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Ionic Liquids in Separation Technology

Ionic Liquids in Separation Technology Author Antonia Perez De Los Rios
ISBN-10 9780444632623
Release 2014-08-08
Pages 378
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Ionic Liquids in Separation Technology reports on the most important fundamental and technological advances in separation processes using ionic liquids. It brings together the latest developments in this fascinating field, supplements them with numerous practical tips, and thus provides those working in both research and industry with an indispensable source of information. The book covers fundamental topics of physical, thermal, and optical properties of ionic liquids, including green aspects. It then moves on to contexts and applications, including separation of proteins, reduction of environmental pollutants, separation of metal ions and organic compounds, use in electrochromic devices, and much more. For the specialist audience the book serves as a recompilation of the most important knowledge in this field, whereas for starting researchers in ionic liquid separation technology the book is a great introduction to the field. First book in the marketplace dedicated to ionic liquids in separation technology Contributions from scientists in academia and researchers in industry ensure the coverage of both scientific fundamentals and industrial applications Covers a broad collection of applications in separation technology which makes the book a single source of information Includes many practical tips for researchers in industry and scientists who apply ionic liquids in their work

Novel Catalytic and Separation Processes Based on Ionic Liquids

Novel Catalytic and Separation Processes Based on Ionic Liquids Author Dickson Ozokwelu
ISBN-10 9780128020555
Release 2017-03-20
Pages 280
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Novel Catalytic and Separation Process Based on Ionic Liquids presents the latest progress on the use of ionic liquids (ILs) in catalytic and separation processes. The book discusses the preparation of ILs, the characterization of IL catalysts by spectroscopic techniques, catalytic reactions over IL catalysts, separation science and technology of ILs, applications in biomass utilization, and synthesis of fine chemicals. Scientists, engineers, graduate students, managers, decision-makers, and others interested in ionic liquids will find this information very useful. The book can be used as a springboard for more advanced work in this area as it contains both theory and recent applications, research conducted, and developments in separation techniques and catalysis using ionic liquids. Presents new preparation and advanced characterization of ionic liquids catalysts Outlines catalytic reactions using ionic liquid, thus showing higher yields and selectivity Presents novel separation science and technology based on ionic liquids and non-thermal processes

Ionic Liquids for Better Separation Processes

Ionic Liquids for Better Separation Processes Author Héctor Rodríguez
ISBN-10 9783662485200
Release 2015-12-16
Pages 233
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This book discusses capital separation processes of industrial interest and explores the potential for substantial improvement offered by a promising class of substances: ionic liquids. These low melting point salts, with their unique characteristics, have been gaining relevance in the field of separation through a variety of approaches. The chapters are structured from an application perspective, and cover the utilisation of ionic liquids in different unit operation contexts (distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, and solid-liquid extraction), giving an idea of their remarkable versatility. The final chapters focus on the use of ionic liquids in analytical applications based on separation procedures. This volume combines the review of the main advances to date with the analysis of the potential future use of ionic liquids in separation processes across a variety of fields, ranging from enhancement of state-of-the-art technologies to a revolution in the technological bases currently in use. It provides a valuable resource for engineers and scientists working in the field of separation, as well as for all readers generally interested in ionic liquids, in particular from an application standpoint. Héctor Rodríguez is a faculty member of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Supported Ionic Liquids

Supported Ionic Liquids Author Rasmus Fehrmann
ISBN-10 9783527324293
Release 2014-03-24
Pages 496
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This unique book gives a timely overview about the fundamentals and applications of supported ionic liquids in modern organic synthesis. It introduces the concept and synthesis of SILP materials and presents important applications in the field of catalysis (e.g. hydroformylation, hydrogenation, coupling reactions, fine chemical synthesis) as well as energy technology and gas separation. Written by pioneers in the field, this book is an invaluable reference book for organic chemists in academia or industry.

The Application of Green Solvents in Separation Processes

The Application of Green Solvents in Separation Processes Author Francisco Pena-Pereira
ISBN-10 9780128054437
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 560
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The Application of Green Solvents in Separation Processes features a logical progression of a wide range of topics and methods, beginning with an overview of green solvents, covering everything from water and organic solvents, to ionic liquids, switchable solvents, eutectic mixtures, supercritical fluids, gas-expanded solvents, and more. In addition, the book outlines green extraction techniques, such as green membrane extraction, ultrasound-assisted extraction, and surfactant-mediated extraction techniques. Green sampling and sample preparation techniques are then explored, followed by green analytical separations, including green gas and liquid capillary chromatography, counter current chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, and other electrical separations. Applications of green chemistry techniques that are relevant for a broad range of scientific and technological areas are covered, including the benefits and challenges associated with their application. Provides insights into recent advances in greener extraction and separation processes Gives an understanding of alternatives to harmful solvents commonly used in extraction and separation processes, as well as advanced techniques for such processes Written by a multidisciplinary group of internationally recognized scientists

Ionic Liquids in Chemical Analysis

Ionic Liquids in Chemical Analysis Author Mihkel Koel
ISBN-10 1420046470
Release 2008-10-09
Pages 448
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An Overview of a Rapidly Expanding Area in Chemistry Exploring the future in chemical analysis research, Ionic Liquids in Chemical Analysis focuses on materials that promise entirely new ways to perform solution chemistry. It provides a broad overview of the applications of ionic liquids in various areas of analytical chemistry, including separation science, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and sensors. With Contributions from a Team of Internationally Recognized Experts After reviewing the properties and structure of ionic liquids, leading specialists explore the role of these materials in optical, electrochemical, and biochemical sensor technology. The book then examines ionic liquids in gas, liquid, and countercurrent chromatography, along with their use as electrolyte additives in capillary electrophoresis. It also discusses gas solubilities and measurement techniques, liquid-liquid extraction, and the separation of metal ions. The final chapters cover molecular, Raman, nuclear magnetic resonance, and mass spectroscopies. Encourages Readers to Discover New Ideas and Breakthroughs in the Field By showing how ionic liquids can improve measurement and reduce the amount of environmental waste, this volume confirms the staying power of these materials in the years to come.

Phase Equilibria in Ionic Liquid Facilitated Liquid Liquid Extractions

Phase Equilibria in Ionic Liquid Facilitated Liquid   Liquid Extractions Author Anand Bharti
ISBN-10 9781498769495
Release 2017-03-31
Pages 246
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of ionic liquid based separation techniques. The glimpse of thermodynamic predictive models along with global optimization techniques will help readers understand the separation techniques at molecular and macroscopic levels. Experimental and characterization techniques are coupled with model based predictions so as to provide multicomponent data for the scientific community. The models will focus more on the a-priori based predictions which gives higher emphasis on hydrogen-bonded systems. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique will also eventually help the readers to apply optimization technique to an extraction process. The overriding goal of this work is to provide pathways for leading engineers and researchers toward a clear understanding and firm grasp of the phase equilibria of Ionic Liquid systems.

Analytical Applications Of Ionic Liquids

Analytical Applications Of Ionic Liquids Author Koel Mihkel
ISBN-10 9781786340733
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 436
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Analytical Applications of Ionic Liquids reviews the current research in analytic chemistry, covering subjects as diverse as separation science, chromatography, spectroscopy and analytical electrochemistry. As scientific developments have moved into the 21st century, they have increasingly had to take into account the effects on the environment, both locally and globally. Because of this, the search for applications of ionic liquids is growing in every area of analytical chemistry. Here, material is presented by specialists, giving a critical overview of the current literature surrounding this increasingly prominent topic. Analysis is carried out on latest achievements and applications, followed by critical discussion of possible future developments. As well as stimulating further research among established analytical chemists, this book can also be used for undergraduate and graduate courses on chemistry and chemical technology. Contents:General Review of Ionic Liquids and Their Properties (Christian Schröder)Synthesis and Characterization of Ionic Liquids (Katharina Bica)Chromatography:Ionic Liquids and Derivatives in Gas Chromatography (María J Trujillo-Rodríguez, Idaira Pacheco-Fernández, Arturo A Rincón, Ana M Afonso and Verónica Pino)High Performance Ionic Liquid Chromatography (Kosuke Kuroda and Hiroyuki Ohno)Ionic Liquids in Capillary Electrophoresis (Merike Vaher)Separation/Extraction:Novel Ionic Liquids for Liquid–Liquid Extraction (Svetlana V Smirnova, Tatyana O Samarina and Igor V Pletnev)Ionic Liquids-Based Microextraction Techniques (Justyna Płotka-Wasylka and Jacek Namieśnik)NMR on Ionic Liquids (Andrea Mele and Franca Castiglione)Sensors and ElectrochemistryElectrochemical Analysis of Heavy Metal Cations and Some Anions Applying the Electrodes Modified with Ionic Liquids (Enn Lust, Karmen Lust and Heili Kasuk)Recent Advances in Ionic Liquid-Based Gas Sensors (Chuan Zhao, Christian Gunawan, Mengchen Ge, Richard Gondosiswanto and Leigh Aldous)Application of Ionic Liquids in Electronic Nose Instruments (Jacek Gebicki)Ionic Liquids in Bioanalysis (Kyoko Fujita)Ionic Liquids and Green Chemistry (Cinzia Chiappe and Christian Silvio Pomelli)Future Prospects (Mihkel Koel) Readership: Analytical chemists, undergraduate and graduate students, university professors.

Applications of Ionic Liquids in Polymer Science and Technology

Applications of Ionic Liquids in Polymer Science and Technology Author David Mecerreyes
ISBN-10 9783662449035
Release 2015-04-08
Pages 387
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This book summarizes the latest knowledge in the science and technology of ionic liquids and polymers in different areas. Ionic liquids (IL) are actively being investigated in polymer science and technology for a number of different applications. In the first part of the book the authors present the particular properties of ionic liquids as speciality solvents. The state-of-the art in the use of ionic liquids in polymer synthesis and modification reactions including polymer recycling is outlined. The second part focuses on the use of ionic liquids as speciality additives such as plasticizers or antistatic agents. The third part examines the use of ionic liquids in the design of functional polymers (usually called polymeric ionic liquids (PIL) or poly(ionic liquids)). Many important applications in diverse scientific and industrial areas rely on these polymers, like polymer electrolytes in electrochemical devices, building blocks in materials science, nanocomposites, gas membranes, innovative anion sensitive materials, smart surfaces, and a countless set range of emerging applications in different fields such as energy, optoelectronics, analytical chemistry, biotechnology, nanomedicine or catalysis.

Application of Ionic Liquids on Rare Earth Green Separation and Utilization

Application of Ionic Liquids on Rare Earth Green Separation and Utilization Author Ji Chen
ISBN-10 9783662475102
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 257
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This book comprehensively details the applications of ionic liquids in rare earth green separation and utilization based on the unique interactions of ionic liquids with rare earth ions. It consists of nine chapters demonstrating the synthesis and properties of ionic liquids, coordination chemistry of ionic liquids and rare earth, ionic liquids as diluents, extractants, adsorption resins for rare earth extraction and separation, electrodeposition of rare earth metals in ionic liquids, and preparation of rare earth material with the aid of ionic liquids. It is both interesting and useful to chemists, metallurgists and graduate students working on fundamental research of ionic liquids as well as professionals in the rare earth industry. It provides considerable insights into green chemistry and sustainable processes for rare earth separation in order to meet the environmental challenge of rare earth metallurgy around the globe, especially in China. Ji Chen is a Professor of Chemistry at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

Application Purification and Recovery of Ionic Liquids

Application  Purification  and Recovery of Ionic Liquids Author Olga Kuzmina
ISBN-10 9780444633019
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 286
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Application, Purification, and Recovery of Ionic Liquids provides a comprehensive overview of the usage of ionic liquids (IL). The book gives a description of the methods used for recovery and purification of ILs, a summary of the economic aspects of using ILs, and a review on the toxicity data of ILs. It is written for researchers, scientists, and engineers working with ILs, their properties, and usages. The book not only describes the chemical aspects, but the economic and environmental aspects as well, making it of particular interest to professionals applying this technology. Chapters written by scientists in academia and researchers in industry, ensuring coverage of both the scientific fundaments and industrial applications A single source of information for a broad collection of recovery and purification methods Provides information on using ionic liquids as green solvents Includes economic aspects of recovery and reuse of ionic liquids

Ionic Liquids in the Biorefinery Concept

Ionic Liquids in the Biorefinery Concept Author Rafal Bogel-Lukasik
ISBN-10 9781782622598
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 297
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The implementation of ionic liquids technologies in future biorefineries is challenging. Different approaches can be applied along the entire chain of biomass valorisation to achieve a specific target molecule, from biomass pre-treatment and fractionation processes to extraction, downstream separation and purification methodologies of high value added products and pivot chemicals. This book summarises recent achievements in the use of ionic liquids in biomass processing as an alternative to conventional processes, particularly in the context of green chemistry. It features real-world case studies where high value-added products have been obtained using ionic liquid processing, demonstrating the practical applications of these technologies. The book concludes by assessing the development of further biorefineries with ionic liquids. The book is an important reference for researchers and practising chemists, bringing readers up-to-date with current research in this field.

Green Industrial Applications of Ionic Liquids

Green Industrial Applications of Ionic Liquids Author Robin D. Rogers
ISBN-10 9789401001274
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 553
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This book contains the lecture notes for the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on th Green Industrial Applications of Ionic Liquids held April 12th_16 , 2000 in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. This was the fIrst international meeting devoted to research in the area of ionic liquids (salts with melting points below 100 0c), and was intended to explore the promise of ionic liquids as well as to set a research agenda for the fIeld. It was the fIrst international meeting dedicated to the study and application of ionic liquids as solvents, and forty-one scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and government research laboratories (as well as six industry observers and four student assistants) met to discuss the current and future status of the application of ionic liquids to new green industrial technologies. It was immediately clear that the number of organic chemists and engineers working in the fIeld needed to be increased. It was also clear that the declining interest in high temperature molten salts and subsequent increase in low melting ionic liquid solvents had not yet taken hold in Eastern Europe. Participants from NATO Partner Countries contributed signifIcant expertise in high temperature molten salts and were able to take back a new awareness and interest in ionic liquid solvents.

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids

Electrochemical Aspects of Ionic Liquids Author Hiroyuki Ohno
ISBN-10 1118003349
Release 2011-03-03
Pages 420
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The second edition is based on the original book, which has been revised, updated and expanded in order to cover the latest information on this rapidly growing field. The book begins with a description of general and electrochemical properties of ionic liquids and continues with a discussion of applications in biochemistry, ionic devices, functional design and polymeric ionic liquids. The new edition includes new chapters on Li ion Batteries and Actuators, as well as a revision of existing chapters to include a discussion on purification and the effects of impurities, adsorption of ionic liquids on interfaces and on the electrochemical double layer, among other topics.

Ionic Liquids in Lipid Processing and Analysis

Ionic Liquids in Lipid Processing and Analysis Author Xuebing Xu
ISBN-10 9781630670481
Release 2016-02-13
Pages 484
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This book serves as a reference for those interested in state-of-the-art research on the science and technology of ionic liquids (ILs), particularly in relation to lipids processing and analysis. Topics include a review of the chemistry and physics of ILs as well as a quantitative understanding of structure-activity relationships at the molecular level. Further, chapter authors examine the molecular basis of the toxicity of ILs, the prediction of the properties of ILs, and the rationale and steps toward a priori design of ionic liquids for task-defined applications. Emerging research in developing lipid-inspired ILs and their prospective use in drug formulation is described. Among the highlights are the latest advances in IL-mediated biocatalysis and biotransformation, along with lipase production, purification, and activation. Reviews the state-of-the-art applications of ionic liquids in lipid processing and relevant areas from a variety of perspectives Summarizes the latest advances in the measurement of the physical and chemical properties of ionic liquids and available databases of thermodynamic property datapoints Presents the tremendous opportunities provided and challenges faced from ionic liquids as a newly emerging technology for lipids processing area

Ionic Liquid Based Aqueous Biphasic Systems

Ionic Liquid Based Aqueous Biphasic Systems Author Mara G. Freire
ISBN-10 9783662528754
Release 2016-11-02
Pages 315
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This book offers comprehensive information on the fundamentals and applications of ionic-liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems, which have predominantly (and successfully) been employed as alternative platforms for the extraction, separation and purification of diverse high-value products. The book consists of an initial introduction providing a brief overview, from fundamentals to applications, followed by nine chapters addressing the respective phase diagrams (interpretation and characterization) and remarkable examples of their applications. It also includes two final chapters focusing on recent developments in the search for more environmentally-benign and biocompatible ionic-liquid-based aqueous biphasic systems, and on the progress made to date concerning the recovery, recycling and reuse of the phase-forming components, the goal being the development of cost-effective and sustainable processes. The book offers an interesting and useful guide for a broad readership in the fields of green chemistry, biotechnology, chemical engineering, and biochemistry, among others. Mara G. Freire is a Coordinator Researcher at CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials, Chemistry Department, University of Aveiro, Portugal.

Green Solvents II

Green Solvents II Author Ali Mohammad
ISBN-10 9789400728912
Release 2012-03-18
Pages 506
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The conventional solvents used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biomedical and separation processes represent a great challenge to green chemistry because of their toxicity and flammability. Since the beginning of “the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry” in 1998, a general effort has been made to replace conventional solvents with environmentally benign substitutes. Water has been the most popular choice so far, followed by ionic liquids, surfactant, supercritical fluids, fluorous solvents, liquid polymers, bio-solvents and switchable solvent systems. Green Solvents Volume I and II provides a throughout overview of the different types of solvents and discusses their extensive applications in fields such as extraction, organic synthesis, biocatalytic processes, production of fine chemicals, removal of hydrogen sulphide, biochemical transformations, composite material, energy storage devices and polymers. These volumes are written by leading international experts and cover all possible aspects of green solvents’ properties and applications available in today’s literature. Green Solvents Volume I and II is an invaluable guide to scientists, R&D industrial specialists, researchers, upper-level undergraduates and graduate students, Ph.D. scholars, college and university professors working in the field of chemistry and biochemistry.