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Journalism Outlines

Journalism  Outlines Author Muniruddin
ISBN-10 8126123508
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 430
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Journalism, A Popular Profession Among Youth These Days, Requires Proper Training And A Comprehensive Course.This Book Gives A Categorical Account Of All Vital Issues Pertaining To Journalism. The Valuable Information Is Gathered Under Fifteen Chapters.Contents" Introduction" Journalistic Writing" Special Writing" Impact Of Media" Impact Of Periodicals" The Freelancing" Influence Of Mass Media" Writing On Subjects" Impact Of Polity" Electronic Journalism" Impact Of T.V. Journalism" The Handouts" Rule Of Technology" Developmental Aspects" Role Of The Audience" Popular Reaction" The Counter Challenge; Etc.Besides The Academic Worth, This Will Prove A Dependable Handbook For Journalist Community.

Teaching Outlines for Dental Journalism

Teaching Outlines for Dental Journalism Author Paul Barton
ISBN-10 OCLC:4528281
Release 196?
Pages 71
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Teaching Outlines for Dental Journalism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Teaching Outlines for Dental Journalism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Teaching Outlines for Dental Journalism book for free.

Careers in Journalism

Careers in Journalism Author Jan Goldberg
ISBN-10 9780071389549
Release 1999-01-22
Pages 192
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Careers in Journalism offers all the information career seekers need to explore and choose a profession and then narrow it down to a job that suits them. The book provides an overview of journalism, outlines job options, and shows how to plan and prepare for a career.

Journalism Education Between Market Dependence and Social Responsibility

Journalism Education Between Market Dependence and Social Responsibility Author Hugo Bigi
ISBN-10 9783258077536
Release 2012
Pages 249
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Journalism Education Between Market Dependence and Social Responsibility has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journalism Education Between Market Dependence and Social Responsibility also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journalism Education Between Market Dependence and Social Responsibility book for free.

Central Ideas in the Development of American Journalism

Central Ideas in the Development of American Journalism Author Marvin N. Olasky
ISBN-10 9781317403371
Release 2015-07-16
Pages 204
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Originally published in 1991. This fascinating book of journalism history outlines the author’s concepts of the three ‘central ideas’ in journalism which have evolved through time. The first is the Official Story, that which state authorities wanted people to know; the second, the Corruption Story, emphasised the abuse of authority by those in power and focused on a willingness to oppose the official and tell the specific detail; and the third, the Oppression Story, where journalists present the cause of events as down to external influences and work to change the social environment. The book narrates the history from its European beginnings in the 16th and 17th Centuries up to the early 20th Century, expressing how all interpretive journalism has a philosophic, world-view, component and understanding journalism history entails understanding these insights of the times.

Ethics for Digital Journalists

Ethics for Digital Journalists Author Lawrie Zion
ISBN-10 9781135114305
Release 2014-08-27
Pages 240
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The rapid growth of online media has led to new complications in journalism ethics and practice. While traditional ethical principles may not fundamentally change when information is disseminated online, applying them across platforms has become more challenging as new kinds of interactions develop between journalists and audiences. In Ethics for Digital Journalists, Lawrie Zion and David Craig draw together the international expertise and experience of journalists and scholars who have all been part of the process of shaping best practices in digital journalism. Drawing on contemporary events and controversies like the Boston Marathon bombing and the Arab Spring, the authors examine emerging best practices in everything from transparency and verification to aggregation, collaboration, live blogging, tweeting and the challenges of digital narratives. At a time when questions of ethics and practice are challenged and subject to intense debate, this book is designed to provide students and practitioners with the insights and skills to realize their potential as professionals.

Journalism and Society

Journalism and Society Author Denis McQuail
ISBN-10 9781446290811
Release 2013-03-15
Pages 256
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"Every serious student of journalism should read this book... Denis McQuail has succeeded in producing a work of scholarship that shows what journalists do and what they should do." - Stephen Coleman, University of Leeds "For a half century we have spoken earnestly of journalism's responsibility to society instead of to business and government. Now this concept is given sophistication unmatched, by the best scholar of media theory of his generation." - Clifford Christians, University of Illinois "The grand old man of communication theory presents an overarching social theory of journalism that goes beyond the usual Anglo-American focus." - Jo Bardoel, University of Amsterdam (ASCoR) and Nijmegen "This book deals with the eternal question of how journalism is linked to society... I cannot think of a better staple food for students of journalism at all levels." - Kaarle Nordenstreng, University of Tampere This is a major new statement on the role of journalism in democracy from one of media and communication's leading thinkers. Denis McQuail leads the reader through a systematic exploration of how and why journalism and society have become so inextricably entwined and - as importantly - what this relationship should be like. It is a strong re-statement of the fundamental values that journalism aspires to. Written for students, this book: Makes the theory accessible and relevant Teaches the importance of journalism to power and politics Explores the status and future of journalism as a profession Outlines the impact and consequences of the digital Reveals journalism as it is, but also as it should be Takes each chapter further with guided reading list and free online journal articles. This textbook is the perfect answer to the how and why of journalism. It is crucial reading for any student of media studies, communication studies and journalism.

The New New Journalism

The New New Journalism Author Robert Boynton
ISBN-10 9780307429049
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 496
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Forty years after Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, and Gay Talese launched the New Journalism movement, Robert S. Boynton sits down with nineteen practitioners of what he calls the New New Journalism to discuss their methods, writings and careers. The New New Journalists are first and foremost brilliant reporters who immerse themselves completely in their subjects. Jon Krakauer accompanies a mountaineering expedition to Everest. Ted Conover works for nearly a year as a prison guard. Susan Orlean follows orchid fanciers to reveal an obsessive subculture few knew existed. Adrian Nicole LeBlanc spends nearly a decade reporting on a family in the South Bronx. And like their muckraking early twentieth-century precursors, they are drawn to the most pressing issues of the day: Alex Kotlowitz, Leon Dash, and William Finnegan to race and class; Ron Rosenbaum to the problem of evil; Michael Lewis to boom-and-bust economies; Richard Ben Cramer to the nitty gritty of politics. How do they do it? In these interviews, they reveal the techniques and inspirations behind their acclaimed works, from their felt-tip pens, tape recorders, long car rides, and assumed identities; to their intimate understanding of the way a truly great story unfolds. Interviews with: Gay Talese Jane Kramer Calvin Trillin Richard Ben Cramer Ted Conover Alex Kotlowitz Richard Preston William Langewiesche Eric Schlosser Leon Dash William Finnegan Jonathan Harr Jon Krakauer Adrian Nicole LeBlanc Michael Lewis Susan Orlean Ron Rosenbaum Lawrence Weschler Lawrence Wright

Journalism in the United States

Journalism in the United States Author Edd Applegate
ISBN-10 9780810881860
Release 2011-05-19
Pages 174
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"Print and broadcast journalism in the United States have changed in recent years as a result of millions of people using the Internet and social media for obtaining some or most of the information they desire." So notes professor of journalism Edd Applegate, who, after surveying the decline in circulation and advertising revenues of newspapers and broadcast and radio news stations and the rise of cable news and website journalism, outlines in Journalism in the United States: Concepts and Issues the effect of this sea of change on key matters in journalism today. In this work, Applegate updates readers on the current conditions of the print and broadcast industries with chapters on a variety of topics, from theories of the press to the structure of the print and broadcast industries, from the role of advertising and public relations to the role of the changing view of the press' views of and commitments to objectivity and "news balance." Throughout, Applegate obliges readers to wrestle with how the change in medium, from print or broadcast to Web, is not the main culprit in how the news has changed. Instead, he illustrates how many of the core issues remain unchanged and what is needed is a more complex analysis of core concepts and issues and how these have been affected-from freedom of the press to the treatment of minorities-by the evolution of news as a business and the education of journalists today for that business. With a selected bibliography and an index to assist the reader, this book is a wonderful text for upper-level undergraduates, graduates, and college faculty with journalism or mass communications courses, as well as for academic libraries.

Djuna Barnes Consuming Fictions

Djuna Barnes  Consuming Fictions Author Diane Warren
ISBN-10 9781351159661
Release 2017-11-28
Pages 206
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Djuna Barnes (1892-1982) was a pioneering female journalist, experimental novelist, playwright, and poet whose influence on literary modernism was profound and whose writings anticipated many of the preoccupations of poststructuralist and feminist thought. In her new book, Diane Warren argues that Barnes' writings made significant contributions to gender and aesthetic debates in their immediate early twentieth-century context, and that they continue to contribute to present-day debates on identity. In particular, Warren traces the works' close engagement with the effects of cultural boundaries on the individual, showing how the journalism, Ryder, Ladies Almanack, and the early chapters of Nightwood energetically and playfully subvert such boundaries. In this reading, Nightwood is contextualised as a pivotal text which poses questions about the limits of subversion, thereby positioning The Antiphon (1958) as an analysis of why such boundaries are sometimes necessary. Djuna Barnes' Consuming Fictions shows that from the irreverent and carnivalesque iconoclasm of Barnes' early works, to the bleak assessment that conflict lies at the root of culture, seen from the close of Nightwood, Barnes' oeuvre offers a profound analysis of the relationship between culture, the individual and textual expression.

Journalism and Citizenship

Journalism and Citizenship Author Zizi Papacharissi
ISBN-10 9781135230951
Release 2009-09-10
Pages 232
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Journalism is in the middle of sweeping changes in its relationships with the communities it serves, and the audiences for news and public affairs it seeks to address. Changes in technology have blurred the lines between professionals and citizens, partisan and objective bystanders, particularly in the emerging public zones of the blogosphere. This volume examines these changes and the new concepts needed to understand them in the days and years ahead. With contributions from up-and-coming scholars, this collection identifies key issues and paves the way for further research on the role of journalism in today's world. It will appeal to scholars, researchers, and advanced students in journalism, communication, and media studies, and will also be of interest to those in public affairs, political science, and government.

The SAGE Handbook of Digital Journalism

The SAGE Handbook of Digital Journalism Author Tamara Witschge
ISBN-10 9781473955073
Release 2016-05-18
Pages 624
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The production and consumption of news in the digital era is blurring the boundaries between professionals, citizens and activists. Actors producing information are multiplying, but still media companies hold central position. Journalism research faces important challenges to capture, examine, and understand the current news environment. The SAGE Handbook of Digital Journalism starts from the pressing need for a thorough and bold debate to redefine the assumptions of research in the changing field of journalism. The 38 chapters, written by a team of global experts, are organised into four key areas: Section A: Changing Contexts Section B: News Practices in the Digital Era Section C: Conceptualizations of Journalism Section D: Research Strategies By addressing both institutional and non-institutional news production and providing ample attention to the question ‘who is a journalist?’ and the changing practices of news audiences in the digital era, this Handbook shapes the field and defines the roadmap for the research challenges that scholars will face in the coming decades.

Lifestyle Journalism

Lifestyle Journalism Author Folker Hanusch
ISBN-10 9781317849988
Release 2014-03-05
Pages 160
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Lifestyle journalism has experienced enormous growth in the media over the past two decades, but scholars in the fields of journalism and communication studies have so far paid relatively little attention to a field that is still sometimes seen as "not real journalism". There is now an urgent need for in-depth exploration and contextualisation of this field, with its increasing relevance for 21st century consumer cultures. For the first time, this book presents a wide range of studies which have engaged with the field of lifestyle journalism in order to outline the various political, economic, social and cultural tensions within it. Taking a comparative view, the collection includes studies covering four continents, including countries such as Australia, China, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, the UK and the USA. While keeping the broader lifestyle field in mind, the chapters focus on a variety of sub-fields such as travel, music, food, health, fashion and personal technology journalism. This volume provides a fascinating account of the different facets of lifestyle journalism, and charts the way forward for a more sustained analysis of the field. This book was originally published as a special issue of Journalism Practice.

Principles of American Journalism An Introduction

Principles of American Journalism  An Introduction Author CTI Reviews
ISBN-10 9781490289076
Release 2016-10-16
Pages 19
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Facts101 is your complete guide to Principles of American Journalism, An Introduction. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Introduction to Journalism

Introduction to Journalism Author Carole Fleming
ISBN-10 0761941827
Release 2006
Pages 245
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An Introduction to Journalism examines the skills needed to work as a journalist in newspapers, television, radio, and online. This book provides case studies as a guide to researching stories, interviewing, and writing for each medium, as well as recording material for both radio and television. It offers a wide range of comments and tips on the best way to approach stories and includes interviews with journalists working on a variety of news outlets, from the BBC to weekly newspapers.

The Invention of Journalism

The Invention of Journalism Author J. Chalaby
ISBN-10 9780230376175
Release 1998-06-10
Pages 212
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This book argues that journalism is a more recent invention than most authors have acknowledged so far. The profession of the journalist and the journalistic discourse are the products of the emergence, during the second half of the 19th century, of a specialized field of discursive production, the journalistic field. This book analyses the emergence of journalism and examines the development of discursive norms, practices and strategies that are characteristic of this discourse.

Network Journalism

Network Journalism Author Ansgard Heinrich
ISBN-10 9781136822445
Release 2011-07-21
Pages 282
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Drawing on current theoretical debates in journalism studies, and grounded in empirical research, Heinrich here analyzes the interplay between journalistic practice and processes of globalization and digitalization. She argues that a new kind of journalism is emerging, characterized by an increasingly global flow of news as well as a growing number of news deliverers. Within this transformed news sphere the roles of journalistic outlets change. They become nodes, arranged in a dense net of information gatherers, producers, and disseminators. The interactive connections among these news providers constitute what Heinrich calls the sphere of "network journalism."