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Law and the Humanities

Law and the Humanities Author Austin Sarat
ISBN-10 9780521899055
Release 2010
Pages 539
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A review and analysis of existing scholarship on the different national traditions and on the various modes and subjects of law and humanities.

Law and the Humanities

Law and the Humanities Author Austin Sarat
ISBN-10 9780521899055
Release 2010
Pages 539
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A review and analysis of existing scholarship on the different national traditions and on the various modes and subjects of law and humanities.

Christianity and Law

Christianity and Law Author John Witte, Jr.
ISBN-10 9780521874625
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 343
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An authoritative introduction to some of the main legal teachings of the Western Christian tradition.

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Law Author Mark Tebbit
ISBN-10 9781315281001
Release 2017-01-20
Pages 314
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Philosophy of Law: An Introduction provides an ideal starting point for students of philosophy and law. Setting it clearly against the historical background, Mark Tebbit quickly leads readers into the heart of the philosophical questions that dominate philosophy of law today. He provides an exceptionally wide-ranging overview of the contending theories that have sought to resolve these problems. He does so without assuming prior knowledge either of philosophy or law on the part of the reader. The book is structured in three parts around the key issues and themes in philosophy of law: What is the law? – the major legal theories addressing the question of what we mean by law, including natural law, legal positivism and legal realism. The reach of the law – the various legal theories on the nature and extent of the law’s authority, with regard to obligation and civil disobedience, rights, liberty and privacy. Criminal law – responsibility and mens rea, intention, recklessness and murder, legal defences, insanity and philosophies of punishment. This new third edition has been thoroughly updated to include assessments of important developments in philosophy and law in the early years of the twenty-first century. Revisions include a more detailed analysis of natural law, new chapters on common law and the development of positivism, a reassessment of the Austin–Hart dispute in the light of recent criticism of Hart, a new chapter on the natural law–positivist controversy over Nazi law and legality, and new chapters on criminal law, extending the analysis of the dispute over the viability of the defences of necessity and duress.

Research Methods for Law

Research Methods for Law Author Mike McConville
ISBN-10 9781474403221
Release 2017-01-18
Pages 336
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Introduces students to legalistic, theoretical, empirical, comparative and cross-disciplinary research methods, grounded in working examplesNew for this editionNew chapter on inter- and cross-disciplinary research essential reading for international students and students with a non-law first degree undertaking research in the areas of law, criminology, psychology and sociologyResearch ethics has been expanded to a full chapter that includes current plagiarism and imperfect disclosureBrings existing chapters up to date with the newest thinking in legal researchDrawing on actual research projects, Research Methods for Law discusses how legal research as process impacts on research as product. The author team has a broad range of teaching and research experience in law, criminal justice and socio-legal studies, and give examples from real-life research products to illustrate the theory.

Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities Author Thomas R. Cole
ISBN-10 9781107015623
Release 2014-10-31
Pages 466
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This textbook uses concepts and methods of the humanities to enhance understanding of medicine and health care.

Legal Realism and American Law

Legal Realism and American Law Author Justin Zaremby
ISBN-10 9781441191014
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 192
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In the first part of the 20th century, a group of law scholars offered engaging, and occasionally disconcerting, views on the role of judges and the relationship between law and politics in the United States. These legal realists borrowed methods from the social sciences to carefully study the law as experienced by lawyers, judges, and average citizens and promoted a progressive vision for American law and society. Legal realism investigated the nature of legal reasoning, the purpose of law, and the role of judges. The movement asked questions which reshaped the study of jurisprudence and continue to drive lively debates about the law and politics in classrooms, courtrooms, and even the halls of Congress. This thorough analysis provides an introduction to the ideas, context, and leading personalities of legal realism. It helps situate an important movement in legal theory in the context of American politics and political thought and will be of great interest to students of judicial politics, American constitutional development, and political theory.

The Routledge Research Companion to Law and Humanities in Nineteenth Century America

The Routledge Research Companion to Law and Humanities in Nineteenth Century America Author Nan Goodman
ISBN-10 9781317042976
Release 2017-05-12
Pages 372
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Nineteenth-century America witnessed some of the most important and fruitful areas of intersection between the law and humanities, as people began to realize that the law, formerly confined to courts and lawyers, might also find expression in a variety of ostensibly non-legal areas such as painting, poetry, fiction, and sculpture. Bringing together leading researchers from law schools and humanities departments, this Companion touches on regulatory, statutory, and common law in nineteenth-century America and encompasses judges, lawyers, legislators, litigants, and the institutions they inhabited (courts, firms, prisons). It will serve as a reference for specific information on a variety of law- and humanities-related topics as well as a guide to understanding how the two disciplines developed in tandem in the long nineteenth century.

Reading the Legal Case

Reading the Legal Case Author Marco Wan
ISBN-10 9780415673549
Release 2012
Pages 237
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The Legal Case: Cross-Currents in Law and the Humanitiesre-examines the seemingly familiar notion of a ‘legal case’ by exploring the histories, practices, conventions and rhetoric of ‘case law’. The doctrine of stare decisis, whereby courts are bound by precedent cases, underpins legal reasoning in the common law world. At the same time, the legal case is itself a product of institutional and linguistic practices, and raises broader questions about the foundations and boundaries of law. The idea of the ‘case’ as an ordered, closed narrative with a determinate outcome is, for example, integral to medical, psychoanalytic, as well as forensic discourses; whilst the notion of the ‘strange case’ is a popular one in the English fiction of the late nineteenth century. What is at stake in the attempt to categorise or define a situation as a legal case? Is the notion of binding precedent in ‘case law’ really distinctive to the common law? And if so, why? What can the concept of a ‘case’ in other disciplines and discourses tell us about how it operates in law? With contributions from legal philosophers, legal historians, literary critics, and linguists, this book moves beyond the jurisprudential discussion of the nature and authority of the legal case, as it draws on insights from philosophy, m linguistics, narratology, drama, and film.

A New History of the Humanities

A New History of the Humanities Author Rens Bod
ISBN-10 9780199665211
Release 2014-01
Pages 384
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Offers the first overarching history of the humanities from Antiquity to the present.


Ethics Author Stephen J. Freeman
ISBN-10 PSU:000046153050
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 332
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Designed to assist students in developing an informed ethical conscience, this text introduces them to ethical theory and gives them practice in responding to real-life ethical issues that are often messy, complex, multifaceted. As they work through the ethical dilemmas in the book, students are encouraged to explore their own moral and ethical value systems as well as the codes they work from and to begin to form an informed ethical conscience for making sound moral and ethical judgments.

Law and Popular Culture

Law and Popular Culture Author Michael Asimow
ISBN-10 0820458155
Release 2004-01
Pages 273
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"This book explores the interface between law and popular culture, two subjects of enormous current importance and influence. Exploring how they affect each other, each chapter discusses a legally themed film or television show, such as Philadelphia or Dead Man Walking, and treats it as both a cultural and a legal text, illustrating how popular culture both constructs our perceptions of law, and changes the way that players in the legal system behave. Written without theoretical jargon, Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book is intended for use in undergraduate or graduate courses and can be taught by anyone who enjoys pop culture and is interested in law."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Law Author Larry May
ISBN-10 9781405183888
Release 2009-05-18
Pages 625
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Philosophy of Law provides a rich overview of the diverse theoretical justifications for our legal rules, systems, and practices. Utilizes the work of both classical and contemporary philosophers to illuminate the relationship between law and morality Introduces students to the philosophical underpinnings of International Law and its increasing importance as we face globalization Features concrete examples in the form of cases significant to the evolution of law Contrasts Anglo-American law with foreign institutions and practices such as those in China, Japan, India, Ireland and Canada Incorporates diverse perspectives on the philosophy of law ranging from canonical material to feminist theory, critical theory, postmodernism, and critical race theory

An introduction to Islamic law

An introduction to Islamic law Author Joseph Schacht
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106001236246
Release 1964
Pages 304
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This book presents a broad account of the present knowledge of the history and outlines the system of Islamic law. Showing that Islamic law is the key to understanding the essence of one of the great world religions, this book explores how it still influences the laws of contemporary Islamicstates, and is in itself a remarkable manifestation of legal thought.

Philosophy of Law

Philosophy of Law Author Raymond Wacks
ISBN-10 9780199687008
Release 2014-02
Pages 150
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The concept of law lies at the heart of our social and political life, shaping the character of our community and underlying issues from racism and abortion to human rights and international war. The revised edition of this Very Short Introduction examines the central questions about law's relation to justice, morality, and democracy.

Roman Law

Roman Law Author Rafael Domingo
ISBN-10 9781351111454
Release 2018-04-17
Pages 238
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Roman Law: An Introduction offers a clear and accessible introduction to Roman law for students of any legal tradition. In the thousand years between the Law of the Twelve Tables and Justinian’s massive Codification, the Romans developed the most sophisticated and comprehensive secular legal system of Antiquity, which remains at the heart of the civil law tradition of Europe, Latin America, and some countries of Asia and Africa. Roman lawyers created new legal concepts, ideas, rules, and mechanisms that most Western legal systems still apply. The study of Roman law thus facilitates understanding among people of different cultures by inspiring a kind of legal common sense and breadth of knowledge. Based on over twenty-five years’ experience teaching Roman law, this volume offers a comprehensive examination of the subject, as well as a historical introduction which contextualizes the Roman legal system for students who have no familiarity with Latin or knowledge of Roman history. More than a compilation of legal facts, the book captures the defining characteristics and principal achievements of Roman legal culture through a millennium of development.

Ethics and the Rule of Law

Ethics and the Rule of Law Author David Lyons
ISBN-10 0521277124
Release 1984
Pages 229
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This clear and systematic introduction to the philosophy of law attempts to answer some important questions about the nature of law and its relationship to social norms and moral standards.