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Kingdoms and Domains

Kingdoms and Domains Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 0080920144
Release 2009-03-19
Pages 732
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Now published by Academic Press and revised from the author's previous Five Kingdoms 3rd edition, this extraordinary, all inclusive catalogue of the world’s living organisms describes the diversity of the major groups, or phyla, of nature’s most inclusive taxa. Developed after consultation with specialists, this modern classification scheme is consistent both with the fossil record and with recent molecular, morphological and metabolic data. Generously illustrated, now in full color, Kingdoms and Domains is remarkably easy to read. It accesses the full range of life forms that still inhabit our planet and logically and explicitly classifies them according to their evolutionary relationships. Definitive characteristics of each phylum are professionally described in ways that, unlike most scientific literature, profoundly respect the needs of educators, students and nature lovers. This work is meant to be of interest to all evolutionists as well as to conservationists, ecologists, genomicists, geographers, microbiologists, museum curators, oceanographers, paleontologists and especially nature lovers whether artists, gardeners or environmental activists. Kingdoms and Domains is a unique and indispensable reference for anyone intrigued by a planetary phenomenon: the spectacular diversity of life, both microscopic and macroscopic, as we know it only on Earth today. • New Foreword by Edward O. Wilson • The latest concepts of molecular systematics, symbiogenesis, and the evolutionary importance of microbes • Newly expanded chapter openings that define each kingdom and place its members in context in geological time and ecological space • Definitions of terms in the glossary and throughout the book • Ecostrips, illustrations that place organisms in their most likely environments such as deep sea vents, tropical forests, deserts or hot sulfur springs • A new table that compares features of the most inclusive taxa • Application of a logical, authoritative, inclusive and coherent overall classification scheme based on evolutionary principles

Five Kingdoms

Five Kingdoms Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 071673026X
Release 1998
Pages 520
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Five Kingdoms: An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth was a groundbreaking work when first published in 1982 and this sweeping perspective of life's diversity has now been updated to include information on the impact of molecular biol.

Five Kingdoms

Five Kingdoms Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 0716730278
Release 1998
Pages 520
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An all-inclusive catalogue of the world's living diversity, Five Kingdoms defines and describes the major divisions, or phyla, of nature's five great kingdoms - bacteria, protoctists, animals, fungi, and plants - using a modern classification scheme that is consistent with both the fossil record and molecular data. Generously illustrated and remarkably easy to follow, it not only allows readers to sample the full range of life forms inhabiting our planet but to familiarize themselves with the taxonomic theories by which all organisms' origins and distinctive characteristics are traced and classified.

Five Kingdoms

Five Kingdoms Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 0716719126
Release 1988
Pages 376
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Offers an illustrated reference to both microbes and macroscopic organisms. Brief essays introduce broad outlines of kingdoms and phyla. Entries on specific organisms give information on appearance, environment, relations to other organisms, and how scientists group them, and include bandw photos and diagrams. An introduction explains classification systems. Includes lists of museums, geological sites, and Web sites, plus a glossary and lists of phyla and genera assigned to phyla. Six sets of 35-mm color transparencies are available. Useful for students of biology at any level. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Rare Earth

Rare Earth Author Peter D. Ward
ISBN-10 9780387218489
Release 2007-05-08
Pages 338
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What determines whether complex life will arise on a planet, or even any life at all? Questions such as these are investigated in this groundbreaking book. In doing so, the authors synthesize information from astronomy, biology, and paleontology, and apply it to what we know about the rise of life on Earth and to what could possibly happen elsewhere in the universe. Everyone who has been thrilled by the recent discoveries of extrasolar planets and the indications of life on Mars and the Jovian moon Europa will be fascinated by Rare Earth, and its implications for those who look to the heavens for companionship.

Assembling the Tree of Life

Assembling the Tree of Life Author Joel Cracraft
ISBN-10 0199729603
Release 2004-07-22
Pages 592
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This edited volume is provides an authoritative synthesis of knowledge about the history of life. All the major groups of organisms are treated, by the leading workers in their fields. With sections on: The Importance of Knowing the Tree of Life; The Origin and Radiation of Life on Earth; The Relationships of Green Plants; The Relationships of Fungi; and The Relationships of Animals. This book should prove indispensable for evolutionary biologists, taxonomists, ecologists interested in biodiversity, and as a baseline sourcebook for organismic biologists, botanists, and microbiologists. An essential reference in this fundamental area.

Diversity of Life

Diversity of Life Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 0763708623
Release 1999
Pages 248
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This sophisticated coloring book is a beautifully detailed illustration of the world's living diversity. It is written for science students, teachers, and anyone else who is curious about the extraordinary variety of living things that inhabit this planet. It opens with an introduction to the classification systems, distinctions between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, an introduction to life cycles, Earth history, and an explanation of how to best use this coloring book. The next section is organized by communities in which the organisms live. The final section details the variety of major groupings - phyla - within each kingdom and shows how the organisms in each are distinguished from one other. This coloring book gives a visual understanding of the enormous diversity of life on this planet and will be an enlightening and educational resource for students from a variety of backgrounds.

Slanted Truths

Slanted Truths Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 9781461222842
Release 2013-11-27
Pages 368
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"Lynn Margulis is one of the most successful synthetic thinkers in modern biology. This collection of her work, enhanced by essays co-authored with Dorion Sagan, is a welcome introduction to the full breadth of her many contributions." EDWARD O. WILSON, AUTHOR OF THE DIVERSITY OF LIFE "An important contribution to the history of the 20th century. Read it and you will taste the flavor of real science." JAMES LOVELOCK, AUTHOR OF GAIA: A NEW LOOK AT LIFE ON EARTH "Truly inspirational and of fundamental importance. This thoughtful series of essays on some of the largest questions concerning the nature of life on earth deserves careful study."PETER RAVEN, MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDEN


Microcosmos Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 0520210646
Release 1986
Pages 300
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Chronicles the evolution of life on Earth, focusing on the microcosm researchers believe life began with.

Magical Mushrooms Mischievous Molds

Magical Mushrooms  Mischievous Molds Author George W. Hudler
ISBN-10 0691070164
Release 2000
Pages 248
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Traces the history of mushrooms and molds in society, examining their role in the Irish potato famine, in the Salem Witch Trials, and in the creation of ginger snaps

Chimeras and Consciousness

Chimeras and Consciousness Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 9780262015394
Release 2011
Pages 321
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Scientists elucidate the astounding collective sensory capacity of Earth and its evolution through time.

Evolutionary Protistology

Evolutionary Protistology Author L. Margulis
ISBN-10 9789400963986
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 188
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Evolutionary Protistology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Evolutionary Protistology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Evolutionary Protistology book for free.

Origins of Sex

Origins of Sex Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 0300046197
Release 1990-01-01
Pages 258
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A fascinating and detailed examination of the evolution-and occasional devolution-of sexuality in microorganisms and more complex forms of life. Margulis and Sagan trace sex from its inauspicious beginnings in bacteria threatened by ultraviolet radiation to its intimate relation with the origin of mitotic division of nucleated cells. The origin of meiotic sex through cannibalism followed by centriole reproductive tardiness and the connection of cell symbiosis to sex and differentiation are explored. The authors have not only given us a new and exiting scenario for the evolution of sex, but have also provided us with critical ways in which we can test their hypotheses...This is a stimulating book that is sure to invoke criticism and discussion; I strongly recommend it.-Symbiosis The book is well organized and well written, leading the reader from one thought to another almost effortlessly. Background information is presented to aid those of us who are not experts in this field, and a glossary is appended. The book could be used at all levels of study, from interested undergraduates in general biology though postdoctoral students of genetics and evolution.I recommend this thought-provoking book to you for both your enjoyment and your enlightenment.-Richard W. Cheney, Jr., Journal of College Science Teaching This book, undoubtedly controversial, is a thoughtful and original contribution to an important aspect of cellular biology.-John Langridge

Molecular Techniques in Taxonomy

Molecular Techniques in Taxonomy Author Godfrey M. Hewitt
ISBN-10 9783642839627
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 410
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Taxonomy is fundamental to understanding the variety of life forms, and exciting expansions in molecular biology are re- volutionising the obtained data. This volume reviews the ma- jor molecular biological techniques that are applied in ta- xonomy. The chapters are arranged in three main sections:1) Overviews of important topics in molecular taxonomy; 2) Case studies of the successful application of molecular methods to taxonomic and evolutionary questions; 3) Protocols for a range of generally applicable methods. The described techni- ques include DNA-DNA hybridization, DNA fingerprinting, RFLP analysis, and PCR sequencing.

What is Life

What is Life Author Lynn Margulis
ISBN-10 0520220218
Release 2000
Pages 288
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Transcending the various formal concepts of life, this captivating book offers a unique overview of life's history, essences, and future. "A masterpiece of scientific writing. You will cherish "What Is Life?" because it is so rich in poetry and science in the service of profound philosophical questions".--Mitchell Thomashow, "Orion". 9 photos. 11 line illustrations.

What Darwin Got Wrong

What Darwin Got Wrong Author Jerry Fodor
ISBN-10 9781847651907
Release 2011-02-24
Pages 262
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Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piatelli-Palmarini, a distinguished philosopher and scientist working in tandem, reveal major flaws at the heart of Darwinian evolutionary theory. They do not deny Darwin's status as an outstanding scientist but question the inferences he drew from his observations. Combining the results of cutting-edge work in experimental biology with crystal-clear philosophical argument they mount a devastating critique of the central tenets of Darwin's account of the origin of species. The logic underlying natural selection is the survival of the fittest under changing environmental pressure. This logic, they argue, is mistaken. They back up the claim with evidence of what actually happens in nature. This is a rare achievement - the short book that is likely to make a great deal of difference to a very large subject. What Darwin Got Wrong will be controversial. The authors' arguments will reverberate through the scientific world. At the very least they will transform the debate about evolution.

Of Pandas and People

Of Pandas and People Author P. William Davis
ISBN-10 0914513400
Release 1993
Pages 170
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Of Pandas and People has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Of Pandas and People also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Of Pandas and People book for free.