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Knowledge Higher Education and the New Managerialism

Knowledge  Higher Education  and the New Managerialism Author Rosemary Deem
ISBN-10 0199265909
Release 2007-08-16
Pages 245
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The authors analyse changes in the management of recent professional academic work in British universities, examine the implications of mass higher education, and look at the impact of 'new managerialism' in 'knowledge-intensive' organisations.

Active Citizenship and the Governing of Schools

Active Citizenship and the Governing of Schools Author
ISBN-10 0335191835
Release 1995
Pages 197
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Active Citizenship and the Governing of Schools has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Active Citizenship and the Governing of Schools also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Active Citizenship and the Governing of Schools book for free.

The Changing Epistemic Governance of European Education

The Changing Epistemic Governance of European Education Author Romuald Normand
ISBN-10 9783319317762
Release 2016-06-17
Pages 235
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This book examines the transformations of epistemic governance in education, the way in which some actors are shaping new knowledge, and how that new knowledge impacts other actors in charge of implementing this knowledge in the context of the decision-making process and practice. The book describes knowledge-based and evidence-based technologies that produce new modes of representation, cognitive categories, and value-based judgements which determine and guide actions and interactions between researchers, experts and policy-makers. It explores several major social theories and concepts, analysing the transformation of the relationship between educational and social sciences and politics. In the light of epistemic governance being linked to transformations of academic capitalism, the book describes the ways in which academics engaged in heterogeneous networks are capable of developing new interactions as well as facing new trials imposed on them by the changing conditions of producing knowledge in their scientific community and within their institutions. Knowledge is power. It is materialized in metrics, policy instruments and embedded in networks. The governance of European higher education, insightfully argues Romuald Normand, is not structured by hierarchical public policies, by governmental exercise of authority or heroic decision making. Normand makes a sophisticated intellectual argument, building upon the work of Foucault, Latour (Sociology of science), and the pragmatic sociology of Boltanski and Thévenot (sociology of justification) in order to precisely analyse Europe‘s higher education through the circulation of ideas and instruments. Based upon precise research, the book is a major contribution to the understanding of high education in a capitalist Europe, beyond the simple idea of neo liberalism. Normand, provocatively, even suggests the making of a European Homo Academicus. This is an innovative and important book for public policy, European Studies and the sociology of Education. Patrick le Galès, FBA, CNRS Research Professor, Centre d’Etudes Européennes, Sciences Po, Paris, France

Higher Education Management and Operational Research

Higher Education Management and Operational Research Author Gary Bell
ISBN-10 9789460919763
Release 2013-02-11
Pages 292
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Higher Education in the UK operates in a rapidly changing and highly complex environment. Universities need to adapt quickly to this environment and managers must begin to explore ‘new angles’ and approaches in addressing the challenges they are now facing. This book offers a tool box of metaphors and associative Operational Research (OR) approaches. Metaphors are a powerful ‘way of seeing’ but also ‘a way of not seeing’. Furthermore, the OR discipline has significantly evolved over the last 30 years which has led to the emergence of three distinctive intellectual areas, namely Hard OR, Soft OR and Methodological Pluralism OR. Drawing on these intellectual areas and on the experience of educational and OR practitioners, the book highlights the use of various OR approaches to a variety of complex and uncertain problems encountered in higher education management. The book aims to explore ‘new perspectives’ in HE management thinking and to describe and illustrate the use of OR methodologies, methods and techniques in helping HE managers to make informed management decisions.

Changing Governance and Management in Higher Education

Changing Governance and Management in Higher Education Author William Locke
ISBN-10 9400711409
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 390
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External drivers are pressing for a more privatized approach to higher education and research, a greater reliance on technology and the more efficient use of resources. This book analyzes recent changes in institutional governance and management in higher education and their impact on the academy and academic work. It draws on findings from an international study based on a survey of academics in eighteen countries. It opens with a chapter outlining the key issues, drivers and challenges that inform contemporary discourse around academic work and the profession in general. It then focuses on national case studies, comparing changes in the top tier with the lower tiers of national systems, public and private institutions, and other differentiating factors appropriate in each country, which include mature and emerging higher education systems. It concludes by proposing a series of generalizations about the contemporary status of governance and management of institutions of higher education.

Public Vices Private Virtues Assessing the Effects of Marketization in Higher Education

Public Vices  Private Virtues   Assessing the Effects of Marketization in Higher Education Author Pedro N. Teixeira
ISBN-10 9789460914669
Release 2011-11-13
Pages 343
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Recent years have seen the strengthening of a discourse that emphasises the virtues of markets, competition and private initiative, vis-à-vis the vices of public intervention in higher education. This volume presents a timely reflection about the effects this increasing marketization has been producing in many higher education systems worldwide. The various chapters of this volume analyse the impact of markets at the system level, with significant attention being devoted to the changes in modes of regulation, the strengthening of aspects such as privatization and inter-institutional competition in higher education systems, and the closer interaction between higher education and its economic environment. Several of the contributors devote attention as well to the implications of market forces for institutional change, notably regarding issues such as mission, organizational structure and governance and the way marketization is affecting the internal distribution of power and the definition of priorities. Finally, the volume includes several chapters focusing on the different markets of higher education, such as the academic labour market, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and research markets. Altogether these chapters provide important insights concerning the many national and institutional contexts in which the marketization of higher education has been taking place around the world.

Universities at risk

Universities at risk Author James Turk
ISBN-10 1552770400
Release 2008-10-15
Pages 416
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Is the integrity of Canadian universities being threatened by big business and a results driven environment?

Higher Education Management and Policy

Higher Education Management and Policy Author
ISBN-10 OSU:32435087628285
Release 2012
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Higher Education Management and Policy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Higher Education Management and Policy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Higher Education Management and Policy book for free.

The Limits of Competence

The Limits of Competence Author Ronald Barnett
ISBN-10 0335190707
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 207
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The Limits of Competence has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Limits of Competence also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Limits of Competence book for free.


Managerialism Author T. Klikauer
ISBN-10 9781137334275
Release 2013-09-05
Pages 362
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Most people know what management is but often people have vague ideas about Manageralism. This book introduces Manageralism and its ideology as a colonising project that has infiltrated nearly every eventuality of human society.

Managing Reform in Universities

Managing Reform in Universities Author B. Stensaker
ISBN-10 9781137284297
Release 2012-09-27
Pages 248
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This collection, now in paperback, explores how universities are coping with the range of reforms and changes taking place across higher education today. Analyzing areas such as leadership, quality management, strategic thinking, collegiality and academic work, and from the perspective of different agents within higher education including students, academics and management, this book examines the various differences between reform attempts and the actual changes happening in universities.

Managing the learning university

Managing the learning university Author Christopher Duke
ISBN-10 0335207669
Release 2002
Pages 168
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This book debunks prevailing modern management theories and fashions as applied to higher education. At the same time it provides practical guidance for a clear and easily understood set of principles as to how universities and colleges can be re-energized and their staff mobilized to be effective in meeting the growing and changing needs of the global knowledge society. It is anchored in knowledge of management and organizational theory and in the literature about higher education which is critiqued from a clear theoretical perspective based on and tested through long experience of university management and leadership.Chris Duke offers challenging advice for managers in tertiary and higher education - from self-managing knowledge workers who may feel themselves to be the new academic proletariat, through to institutional heads, some of whose attempts to manage using strategic planning, management-by-objectives and other techniques seriously unravel because they fail to benefit from the talents and networks which make up the rich 'underlife' of the institution. Loss of institutional memory and failure to tap tacit know-how and mobilize commitment through genuine consultation and shared participatory management inhibits organizational learning and generates apathy - or drives staff dedication and creativity into oppositional channels.Managing the Learning University indicates how higher education institutions can link and network their internal energies with external opportunities and partners to be successful and dynamic learning organizations. It points the way to enabling an enterprising and valued university to thrive in hard times, and to be a community where it is actually a pleasure to work.

Using Data to Improve Higher Education

Using Data to Improve Higher Education Author Maria Eliophotou Menon
ISBN-10 9789462097940
Release 2014-11-26
Pages 262
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In recent decades, higher education systems and institutions have been called to respond to an unprecedented number of challenges. Major challenges

New Managerialism in Education

New Managerialism in Education Author Kathleen Lynch
ISBN-10 9780230275119
Release 2012-06-07
Pages 265
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This book examines the impact of neo-liberal reform on the traditional caring ethos of public services such as education, exploring how these reforms influence the appointment and experiences of senior management across the education sector.

Towards Teaching in Public

Towards Teaching in Public Author Mike Neary
ISBN-10 9781441143952
Release 2012-02-02
Pages 208
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Towards Teaching in Public: Reshaping the Modern University explores how the contested relationships between policy, curriculum and pedagogy are reshaping the modern university and examines the impact of conceptualisations of teaching in public on this debate in this age of academic capitalism. It traces the emergence of strategies for open access, with particular reference to the contribution of technology and e-learning, to the emergence of teaching in public as a critique of current educational policy. The contributors combine policy analysis with a consideration of pedagogical issues and an exploration of the student experience. This collection draws together chapters by experienced scholars and practitioners within the field of teaching and learning in higher education.

Knowledge and Change in African Universities

Knowledge and Change in African Universities Author Michael Cross
ISBN-10 9789463008426
Release 2017-07-13
Pages 220
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Besides the ongoing concern with the epistemological and theoretical hegemony of the West in African academic practice, the book aims at understanding how knowledge is produced and controlled through the interplay of the politics of knowledge and current intellectual discourses in universities in Africa. In this regard, the book calls for African universities to relocate from the position of object to subject in order to gain a form of liberated epistemological voice more responsive to the social and economic complexities of the continent. In itself, this is a critical exposé of contemporary practices in knowledge advancement in the continent. Broadly the book addresses the following questions: How can African universities reinvent knowledge production and dissemination in the face of the dominant Eurocentricism so pervasive and characteristic of academic practice in Africa to enhance their relevance to the contexts in which they operate? How can such change, particularly at knowledge production and distribution levels, be undertaken, without falling into an intellectual and discursive ghettoization in the global context? What then is the role of academics, policy makers and curriculum and program designers in dealing with biases and distortions to integrate policies, knowledge and pedagogy that reflect current cultural diversity, both local and global? Against this backdrop, while some contributions in this book argue that emancipatory epistemic voice in African universities is not yet born, or it is struggling with little success, many dissenting voices charge that if Africans do not take responsibility and construct knowledge strategies for their own emancipation, who will?

Enhancing learning teaching assessment and curriculum in higher education

Enhancing learning  teaching  assessment and curriculum in higher education Author Veronica Bamber
ISBN-10 0335233759
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 224
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Higher education is a particularly complex site for enhancement initiatives, and this book offers those involved in change a good conceptual understanding of enhancement approaches, of the change context, and of the probable interactions between them. It will be of interest to everyone interested in enhancing learning and teaching in HE. ..We set enhancement within a particular type of change dynamic which focuses our attention on sociocultural approaches, and an emphasis, specifically, on social practices. Social practice thinking highlights the way 'practice' itself yields knowledge and learning. Following a theoretical introduction to these ideas, we present case studies (from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Norway) in thematic sections at the national, institutional, departmental and individual levels. The four themes are Influencing the Disciplines; The Scottish Way: a Distinctive Approach to Enhancement; Developing Frameworks for Action; and Challenging Practices in Learning, Teaching, Assessment and Curriculum. These cases illustrate our argument that a persuasive and authentic way of understanding how enhancement takes place is to see it as social practice using personal and systemic theories of change within institutional and organisational settings. ..Having drawn on the case examples and our own theoretical framework, the book then turns firmly towards the reader. We ask you to imagine or rehearse the enhancement process(es) in which you may be involved and apply the 'frameworks for action' we offer. We don't offer tips and tricks, but we aim to support action on the basis of practical examples, conceptual tools and reflexive questions for those involved in change effort at all levels. ..