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The Law and Ethics of Lawyering

The Law and Ethics of Lawyering Author Geoffrey C. Hazard (Jr.)
ISBN-10 1628100354
Release 2017
Pages 1276
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This casebook provides an overview of the wide range of legal and ethical issues facing lawyers in practice. As did prior editions, the Sixth Edition integrates discussion of the ABA's Model Rules, the ALI's Restatement of the Law Governing Lawyers, as well as case law, statutory law, and regulatory law governing lawyers. The Sixth Edition includes extensive new coverage of Ethics 20/20 revisions to the Model Rules and new principal cases on conflicts of interest.

Understanding Lawyers Ethics 1990

Understanding Lawyers  Ethics  1990 Author Monroe H. Freedman
ISBN-10 0820528668
Release 1990
Pages 265
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Understanding Lawyers Ethics 1990 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Understanding Lawyers Ethics 1990 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Understanding Lawyers Ethics 1990 book for free.

Ethics and Law

Ethics and Law Author W. Bradley Wendel
ISBN-10 9781107042568
Release 2014-10-16
Pages 261
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Combining theory with real-world examples, this book explores the classic problems of legal ethics and the philosophy of law.

Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law

Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law Author Lisa G. Lerman
ISBN-10 9781454897590
Release 2018-01-31
Pages 736
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Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law, Concise Fourth Edition is the briefer version of Lerman and Schrag’s highly successful problem-based textbook that offers a contemporary and thoughtful approach to challenging ethical dilemmas, encouraging deep analysis and lively class discussion. Key Features: Succinct and accessible explanation of lawyer law in question and answer format Numerous problems based on actual cases, in which students must analyze the ethical and strategic issues as if they were practicing lawyers Focus on issues that students are most likely to face in their early years of practice Stimulating presentation of materials, including cartoons, tables, and photos New to the Fourth Edition: Updates of countless recent developments in lawyer law, including the amendments to Rules 1.6, 1.18 and 8.4 Up-to-date discussions of how the Internet is affecting law practice, including the use of e-mail and social media Engaging two-color design New chapter on the changing legal profession Reorganized so that the chapters match the practice MPRE questions in Lerman, Schrag, and Gupta’s Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: Model Rules, State Variations and Practice Questions.

Essential Lawyering Skills

Essential Lawyering Skills Author Stefan H. Krieger
ISBN-10 9781454860877
Release 2015-02-13
Pages 432
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A readable and concise introduction to the essential skills of interviewing, counseling, negotiation, and fact analysis. Features: Incorporates the latest research on: cognitive science research on fact analysis; storytelling process; and negotiation theory. Includes state-of-the-art techniques for fact investigation. Plenty of examples promote interest, accessibility, and place topics in context.

Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills

Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills Author Nancy L. Schultz
ISBN-10 0735594023
Release 2010
Pages 415
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With a consistent emphasis on precision and good organization, Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills, Fifth Edition, shows students how to draft memoranda, opinion letters, pleadings, briefs, and other legal documents. But because communication in the practice of law occurs in specific contexts, authors Nancy L. Schultz and Louis J. Sirico, Jr . teach other valuable lawyering skills, such as client counseling, negotiating, and how to present an oral argument before the court, in this timely and student-friendly text. Now with a more contemporary look that reflects a new publisher and revisions requested by users of the text, the Fifth Edition of Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills features: a straightforward and student-friendly approach, framed and supported by a logical organization streamlined coverage that focuses on basic communication skills in practice complete coverage of legal writing--with outstanding chapters on writing style and how to write a memo in-depth instruction on legal analysis, oral argument, and how to write an appellate brief a helpful preliminary overview of the American legal system refreshed, updated, and carefully honed practice exercises expanded coverage of electronic research new coverage of electronic communicationformat, etiquette, ethics, and liability thoroughly up-to-date court citations, cases, and sample documents generous use of sample documents within the text and in the Appendices The focused exercises and examples in Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills, Fifth Edition, simulate the tasks performed by lawyers in practice and reflect the authors' forward-looking, practice-based approach to teaching writing and lawyering skills to law students

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility Author W. Bradley Wendel
ISBN-10 9780735562448
Release 2007
Pages 471
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Now in its Second Edition, Examples & Explanations: Professional Responsibility continues to be an appropriate ancillary source for students in any Professional Responsibility course. Not only does it utilize the proven pedagogy of the E&E series, but it is a completely comprehensive and well-balanced text. This problem-oriented guide is not a simple march through the Model Rules. Instead, it is structured around concepts, with rules and the generally applicable law introduced as needed. This edition retains the great features that made it a dependable source for students in its First Edition: covers the entire law governing lawyers includes agency, fiduciary duty, tort, contract, constitutional, and corporate and securities law. applies concepts and introduces the generally applicable law as needed, avoiding a narrow focus on the Model Rules supplements textual discussions with examples that work through progressively more complex issues uses both text and problems to break the analysis down into steps presents a balanced approach to controversial issues offers an accessible, conversational style draws examples from actual cases, so they are representative of the problems students can expect to encounter in practice incorporates the new sources of law (ABA's Ethics 2000 Initiative, Restatement of Law Governing Lawyers, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) organically, rather than as add-ons Carefully revised in its Second Edition, this fully up-to-date source: integrates carefully and thoughtfully updated cases, ethics opinions, and problems emphasizes the newest versions of the ABA rules, while retaining information about the older rules where necessary An author website to support classroom instruction using this title is available at

Insurance Law and Regulation

Insurance Law and Regulation Author Kenneth Abraham
ISBN-10 1609304012
Release 2015-02-27
Pages 809
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This casebook, which has been used as the principal text in more than one hundred law schools, contains extensive material on insurance contract formation and interpretation; insurance regulation; insurable interest and liability for bad-faith breach; property, health, life, and disability insurance; commercial general liability and directors & officers liability insurance; auto insurance; and reinsurance. The casebook gives equal emphasis to personal and commercial insurance, and reprints within the relevant chapters four standard-form insurance policies. There is new material on the interpretation of ambiguities, insurance regulation, the Affordable Care Act, directors & officers insurance, and excess coverage.

Legal Ethics

Legal Ethics Author Richard A. Zitrin
ISBN-10 1632809532
Release 2015
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Legal Ethics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Legal Ethics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Legal Ethics book for free.

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility Author Nathan M. Crystal
ISBN-10 9781454887317
Release 2017-03-12
Pages 688
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Known for helping students develop the ability to make sound judgments and to develop a philosophy of lawyering, the concise Professional Responsibility: Problems of Practice and the Profession, Sixth Edition is adaptable to a host of teaching styles. Scores of realistic problems call on students to develop a cogent philosophy of lawyering as they master basic concepts and prepare for the MPRE.

Regulation of Lawyers

Regulation of Lawyers Author Stephen Gillers
ISBN-10 9781454860969
Release 2015-02-13
Pages 552
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This book goes beyond the rules in teaching students the subtle differences between proper and improper conduct. The book’s balanced and engaging mix of materials supports its comprehensive coverage of professional responsibility issues. Refined through years of classroom use, this casebook offers: condensed coverage of professional responsibility issues in less space (about 120 pages shorter than the regular 10th edition); well-balanced mix of cases, secondary sources, timely materials (often drawn from recent headlines), engaging problems, and challenging notes; discussion beyond the rules and from different perspectives, to recognize that the law is not necessarily self-evident and covers many subtleties; excellent case selection; realistic, helpful, and abundant problems, many based on actual events, that facilitate class discussion and enable students to understand the rules and regulations that will govern their professional behavior; detailed notes which provide in-depth treatment of the issues; high-profile author (Gillers is a highly visible and recognized national authority on professional responsibility); and an accessible and engaging style which is characterized by variety, clarity, and humor.

Family Wanted

Family Wanted Author Sara Holloway
ISBN-10 9780812975475
Release 2005
Pages 302
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A compilation of candid, often moving narratives, essays, and memoirs by adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees answers questions about what it means to be a parent and a family, the search for origins, love, and belonging, in pieces by A. M. Homes, Bernard Cornwell, Tama Janowitz, Martin Rowson, Jonathan Rendall, Paula Fox, and many others. Original. 25,000 first printing.

Professional responsibility

Professional responsibility Author Nathan M. Crystal
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105060466286
Release 1996
Pages 693
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Resolving ethical questions in practice is only one dimension of this unique and exciting casebook by Nathan Crystal --PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Problems of Practice And The Profession. Using engaging realistic problems, Crystal challenges students to make ethical judgments based on three interrelated aspects: personal values, specific practice roles, and instructional considerations, such as legal services for indigents. Following and introductory chapter on the rules and standards of professional conduct, Crystal examines ethical issues by areas of practice. This unique structure places discussions in context, underscores key concepts such as confidentiality, and helps students focus on their career choice. Chapters, include: criminal defense and prosecution civil Litigation office practice government And The judiciary In the final two chapters, Crystal explores questions of institutional structure: delivery of legal services the adversary system and discrimination in the profession Though the casebook is problem-based, Crystal includes discussion of important cased to give you the flexibility to teach by traditional case analysis. Readable explanatory text and excerpts from cases, opinions, And The literature of professional responsibility provide meaningful background. This complete teaching package features a comprehensive Teacher's Manual that includes discussion questions for each of the problems and suggestions for using simulations and other methodologies.

Corporations and Other Business Associations

Corporations and Other Business Associations Author Charles R.T. O'Kelley
ISBN-10 9781454892588
Release 2017-06-05
Pages 1175
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Corporations and Other Business Associations: Cases and Materials

Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law

Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law Author Richard A. Zitrin
ISBN-10 0327177551
Release 2013
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Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Legal Ethics in the Practice of Law book for free.

Foreign Relations Law

Foreign Relations Law Author Curtis A. Bradley
ISBN-10 9781454888703
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 875
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A leading casebook on foreign relations law, authored by two widely cited and experienced scholars, Foreign Relations Law: Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition examines the law that regulates the conduct of contemporary U.S. foreign relations. It offers a compelling mix of cases, statutes, and executive branch materials, as well as extensive notes and questions and discussion of relevant historical background.

Beyond Legal Reasoning a Critique of Pure Lawyering

Beyond Legal Reasoning  a Critique of Pure Lawyering Author Jeffrey Lipshaw
ISBN-10 9781315410791
Release 2017-03-27
Pages 188
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The concept of learning to ‘think like a lawyer’ is one of the cornerstones of legal education in the United States and beyond. In this book, Jeffrey Lipshaw provides a critique of the traditional views of ‘thinking like a lawyer’ or ‘pure lawyering’ aimed at lawyers, law professors, and students who want to understand lawyering beyond the traditional warrior metaphor. Drawing on his extensive experience at the intersection of real world law and business issues, Professor Lipshaw presents a sophisticated philosophical argument that the "pure lawyering" of traditional legal education is agnostic to either truth or moral value of outcomes. He demonstrates pure lawyering’s potential both for illusions of certainty and cynical instrumentalism, and the consequences of both when lawyers are called on as dealmakers, policymakers, and counsellors. This book offers an avenue for getting beyond (or unlearning) merely how to think like a lawyer. It combines legal theory, philosophy of knowledge, and doctrine with an appreciation of real-life judgment calls that multi-disciplinary lawyers are called upon to make. The book will be of great interest to scholars of legal education, legal language and reasoning as well as professors who teach both doctrine and thinking and writing skills in the first year law school curriculum; and for anyone who is interested in seeking a perspective on ‘thinking like a lawyer’ beyond the litigation arena.