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La Nueva California

La Nueva California Author David E Hayes-Bautista
ISBN-10 9780520241459
Release 2004-11-01
Pages 263
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"Hayes-Bautista has long argued that Latinos in the United States, generally, and Mexican Americans, specifically, are members of a civil society—and not some dysfunctional minority group, as commonly imagined. As Americans lately have discovered America within the Americas, Hayes-Bautista now gives us an excellent guide to the nation's future, by describing the new possibility of California--the largest Hispanic state in the union."—Richard Rodriguez, author of Brown: The Last Discovery of America "For more than two decades, Hayes-Bautista has been on the forefront of social scientists researching the developing Latino identity of California. The cumulative result is La Nueva California, a tour de force of social science, enlivened by convincing detail, historical imagination, prophetic power, and—above all else—great hope."—Kevin Starr, author of Americans and the California Dream series "For more than a decade, David Hayes-Bautista has accurately charted the trajectory of the New California. He is the best qualified scholar to explain the pattern of Latino growth in California and its importance for California as a whole. His analysis is persuasive and sets forth constructive initiatives to allow the Latino presence in California to be a positive force for sustaining California as a state of opportunity and achievement."—Henry Cisneros, Chairman and CEO, American CityVista

La Nueva California

La Nueva California Author David Hayes-Bautista
ISBN-10 9780520966024
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 272
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Since late 2001 more than fifty percent of the babies born in California have been Latino. When these babies reach adulthood, they will, by sheer force of numbers, influence the course of the Golden State. This essential study, based on decades of data, paints a vivid and energetic portrait of Latino society in California by providing a wealth of details about work ethic, family strengths, business establishments, and the surprisingly robust health profile that yields an average life expectancy for Latinos five years longer than that of the general population. Spanning one hundred years, this complex, fascinating analysis suggests that the future of Latinos in California will be neither complete assimilation nor unyielding separatism. Instead, the development of a distinctive regional identity will be based on Latino definitions of what it means to be American. This updated edition now provides trend lines through the 2010 Census as well as information on the 1849 California Constitutional Convention and the ethnogenesis of how Latinos created the society of "Latinos de Estados Unidos" (Latinos in the US). In addition, two new chapters focus on Latino Post-Millennials—the first focusing on what it’s like to grow up in a digital world; and the second describing the contestation of Latinos at a national level and the dynamics that transnational relationships have on Latino Post-Millennials in Mexico and Central America.

El Cinco de Mayo

El Cinco de Mayo Author David E Hayes-Bautista
ISBN-10 9780520272132
Release 2012-05-05
Pages 293
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“David Hayes-Bautista’s fascinating study finds new sources that illuminate the California roots of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. But more than just uncovering the holiday’s true origins, El Cinco de Mayo offers a striking interpretation of the making of a Mexican-American culture in Civil War-Era North America.”—Stephen Aron, author of American Confluence: The Missouri Frontier from Borderland to Border State. “In this well-written and thoroughly-researched study, Hayes-Bautista reminds us that Cinco de Mayo is not really a Mexican holiday, but rather a celebration created in California during the American Civil War by native-born Latinos and immigrants from Mexico and Latin America. Hayes-Bautista has reconstructed the rich social and political world of these California Latinos in painstaking detail, and his analysis of their widespread political engagement reveals an activism hitherto not fully recognized. This is an original and revealing book that changes the way we think about nineteenth century California.”—Richard Griswold del Castillo, author of The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: A Legacy of Conflict.

Latino Small Businesses and the American Dream

Latino Small Businesses and the American Dream Author Melvin Delgado
ISBN-10 9780231521789
Release 2011-08-16
Pages 304
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Latino small businesses provide social, economic, and cultural comfort within their communities. Social work practitioners hoping to address such needs, not only among Latinos but in all communities of color, have a vested interest in seeing these businesses grow. Latino small businesses are excellent facilitators of community capacity, a major component of effective social work practice. Reviewing the latest research on formal and informal economies within urban communities of color, this book lays the demographic foundations for a richer collaboration between theory and practice. Citing numerous case studies, Melvin Delgado cements the link between indigenous small businesses and community well-being. Whether regulated or unregulated, these establishments hire from within and promote a path toward immigrant self-employment. Latino small businesses often provide jobs for those whose criminal and mental health backgrounds intimidate conventional businesses. Recently estimated to be the largest group of color to helm small businesses, Latino owners now number two million, with the amount expected to double within the next few years. Bridging the gap between understanding these institutions and the kind of practice that best enables social and economic improvement, Delgado explains how to identify and mobilize resources to better develop these businesses.

Social Structures

Social Structures Author K. Warner Schaie, PhD
ISBN-10 0826101097
Release 2007-03-23
Pages 312
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Significant demographic changes are altering the structure of the American population. Larger numbers of immigrants are entering the work force, will become part of our aging population, and increasingly, are providing care for the elderly. Family structures and communities are evolving as marriage, childbearing, divorce, and cohabitation trends are changing. The working population that supports the elderly, physically and economically, is also changing and will most likely become smaller and less able to support this growing population. What does this mean for the well-being of our aging population and our efforts to ensure the quality of life for our elderly now and that we will want to enjoy ourselves as we become part of this older population? In this volume Drs. Schaie and Uhlenberg and a host of leading scholars look at the current structure of the American population in an effort to determine the impact it will have on the lives of the elderly and those growing older with disabilities and chronic illness. They examine the effects of the aging baby boomers on health care, migration and immigration and how it can support or tax health care networks, cultural issues regarding access to health care, and changing cultural attitudes towards marriage and family that are affecting the relationships between the elderly and their communities.

From Coveralls to Zoot Suits

From Coveralls to Zoot Suits Author Elizabeth R. Escobedo
ISBN-10 9781469602066
Release 2013-03-21
Pages 256
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During World War II, unprecedented employment avenues opened up for women and minorities in U.S. defense industries at the same time that massive population shifts and the war challenged Americans to rethink notions of race. At this extraordinary historical moment, Mexican American women found new means to exercise control over their lives in the home, workplace, and nation. In From Coveralls to Zoot Suits, Elizabeth R. Escobedo explores how, as war workers and volunteers, dance hostesses and zoot suiters, respectable young ladies and rebellious daughters, these young women used wartime conditions to serve the United States in its time of need and to pursue their own desires. But even after the war, as Escobedo shows, Mexican American women had to continue challenging workplace inequities and confronting family and communal resistance to their broadening public presence. Highlighting seldom heard voices of the "Greatest Generation," Escobedo examines these contradictions within Mexican families and their communities, exploring the impact of youth culture, outside employment, and family relations on the lives of women whose home-front experiences and everyday life choices would fundamentally alter the history of a generation.

Standardized childhood

Standardized childhood Author Bruce Fuller
ISBN-10 UOM:39015069364241
Release 2007
Pages 355
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A sociologist and educator looks at the current debate over the standardization of preschool education for America's children, examining arguments on both sides of the conflict and raising important questions about American families, cultural diversity, and the appropriate role of the state in the lives of young children.

Perspectives on Race Ethnicity and Religion

Perspectives on Race  Ethnicity  and Religion Author Valerie Martinez-Ebers
ISBN-10 019538170X
Release 2010
Pages 250
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This reader is an introduction to the relevant history, current issues, and dynamics of select minority groups in the United States. While previously written books on these topics usually confine their group coverage to African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Pacific Islanders, and American Indians, this volume expands the number of groups examined to include those previously noted, plus Jewish and Muslim Americans. First, the significance of globalization on individual, group and national identity is examined. Then, the social impact of immigration and the common experiences of immigrants are considered. Later chapters review the historical, legal, and political experiences of each aforementioned group as well as their attitudes and behaviors. The two-fold objective of the book is to provide students with the prerequisite information to evaluate the importance of race, ethnicity and religion for understanding the outcomes of American politics, in particular to help them seehow the structure and operation of our political system sometimes obstructs the efforts of these groups to gain the full benefits of freedom and equal treatment promised under the American Constitution. One of the advantages of this reader is that the contributing authors belong to the minority groups that they write about, but they also are all credentialed experts in their field of expertise, with advanced degrees in political science, sociology, history or religion. Thus they are able to draw upon the experiences of a group of people that they are intimately familiar with, while at the same time using the rational systematic approach of social scientists.

Hispanic Link Weekly Report

Hispanic Link Weekly Report Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106018247426
Release 2005
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Hispanic Link Weekly Report has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hispanic Link Weekly Report also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hispanic Link Weekly Report book for free.

California History

California History Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132658233
Release 2007
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California History has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from California History also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full California History book for free.

The Art of Healing Latinos

The Art of Healing Latinos Author David E. Hayes-Bautista
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105124037461
Release 2008
Pages 192
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The Art of Healing Latinos collects the wisdom of health professionals who have particular expertise in treating Latino patients. Their knowledge comes from many years of service in fields that range from pediatrics to geriatrics, oncology to psychology. Uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the world of American medicine and the traditions of Latino culture, these physicians, researchers, administrators, and activists offer insight and advice to all who provide, or aspire to provide, health services to the Latino community. David E. Hayes-Bautista is professor of medicine and director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Roberto Chiprut was an internist and gastroenterologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and associate clinical professor in the UCLA Department of Medicine. Other contributors include Jerome B. Block, America Bracho, Mercedes Brenneisen-Goode, Graciela Calatayud, Luz Dillary Diaz, Ted Estrada, Cristina Orce Fernandez, Camilo Jorge, Margarita Keusayan, Ismael Navarro Nuo, Angel Ponce, Irene Redondo-Churchward, Felipe O. Santana, Norbert Sharon, Kati Szamos, Arturo Velasquez Jr., and Juan Villagomez.

Latin American Studies Association International Congress

Latin American Studies Association     International Congress Author
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059172146806162
Release 2003
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Latin American Studies Association International Congress has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Latin American Studies Association International Congress also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Latin American Studies Association International Congress book for free.

Southern California Quarterly

Southern California Quarterly Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X030053593
Release 2006
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Southern California Quarterly has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Southern California Quarterly also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Southern California Quarterly book for free.

Global California

Global California Author Abraham F. Lowenthal
ISBN-10 0804762279
Release 2009-02-25
Pages 223
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Global California analyzes how the residents of the largest and most internationally connected of the fifty American states are affected by world trends, and recommends what they can do to enhance the benefits and mitigate the costs of global engagement.

A Companion to Latina o Studies

A Companion to Latina o Studies Author Juan Flores
ISBN-10 UOM:39015073978051
Release 2007-10-22
Pages 560
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A Companion to Latina/o Studies is a collection of 40 original essays written by leading scholars in the field, dedicated to exploring the question of what 'Latino/a' is. Brings together in one volume a diverse range of original essays by established and emerging scholars in the field of Latina/o Studies Offers a timely reference to the issues, topics, and approaches to the study of US Latinos - now the largest minority population in the United States Explores the depth of creative scholarship in this field, including theories of latinisimo, immigration, political and economic perspectives, education, race/class/gender and sexuality, language, and religion Considers areas of broader concern, including history, identity, public representations, cultural expression and racialization (including African and Native American heritage).


  Marcha Author Amalia Pallares
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105215520870
Release 2010
Pages 279
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movement. The result is a timely volume likely to provoke debate and advance the national conversation about immigration in innovative ways. Contributors are Frances R. Aparicio, Jose Antonio, Arellano, Xochitl Bada, David Bleeden, Ralph Cintron, Stephen P. Davis, Leon Fink, Nilda Flores-Gonzalez, Caroline Gottschalk-Druschke, Elena R. Gutierrez, Juan R. Martinez, Sonia Oliva, Irma M. Olmedo, Amalia Pallares, Jose Perales-Ramos, Leonard G. Ramirez, Michael Rodriguez Muniz, and R. Stephen Warner. --Book Jacket.

British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America the Caribbean Portugal and Spain

British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America  the Caribbean  Portugal and Spain Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105123418365
Release 2003
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British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America the Caribbean Portugal and Spain has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America the Caribbean Portugal and Spain also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America the Caribbean Portugal and Spain book for free.