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Java and Object Orientation An Introduction

Java and Object Orientation  An Introduction Author John Hunt
ISBN-10 9781447101253
Release 2011-06-28
Pages 484
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This second edition shows readers how to build object oriented applications in Java. Written in a clear and concise style, with lots of examples, this revised edition provides: a detailed understanding of object orientation, a thorough introduction to Java including building blocks, constructs, classes, data structures etc, coverage of graphical user interfaces and applets (AWT; Servlets), and object oriented analysis. If you are looking for a good introduction to Java and object orientation, then this is the book for you. Source code for the examples in this book is available on the Internet.

Java for Practitioners

Java for Practitioners Author John Hunt
ISBN-10 9781447108436
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 670
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Intended to teach readers Java and object orientation, as well as presenting object oriented design and analysis, Java for Practitioners is written such that it is possible to dip into chapters as required. It introduces concepts by getting the reader to follow exercises, rather than by extensive discussion, and includes the new release 1.2 of Java. Practicals are included at the of each chapter, as well as the Java Self-Tester, designed to allow readers to determine whether they are ready to take the Sun Java Certification exam, and follows a similar format and style to the actual Online Certification Examination. In short, a thoroughly comprehensive guide.

An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java

An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java Author
ISBN-10 9780077415686
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An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Java book for free.

A Comprehensive Introduction to Object oriented Programming with Java

A Comprehensive Introduction to Object oriented Programming with Java Author C. Thomas Wu
ISBN-10 0071285857
Release 2008
Pages 1189
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An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java provides an accessible and technically thorough introduction to the basics of programming using java. The text takes a truly object-oriented approach. Objects are used early so that students think in objects right from the beginning.

Introduction to Programming Using Java

Introduction to Programming Using Java Author David M. Arnow
ISBN-10 0321223462
Release 2004
Pages 693
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This introductory programming in Java book offers an object-oriented approach, introducing the concepts of object, class, and message as early as the first chapter. The code has been updated to the Java 2 platform. This object-oriented approach is used throughout the text.

Object oriented Programming with Java

Object oriented Programming with Java Author David J. Barnes
ISBN-10 UVA:X004393680
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 1028
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Written to appeal to both novice and veteran programmers, this complete and well-organized guide to the versatile and popular object-oriented programming language Java shows how to use it as a primary tool in many different aspects of one's programming work. It emphasizes the importance of good programming style—particularly the need to maintain an object's integrity from outside interference—and helps users harness the power of Java in object-oriented programming to create their own interesting and practical every-day applications. Discusses the basics of computer systems, and describes the fundamental elements of the Java language, with complete instructions on how to compile and run a simple program. Introduces fundamental object-oriented concepts, and shows how simple classes may be defined from scratch. Explores Java's exception-handling mechanism, and investigates Java's interface facility (i.e., polymorphism). Covers all Java applications, including use of the Abstract Windowing Toolkit, graphical programming, networking, and simulation. Includes numerous exercises, periodic reviews, case studies, and supporting visuals. For those in the computer science industry.

Java and Object Orientation

Java and Object Orientation Author John Hunt
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040045638
Release 1998-01
Pages 473
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Java and Object Orientation is an introduction to object for computer science students and those actively involved in the software industry. Object Orientation is discussed before the author goes on to introduce lava and, throughout, object oriented concepts are illustrated through the Java language with examples for the reader to follow. Design is included as well as coding, and guidance is given on how to build OO applications in Java. The construction of applications, not just applets is discussed in detail, showing how to turn any application into an applet. Java style guidelines are included, meeting the latest release of Java.

Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot

Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot Author Michael Kolling
ISBN-10 9780134054483
Release 2015-03-09
Pages 250
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. For courses in programming and computer science. Hands-on Programming with Greenfoot Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot: Object-Oriented Programming in Java with Games and Simulations teaches the basics of Java computer programming languages in the context of Greenfoot. Readers are able to learn the general fundamentals and principles of programming by creating their very own fun and interesting games and simulations. Major concepts are conveyed in modern, object-oriented programming language through hands-on, practical activity that allows readers to create, observe, and play. The Second Edition employs a unique approach that teaches by doing--concepts are often explained after readers have had a chance to engage in interactive examples. Because of its uniquely hands-on approach in the context of the Greenfoot environment, Introduction to Programming with Greenfoot makes programming a fun, interactive subject for readers to enjoy.

Java Methods

Java Methods Author Maria Litvin
ISBN-10 0982477562
Release 2015-02-15
Pages 696
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This book offers a thorough introduction to the concepts and practices of object-oriented programming in Java. It also introduces the most common data structures and related algorithms and their implementations in the Java collections framework. Chapters 1 14 follow the syllabus of the AP Computer Science in Java course. They will prepare you well for the AP CS exam. Chapters 15-18 on file input and output, graphics, graphical user interfaces, and events handling in Java will give you a better sense of real-world Java programming; this material also makes case studies, labs, and exercises more fun. Chapters 19-26 deal with more advanced data structures and algorithms. Chapter 27, Design Patterns, introduces more intricate aspects of object-oriented design and serves as an introduction to design patterns. The last chapter, Computing in Context, discusses creative, responsible, and ethical computer use.


ISBN-10 8120316207
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 344
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This book is designed to introduce object-oriented programming (OOP) in C++ and Java, and is divided into four areas of coverage: Preliminaries: Explains the basic features of C, C++, and Java such as data types, operators, control structures, storage classes, and array structures. Part I : Covers classes, objects, data abstraction, function overloading, information hiding, memory management, inheritance, binding, polymorphism, class template using working illustrations based on simple concepts. Part II : Discusses all the paradigms of Java programming with ready-to-use programs. Part III : Contains eight Java packages with their full structures. The book offers straightforward explanations of the concepts of OOP and discusses the use of C++ and Java in OOP through small but effective illustrations. It is ideally suited for undergraduate/postgraduate courses in computer science. The IT professionals should also find the book useful.

Introduction to Programming and Object Oriented Design Using Java 3rd Edition

Introduction to Programming and Object Oriented Design Using Java  3rd Edition Author Jaime Niño
ISBN-10 9781118313220
Release 2008-01-25
Pages 1040
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The 3rd edition of Introduction to Programming and Object-Oriented Design continues to provide students with an objects first introduction to programming and software design using Java. Java is used as a vehicle for teaching problem modeling using fundamental software engineering principles and concepts. The text has been updated to include more problems and exercises and additional relevant examples. It also offers optional, interactive exercises using the DrJava integrated development environment (IDE). The UML is employed (very informally) for denoting objects, object relationships, and system dynamics. No specific previous programming experience is assumed, and the text is appropriate for first year computer science majors. The text could also carry over to a second course on data structures or software/OO design.

Object Oriented Programming and Java

Object Oriented Programming and Java Author Danny Poo
ISBN-10 9781846289637
Release 2007-09-07
Pages 322
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Covering the latest in Java technologies, Object-Oriented Programming and Java teaches the subject in a systematic, fundamentals-first approach. It begins with the description of real-world object interaction scenarios and explains how they can be translated, represented and executed using object-oriented programming paradigm. By establishing a solid foundation in the understanding of object-oriented programming concepts and their applications, this book provides readers with the pre-requisites for writing proper object-oriented programs using Java.

Object oriented Implementation of Numerical Methods

Object oriented Implementation of Numerical Methods Author Didier H. Besset
ISBN-10 1558606793
Release 2001
Pages 766
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Numerical methods naturally lend themselves to an object-oriented approach. Mathematics builds high- level ideas on top of previously described, simpler ones. Once a property is demonstrated for a given concept, it can be applied to any new concept sharing the same premise as the original one, similar to the ideas of reuse and inheritance in object-oriented (OO) methodology. Few books on numerical methods teach developers much about designing and building good code. Good computing routines are problem-specific. Insight and understanding are what is needed, rather than just recipes and black box routines. Developers need the ability to construct new programs for different applications. Object-Oriented Implementation of Numerical Methods reveals a complete OO design methodology in a clear and systematic way. Each method is presented in a consistent format, beginning with a short explanation and following with a description of the general OO architecture for the algorithm. Next, the code implementations are discussed and presented along with real-world examples that the author, an experienced software engineer, has used in a variety of commercial applications. On the enclosed CD-ROM, you'll find files containing tested source code implementations of all the algorithms discussed in the book in both Java and Smalltalk. This includes repository files for VisualAge for Java and VisualAge for Smalltalk under ENVY. * Reveals the design methodology behind the code, including design patterns where appropriate, rather than just presenting canned solutions. * Implements all methods side by side in both Java and Smalltalk. This contrast can significantly enhance your understanding of the nature of OO programming languages. * Provides a step-by-step pathway to new object-oriented techniques for programmers familiar with using procedural languages such as C or Fortran for numerical methods. * Includes a chapter on data mining, a key application of numerical methods.

The Essence of Object oriented Programming with Java and UML

The Essence of Object oriented Programming with Java and UML Author Bruce E. Wampler
ISBN-10 0201734109
Release 2002
Pages 290
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CD-ROM contains: Complete Java source code for book's examples -- Complete Personal edition of Borland's JBuilder 5 for Windows, Linux, or Solaris -- VIDE -- Emacs for Windows -- VIM for Windows -- JUnit 3.7.

Java Java Java

Java  Java  Java Author Ralph Morelli
ISBN-10 9780131474345
Release 2006-01
Pages 862
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"Java, Java, Java, Third Edition systematically introduces the Java 1.5 language to the context of practical problem-solving and effective object-oriented design. Carefully and incrementally, the authors demonstrate how to decompose problems, use UML diagrams to design Java software that solves those problems, and transform their designs into efficient, robust code. Their "objects-early" approach reflects the latest pedagogical insights into teaching Java, and their examples help readers apply sophisticated techniques rapidly and effectively."--BOOK JACKET.

Object Oriented Design with UML and Java

Object Oriented Design with UML and Java Author Kenneth Barclay
ISBN-10 9780080497556
Release 2003-12-17
Pages 428
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Object-Oriented Design with UML and Java provides an integrated introduction to object-oriented design with the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and the Java programming language. The book demonstrates how Java applications, no matter how small, can benefit from some design during their construction. Fully road-tested by students on the authors' own courses, the book shows how these complementary technologies can be used effectively to create quality software. It requires no prior knowledge of object orientation, though readers must have some experience of Java or other high level programming language. This book covers object technology; object-oriented analysis and design; and implementation of objects with Java. It includes two case studies dealing with library applications. The UML has been incorporated into a graphical design tool called ROME, which can be downloaded from the book's website. This object modelling environment allows readers to prepare and edit various UML diagrams. ROME can be used alongside a Java compiler to generate Java code from a UML class diagram then compile and run the resulting application for hands-on learning. This text would be a valuable resource for undergraduate students taking courses on O-O analysis and design, O-O modelling, Java programming, and modelling with UML. * Integrates design and implementation, using Java and UML * Includes case studies and exercises * Bridges the gap between programming texts and high level analysis books on design

Sams Teach Yourself Object Oriented Programming in 21 Days

Sams Teach Yourself Object Oriented Programming in 21 Days Author Anthony Sintes
ISBN-10 0672321092
Release 2001
Pages 698
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The overriding purpose of this title is to make programmers marketable. The software industry will leave behind any developer who does not have object-oriented development skills, and this book helps the developer to quickly get up to speed with objects.