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Jack s Book

Jack s Book Author Barry Gifford
ISBN-10 9781101580462
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 368
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"A fascinating literary and historical document, the most insightful look at the Beat Generation." —Dan Wakefield, author of New York in the Fifties and Going All the Way First published in 1978, Jack's Book gives us an intimate look into the life and times of the "King of the Beats." Through the words of the close friends, lovers, artists, and drinking buddies who survived him, writers Barry Gifford and Lawrence Lee recount Jack Kerouac's story, from his childhood in Lowell, Massachusetts, to his tragic end in Florida at the age of forty-seven. Including anecdotes from an eclectic list of well-known figures such as Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Gore Vidal, as well as Kerouac's ordinary acquaintances, this groundbreaking oral biography—the first of its kind—presents us with a remarkably insightful portrait of an American legend and the spirit of a generation.


Jack Author Liesl Shurtliff
ISBN-10 0605929157
Release 2016
Pages 296
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Relates the tale of Jack who, after trading his mother's milk cow for magic beans, climbs a beanstalk to seek his missing father in the land of the giants.

The Jack Book

The Jack Book Author Judy Wimberley
ISBN-10 9781449783402
Release 2013-02-12
Pages 42
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Uncertainty can be a nagging fear for children even in the best of times (sunny days) but in troubling, difficult times ( stormy days), it can become a constant companion. As parents and loved ones of children we would love to promise them--"nothing bad is going to happen to you or me; everything is going to be all right." Facing the reality that we are not in control of all that is part of our child's world and can not fulfill that promise in all situations, how can we prepare them to live unfettered by fear. Scripture gives us some great visuals to help us understand how Jesus loves and cares for us that can be grasped by even young children. Six of them are covered here along with suggestions for how to use the book to strengthen their grasp and understanding of these truths.


Jack Author A.M. Homes
ISBN-10 9781847087966
Release 2012-09-13
Pages 224
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Jack is a teenager who wants nothing more than to be normal - even if being normal means having divorced parents and a rather strange best friend. But when Jack's father takes him out rowing on a lake and tells his son that he's gay, nothing will ever be normal again. Out of Jack's struggle to redefine what is 'family', comes a work of enormous humour, charm and resonance, the most convincing, funny and insightful novel about adolescence since The Catcher in the Rye.

Me Jack

Me   Jack Author Danette Haworth
ISBN-10 9780802723208
Release 2011-06-21
Pages 240
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Joshua Reed is used to moving around since his dad became an Army recruiter and the Vietnam War broke out. But their newest home, in the mountains of Pennsylvania, feels special somehow. Josh has started to make a new friend, his dad has finally allowed him to get a dog, and Jack-with his strange glowing ears and the way he seems to understand Josh's feelings-is like no other dog Josh has ever seen. But in Vietnam-era America, conflict is never far away-even on the homefront. When a local boy is killed overseas, the town turns on the new army recruiter. And when a few late-night disturbances all point to Jack, it will be up to Josh to fight for his dog, his family, and his new home.

Jack the Ripper and the London Press

Jack the Ripper and the London Press Author L. Curtis
ISBN-10 0300133693
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 368
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Press coverage of the 1888 mutilation murders attributed to Jack the Ripper was of necessity filled with gaps and silences, for the killer remained unknown and Victorian journalists had little experience reporting serial murders and sex crimes. This engrossing book examines how fourteen London newspapers—dailies and weeklies, highbrow and lowbrow—presented the Ripper news, in the process revealing much about the social, political, and sexual anxieties of late Victorian Britain and the role of journalists in reinforcing social norms. L. Perry Curtis surveys the mass newspaper culture of the era, delving into the nature of sensationalism and the conventions of domestic murder news. Analyzing the fourteen newspapers—two of which emanated from the East End, where the murders took place—he shows how journalists played on the fears of readers about law and order by dwelling on lethal violence rather than sex, offering gruesome details about knife injuries but often withholding some of the more intimate details of the pelvic mutilations. He also considers how the Ripper news affected public perceptions of social conditions in Whitechapel.


Jack Author Jack Welch
ISBN-10 9780759509214
Release 2003-10-01
Pages 496
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In an anticipated book on business management for our time, Jack Welch surveys the landscape of his career running General Electric, one of the world's largest and most successful corporations. Here he reveals his philosophy and management style.


Jack Author Tomie dePaola
ISBN-10 9780698171299
Release 2014-09-16
Pages 40
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Beloved author-illustrator Tomie dePaola’s take on traditional “Jack tales”—in which a young hero ventures out to seek his fortune and gains it through luck or pluck—is perfect for preschoolers. His hero’s reward is a wealth of animal friends who increase in number—and volume—as the story progresses. When Jack sets out to see the world and find a place of his own, he’s surprised to attract a following of enthusiastic animal friends eager to join him on his quest. Jack and his entourage all have high hopes that they will find just what they are looking for as they travel on their merry way. Children will delight in the cumulative chorus of animal sounds as the pages get more and more crowded with the residents of this delightful kingdom.

I Jack

I  Jack Author Patricia Finney
ISBN-10 9780060522094
Release 2005-10-25
Pages 178
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Living a quiet and contented life in suburbia, Jack the dog suddenly finds himself in a whirlwind of emotion after beautiful Petra moves in next door, in a funny romance about a dog in love. Reprint.

King Jack and the Dragon

King Jack and the Dragon Author Peter Bently
ISBN-10 9780723270928
Release 2012-07-26
Pages 32
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Night is falling, bedtime is looming and playtime is nearly over . . . but brave King Jack is more than a match for dragons and terrible beasties. This magical make-believe adventure, illustrated by picture book star Helen Oxenbury, is the perfect bedtime tale for little boys and brave children everywhere.

The Jack Tales

The Jack Tales Author Richard Chase
ISBN-10 9780547529974
Release 2015-03-17
Pages 240
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A collection of folk tales from the southern Appalachians that center on a single character, the irrepressible Jack.

Mighty Jack

Mighty Jack Author Ben Hatke
ISBN-10 9781626729162
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 208
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Jack might be the only kid in the world who's dreading summer. But he's got a good reason: summer is when his single mom takes a second job and leaves him at home to watch his autistic kid sister, Maddy. It's a lot of responsibility, and it's boring, too, because Maddy doesn't talk. Ever. But then, one day at the flea market, Maddy does talk—to tell Jack to trade their mom's car for a box of mysterious seeds. It's the best mistake Jack has ever made. In Mighty Jack, what starts as a normal little garden out back behind the house quickly grows up into a wild, magical jungle with tiny onion babies running amok, huge, pink pumpkins that bite, and, on one moonlit night that changes everything...a dragon.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper Author Andrew Cook
ISBN-10 9781848683273
Release 2009
Pages 253
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Andrew Cook goes in search of the real story of Jack the Ripper - and this story isn't set in the brothels of the East End but in the boardrooms of Fleet Street. This is a tale of hysteria whipped up by competing tabloid editors and publishers.

I Am Jack

I Am Jack Author Susanne Gervay
ISBN-10 9780730444640
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 144
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The best-selling I AM JACK is regarded as the go-to book about the issue and the award-winning play has been performed to sell-out audiences in Australia and the US. Ages: 9+ Jack likes going to school. He enjoys learning new things. George Hamel calls Jack 'Bum Head'. All the kids at school call Jack 'Bum Head'. Jack's in Big trouble ... school is getting dangerous. Nobody seems to want to listen. Until one day ... Endorsed by Life Education Australia, the best-selling I AM JACK addresses bullying in schools, while remaining accessible and entertaining for younger readers Ages 9+

Cadillac Jack

Cadillac Jack Author Larry McMurtry
ISBN-10 1439129002
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 400
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In Cadillac Jack, Larry McMurtry -- Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lonesome Dove -- proves his unique talent for conjuring up the real, often eccentric people who inhabit the American heartland and for capturing the peculiarly American search for new frontiers and adventure. Cadillac Jack is a rodeo-cowboy-turned-antique-scout whose nomadic, womanizing life -- centered on his classic pearl-colored Cadillac -- rambles between the Texas flatlands of flea markets and small-time auctions and Washington, D.C.'s political-social life of parties, hustlers, vixens, and spies. Along the way he meets a cast of indelibly etched characters: among them, the strikingly beautiful, social-climbing Cindy Sanders; Boog Miller, the tackily-dressing millionaire good ole boy who patronizes Jack's business and who has more political muscle than a litter of lobbyists; Khaki Descartes, the pushy, brain-picking, Washington woman reporter; Freddy Fu, an undercover CIA agent working out of a greasy barbecue joint called The Cover-Up; and Jean Arber, the mother of two and a fledgling antique-store owner who can't quite figure out if she'll marry Jack or not. Wild, touching, and hilariously funny, Cadillac Jack is Larry McMurtry's raucous social satire of sex, politics, and love in the fast lane, peopled with Americans only he could render.

Jack in Two Worlds

Jack in Two Worlds Author William Bernard McCarthy
ISBN-10 0807844438
Release 1994
Pages 290
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The "Jack" known to all of us from "Jack and the Beanstalk" is the hero of a cycle of tales brought to this country from the British Isles. Jack in Two Worlds is a unique collection that brings together eight of these stories as transcribed from ac

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack Author Germano Zullo
ISBN-10 9781452136721
Release 2014-05-13
Pages 40
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Jumping Jack and Roger Trotter are show-jumping champions, but an injury to the horse, Jack, is threatening to spoil their team by affecting Jack's confidence.