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Key Learning Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Key Learning Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Nicole DeWitt
ISBN-10 0857004670
Release 2011-08-15
Pages 336
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Finding a way of simultaneously addressing the sensory, motor, emotional, communicative, cognitive and social needs of children on the autism spectrum can be a real challenge, and choosing from the vast array of options available is a daunting task. This book provides a blueprint for an educational intervention program that is evidence-based, comprehensive in scope and integrative in its approach. Grouping techniques into five categories for discussion, the book examines autism spectrum disorders within a developmental context, and shows that interventions with autistic individuals are not only possible, but can be really successful. Specific intervention strategies and program examples for developing competencies in areas such as joint attention, sensory integration, motor functioning, impulse control, memory, self-awareness, theory of mind and empathy, abstract thinking, problem-solving, social skills and community engagement, are presented. Techniques for dealing with specific behavior problems are also examined, including toileting delays, temper-tantrums, and eating and sleeping problems, amongst many others. This book will be essential reading for families, teachers, and other professionals working with children with autism.

Video Modeling for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Video Modeling for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Brenna Noland
ISBN-10 9780857006387
Release 2012-09-15
Pages 144
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Video modeling takes visual learning to the next level by using new technologies to create an effective teaching tool. This book explains how professionals and parents can use innovative video modeling techniques to support the development of young children with autism spectrum disorders in school, home or community settings. Offering practical step-by-step guidance, the book shows how to film and edit personalized videos that highlight the exact skill that is being taught. Whether the focus is increasing attention, peer interaction, getting dressed or creative play, these videos are easy to incorporate into daily routines. They allow the child to learn new skills quickly and with less hands-on adult support leading to greater independence. Three video modeling strategies are presented – Basic Video Modeling, Video Self-Modeling and Point-of-view Video Modeling – along with all the information needed for readers to start using the techniques for themselves. The research behind the approach is also discussed and each chapter includes detailed case studies that demonstrate the techniques in action.

A Step by Step Curriculum for Early Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders

A Step by Step Curriculum for Early Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Lindsay Hilsen
ISBN-10 0857005464
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 416
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is recognized as one of the most effective ways to teach children with autism and studies have shown that the earlier the interventions take place the more likely they are to have a profound, positive impact on a child's later development. Using the latest research into best practice for children with autism, this curriculum gives a clear outline on what to teach and how to teach it utilizing the principles of ABA. The book is divided up into three sections, each with built-in data collection, and features a CD with all the material in the book so you can print off the section you are working on. The Assessment section allows you to initially measure the child's level of learning and then track their progress over time. The Curriculum section covers nearly ninety crucial steps in a child's development spread over twelve chapters that each focus on a different pivotal area, such as 'Motor', 'Expressive' and 'Academic' Programs. These are broken down into simple tasks that can be taught and monitored easily. The final Mastered section guarantees that progress can be maintained by checking that learnt skills continue to be retained. Generalization assessment is included throughout to make sure the child has adapted to using the skills in a variety of settings. This book will equip teachers, therapists and parents with a thorough and comprehensive program to help ensure the young learners in their care are achieving developmental goals and are able to reach their full potential as they grow.

Building Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Building Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Author Janice Nathan
ISBN-10 9781784503901
Release 2018-05-21
Pages 192
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Teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to develop the 'inner voice' needed to solve problems, this book's innovative approach will help children reach logical and appropriate solutions to everyday problems. This book shows students and professionals how to formally teach key skills for reasoning and problem-solving that aren't usually explicitly taught, such as planning, pausing and reflecting and increasing emotional regulation. Focusing on the 'inner voice' - the dialogue that goes on inside our heads during every day routines - the authors explain how to help children with ASD solve problems independently. The book also shows how children can learn to cope with feelings of stress when confronted with difficult situations, whether getting stuck on homework, making mistakes, choosing options, following procedures that are perceived to be arbitrary, or everyday social situations. Examples of implementing this new approach in different situations are given to show the many ways of teaching these cognitive skills to children with autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Richard L. Simpson With Coauthors
ISBN-10 9781452235837
Release 2004-06-01
Pages 264
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How can you best help children with autism reach their full potential? Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) present a perplexing challenge for parents and school professionals. This essential resource was developed to respond directly to the difficulty school professionals and families face in selecting and applying appropriate interventions and treatments for the children in their care. The information is presented in a straightforward format, practical for finding answers to complex questions, and includes: A description of the intervention or treatment Reported benefits and effects associated with its use A synthesis of how the outcomes relate to individuals with ASD Potential costs and risks

Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum

Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum Author Lynne Soraya
ISBN-10 9781440557651
Release 2013-05-18
Pages 272
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Shape your way in the world and overcome any challenge! Living on your own for the very first time can be exciting yet nerve-wracking--you'll search for roommates, interview for jobs, manage finances, and form relationships. But adjusting to this new life can seem especially difficult when you're on the Autism Spectrum. Drawing on her experiences, Lynne Soraya, one of's Most Inspiring Autistic People and author of Psychology Today's Asperger's Diary, will provide you with valuable advice as she guides you through each step of your transition into adulthood. These real-life strategies will help you cope with the feelings brought on by this change as well as deal with common challenges, like: Budgeting and handling bills. Finding the right residence and/or roommates. Discovering a career path that complements your talents. Interacting with coworkers and clients. Building relationships with friends and potential partners. With Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum, you will gain the confidence, support, and guidance you need to finally experience life on your own.

Seven Keys to Unlock Autism

Seven Keys to Unlock Autism Author Elaine Hall
ISBN-10 9781118102695
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 256
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The acclaimed approach to helping children with autism, profiled in the award-winning documentary Autism: The Musical This groundbreaking book outlines seven integrated keys for educators and parents to make meaningful connections with children on the autism spectrum. The book is based on the unique approach used by Elaine Hall and Diane Isaacs of The Miracle Project, a musical theater program for children with autism and their peers and siblings. The Miracle Project integrates traditional and creative therapies in an interactive, social dynamic. The book shows how to apply these effective strategies at school and at home to nurture kids' self-expression and social skills. Elaine Hall and The Miracle Project were profiled in the two-time Emmy Award-winning HBO documentary, Autism: The Musical Seven Keys reveals the seven-step program that has proven so successful for children in the Miracle Project After reading Seven Keys teachers and parents will better understand this puzzling disorder and be able to help children with autism draw connections and form more meaningful relationships Seven Keys to Unlock Autism offers readers strategies for creating a personal skill set to make their encounters with autistic children as successful and rewarding as possible.

Practical Social Skills for Autism Spectrum Disorders Designing Child Specific Interventions

Practical Social Skills for Autism Spectrum Disorders  Designing Child Specific Interventions Author Kathleen Koenig
ISBN-10 9780393706987
Release 2012-03-12
Pages 239
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Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are an alarmingly prevalent topic of conversation in the news, in pediatrician and therapists' offices, in classrooms, among concerned parents, and at home, within families. The rate of diagnoses seems only to rise. It's not surprising that professionals who work with kids on the autism spectrum are eager for effective resources on how to help children and their parents or caregivers manage it. And with this book, readers have a new tool to add to their arsenal. Guiding readers through the overarching considerations and principles for designing successful social interventions, Koenig presents a host of specific techniques, visual strategies and supports, scripts and role play, developmental play approaches, video modeling, peer mediated approaches, technology-based instruction, group instruction, self-monitoring strategies, parent-delivered interventions, and much more. Case vignettes illustrate how each intervention can be implemented, and what trouble-shooting techniques can be used when a child isn't responding well. Koenig also provides advice on how parents and professionals can work together as a team, how to help kids "generalize" their newly learned skills across contexts, and how to measure progress in a sensible way. With a foreword by renowned child psychiatrist Fred Volkmar, hands-on, and user-friendly. An manual for clinicians, educators, school counselors and administrators, parents, and all those who work with kids on the autism spectrum, it unravels the nuances of effective social skills training by showing how to really create intervention programs that take kids' own aptitudes and needs into account.

Play and Imagination in Children with Autism 2nd Edition

Play and Imagination in Children with Autism  2nd Edition Author Pamela J. Wolfberg
ISBN-10 9780807771129
Release 2015-04-18
Pages 217
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Based on award-winning research, this volume offers new hope for children with autism by shedding light on theory and practice. It goes beyond the usual autism literature by including what is known about play with typical populations. The author traces the development of three children with autism (from ages 5 to 16) over a ten-year period. Focusing on two critical years during which the children participated in a peer play intervention, this book documents the emergence of remarkable transformations in the children's social relations with peers and symbolic activity. The text includes vignettes, dialogue, and samples of writing and drawing to bring the children's stories to life.

Educating Children with Autism

Educating Children with Autism Author Committee on Educational Interventions for Children with Autism
ISBN-10 9780309210010
Release 2001-10-11
Pages 324
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Autism is a word most of us are familiar with. But do we really know what it means? Children with autism are challenged by the most essential human behaviors. They have difficulty interacting with other people-often failing to see people as people rather than simply objects in their environment. They cannot easily communicate ideas and feelings, have great trouble imagining what others think or feel, and in some cases spend their lives speechless. They frequently find it hard to make friends or even bond with family members. Their behavior can seem bizarre. Education is the primary form of treatment for this mysterious condition. This means that we place important responsibilities on schools, teachers and children's parents, as well as the other professionals who work with children with autism. With the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1975, we accepted responsibility for educating children who face special challenges like autism. While we have since amassed a substantial body of research, researchers have not adequately communicated with one another, and their findings have not been integrated into a proven curriculum. Educating Children with Autism outlines an interdisciplinary approach to education for children with autism. The committee explores what makes education effective for the child with autism and identifies specific characteristics of programs that work. Recommendations are offered for choosing educational content and strategies, introducing interaction with other children, and other key areas. This book examines some fundamental issues, including: How children's specific diagnoses should affect educational assessment and planning How we can support the families of children with autism Features of effective instructional and comprehensive programs and strategies How we can better prepare teachers, school staffs, professionals, and parents to educate children with autism What policies at the federal, state, and local levels will best ensure appropriate education, examining strategies and resources needed to address the rights of children with autism to appropriate education. Children with autism present educators with one of their most difficult challenges. Through a comprehensive examination of the scientific knowledge underlying educational practices, programs, and strategies, Educating Children with Autism presents valuable information for parents, administrators, advocates, researchers, and policy makers.

Autism s Hidden Blessings

Autism s Hidden Blessings Author Kelly Langston
ISBN-10 9780825493676
Release 2011-06-07
Pages 206
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Encouragement and inspiration for special needs families God has a unique and magnificent purpose for every child-a purpose that is no less important for special-needs children. Through the story of her own ongoing struggles and victories raising her autistic son, Kelly Langston brings to light God's promises for exceptional kids and highlights covenants that assure special-needs parents of their children's potential and beauty.

The Child with Autism Learns about Faith

The Child with Autism Learns about Faith Author Kathy Labosh
ISBN-10 9781935274193
Release 2011
Pages 97
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Endorsed by religious leaders, this groundbreaking book offers 15 step-by-step lesson plans for family members, educators, or church staff, covering Bible stories from Creation to the parting of the Red Sea. The easy-to-understand lessons are written specifically for children with autism.

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Roger Pierangelo
ISBN-10 9781620872208
Release 2012
Pages 205
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Createan appropriate learning environment to help children with ASD develop lifelongindependence!

It s Time for School

It s Time for School Author Ron Leaf
ISBN-10 0975585932
Release 2008
Pages 274
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Autism Partnership co-directors Ron Leaf and John McEachin, Director of Research Mitchell Taubman and key professionals in the organization provide a detailed framework for implementing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in classroom settings. ABA is the most widely used and thoroughly studied autism treatment available today. All practitioners of ABA, the contributors to this invaluable book chart an accessible, step-by-step strategy based on the specific needs of students, staff and school district. In what is sure to be considered the standard guidebook in setting up school-based programs, the editors offer practical advice to special education directors and superintendents while providing comprehensive training to teachers, direct and supplementary service personnel and parents.

Life with a Partner Or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome

Life with a Partner Or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome Author Kathy J. Marshack
ISBN-10 193457547X
Release 2009
Pages 176
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Life with a Partner or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome: Going Over the Edge? gives you a look into the lives of a handful of people who live with a loved one with Asperger Syndrome (AS). Written by a psychologist who has family members with Asperger Syndrome and has worked for years with clients with AS, the focus of the book is on how partners/spouses of someone with AS can take back their lives and find true meaning and happiness. Often the relationship between someone with AS and his or her partner is so strained that the conflicts escalate to damaging proportions, involving divorce, domestic violence and depression. The author explores these relationships in an effort to bring the two worlds a bit closer, which can ultimately make a real difference in the happiness of many people.In short, this book was written primarily to help spouses/partners of those with Asperger Syndrome learn how to grow away from dysfunctional behavior and dysfunctional relationships.

Bringing ABA Into Your Inclusive Classroom

Bringing ABA Into Your Inclusive Classroom Author Debra Leach
ISBN-10 1598570773
Release 2010
Pages 168
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With this how-to guide to the research-proven ABA approach, teachers will improve outcomes for K-12 students with autism and behavior challenges. Packed with plain-English guidance and fifty sample teaching plans.

Catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Dirk Marcel Dhossche
ISBN-10 0123668735
Release 2006
Pages 314
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The study of catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorders is a novel and controversial topic. Catatonia is a motor disorder characterized by stereotypy, rigidity, mutism, and posturing. These motor signs are also characteristic of autism. The interest in the relation between autism and catatonia stems from clinical observations that autistic and catatonic symptoms overlap, that some people with autism develop full-blown catatonia, and that anti-catatonic treatments bring relief in some of those patients. This book explores the question of if the two syndromes have a common pathophysiology. It also examines whether the successful treatment of catatonia be applied to patients with both autism and catatonia. The book concludes with blueprints for the assessment, treatment, and future study of catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorders. These blueprints aim to increase early recognition and treatment of catatonia in patients with autism, show the urgency of controlled treatment trials and increased collaborative and interdisciplinary research into the co-occurrence of these two enigmatic disorders. * Provides a historical perspective of the concepts of catatonia and autism, as described by old European masters like Bleuler and Kalhbaum * Presents clinical-epidemiological studies that apply systematic criteria of catatonia in populations with Autism Spectrum Disorders * Includes a review of the importance of psychomotor function for normal and abnormal development