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Knowledge Pedagogy and Postmulticulturalism

Knowledge  Pedagogy  and Postmulticulturalism Author Gay Wilgus
ISBN-10 9781137275905
Release 2013-05-21
Pages 206
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This volume identifies, problematizes, and discusses issues specific to the design of educational programs for teacher candidates from working class, ethnic- and language-minority, and immigrant backgrounds, taking as its starting point the distinctive, complex perspectives that these candidates bring to the university classroom.

Teacher Education in Diverse Settings

Teacher Education in Diverse Settings Author Larry Prochner
ISBN-10 9789463006934
Release 2016-09-27
Pages 188
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Teacher Education in Diverse Settings presents a study of initial educator preparation in three social contexts: a training program for immigrant child care educators in Canada, a pre- and lower primary specialization in a teacher education program in Namibia, and a partnership between the Misak indigenous communities in Colombia and the University of Cauca to deliver courses for educators within their communities. In each setting the book explores the relationships between indigenous ways of thinking and western discourse in reference to the preparation of educators, whether they be teachers, community leaders, or newly arrived immigrants in Canada. In each case the authors’ focus is on the tensions between the local understandings and global ideas, and the creation of space for diverse but intersecting worldviews. The book’s goal is to investigate ways that teacher educators, parents, and communities can better prepare children for the realities of schooling while preserving the integrity of local norms and values through educator preparation programs.

Revisiting Multiculturalism in Canada

Revisiting Multiculturalism in Canada Author Shibao Guo
ISBN-10 9789463002080
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 346
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In 1971 Canada was the first nation in the world to establish an official multiculturalism policy with an objective to assist cultural groups to overcome barriers to integrate into Canadian society while maintaining their heritage language and culture. Since then Canada s practice and policy of multiculturalism have endured and been deemed as successful by many Canadians. As well, Canada s multiculturalism policy has also enjoyed international recognition as being pioneering and effectual. Recent public opinion suggests that an increasing majority of Canadians identify multiculturalism as one of the most important symbols of Canada s national identity. On the other hand, this apparent successful record has not gone unchallenged. Debates, critiques, and challenges to Canadian multiculturalism by academics and politicians have always existed to some degree since its policy inception over four decades ago. In the current international context there has been a growing assault on, and subsequent retreat from, multiculturalism in many countries. In Canada debates about multiculturalism continue to emerge and percolate particularly over the past decade or so. In this context, we are grappling with the following questions: What is the future of multiculturalism and is it sustainable in Canada? How is multiculturalism related to egalitarianism, interculturalism, racism, national identity, belonging and loyalties? What role does multiculturalism play for youth in terms of their identities including racialization? How does multiculturalism play out in educational policy and the classroom in Canada? These central questions are addressed by contributions from some of Canada s leading scholars and researchers in philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, education, religious studies, youth studies, and Canadian studies. The authors theorize and discuss the debates and critiques surrounding multiculturalism in Canada and include some very important case studi

Civic Engagement Pedagogy in the Community College Theory and Practice

Civic Engagement Pedagogy in the Community College  Theory and Practice Author Emily Schnee
ISBN-10 9783319229454
Release 2015-11-19
Pages 268
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This book will help post-secondary educators to discover the joys and challenges of implementing theoretically grounded civic engagement projects on their campuses. The essays on civic engagement and public scholarship are written by an interdisciplinary group of community college faculty who have designed and implemented civic engagement projects in their classrooms. The projects they describe stand at the intersection of research, theory and pedagogy. They challenge dominant constructions of civic engagement as students bring their community, culture and history into the classroom. The authors consider the particular complexities and constraints of doing civically engaged teaching and scholarship at the community college level and situate their projects within current theoretical debates about civic engagement, public scholarship, and public higher education.

Awakening the Sleeping Giant

Awakening the Sleeping Giant Author Marilyn Katzenmeyer
ISBN-10 9781412960397
Release 2009-06-11
Pages 220
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The book discusses the challenges that teacher leaders face, such as deciding to accept a leadership role, building principal–teacher leader relationships, and working with peers.

Institutional Pathways to Equity

Institutional Pathways to Equity Author Anthony J. Bebbington
ISBN-10 0821370146
Release 2008-03-24
Pages 280
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Questions of equity and inequality have moved to the center of debates on development and poverty reduction. This reflects growing awareness that even countries with high rates of growth can experience stagnating or increasing inequality, and that inequality can itself limit the poverty reducing effects of growth. Indeed, recent work indicates that, in addition to its intrinsic value, equity should be valued for its positive impacts on growth and the poverty-reducing effects of such growth. These concerns are coupled with questions of governance. This is because institutional arrangements affect not only overall rates of growth but also the distributional effects of growth, and are themselves more or less equitable in their structure and functioning. How given institutional arrangements emerge over time, with their implications for growth and equity, remains less understood. 'Institutional Pathways to Equity: Addressing Inequality Traps' tackles the relationship between equity and development, the place of institutions in determining these relationships, and the conditions under which particular institutional arrangements can either block or promote transitions toward more equitable forms of development. The chapters, originally commissioned as background documents for the preparation of the World Development Report 2006, are prepared by leading scholars from the fields of economics, political science, sociology, geography, and development studies. The book speaks directly to current discussions on inequality, poverty, and growth and will contribute to the construction of a historically informed political economy of development. The book specifically highlights the importance of inequality, institutional change through social mobilization, and institutional change through state policies. The authors show that, under certain conditions, state institutions can and have taken a leading role in promoting policies to redress inequitable social relations and so weaken the social foundations of inequality traps.

Migrating Heritage

Migrating Heritage Author Dr Perla Innocenti
ISBN-10 9781472422835
Release 2014-03-28
Pages 332
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Bringing together an international forum of experts, this book looks at how museums, libraries and further public cultural institutions respond to the effects of globalisation, mobility and migration across Europe. It puts forward examples of innovative practice and policies that reflect these challenges, looking at issues such as how cultural institutions present themselves to and interact with multicultural audiences, how to support networking across European institutions, and share practice in core activities such as archiving interpreting and exhibiting artefacts. Academics, practitioners from museums and public institutions and policymakers explore theoretical and practical approaches from a range of different disciplines such as museum and cultural heritage studies, cultural memory studies, social anthropology, sociology of organizations, cultural heritage management and cultural heritage informatics.

Inclusion Participation and Democracy What is the Purpose

Inclusion  Participation and Democracy  What is the Purpose Author J. Allan
ISBN-10 9780306480782
Release 2006-04-11
Pages 233
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Offering a cross-cultural perspective, this book contains papers from internationally renowned scholars who provide fresh insights into the goals and ambitions for inclusion, participation and democracy and how these might be realized today. The 'insider' accounts highlight the complex political and cultural changes required to achieve success with the inclusion project. This book is for researchers studying inclusion, teacher educators and teachers.

Unequal Englishes

Unequal Englishes Author R. Tupas
ISBN-10 9781137461223
Release 2015-05-26
Pages 267
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This book proposes, examines and unpacks the notion of unequal Englishes as a way to understand English today. Unlike many studies on the pluralization of English, the volume assumes that inequalities and Englishes are inextricably linked and must be understood and theorized together.

Introducing Comparative Literature

Introducing Comparative Literature Author César Domínguez
ISBN-10 9781317674023
Release 2014-12-17
Pages 190
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Introducing Comparative Literature is a comprehensive guide to the field offering clear, concise information alongside useful analysis and examples. It frames the introduction within recent theoretical debates and shifts in the discipline whilst also addressing the history of the field and its practical application. Looking at Comparative Literature within the context of globalization, cosmopolitanism and post or transnationalism, the book also offers engagement and comparison with other visual media such as cinema and e-literature. The first four chapters address the broad theoretical issues within the field such as ‘interliterary theory’, decoloniality, and world literature, while the next four are more applied, looking at themes, translation, literary history and comparison with other arts. This engaging guide also contains a glossary of terms and concepts as well as a detailed guide to further reading.

A Companion to Latin American Anthropology

A Companion to Latin American Anthropology Author Deborah Poole
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105131708179
Release 2008-05-19
Pages 560
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Comprised of 24 newly commissioned chapters, this defining reference volume on Latin America introduces English-language readers to the debates, traditions, and sensibilities that have shaped the study of this diverse region. Contributors include some of the most prominent figures in Latin American and Latin Americanist anthropology Offers previously unpublished work from Latin America scholars that has been translated into English explicitly for this volume Includes overviews of national anthropologies in Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, and Brazil, and is also topically focused on new research Draws on original ethnographic and archival research Highlights national and regional debates Provides a vivid sense of how anthropologists often combine intellectual and political work to address the pressing social and cultural issues of Latin America

Dividing Classes

Dividing Classes Author Ellen Brantlinger
ISBN-10 9781136284373
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 264
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In this study of the school system of an Indiana town, Ellen Brantlinger studies educational expectations within segments of the middle class that have fairly high levels of attainment. Building on her findings, she examines the relationship between class structure and educational success. This book asserts the need to look beyond poor peoples' values and aspirations--and rather to consider the values of dominant groups--to explain class stratification and educational outcomes.

Digitizing Race

Digitizing Race Author Lisa Nakamura
ISBN-10 9781452913308
Release 2008
Pages 248
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Lisa Nakamura refers to case studies of popular yet rarely evaluated uses of the Internet, such as pregnancy websites, instant messaging, and online petitions and quizzes, to look at the emergence of race-, ethnic-, and gender-identified visual cultures.

The Point Is To Change It

The Point Is To Change It Author Noel Castree
ISBN-10 9781444397345
Release 2013-12-19
Pages 360
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Commissioned to celebrate the 40th year of Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography, this book evaluates the role of the critical social scientist and how the point of their work is not simply to interpret the world but to change it Brings together leading critical social scientists to consider the major challenges of our time and what is to be done about them Applies diagnostic and normative reasoning to momentous issues including the global economic crisis, transnational environmental problems, record levels of malnourishment, never ending wars, and proliferating natural disasters Theoretically diverse - a range of perspectives are put to work ranging from Marxism and feminism to anarchism The chapters comprise advanced but accessible analyses of the present and future world order

Dynamic Ecologies

Dynamic Ecologies Author Neil Murray
ISBN-10 9789400779723
Release 2014-01-13
Pages 233
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This volume provides a fascinating glimpse into the complex language ecologies of Southeast Asia. Adopting a relational perspective, it considers their significance for the region, its peoples, the policy and practice of language teaching, learning and assessment and the fate of local languages. It gives particular prominence to the relationship between English and Chinese, it's likely transformation at a time of significant global change and the impact that these two languages and their synergy will have on the place of other languages and dialects. Dynamic Ecologies: A Relational Perspective on Languages Education in the Asia-Pacific Region draws on the research and insights of key scholars in the field and provides case studies that illustrate the impact of relevant language policy in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia.

Gender and Schooling in the Early Years

Gender and Schooling in the Early Years Author Janice Koch
ISBN-10 9781607527695
Release 2005-09-01
Pages 213
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In this volume, gender and schooling in the early years addresses a broad range of issues including, but not limited, to gender equity in education. We explore, for example, the complex world of play in Fromberg's chapter and are reminded that for young children, play involves issues of power and hierarchy in ways that parallel the role of gender in society. Miletta's study of preschool children in northern Italy, at Reggio Emilia, reveals a story of classroom interactions where gender differences are not part of the equation for the youngsters. Her chapter begs the question, "How does this environment empower all children, regardless of gender?" Two chapters provide a lens to the Montessori setting for young children. Wilgus studies the gendered patterns of young women teaching at a Montessori school, while Irby, Rodriguez, and LaraAlecio explore the intersections of culture and gender at a bilingual Montessori public school. Further examining the preschool years, Plaster and Schiller address the current brain research and examine the ways in which the adults that staff early child care programs, and the environments that they offer, play an important role in the development of our children.

Understanding Curriculum as Racial Text

Understanding Curriculum as Racial Text Author Louis A. Castenell Jr.
ISBN-10 0791416623
Release 1993-09-14
Pages 312
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Approaches debates over the cultural character of the curriculum as debates over the American national identity. The 15 essays discuss curriculum politics, race and representation, gender and class, cultural pluralism and ethnicity, multiculturalism, and other topics. Paper edition (unseen), $16.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR