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James Herriot s Dog Stories

James Herriot s Dog Stories Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 0312364520
Release 2006-11-14
Pages 426
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In this heartwarming collection of favorite stories about dogs great and small, James Herriot tells us about his own dogs and all the wonderful people and animals we have come to love so much. Fifty memorable tales move us to both laughter and tears, and Herriot's personal introduction and notes make this tribute by a master storyteller to man's best friend a book to read, reread, and be treasured for years to come.

James Herriot s Favorite Dog Stories

James Herriot s Favorite Dog Stories Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 0312146310
Release 1996
Pages 169
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Watercolor illustrations accompany a collection of ten stories about dogs--from border collies and sheepdogs to the exploits of Tricki Woo, the unforgettable Pekinese

Only One Woof

Only One Woof Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 031209129X
Release 1993-03-15
Pages 32
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Gyp, a cheerful but always silent sheep dog, startles everyone with uncharacteristic behavior during the championship sheep dog trials.

Dog Stories

Dog Stories Author Diana Secker Tesdell
ISBN-10 184159606X
Release 2010
Pages 378
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The unforgettable canines gathered here include Kipling's heroically faithful 'Garm', Bret Harte's irrepressible scoundrel of a 'yaller dog' and the aggressively affectionate three-legged pit bull who lives in a block of flats for dogs in Jonathan Lethem's 'Ava's Apartment'. Here are stories which touchingly illuminate the dog's role in the emotional lives of humans, such as Tobias Wolff's 'Her Dog', where a widower shares his grief for his wife with her grieving pet. Here, too, are humorous glimpses of the canine point of view, from O. Henry's tale of a dissatisfied lapdog's escape to P. G. Wodehouse's cheerfully naïve watchdog who simply wants everybody to get along. These writers and others - Ray Bradbury, JamesThurber and Penelope Lively among them - offer imaginative, lyrical and empathetic portraits of man and woman's most devoted companion

All Creatures Great and Small

All Creatures Great and Small Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 9781453227909
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 440
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This witty and heartwarming memoir, based on the author’s own experiences, became an international success, spawning sequels, inspiring a beloved BBC television series, and winning over animal lovers everywhere. In the rolling dales of Yorkshire, a simple, rural region of northern England, a young veterinarian from Sunderland joins a new practice. A stranger in a strange land, he must quickly learn the odd dialect and humorous ways of the locals, master outdated equipment, and do his best to mend, treat, and heal pets and livestock alike. This witty and heartwarming collection, based on the author’s own experiences, became an international success, spawning sequels and winning over animal lovers everywhere. Perhaps better than any other writer, James Herriot reveals the ties that bind us to the creatures in our lives.

All Things Wise and Wonderful

All Things Wise and Wonderful Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 9781453227923
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 442
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Veterinarian James Herriot recalls life in England during World War II, when the great forces of the modern world came even to his sleepy Yorkshire hamlet Only a couple of years after settling into his new home in northern England, James Herriot is called to war. In this series of poignant and humorous episodes, the great veterinarian shares his experiences training with the Royal Air Force, pining for a pregnant wife, and checking in on the people back home who made his practice so fascinating. As the young men of Yorkshire are sent into battle and farmers consider the broader world they’re a part of, Herriot reflects on the lives—human and animal alike—that make his home worth fighting for.

James Herriot s Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children

James Herriot s Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 0312349726
Release 2005-10-01
Pages 260
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A collection of the author's stories for children, including "Moses the Kitten," "The Market Square Dog," and "Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb."

James Herriot s Cat Stories

James Herriot s Cat Stories Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 0312113420
Release 1994-09-15
Pages 161
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A renowned writer on animals offers a collection of stories about the cats he has known

Every Living Thing

Every Living Thing Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 9781453227947
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 378
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The #1 New York Times–bestselling author of All Creatures Great and Small reflects on the rewards of training the next generation of veterinarians. As an aging James Herriot begins to see more house pets than livestock, the challenge of treating animals—and reassuring their owners—provides plenty of excitement, mystery, and moments of sheer delight. After building up his own practice, the renowned country vet begins to teach a new generation about a business both old-fashioned and very modern. He watches with pride as his own children show a knack for medicine, and remarks on the talents and quirks of a string of assistants. There is no perfecting the craft, since people and their animals are all remarkably different, but Herriot proves that the best healers are also the most compassionate.

The Market Square Dog

The Market Square Dog Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 0312065671
Release 1991-08-15
Pages 32
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The country vet takes in a mysterious stray dog until the pooch finds shelter and employment at the county jail

All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright and Beautiful Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 9781453227916
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 442
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The sequel to All Creatures Great and Small continues the adventures of veterinarian James Herriot in a small town in Yorkshire, England After his first day on the job, James Herriot’s mentor warns him that the life of a country veterinarian is full of small triumphs and big disasters, but that he’d never be bored. From night visits to drafty barns during freezing northern England winters, to the beautiful vitality of rural life in the summertime, to the colorful menagerie of animals—and their owners—that pass through his office, Herriot experiences new challenges and joys every day. In these pages, Herriot trains under his eccentric boss Siegfried Farnon in a rustic English village, courts the woman that becomes his wife, and meets the people he would come to write about for a lifetime.

The Best of James Herriot

The Best of James Herriot Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 0312192363
Release 1998-09-15
Pages 542
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Full-color photographs and line drawings complement an entertaining selection of unforgettable episodes from the late Yorkshire veterinarian's best-selling memoirs, from All Creatures Great and Small to Every Living Thing. 100,000 first printing.

The Lord God Made Them All

The Lord God Made Them All Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 9781453227930
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 376
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Adventures in the English countryside and beyond with the Yorkshire veterinarian and #1 New York Times–bestselling author of All Creatures Great and Small. When World War II ends and James Herriot returns to his wife and new family in the English countryside, he dreams mostly of Sunday roasts and Yorkshire puddings, but new adventure has a way of tracking him down. Soon Herriot finds himself escorting a large number of sheep on a steamer to Russia, puzzling through the trials of fatherhood, and finding creative ways to earn the trust of suspicious neighbors who rely on him for the wellbeing of their beloved animals. Herriot’s winning humor and self-deprecating humanity shine through every page, and his remarkable storytelling has captivated readers for generations. “This is Herriot at his best,” said the Washington Post of this New York Times bestseller by the author of All Things Bright and Beautiful and Every Living Thing. The Lord God Made Them All is a true story of postwar England that, according to the Columbus Dispatch, “just explodes with the joy of living and loving and caring.”

James Herriot s Animal Stories

James Herriot s Animal Stories Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 0771041071
Release 1997
Pages 176
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Few authors in memory have delighted readers around the world as thoroughly as the beloved veterinarian James Herriot. And with his recent volumes of hugely popular illustrated tales James Herriot's Cat StoriesandJames Herriot's Favourite Dog Stories his name has been introduced to a whole new generation of readers. Now, this gorgeous new collection brings together ten of his best-loved stories celebrating all the creatures in his wonderful world creatures bright and beautiful, great and small. Here are lambs, horses, cows, dogs, even a whimsical pig or two, along with their colourful human counterparts all brought vividly to life by Herriot's storytelling magic. From a prickly horse young James encountered early in his veterinary-school experience, through Dorothy the goat star of the entrancing holiday tale "There's Christmas and Christmas" we are reacquainted with many of the most charming members of Herriot's Yorkshire menagerie. Once again illuminated by the radiant watercolours of Lesley Holmes, each of Herriot's stories captures the kind of warmth and humour that comes with old, familiar friendship. With a special introduction by Herriot's own son, Jim, the stories in this bright new collection will charm readers of any age.

Nop s Trials

Nop s Trials Author Donald McCaig
ISBN-10 9781497619951
Release 2014-07-15
Pages 329
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A novel about the bond between a farmer and his black-and-white border collie that James Herriot called “beautiful [and] as gripping as any thriller.” On Christmas Day, Virginia livestock farmer Lewis Burkholder and Nop, his black-and-white border collie, go out to feed the sheep. But the holiday is shattered when Nop fails to return home. Stolen by two hardened criminals who see in the young stock dog a $300 payday, Nop suffers abuse and brutality as he courageously adapts to his new life, which holds no shortage of surprises. At the same time, Lewis refuses to believe that his beloved dog is gone for good. His determination to be reunited with Nop—and Nop’s own unswerving loyalty—reveals the depth and strength of the bond that can exist between humans and dogs.

My Patients and Other Animals

My Patients and Other Animals Author Suzy Fincham-Gray
ISBN-10 9780812998191
Release 2018-04-10
Pages 288
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A moving memoir of a life spent in the company of animals—a veterinarian sheds light on the universal experience of loving, healing, and losing our beloved pets, and the many ways they change our lives. The pursuit of a childhood dream has taken Suzy Fincham-Gray on a journey in veterinary medicine from pastoral farms on the English–Welsh border to emergency rooms in urban American animal hospitals, with thousands of stories collected along the way. In this unforgettable literary debut, she writes about some of the most emotionally challenging and rewarding cases of her career. Like many physicians, Fincham-Gray tends to see her patients at often life-or-death moments. While dramatic, these stories expand into deeper explorations of our complex, profound relationships with the animals in our lives. She describes the satisfaction of diagnosing and treating difficult diseases and the universal experience of loving a pet, and—inevitably—raises questions about their end-of-life care. We meet Grayling, an Irish wolfhound in need of critical treatment; we learn about the fulfillment of caring for a chronically ill pet from the story of Zeke, a silver-brown tabby cat who likes to eat just a little too much; and we fall in love with Monty and Emma, Fincham-Gray’s own adopted cat and dog, who change her life in joyful and unexpected ways. Fincham-Gray depicts the sleepless nights she spends waiting for her pager to call her to the clinic, the cutthroat competition among residents, and what it’s really like to care for patients who can’t advocate for themselves. Warm and humorous, Suzy Fincham-Gray is a rare breed—a clinician with an intimate, elegant literary style. She writes with the same tenderness she brings to her patients, whose needs she must meet with her mind, her hands, and her heart. “Suzy Fincham-Gray gives readers rare insight into the making of a compassionate doctor. Her passion for both science and the animals she cares for, combined with her eloquence as a writer, made me want Suzy as both my dogs’ veterinarian and my own friend.”—Teresa J. Rhyne, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Dog Lived (and So Will I)

If Only They Could Talk

If Only They Could Talk Author James Herriot
ISBN-10 3125352916
Release 2010-06
Pages 96
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If Only They Could Talk has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from If Only They Could Talk also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full If Only They Could Talk book for free.