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Later Prehistoric and Roman Landscapes on the Berkshire Downs

Later Prehistoric and Roman Landscapes on the Berkshire Downs Author Paula Susan Levick
ISBN-10 1407313665
Release 2015
Pages 212
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"The aim was to examine land-use and settlement on the Berkshire Downs from the Bronze Age to the end of the Romano-British period. ... A multi-disciplinary approach was used to rebuild this landscape. Aerial transcription from the National Mapping Programme is used to provide a view of the landscape before its destruction through modern agriculture, while maps and documents, lidar, woodland survey, geophysics and metal detected finds are used to create a theoretical account of activity across this region."--Abstract.

Anglo Saxon Farms and Farming

Anglo Saxon Farms and Farming Author Debby Banham
ISBN-10 9780191667312
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 400
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Farming was the basis of the wealth that made England worth invading, twice, in the eleventh century, while trade and manufacturing were insignificant by modern standards. In Anglo-Saxon Farms and Farming, the authors employ a wide range of evidence to investigate how Anglo-Saxon farmers produced the food and other agricultural products that sustained English economy, society, and culture before the Norman Conquest. The first part of the volume draws on written and pictorial sources, archaeology, place-names, and the history of the English language to discover what crops and livestock people raised, and what tools and techniques were used to produce them. In part two, using a series of landscape studies - place-names, maps, and the landscape itself, the authors explore how these techniques might have been combined into working agricultural regimes in different parts of the country. A picture emerges of an agriculture that changed from an essentially prehistoric state in the sub-Roman period to what was recognisably the beginning of a tradition that only ended with the Second World War. Anglo-Saxon farming was not only sustainable, but infinitely adaptable to different soils and geology, and to a climate changing as unpredictably as it is today.

Beyond the Medieval Village

Beyond the Medieval Village Author Stephen Rippon
ISBN-10 9780199203826
Release 2008-11-27
Pages 323
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The varied character of Britain's countryside and towns provides communities with a strong sense of local identity. One of the most significant features of the southern British landscape is the way that its character differs from region to region, with compact villages in the Midlands contrasting with the sprawling hamlets of East Anglia and isolated farmsteads of Devon. Even more remarkable is the very 'English' feel of the landscape in southern Pembrokeshire, in the far south west of Wales. Hoskins described the English landscape as 'the richest historical record we possess', and in this book Stephen Rippon explores the origins of regional variations in landscape character, arguing that while some landscapes date back to the centuries either side of the Norman Conquest, other areas across southern Britain underwent a profound change around the 8th century AD.

The Romano British Villa at Castle Copse Great Bedwyn

The Romano British Villa at Castle Copse  Great Bedwyn Author Eric Hostetter
ISBN-10 0253328020
Release 1997
Pages 550
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Results of the systematic study of the ruins of the large Roman courtyard villa at Castle Copse, southwest England. It includes overviews of the history and geography of the area, as well as a complete survey of the site - topography, geology, hydrology, and stratigraphy, and studies of the architecture, mosaics, wall painting and numerous finds. This research sheds light not just on the villa, but on the importance of associated sites as centres of power from the Iron Age to Saxon times.

Thorps in a Changing Landscape

Thorps in a Changing Landscape Author Paul Cullen
ISBN-10 1902806824
Release 2011
Pages 224
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"The authors consider the siting of 'thorps' and 'throps' in relation to the landscape and to soil types in particular. Amply demonstrating the value of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of early medieval settlement in England, the authors are able to draw important conclusions about the changes in farming that swept the country during this period and by association the process of village nucleation. By examining both the chronology of place-names in 'thorp' and 'throp' and their qualifying elements (notably the presence or absence of personal names), it appears possible to chart both the speed at which arable enterprises farmed in severalty converted to communal cultivation as well as the direction in which the changes spread. There is a sense of real excitement as many fresh insights are revealed in the course of the book"--Page 4 of cover.

The Vale of the White Horse survey

The Vale of the White Horse survey Author Martin Tingle
ISBN-10 UOM:39015025279483
Release 1991
Pages 134
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This study of `a changing landscape in the clay lowlands of southern Britain' is based on field walking of a 2 by 9.5 km area running NW across the vale from the chalk uplands of White Horse Hill, an area cutting across a wide range of local soil types. The southern end of the area overlaps with the Maddle farm survey completed by the author and V Gaffney a few years ago (BAR 200, 1989, now out of print). The survey describes and maps finds of all periods from Prehistoric through Roman to Medieval and Post-Medieval.

Pagan Britain

Pagan Britain Author Ronald Hutton
ISBN-10 9780300198584
Release 2014-05-13
Pages 400
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Britain's pagan past, with its mysterious monuments, atmospheric sites, enigmatic artifacts, bloodthirsty legends, and cryptic inscriptions, is both enthralling and perplexing to a resident of the twenty-first century. In this ambitious and thoroughly up-to-date book, Ronald Hutton reveals the long development, rapid suppression, and enduring cultural significance of paganism, from the Paleolithic Era to the coming of Christianity. He draws on an array of recently discovered evidence and shows how new findings have radically transformed understandings of belief and ritual in Britain before the arrival of organized religion. Setting forth a chronological narrative, Hutton along the way makes side visits to explore specific locations of ancient pagan activity. He includes the well-known sacred sites—Stonehenge, Avebury, Seahenge, Maiden Castle, Anglesey—as well as more obscure locations across the mainland and coastal islands. In tireless pursuit of the elusive “why” of pagan behavior, Hutton astonishes with the breadth of his understanding of Britain’s deep past and inspires with the originality of his insights.

Landscape community and colonisation

Landscape  community and colonisation Author Stephen Rippon
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105123511904
Release 2006-09
Pages 317
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This innovative study examines the changing ways that human communities chose to exploit, modify and ultimately transform their environment over two millennia. Using field archaeology and documentary sources to explore the origins and development of today's historic landscape, it shows how this individual area - in North West Somerset - cannot be understood in isolation, but must be seen in its wider regional context. It is also shown how individual landscape studies can inform wider debates with regard to the development of society, such as the reasons for local and regional variation in settlement patterns and field systems.

Ancient Monuments in the Countryside

Ancient Monuments in the Countryside Author Timothy Darvill
ISBN-10 9781848021327
Release 2014-02-15
Pages 196
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Much of England's rich archaeological heritage lies in the countryside. Many monuments, such as barrows, hillforts, and Roman villas, are familiar features fo the landscape, while other sites lie buried or only partly visible. These remains are the result of the impact on the landscape of the countless generations of people who have lived, worked and died within it. The cumulative effect is the landscape we know today, in which the historical dimension is an integral component of the valued whole and an important part of what most people in England are increasingly concerned to see protected and conserved. The archaeological heritage, however, is a finite and fragile resource, and much of it has been lost in the last two decades as a result of increasing pressures on farming, industry, and commerce to maximise the return on investment in the land. The conservation of what remains, therefore, needs to be given urgent consideration.This report has three main goals. First, it aims to present the background to the recognition, investigation, and management of the archaeological resource. Second, it attempts to review what is known of the resource, the threats currently posed to it, and the ways in which it can be exploited and conserved. Finally, it looks towards the development and promotion of a secure future for ancient monuments in the countryside.

Vanishing England

Vanishing England Author Peter Hempson Ditchfield
ISBN-10 9781326061074
Release 2014-10-27
Pages 280
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This book is intended not to raise fears but to record facts. We wish to describe with pen and pencil those features of England which are gradually disappearing, and to preserve the memory of them. It may be said that we have begun our quest too late; that so much has already vanished that it is hardly worth while to record what is left. Although much has gone, there is still, however, much remaining that is good, that reveals the artistic skill and taste of our forefathers, and recalls the wonders of old-time. It will be our endeavour to tell of the old country houses that Time has spared, the cottages that grace the village green, the stern grey walls that still guard some few of our towns, the old moot halls and public buildings. We shall see the old-time farmers and rustics gathering together at fair and market, their games and sports and merry-makings, and whatever relics of old English life have been left for an artist and scribe of the twentieth century to record.

Iconoclasm and Later Prehistory

Iconoclasm and Later Prehistory Author Henry Chapman
ISBN-10 9781351709736
Release 2018-02-07
Pages 234
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Iconoclasm, or the destruction of images and other symbols, is a subject that has significant resonance today. Traditionally focusing on examples such as those from late Antiquity, Byzantium, the Protestant Reformation and the French Revolution, iconoclasm implies intentioned attacks that reflect religious or political motivations. However, the evidence highlights considerable variation in intentionality, the types and levels of destruction and the targets attacked. Such variation has been highlighted in recent iconoclasm scholarship and this has resulted in new theoretical frameworks for its study. This book presents the first analysis of iconoclasm for prehistoric periods. Through an examination of the themes of objects, the human body, monuments and landscapes, the book demonstrates how the application of the approaches developed within iconoclasm studies can enrich our understanding of earlier periods in addition to identifying specific events that may be categorised as iconoclastic. Iconoclasm and Later Prehistory combines approaches from two distinct disciplinary perspectives. It presents a new interpretative framework for prehistorians and archaeologists, whilst also providing new case studies and significantly extending the period of interest for readers interested in iconoclasm.

Soils and Micromorphology in Archaeology

Soils and Micromorphology in Archaeology Author Marie-Agnhs Courty
ISBN-10 052132419X
Release 1990-02-22
Pages 364
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Bodenkunde - Mikromorphologie - Geologie.

The Wessex Hillforts Project

The Wessex Hillforts Project Author Andrew Payne
ISBN-10 187359285X
Release 2006
Pages 171
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The earthwork forts that crown many hills in Southern England are among the largest and most dramatic of the prehistoric features that still survive in our modern rural landscape. The Wessex Hillforts Survey collected wide-ranging data on hillfort interiors in a three-year partnership between the former Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage and Oxford University.These defended enclosures, occupied from the end of the Bronze Age to the last few centuries before the Roman conquest, have long attracted archaeological interest and their function remains central to study of the Iron Age. The communal effort and high degree of social organistation indicated by hillforts feeds debate about whether they were strongholds of Celtic chiefs, communal centres of population or temporary gathering places occupied seasonally or in times of unrest. Yet few have been extensively examined archaeologically.Using non-invasive methods, the survey enabled more elaborate distinctions to be made between different classes of hillforts than has hitherto been possible. The new data reveals not only the complexity of the archaeological record preserved inside hillforts, but also great variation in complexity among sites. Survey of the surrounding coutnryside revealed hillforts to be far from isolated features in the later prehistoric landscape. Many have other less visible, forms of enclosed settlement in close proximity. Others occupy significant meeting points of earlier linear ditch systems and some appear to overlie, or be located adjacent to, blocks of earlier prehistoric field systems.

Electric Eden

Electric Eden Author Rob Young
ISBN-10 9781429965897
Release 2011-05-10
Pages 672
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A Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction of 2011 title In the late 1960s, with popular culture hurtling forward on the sounds of rock music, some brave musicians looked back instead, trying to recover the lost treasures of English roots music and update them for the new age. The records of Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Steeleye Span, and Nick Drake are known as "folk rock" today, but Rob Young's epic, electrifying book makes clear that those musicians led a decades-long quest to recover English music-and with it, the ancient ardor for mysticism and paganism, for craftsmanship and communal living. It is a commonplace that rock and R&B came out of the folk and blues revivals of the early 1960s, and Young shows, through enchanting storytelling and brilliant commentary, that a similar revival in England inspired the Beatles and Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Traffic, Kate Bush and Talk Talk. Folklorists notated old songs and dances. Marxists put folk music forward as the true voice of the people. Composers like Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams devised rich neo-traditional pageantry. Today, the pioneers of the "acid folk" movement see this music as a model for their own. Electric Eden is that rare book which has something truly new to say about popular music, and like Greil Marcus's Lipstick Traces, it uses music to connect the dots in a thrilling story of art and society, of tradition and wild, idiosyncratic creativity.

World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum

World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum Author Dan Hicks
ISBN-10 1905739583
Release 2013
Pages 572
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World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization introduces the range, history and significance of the archaeological collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford. In 29 newly-commissioned essays written by a specialist team, the volume explores more than 136,000 artefacts from 145 countries, from the Stone Age to the modern period, and from England to Easter Island. Pioneering a new approach in museum studies, this landmark volume is an essential reference work for archaeologists around the world, and a unique introduction to the archaeological collections of one of the world's most famous museums.

Animal Man and Treescapes

Animal  Man and Treescapes Author Ian D. Rotherham (eds)
ISBN-10 9781904098249
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Animal Man and Treescapes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Animal Man and Treescapes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Animal Man and Treescapes book for free.

Celtic coinage

Celtic coinage Author Philip de Jersey
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064804753
Release 2006
Pages 260
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The 14 papers collected in this volume were, with a couple of exceptions, presented at a conference on Celtic coinage held at the Ashmolean Museum and the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford, on 6th - 7th December 2001. With seventeen speakers and an audience of ninety, this was by far the largest gathering devoted specifically to Celtic numismatics since the 1989 Oxford, and indeed must have been one of the largest meetings devoted to Celtic coinage ever to have taken place.