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Journey into God s Heart

Journey into God s Heart Author Jennifer Rees Larcombe
ISBN-10 9781444718096
Release 2015-11-05
Pages 288
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Even Jennifer herself has in the light of severe recent tragedies found herself gaining a new understanding of all she has been through. This book looks back at the traumas and insecurities of her childhood, the joys and trials of family life through the most testing of circumstances, the confusion caused by her life-threatening illness and subsequent miracle healing, the pain of bereavement and - the most recent chapter that no-one foresaw - divorce from her husband Tony. Journey Into God's Heart is an epic saga of a unique woman's journey through the fire. An adventure that lasts a lifetime, a path strewn with heart-testing challenges. Written as compellingly as a novel, it presents a completely new perspective on the story told in Jennifer's previous autobiographical books Beyond Healing and Unexpected Healing. Her journey unfolds against the backdrop of the momentous changes undergone by the evangelical and charismatic church in the mid and late twentieth century.

If God Were Real

If God Were Real Author John Avant
ISBN-10 9781439100851
Release 2009-07-07
Pages 224
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In this provocative book, pastor John avant encourages readers to uphold a consistent practice of what they believe, not just a verbalization of what they believe. If Christians truly believe in God, they should live genuinely changed lives as the ultimate proof that He is real. Many Christians live their lives as if they do not believe in God. They go to church and praise His name on Sundays, but in their daily lives they don’t think about the Lord that often. They don’t show much concern or charity for others. They don’t feel gratitude to the Lord for His blessings. They don’t allow God’s love to be reflected in their actions—giving Christianity a bad name in the process. In their practical, day-to-day lives, many Christians are almost living as though they are atheists. Pastor Avant witnesses many Christians not living up to their claims, and he asserts that there is not much Christ left in that form of Christianity. In If God Were Real, he challenges Christians to consider whether or not they believe in God. If they do, Pastor Avant wants readers to consider what life would be like if they lived as if they believed in God. He advocates for the pursuit of a new Jesus movement that resembles Christ’s original followers—followers who were so steadfastly devoted to Him that their every action reflected His glory. With If God Were Real, readers will embark on an adventure of discovery of the real God and a life lived in praise of Him.

Life in the Heart of God

Life in the Heart of God Author Pastor Margaret Duttera
ISBN-10 1452558523
Release 2012-11-12
Pages 170
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You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. Do you have a clear sense of that reality? Do you believe that you are a spiritual being? For thirty years, I have been a pastor within a traditional church, one that is both progressive in its thinking and firmly rooted in love and grace. News flash! Those within traditional churches and those outside church of any kind are often confused, uncertain, and detached from what I call relevant faith. Do you describe yourself as a person of faith? If the answer is yes or if the answer is no, Life in the Heart of God will take you on a journey that will clarify what you do believe and what you do not believe. Most importantly, you will gain insight and affirmation related to your true divine identity. Growing up in a churchgoing family or simply attending church does not guarantee that your faith will be relevant in your daily life. For faith to be relevant, it must make sense. When faith is relevant in your daily life, who you are, whose you are, and the purpose of your life becomes clear. Remembering who you are, who you truly are, is of great importance. Alone, the physical world that is finite obscures your ability to see the infinite, and you easily fall victim to your fears. When you are able to understand your life on this earth to be a progressive journey from divine light to divine light, you will enter your personal spiritual dawn and awaken to life in and from the heart of God. Home!

Flirting with Faith

Flirting with Faith Author Joan Ball
ISBN-10 9781439155363
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 240
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As a thirty-seven-year-old, highly skeptical, deeply rational woman, Joan had it all: loving family, extravagant home, a high-profile career, even personal contentment. So Joan was more surprised than anyone when she was relieved in an instant from the luxury of spiritual doubt and compelled to realign her life around practices of faith--about which she was a novice. With an unexplainable desire to pursue whatever God had for her at whatever cost was called for, Joan left her high-salary profession, sold her home and all her furniture (with her husband’s support), and started life from a blank slate. Finally realizing that she had been flirting with faith since she was a young teen, Joan fell in love with the God who had been pursuing her. Joan candidly shares the story of her radical life change as she moved from atheist, to agnostic in addiction recovery, to the unexpected moment when she was “struck” Christian. As Joan lets go of control and convention, her skepticism is gradually replaced with a realization that embracing her new faith with radical abandon led to a far more mysterious and countercultural lifestyle than she’d ever imagined.

A Year s Journey with God

A Year s Journey with God Author Jennifer Rees Larcombe
ISBN-10 0340995017
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 384
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Jennifer Rees Larcombe is well known for the calm grace she brings to even the hardest things, and her books celebrate God's goodness and care in the midst of tough times, as well as when all goes well. In this book she helps us to see how God is with us in good times and bad, drawing on many of the insights her own experiences have given her. Taking inspiration from key events and Christian festivals throughout the year, she has put together daily devotions to inspire grace and faith. This is a beautiful book, helping us to explore our faith with new eyes and a strengthened sense of God's love and care.

Come Along

Come Along Author Jane Rubietta
ISBN-10 0307446069
Release 2008-12-16
Pages 216
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Fall in love with Jesus–again, and again, and again Through ten illuminating encounters, walk into Jesus’ life, love and delight! Laugh, grow, and rest in Christ’s presence as you share these vivid meetings with the One who loves you more than life itself. With humor and spiritual depth, Jane Rubietta passionately draws you into the hope of a freeing relationship with Christ–freedom from false expectations into the brilliance of being fully loved. Let Jesus delight in you. Leave your hurry-worry path.Take Jesus’ hand and Come Along on a journey into intimacy, hope, and passion. Exchange your worn-out, must-do faith for real radiance. Solid biblical teaching, heart-rending stories and sound application in each chapter make Come Along a vital companion for personal, small group, and Bible study use. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Kirabo Author Kveta Rose
ISBN-10 1500266418
Release 2014-11-08
Pages 382
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This is a story of courage, of fighting for love against insurmountable odds. "Beautifully told....I cannot imagine the reader who will not be gripped..." J.I. Packer, Author"A must read." Emily T. Wierenga, Author "This book will keep you reading." Jean Fleming, Author Kirabo tells the true story of a young woman's journey to be obedient to the unmistakeable call from God to pursue adoption of a baby boy who has been abandoned and given one month to live. Beginning in the beautiful country of Uganda, whose northern region is being ravaged by war, Tandela faces one obstacle after another on a nerve-racking quest fraught with loneliness, doubt, and fear, but pierced with moments of pure joy.This inspirational true story will encourage readers that miracles do exist, and that God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine."I haven't been pulled into a book like this since reading Kisses from Katie. Kirabo is the story of a miraculous rescue--not only of an infant found at the bottom of a latrine--but of all of us, by the extravagant, selfless love of a heavenly father. A must-read." Emily T. Wierenga, Founder, The Lulu Tree, and Author"In Kirabo, Kveta Rose takes the reader on an adoption journey of faith, obedience, suspense and love. This book will keep you reading."Jean Fleming, Author"This beautiful, and beautifully told, true story celebrates adoption as God's goodness to orphans, the amazing acts of God in his sovereign providence, and the demanding yet joyful realities of the life of faith in Jesus Christ. I cannot imagine the reader who will not be gripped and led Godward by what is written here."J.I. Packer, Author

The Insanity of God

The Insanity of God Author Nik Ripken
ISBN-10 9781433673085
Release 2013
Pages 322
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Presents stories of persecuted Christians whose faith in Christ was not diminished by adverse circumstances, and the lessons that the author took from those stories and applied to his own beliefs about the sufficiency of God.

Out of a Far Country

Out of a Far Country Author Christopher Yuan
ISBN-10 9780307729361
Release 2011-05-03
Pages 240
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Coming Out, Then Coming Home Christopher Yuan, the son of Chinese immigrants, discovered at an early age that he was different. He was attracted to other boys. As he grew into adulthood, his mother, Angela, hoped to control the situation. Instead, she found that her son and her life were spiraling out of control—and her own personal demons were determined to defeat her. Years of heartbreak, confusion, and prayer followed before the Yuans found a place of complete surrender, which is God’s desire for all families. Their amazing story, told from the perspectives of both mother and son, offers hope for anyone affected by homosexuality. God calls all who are lost to come home to him. Casting a compelling vision for holy sexuality, Out of a Far Country speaks to prodigals, parents of prodigals, and those wanting to minister to the gay community. “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.” - Luke 15:20 Includes a discussion guide for personal reflection and group use. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Catholicism Author Robert Barron
ISBN-10 9780307720535
Release 2011-09-06
Pages 304
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“What I propose to do in this book is to take you on a guided exploration of the Catholic world, but not in the manner of a docent, for I am not interested in showing you the artifacts of Catholicism as though they were dusty objets d’art in a museum of culture. I want to function rather as a mystagogue, conducting you ever deeper into the mystery of the incarnation in the hopes that you might be transformed by its power.” –Father Robert Barron What is Catholicism? A 2,000-year-old living tradition? A worldview? A way of life? A relationship? A mystery? In Catholicism Father Robert Barron examines all these questions and more, seeking to capture the body, heart and mind of the Catholic faith. Starting from the essential foundation of Jesus Christ’s incarnation, life, and teaching, Father Barron moves through the defining elements of Catholicism – from sacraments, worship, and prayer, to Mary, the Apostles, and Saints, to grace, salvation, heaven, and hell – using his distinct and dynamic grasp of art, literature, architecture, personal stories, Scripture, theology, philosophy, and history to present the Church to the world. Paired with his documentary film series of the same title, Catholicism is an intimate journey, capturing “The Catholic Thing” in all its depth and beauty. Eclectic, unique, and inspiring, Father Barron brings the faith to life for a new generation, in a style that is both faithful to timeless truths, while simultaneously speaking in the language of contemporary life. Includes over 100 black and white and color photos.

Filming God

Filming God Author Darren Wilson
ISBN-10 0768437709
Release 2011-04
Pages 202
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Describes the author's journey during the filming of "Finger of God" and "Furious Love," along with accounts from believers who have had supernatural experiences with God.

The Bread of Angels

The Bread of Angels Author Stephanie Saldana
ISBN-10 9780307280466
Release 2011-02
Pages 305
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Carried by Faith

Carried by Faith Author Sue L Hamilton
ISBN-10 0999363409
Release 2018
Pages 160
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Substance abuse tears families apart...especially when the abuser is a teen or young adult. Carried by Faith shares the personal and candid story of Sue's desperate and dangerous journey into drugs and alcohol. Carried by Faith shares the life journey of a typical childhood full of fun escapades on the family farm to a troubled teenager who was destroying her life with drugs and alcohol. Sue shares how she built walls up to hide behind her uncontrolled emotions, battling thoughts, and confused feelings. These destructive behaviors separated her from parents and other adult authorities and deeper into the dark side of life. The walls seemed like protections, but they only led to a dark, destructive life of chemical dependency. Travel through her life from a typical childhood full of fun escapades on the family farm, through her troubled teen years as she was destroying her life with drugs and alcohol, to adulthood when she would question if there was a true, loving God.

The Rock the Road and the Rabbi

The Rock  the Road  and the Rabbi Author Kathie Lee Gifford
ISBN-10 9780785216001
Release 2018-03-06
Pages 224
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As a lifelong student of Scripture, Kathie Lee Gifford has always desired a deeper understanding of God’s Word and a deeper knowledge of God Himself. But it wasn’t until she began studying the biblical texts in their original Hebrew and Greek—along with actually hiking the ancient paths of Israel—that she found the fulfillment of those desires. Now you can walk with Kathie on a journey through the spiritual foundations of her faith: The Rock (Jesus Christ): Hear directly from Kathie about her life-changing and ever-deepening connection with Jesus, the Lover of her soul. The Road (Israel): Explore dozens of ancient landmarks and historical sites from Israel, the promised land of God’s covenant. The Rabbi (God’s Word): Go beyond a “Sunday school” approach to the Bible by digging into the original languages and deeper meanings of the Holy Scriptures. As you journey through The Rock, The Road, and The Rabbi, you’ll also find additional content from Messianic Rabbi Jason Sobel throughout the book. Jason’s insight into the Hebrew language, culture, and heritage will open your eyes to the Bible like never before. Come! Begin your journey toward a deeper faith through The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi.

Unbridled Love

Unbridled Love Author Laura Coleman
ISBN-10 0983928878
Release 2017-10
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Inside every woman is the need to feel loved, cared for and cherished. Many fantasize about their knight in shining armor and dream of children who never challenge boundaries and go on to live perfect lives.Unbridled Love is a love story that recounts actual significant life events the author lived and how through those events she came to know a deeper and more fulfilling love than she ever dreamed possible. She demonstrates what faith really looks like. Through her deepest heartaches, surrender, and sacrifice she finds unbridled love and freedom waiting for her, in her Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Her willingness to travel along the unknown and often rocky path God was charting for her, resulted in her discovery of the true Agape love of the Father and how His Agape love can win over those who are far from God. Her journey brings her to a deeper faith and freedom that is given in abundance.

Plain Faith

Plain Faith Author Ora Jay and Irene Eash
ISBN-10 9780310336853
Release 2014-05-06
Pages 208
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This is the true story of Ora-Jay and Irene Eash, Amish farmers from northwest Montana whose lives changed in an instant when a semi-truck struck the family buggy, killing their two young daughters. After the accident, the couple turned to their Amish community for comfort, but they remained haunted by the thought that they might not see their girls again in heaven. Would their deeds be good enough? Eventually Ora-Jay and Irene learned that grace—not works—was enough to ensure their place in eternity. But with that knowledge came the realization that they could no longer live in an Amish community that didn’t share this precious belief. Could they sever their connection to the Amish family they loved? This is the story of their journey to the hope that is heaven, a hope stronger than the loss of children, family, and a way of life. Fans of Amish fiction will appreciate such a real-life look into the Amish community, co-written by bestselling author Tricia Goyer, and readers of all kinds will resonate with this tale of courage, resilience, and the redemption found in the grace of Jesus.

The Journey

The Journey Author Billy Graham
ISBN-10 9781418525637
Release 2007-09-16
Pages 320
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In this culminating work of a lifetime, the remarkable Billy Graham invites you to join him in discovering God's plan for this exciting journey called life. Wherever you are in your journey – just beginning, at the middle, or near the end – you've already learned that life offers a variety of paths. The good news is that we aren't alone, says Graham. Not only did God carve out the path for us, but He wants to join us on the journey – to help us with challenges along the way, and eventually lead us home. This magnum opus from Billy Graham, seasoned with many personal stories from his own life, offers wisdom, encouragement, hope, and inspiration – for anyone who wants to make the most of The Journey.