
Release 2007-02-23
Pages 246
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Following Quillen's approach to complex cobordism, the authors introduce the notion of oriented cohomology theory on the category of smooth varieties over a fixed field. They prove the existence of a universal such theory (in characteristic 0) called Algebraic Cobordism. The book also contains some examples of computations and applications.

Isolated Singular Points on Complete Intersections

Isolated Singular Points on Complete Intersections Author Eduard Looijenga
ISBN-10 9780521286749
Release 1984-03-01
Pages 200
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This book will be of use to professional mathematicians working in algebraic geometry, complex-analytical geometry and, to some extent, differential analysis.