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Introduction to the Physics of Fluids and Solids

Introduction to the Physics of Fluids and Solids Author J. S. Trefil
ISBN-10 9781483187396
Release 2013-11-06
Pages 318
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Introduction to the Physics of Fluids and Solids presents a way to learn continuum mechanics without mastering any other systems. It discusses an introduction to the principles of fluid mechanics. Another focus of study is the fluids in astrophysics. Some of the topics covered in the book are the rotation of the galaxy, the concept of stability, the fluids in motion, and the waves in fluids, the theory of the tides, the vibrations of the earth, and nuclear fission. The viscosity in fluids is covered. The flow of viscous fluids is discussed. The text identifies the general circulation of the atmosphere. An analysis of the general properties of solids is presented. A chapter of the volume is devoted to the applications of seismology. Another section of the book focuses on the flow of the blood and the urinary drop spectrometer. The book will provide useful information to doctors, physicists, engineers, students and researchers.

Ultrasonic Absorption

Ultrasonic Absorption Author Avadh Behari Bhatia
ISBN-10 9780486649177
Release 1985
Pages 427
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Standard reference in the field provides a clear, systematically organized introductory review of fundamental concepts for advanced graduate students and research workers. Numerous diagrams. Bibliography.

Introduction to Fluid Dynamics

Introduction to Fluid Dynamics Author Edward B. McLeod, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780486807058
Release 2016-06-20
Pages 256
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Concise, unified, and logical introduction to study of the basic principles of fluid dynamics emphasizes statement of problems in mathematical language. Assumes familiarity with algebra of vector fields. 1963 edition.

An Introduction to Acoustics

An Introduction to Acoustics Author Robert H. Randall
ISBN-10 9780486174716
Release 2012-11-21
Pages 352
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Undergraduate-level text examines waves in air and in three dimensions, interference patterns and diffraction, and acoustic impedance, as illustrated in the behavior of horns. 1951 edition.

Solid State Theory

Solid State Theory Author Walter A. Harrison
ISBN-10 9780486152233
Release 2012-04-30
Pages 576
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DIVThorough, modern study of solid state physics; solid types and symmetry, electron states, electronic properties and cooperative phenomena. /div

Continuum Mechanics

Continuum Mechanics Author A. J. M. Spencer
ISBN-10 9780486139470
Release 2012-06-08
Pages 192
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Undergraduate text offers an analysis of deformation and stress, covers laws of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy, and surveys the formulation of mechanical constitutive equations. 1992 edition.

Many Particle Physics

Many Particle Physics Author Gerald D. Mahan
ISBN-10 9781475757149
Release 2013-04-17
Pages 785
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The first, second, and third editions of this book seem to occur at ten year intervals. The intent is to keep the book up-to-date. Many-body theory is a field which continually evolves in time. Journals only publish new results, conferences only invite speakers to report new phenomena, and agencies only fund scientists to do new physics. Today's physics is old hat by tomorrow. Students want to learn new material, and textbooks must be modified to keep up with the times. The early chapters in this book teach the techniques of many-body theory. They are largely unchanged in format. The later chapters apply the techniques to specific problems. The third edition increases the number of applications. New sections have been added, while old sections have been modified to include recent applications. The previous editions were set in type using pre-computer technology. No computer file existed of the prior editions. The publisher scanned the second edition and gave me a disk with the contents. This scan recorded the words accurately and scrambled the equations into unintelligible form. So I retyped the equations using LaTeX. Although tedious, it allowed me to correct the infinite numbers of typographical errors in the previous edition. The earlier typesetting methods did not permit such corrections. The entire book was edited sentence-by sentence. Most old sections of the book were shortened by editing sentences and paragraphs.

Physics of Waves

Physics of Waves Author William C. Elmore
ISBN-10 9780486140650
Release 2012-04-26
Pages 512
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Ideal as a classroom text or for individual study, this unique one-volume overview of classical wave theory covers wave phenomena of acoustics, optics, electromagnetic radiations, and more.

Introduction to Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Fluids and Solids

Introduction to Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Fluids and Solids Author D. S. Drumheller
ISBN-10 0521587468
Release 1998-02-13
Pages 513
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Waves occur widely in nature and have innumerable commercial uses. Pressure waves are responsible for the transmission of speech, bow waves created by meteors can virtually ignite the earth's atmosphere, ultrasonic waves are used for medical imaging, and shock waves are used for the synthesis of new materials. This book provides a thorough, modern introduction to the study of linear and nonlinear waves. Beginning with fundamental concepts of motion, the book goes on to discuss linear and nonlinear mechanical waves, thermodynamics, and constitutive models. It covers gases, liquids, and solids as integral parts of the subject. Among the important areas of research and application are impact analysis, shock wave research, explosive detonation, nonlinear acoustics, and hypersonic aerodynamics. Graduate students, as well as professional engineers and applied physicists, will value this clear, comprehensive introduction to the study of wave phenomena.

Green s Functions and Condensed Matter

Green s Functions and Condensed Matter Author G. Rickayzen
ISBN-10 9780486315867
Release 2013-06-03
Pages 368
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Presentation of the basic theoretical formulation of Green's functions, followed by specific applications: transport coefficients of a metal, Coulomb gas, Fermi liquids, electrons and phonons, superconductivity, superfluidity, and magnetism. 1984 edition.

The Many body Problem in Quantum Mechanics

The Many body Problem in Quantum Mechanics Author Norman Henry March
ISBN-10 0486687546
Release 1967
Pages 459
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Single-volume account of methods used in dealing with the many-body problem and the resulting physics. Single-particle approximations, second quantization, many-body perturbation theory, Fermi fluids, superconductivity, many-boson systems, more. Each chapter contains well-chosen problems. Only prerequisite is basic understanding of elementary quantum mechanics. 1967 edition.

Superconductivity Superfluids and Condensates

Superconductivity  Superfluids and Condensates Author James F. Annett
ISBN-10 0198507569
Release 2004-03-25
Pages 186
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Superconductivity, provides a basic introduction to one of the most innovative areas in condensed matter physics today. This book includes ample tutorial material, including illustrations, chapter summaries, graded problem sets, and concise examples. This book is part of the Oxford Master Series in Condensed Matter Physics.

A History of Mechanics

A History of Mechanics Author René Dugas
ISBN-10 9780486173375
Release 2012-11-07
Pages 688
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Monumental study traces the history of mechanical principles chronologically from antiquity through the early 20th century. Contributions of ancient Greeks, Leonardo, Galileo, Kepler, Lagrange, others. 116 illustrations.

Classical Field Theory

Classical Field Theory Author Davison E. Soper
ISBN-10 9780486462608
Release 2008-02-04
Pages 272
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This text concerns continuum mechanics, electrodynamics and the mechanics of electrically polarized media, and gravity. Geared toward advanced undergraduates and graduate students, it offers an accessible approach that formulates theories according to the principle of least action. The chief advantage of this formulation is its simplicity and ease, making the physical content of classical subjects available to students of physics in a concise form. Author Davison E. Soper, a Professor of Physics at the University of Oregon, intended this treatment as a primary text for courses in classical field theory as well as a supplement for courses in classical mechanics or classical electrodynamics. Topics include fields and transformation laws, the principle of stationary action, general features of classical field theory, the mechanics of fluids and elastic solids, special types of solids, nonrelativistic approximations, and the electromagnetic field. Additional subjects include electromagnetically polarized materials, gravity, momentum conservation in general relativity, and dissipative processes.

Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media

Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media Author Jacob Bear
ISBN-10 9780486131801
Release 2013-02-26
Pages 800
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This is the definitive work on the subject by one of the world's foremost hydrologists, designed primarily for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. 335 black-and-white illustrations. Exercises, with answers.

Modern Fluid Dynamics for Physics and Astrophysics

Modern Fluid Dynamics for Physics and Astrophysics Author Oded Regev
ISBN-10 9781493931644
Release 2016-05-11
Pages 680
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This book grew out of the need to provide students with a solid introduction to modern fluid dynamics. It offers a broad grounding in the underlying principles and techniques used, with some emphasis on applications in astrophysics and planetary science. The book comprehensively covers recent developments, methods and techniques, including, for example, new ideas on transitions to turbulence (via transiently growing stable linear modes), new approaches to turbulence (which remains the enigma of fluid dynamics), and the use of asymptotic approximation methods, which can give analytical or semi-analytical results and complement fully numerical treatments. The authors also briefly discuss some important considerations to be taken into account when developing a numerical code for computer simulation of fluid flows. Although the text is populated throughout with examples and problems from the field of astrophysics and planetary science, the text is eminently suitable as a general introduction to fluid dynamics. It is assumed that the readers are mathematically equipped with a reasonable knowledge in analysis, including basics of ordinary and partial differential equations and a good command of vector calculus and linear algebra. Each chapter concludes with bibliographical notes in which the authors briefly discuss the chapter's essential literature and give recommendations for further, deeper reading. Included in each chapter are a number of problems, some of them relevant to astrophysics and planetary science. The book is written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, but will also prove a valuable source of reference for established researchers.

States of Matter

States of Matter Author David L. Goodstein
ISBN-10 9780486795515
Release 2014-06-01
Pages 512
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Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students of physics, this uniquely comprehensive overview provides a rigorous, integrated treatment of physical principles and techniques related to gases, liquids, solids, and their phase transitions. 1975 edition.