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Later Prehistoric and Roman Landscapes on the Berkshire Downs

Later Prehistoric and Roman Landscapes on the Berkshire Downs Author Paula Susan Levick
ISBN-10 1407313665
Release 2015
Pages 212
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"The aim was to examine land-use and settlement on the Berkshire Downs from the Bronze Age to the end of the Romano-British period. ... A multi-disciplinary approach was used to rebuild this landscape. Aerial transcription from the National Mapping Programme is used to provide a view of the landscape before its destruction through modern agriculture, while maps and documents, lidar, woodland survey, geophysics and metal detected finds are used to create a theoretical account of activity across this region."--Abstract.

Anglo Saxon Farms and Farming

Anglo Saxon Farms and Farming Author Debby Banham
ISBN-10 9780191667312
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 400
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Farming was the basis of the wealth that made England worth invading, twice, in the eleventh century, while trade and manufacturing were insignificant by modern standards. In Anglo-Saxon Farms and Farming, the authors employ a wide range of evidence to investigate how Anglo-Saxon farmers produced the food and other agricultural products that sustained English economy, society, and culture before the Norman Conquest. The first part of the volume draws on written and pictorial sources, archaeology, place-names, and the history of the English language to discover what crops and livestock people raised, and what tools and techniques were used to produce them. In part two, using a series of landscape studies - place-names, maps, and the landscape itself, the authors explore how these techniques might have been combined into working agricultural regimes in different parts of the country. A picture emerges of an agriculture that changed from an essentially prehistoric state in the sub-Roman period to what was recognisably the beginning of a tradition that only ended with the Second World War. Anglo-Saxon farming was not only sustainable, but infinitely adaptable to different soils and geology, and to a climate changing as unpredictably as it is today.

Beyond the Medieval Village

Beyond the Medieval Village Author Stephen Rippon
ISBN-10 9780199203826
Release 2008-11-27
Pages 323
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The varied character of Britain's countryside and towns provides communities with a strong sense of local identity. One of the most significant features of the southern British landscape is the way that its character differs from region to region, with compact villages in the Midlands contrasting with the sprawling hamlets of East Anglia and isolated farmsteads of Devon. Even more remarkable is the very 'English' feel of the landscape in southern Pembrokeshire, in the far south west of Wales. Hoskins described the English landscape as 'the richest historical record we possess', and in this book Stephen Rippon explores the origins of regional variations in landscape character, arguing that while some landscapes date back to the centuries either side of the Norman Conquest, other areas across southern Britain underwent a profound change around the 8th century AD.

The Romano British Villa at Castle Copse Great Bedwyn

The Romano British Villa at Castle Copse  Great Bedwyn Author Eric Hostetter
ISBN-10 0253328020
Release 1997
Pages 550
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Results of the systematic study of the ruins of the large Roman courtyard villa at Castle Copse, southwest England. It includes overviews of the history and geography of the area, as well as a complete survey of the site - topography, geology, hydrology, and stratigraphy, and studies of the architecture, mosaics, wall painting and numerous finds. This research sheds light not just on the villa, but on the importance of associated sites as centres of power from the Iron Age to Saxon times.

Thorps in a Changing Landscape

Thorps in a Changing Landscape Author Paul Cullen
ISBN-10 1902806824
Release 2011
Pages 224
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"The authors consider the siting of 'thorps' and 'throps' in relation to the landscape and to soil types in particular. Amply demonstrating the value of an interdisciplinary approach to the study of early medieval settlement in England, the authors are able to draw important conclusions about the changes in farming that swept the country during this period and by association the process of village nucleation. By examining both the chronology of place-names in 'thorp' and 'throp' and their qualifying elements (notably the presence or absence of personal names), it appears possible to chart both the speed at which arable enterprises farmed in severalty converted to communal cultivation as well as the direction in which the changes spread. There is a sense of real excitement as many fresh insights are revealed in the course of the book"--Page 4 of cover.

Landscape Settlement and Society in Roman and Early Medieval Wiltshire

Landscape  Settlement and Society in Roman and Early Medieval Wiltshire Author Simon Draper
ISBN-10 UOM:39015069113945
Release 2006
Pages 167
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Landscape Settlement and Society in Roman and Early Medieval Wiltshire

The Landscape of Roman Britain

The Landscape of Roman Britain Author Ken R. Dark
ISBN-10 UOM:39015041018709
Release 1997
Pages 186
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A look at the society, politics, economics and natural environment of the Romano-British countryside, in which the authors investigate how different parts of the landscape may have related to each other. Includes a discussion of Romano-British agricultural systems.

The Future of Surface Artefact Survey in Europe

The Future of Surface Artefact Survey in Europe Author John L. Bintliff
ISBN-10 1841271349
Release 2000
Pages 120
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Nine studies, taken from a session at the EAA meeting in Riga in 1996, focus on the current application and future directions for surface survey techniques. Contents: Editorial overview (John Bintliff, Martin Kuna & Natalie Venclov?); Future directions for surface survey in Greece (John Bintliff); Future directions in Italian field survey (Nicola Terrenato); Surface artefact studies in the Czech Republic (Martin Kuna); Reflections on the future for surface lithic artefact study in England (John Schofield); Territorie et peuplement en France, de l'Age du Fer au Moyen Age (Claude Raynaud); The past, present and future of the Polish Archaeological Record Project (Paul Barford, Wojciech Brzezinski & Zbigniew Kobylinski); Surveying prehistoric industrial activities (Evzen Neustupny & Natalia Vanclov?); Utility of the GIS approach in the collection, management storage and analysis of surface survey data

The Prehistory of Beer Head

The Prehistory of Beer Head Author Martin Tingle
ISBN-10 UOM:39015043210734
Release 1998
Pages 117
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A report on fieldwork which aimed to determine the nature and extent of prehistoric stone working around the headland at Beer, and to establish whether exploitation reflected factors such as the efficient use of raw materials, or the desire to produce specific artefact-types. The size of the area in which chalk flint was easily accessible meant that some evidence of controlled access might be found; finally evidence from other sites was considered, in order to measure the importance of Beer to prehistoric communities of the south-west peninsular.

An Atlas of Roman Rural Settlement in England

An Atlas of Roman Rural Settlement in England Author Dr. Jeremy Taylor
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105124280285
Release 2007
Pages 134
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This publication will present the major findings of a project focusing on the characterisation, mapping and assessment of late prehistoric and Roman rural settlement. The volume redresses the balance in the study of rural Roman settlement, taking the discussion beyond high-status villas, and using a wider range of material evidence and diverse case studies to understand broader Roman rural land use. The evidence provides new insights into patterns of regionality in settlement, as well as an up-to-date overview of the nature and diversity of Iron Age and Roman rural life. The accessible discussion is also cross-referenced to a full set of online data from the full research project. The volume will highlight directions for future research in the discipline and provide a framework for further utilisation of a crucial archaeological resource. It will be invaluable reading for all scholars of Roman Britain.

Medieval Villages in an English Landscape

Medieval Villages in an English Landscape Author Richard Jones
ISBN-10 1905119097
Release 2006
Pages 270
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The village - one of the keystones of the English rural landscape - has a powerful hold on the imagination. The origin of nucleated and dispersed settlements - the countryside of villages and the countryside of hamlets - has since become a central concern of landscape historians. This book directly addresses this central problem. The end-result of a 5 year project which has explored a group of 12 parishes on the Buckinghamshire-Northamptonshire boundary where elements of these two landscapes lie side by side, it looks at the reasons for fundamental changes in landscape that occurred in the parish of Whittlewood between AD 800 - 1400. Changes in how the land was perceived, divided, organised and exploited are examined to reveal the testimony of medieval villagers and answer the pressing question: Why did different communities develop different forms of communal living?

Stone Age Mining Age

Stone Age   Mining Age Author Gabriele Körlin
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105128324212
Release 2006
Pages 608
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Stone Age Mining Age has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Stone Age Mining Age also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Stone Age Mining Age book for free.

The Vale of the White Horse survey

The Vale of the White Horse survey Author Martin Tingle
ISBN-10 UOM:39015025279483
Release 1991
Pages 134
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This study of `a changing landscape in the clay lowlands of southern Britain' is based on field walking of a 2 by 9.5 km area running NW across the vale from the chalk uplands of White Horse Hill, an area cutting across a wide range of local soil types. The southern end of the area overlaps with the Maddle farm survey completed by the author and V Gaffney a few years ago (BAR 200, 1989, now out of print). The survey describes and maps finds of all periods from Prehistoric through Roman to Medieval and Post-Medieval.

The Maddle Farm project

The Maddle Farm project Author Vincent L. Gaffney
ISBN-10 UOM:39015014893070
Release 1989
Pages 262
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An experimental field survey of a large area of the Berkshire Downs, south of Uffington, achieved by intensive field walking of selected sample areas, and some excavation. Reveals the nature of the Prehistoric and Roman landscape.

The Shapwick Project Somerset

The Shapwick Project  Somerset Author Christopher M. Gerrard
ISBN-10 1905981864
Release 2007
Pages 1047
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The Shapwick Project, undertaken between 1989-99 is one of the most detailed studies of a single medieval settlement and its landscape. A principal aim of the project was to examine processes of nucleation, a current hot topic in medieval archaeology. This massive volume represents the final report from the project. It contains sections on methodology, on the various surveys undertaken (historical, architectural, archaeological and ecological), on the excavations themselves and on the finds, both material and environmental. The conclusions chart the development of settlement patterns at Shapwick from prehistory to the present day.

The Archaeological Journal

The Archaeological Journal Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X002700878
Release 1995
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The Archaeological Journal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Archaeological Journal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Archaeological Journal book for free.

Regional perspectives in archaeology

Regional perspectives in archaeology Author Richard Tabor
ISBN-10 UOM:39015053022680
Release 2004
Pages 120
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Regional perspectives in archaeology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Regional perspectives in archaeology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Regional perspectives in archaeology book for free.