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Justice Fragmented

Justice Fragmented Author George C. Pavlich
ISBN-10 9781134829606
Release 2002-09-11
Pages 216
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Suppose you have a dispute with your neighbour, and wish to secure redress for losses incurred. How might the issue be resolved? Is it worth the cost and time delay to take the issue to court? Or is there some other approach? Over the past few decades a range of alternative, dispute resolution programmes have emerged to settle conflicts informally, outside the courtroom. Drawing on real life experiences of community mediation practices in British Columbia, Canada, the author explores informal justice as an event rendered possible by the fragmentation of justice under postmodern conditions. He develops some of Foucault's ideas on governmentality to erect an analytical framework that does not view community mediation as necessarily empowering, or an inevitable expansion of state control. The analysis identifies how one might engage with current versions of community justice and yet avoid the political apathy that too often accompanies such criticism.

Postmodernist and Post Structuralist Theories of Crime

Postmodernist and Post Structuralist Theories of Crime Author Dragan Milovanovic
ISBN-10 9781351553544
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 538
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This volume presents the rich and provocative historical, theoretical, methodological, and applied developments within affirmative postmodern and post-structural criminology. This includes the evolution of thought that embraces the "linguistic turn" in crime, law justice, and social change. Previously-published articles authored by key thinkers are included throughout the book's five substantive sections. Collectively, they represent important reflections on the current criminological landscape in which symbolic, linguistic, material, and cultural realms of analyses are featured.

The New Politics of Conflict Resolution

The New Politics of Conflict Resolution Author Morgan Brigg
ISBN-10 9780230583375
Release 2008-11-02
Pages 210
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This book shows that the conflict resolution field often denies difference even as it attempts to implement a progressive and responsive politics. Innovative theoretical analysis suggests ways of responding anew across difference and beyond dominant ways of thinking about political community and conflict.

Global Trends in Mediation

Global Trends in Mediation Author Nadja Marie Alexander
ISBN-10 3935098111
Release 2003
Pages 415
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Global Trends in Mediation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Global Trends in Mediation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Global Trends in Mediation book for free.

Declensions of the Self

Declensions of the Self Author Jean-Jacques Defert
ISBN-10 9781443815925
Release 2009-10-02
Pages 360
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This work is a collective reflection on the modern self as a narrative. Modernity as a metamorphic conglomeration of permeating discourses, new practices and institutional forms, a historical unfolding of centrifugal and centripetal discursive dynamics of regulation and normalization offers limitless grounds for a critical investigation. The modern self, both as the revelation of the inner self and as a reflection of the collective, arises from the dialogical interplay within the intersubjective communicative space of social discourse. The bestiary proposed in this series of articles attempts to rethink the spectacle consisting of modern dichotomies by which the self is declined along ontological, metaphysical, and ethical premises: the real and the ideal, the said and the unsaid, the rational and the irrational, the bound and the free, the familiar and the exotic, the universal and the particular, self and world. The reader is therefore encouraged to engage in a multiple reading of the articles presented in this collection. As individual scholarly pieces of inquiry, these articles provide thoughtful insights into the inexhaustible topic of modernity and the modern subject–they tell stories of the past, the present, and of a prospective future. As academic works, however, they also reflect and/or unsettle disciplinary paradigms and scholarly practices, from which they acquire legitimacy and visibility; they conform, apply, reconfigure and/or experiment with new grounds by borrowing from an eclectic mix of various thinkers, their tools, and their axiomatic propositions that constitute their theoretical and critical apparatus. This exercise is ultimately an introspective journey in which we are placed not only as the spectator–the one who gazes through the bars–but also the spectacle–the beast subject to the gaze–finding itself in a predicament of which the subject, itself, is the architect.

Beyond the Courtroom

Beyond the Courtroom Author Benedict Solomon Alper
ISBN-10 UOM:39015002205980
Release 1981
Pages 299
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Beyond the Courtroom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Beyond the Courtroom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Beyond the Courtroom book for free.

The State and Justice

The State and Justice Author Milton Fisk
ISBN-10 0521389666
Release 1989-11-24
Pages 391
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Offering a new political theory combining elements from the Marxist and liberal traditions, this book presents a disturbing view of the contemporary state at war with itself. This internal conflict stems from the state's having the double task of spurring on the economy and protecting the welfare and rights of all its citizens. Such conflict does not end at national boundaries but extends through the system of any imperial state. This perspective illuminates the fractures and instability within the imperial system.

Restorative justice

Restorative justice Author Elmar G. M. Weitekamp
ISBN-10 UOM:39015052542548
Release 2002
Pages 350
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Restorative Justice - Theoretical Foundations addresses a wide range of fundamental questions about restorative justice, considering amongst other things ways in which conceptual pitfalls can be avoided, and how traditional models of peacemaking and healing developed in traditional societies can be integrated into the justice systems of late modern societies. Overall it provides an authoritative overview of contemporary thinking about restorative justice and will be essential reading for anybody concerned with the future direction of criminal justice and criminal justice systems.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Author Margarita Zernova
ISBN-10 0754670325
Release 2007
Pages 162
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This book provides a critical perspective on the aspirations of advocates of restorative justice and the direction in which restorative justice is developing. It examines ways forward for the restorative justice movement - and the development of practices - with a coherent set of restorative justice ideals.

Restorative justice and the law

Restorative justice and the law Author L. Walgrave
ISBN-10 UOM:39015056961504
Release 2002
Pages 248
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Restorative justice has developed from a barely known term to a central role in debates on the future of criminal justice. But as it has moved into the mainstream so new tensions and issues have emerged as it becomes increasingly integrated into normal practice, and part of broader legal and judicial systems shy; both in common law countries and those with centralised legal systems.The purpose of this book is to explore this developing relationship between the concepts and practice of restorative justice on the one hand, and the law and legal systems on the other. Amongst the questions it addresses are the following:how are informal processes to be juxtaposed with formal procedures?what is the appropriate relationship between voluntarism and coercion?how can the procedures and practices of restorative justice be combined with legal standards, safeguards and precepts?

Social Justice

Social Justice Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105063854538
Release 2003
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Social Justice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Social Justice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Social Justice book for free.

Critique and Radical Discourses on Crime

Critique and Radical Discourses on Crime Author George Pavlich
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105060219883
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 194
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Reassessing the genres of critique evident in previous forms of radical criminology, this book formulates a different genre of critique appropriate to the uncertainties of postmodern conditions, showing how these genres can be articulated to differently conceived radical discourses on crime.

Governable Places

Governable Places Author Russell Charles Smandych
ISBN-10 1840147261
Release 1999-01
Pages 326
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Bringing together the work of leading researchers in the new field of governmentality studies and crime control, this book deals with key theoretical and methodological issues now being addressed by researchers in the field, while also reporting the results of innovative theoretically-informed research on a range of substantive topics.

Restorative justice

Restorative justice Author Gerry Johnstone
ISBN-10 UOM:39015051555855
Release 2002
Pages 190
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An introduction to the most fundamental and distinctive ideas of restorative justice and to the key arguments both for and against its use. The main aim is to make the phenomenon of restorative justice and the major debates about it, comprehensible to relative newcomers, whether students of criminology, law or related disciplines, or researchers or professionals with an interest in crime and justice issues. At the same time, the book seeks to extend the range of the debate about the meaning of restorative justice, its pros and cons, and its broader significance.

Beyond retribution

Beyond retribution Author Christopher D. Marshall
ISBN-10 0802847978
Release 2001
Pages 342
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Recently a growing number of Christians have actively promoted the concept of "restorative justice" and attempted to develop programs for dealing with crime based on restorative principles. But is this approach truly consistent with the teaching of Scripture? To date very little has been done to test this claim. Beyond Retribution fills a gap by plumbing the New Testament on the topics of crime, justice, and punishment.Christopher Marshall first explores the problems involved in applying ethical teachings from the New Testament to mainstream society. He then surveys the extent to which the New Testament addresses criminal justice issues, looking in particular at the concept of the justice of God in the teachings of Paul and Jesus. He also examines the topic of punishment, reviewing the debate in social thinking over the ethics and purpose of punishment -- including capital punishment -- and he advocates a new concept of "restorative punishment."

Justice and World Order

Justice and World Order Author Janna Thompson
ISBN-10 0415070341
Release 1992
Pages 211
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The political changes of recent years and the problems of poverty, the environment and nationalism have led to calls for the establishment of a just world order. But what would such a world be like? This book considers the concept of international justice as it has developed in traditional political theory from Hobbes to Marx and in contemporary writing on the subject. It develops a theory of international justice designed to take account of both individual freedom and the differences among communities.

Derrida Downunder

Derrida Downunder Author Laurence Simmons
ISBN-10 0864693745
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 295
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Derrida Downunder has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Derrida Downunder also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Derrida Downunder book for free.