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Law and the Mental Health System

Law and the Mental Health System Author Christopher Slobogin
ISBN-10 0314267298
Release 2013-12-06
Pages 1525
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This text has become the leading casebook on mental health law because of its wide-ranging, in-depth coverage of how the legal system responds to the challenges posed by persons with mental disorders. Continuing the tradition established in previous editions, the book features a sophisticated interdisciplinary treatment of the law and literature relating to the regulation and potential liability of the mental health professions, the government's authority to deprive people with a mental disorder of their liberty and property and limits on that authority, and the government's efforts and obligation to provide assistance to people with a mental disorder and to protect them from discrimination. The content of the new edition is immensely enhanced by the addition of two new authors, Thomas L. Hafemeister, J.D., Ph.D., a law professor and psychologist who has taught at numerous law schools, including most recently the University of Virginia, and Douglas Mossman, M.D., a Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. They join Christopher Slobogin, J.D., LL.M., the Milton Underwood Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University Law School, who was a co-author on previous editions of the book, and Ralph Reisner, Professor of Law, Emeritus, University of Illinois-Champaign College of Law, one of the initial authors of this casebook. Chapter One of the book provides a primer on mental disorders, mental health treatment and the professionals who provide it, and the complicated mechanisms for financing mental health care. The remaining four chapters of Part I of the book examine the law regulating the mental health professions, including administrative licensing, malpractice law, informed consent doctrine, and confidentiality and privilege rules (including a detailed treatment of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)). Part II explores how the law affects the liberty and property interests of people with a mental disorder in five chapters entitled "Mental Health Professionals and Expertise," "Mental Disorder and Criminal Law," "Civil Commitment," "Competency Determinations," and "Post-Commitment Issues." Part III consists of two chapters that discuss the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Social Security law, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Finally, an appendix contains updated diagnostic information from the newly published DSM-5.

Law and the mental health system

Law and the mental health system Author Ralph Reisner
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105043850663
Release 1985
Pages 696
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Law and the mental health system has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Law and the mental health system also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Law and the mental health system book for free.

Wrightsman s Psychology and the Legal System

Wrightsman s Psychology and the Legal System Author Edith Greene
ISBN-10 9781285500218
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 496
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WRIGHTMAN'S PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM shows you the critical importance of psychology's concepts and methods to the functioning of many aspects of today's legal system. Featuring topics such as competence to stand trial, the insanity defense, expert forensic testimony, analysis of eye witness identification, criminal profiling, and many others, this best-selling book gives you a comprehensive overview of psychology's contributions to the legal system, and the many roles available to trained psychologists within the system. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Latin American Casebook

The Latin American Casebook Author Juan F. Gonzalez-Bertomeu
ISBN-10 9781317026204
Release 2016-04-20
Pages 270
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Traditionally relegated because of political pressure and public expectations, courts in Latin America are increasingly asserting a stronger role in public and political discussions. This casebook takes account of this phenomenon, by offering a rigorous and up-to-date discussion of constitutional adjudication in Latin America in recent decades. Bringing to the forefront the development of constitutional law by Latin American courts in various subject matters, the volume aims to highlight a host of creative arguments and solutions that judges in the region have offered. The authors review and discuss innovative case law in light of the countries’ social, political and legal context. Each chapter is devoted to a discussion of a particular area of judicial review, from freedom of expression to social and economic rights, from the internalization of human rights law to judicial checks on the economy, from gender and reproductive rights to transitional justice. The book thus provides a very useful tool to scholars, students and litigants alike.

Mental disability law

Mental disability law Author Michael L. Perlin
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105063987387
Release 2005-08
Pages 1107
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This casebook covers all of constitutional civil mental health law, including involuntary civil commitment, the right to refuse treatment, and the rights of persons with mental disabilities in community settings. Perlin also addresses federal statutory rights, including, but not limited to, the Americans with Disabilities Act; other civil mental health issues, including tort law; and the criminal trial process, including all aspects of competency, the insanity defense, self-incrimination, confessions, the death penalty, and sentencing and post-sentencing issues. Important Supreme Court decisions that have been handed down since the first edition (Olmstead v. L.C., Tennessee v. Lane, Kansas v. Crane, Sell v. United States, and Atkins v. Virginia) are all given extensive attention.Mental Disability Law not only teach students the relevant doctrine and theory, but also give them an understanding of why the cases were decided as they were. Questions after all major sections encourage the teacher to direct students to think about the social, political, and behavioral forces that led to many of the decisions in question.

Legal Control of Water Resources

Legal Control of Water Resources Author Joseph L. Sax
ISBN-10 031416314X
Release 2006
Pages 1104
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Legal Control of Water Resources highlights the cutting edge issues of water law, while providing a comprehensive survey of the field. The book has been thoroughly updated major water marketing developments. There is extended coverage of ongoing efforts to settle Indian water rights claims. Finally, the new edition will include revised introductory materials on topics such as climate change and desalination developments. to reflect major new court decisions and legislation. The Fourth Edition deals with cutting-edge issues such as interstate water disputes on the Great Lakes, the Rio Grande, and in the Southeastern United States. New material has been added on water and urban growth management, environment/property rights conflicts, and

Mental disability law

Mental disability law Author Michael L. Perlin
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105060897464
Release 2002
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Mental disability law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mental disability law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mental disability law book for free.

Psychological Evaluations for the Courts Fourth Edition

Psychological Evaluations for the Courts  Fourth Edition Author Gary B. Melton
ISBN-10 9781462532667
Release 2017-12-22
Pages 976
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Tens of thousands of readers have relied on this leading text and practitioner reference--now revised and updated--to understand the issues the legal system most commonly asks mental health professionals to address. Highly readable, the volume demystifies the forensic psychological assessment process and provides guidelines for participating effectively and ethically in legal proceedings. Presented are clinical and legal concepts and evidence-based assessment procedures pertaining to criminal and civil competencies, the insanity defense and related doctrines, sentencing, civil commitment, personal injury claims, antidiscrimination laws, child custody, juvenile justice, and other justice-related areas. Case examples, exercises, and a glossary facilitate learning; 19 sample reports illustrate how to conduct and write up thorough, legally admissible evaluations. New to This Edition *Extensively revised to reflect important legal, empirical, and clinical developments. *Increased attention to medical and neuroscientific research. *New protocols relevant to competence, risk assessment, child custody, and mental injury evaluations. *Updates on insanity, sentencing, civil commitment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Social Security, juvenile and family law, and the admissibility of expert testimony. *Treatment of immigration law (including a sample report) and international law. *New and revised sample reports.

A Case Study in the Insanity Defense

A Case Study in the Insanity Defense Author Richard J. Bonnie
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105064240851
Release 2008
Pages 167
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This casebook first presents a background introduction and provides the history behind the insanity defense. Text features extensive coverage of the John W. Hinckley, Jr., trial. Reviews the reactions to the verdict, comments and questions from the trial, and insanity defense reform after the trial. Also includes coverage of Hinckley's hospitalization and treatment.

Law and Order a Multimedia Casebook in Criminal Procedure

Law and Order   a Multimedia Casebook in Criminal Procedure Author Kenneth Agran
ISBN-10 1628106883
Release 2015-08-28
Pages 1192
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This groundbreaking book uses episodes of the popular television show Law & Order to illustrate various aspects of Investigative Criminal Procedure. The ebook includes access to twelve episodes of Law & Order covering the legal concepts and rules employed by law enforcement personnel when investigating crimes. Instructors will be able to request a complimentary copy of the book that will give access to the ebook and demonstrate how seamlessly the product incorporates scenes from the show to describe the basic legal elements of the procedures utilized by law enforcement in areas such as warrantless searches, interrogation policies, and identification. West Academic is proud to have worked with NBCUniversal to bring this one of a kind textbook to the market. For more information and additional teaching materials, visit the companion site.

Computer Crime Law

Computer Crime Law Author Orin S. Kerr
ISBN-10 0314281363
Release 2012-12-05
Pages 830
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The third edition of Kerr's popular computer crimes text includes many updates since the second edition in 2009. New cases address topics such as the computer hacking laws, economic espionage online, Internet threats, criminal copyright prosecutions, searching cell phones incident to arrest, applying the Fourth Amendment to the Internet, and the validity of computer warrants. Two chapters have been restructured to make it easier for students to understand the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the emerging rules for computer searches. The book covers every aspect of crime in the digital age, and it is presented in an engaging and accessible style. Topics range from computer fraud laws and international computer crimes to Internet surveillance laws and the Fourth Amendment. It is part traditional casebook, part treatise. It both straightforwardly explains the law and presents many exciting and new questions of law that courts are only now beginning to consider. The book is ideally suited either for a 3-credit course or a 2-credit seminar. It will appeal both to criminal law professors and those interested in cyberlaw or law and technology. No advanced knowledge of computers and the Internet is required or assumed. Computer crime law has become an increasingly important area of criminal practice, and this book provides the ideal introduction to the field. Many U.S. Attorney's Offices have dedicated computer crime units, as have many state Attorney General offices. Any student with a background in this emerging area of law will have a leg up on the competition. Students will also find the book easy and fun to read, while professors will appreciate the accessible introduction to an important new field with many open questions for legal scholars. The materials are authored by Orin Kerr, the Fred C. Stevenson Research Professor at George Washington University Law School and a leading authority on the law of computer crime.

Mind Estranged

Mind Estranged Author Bethany Yeiser
ISBN-10 099034522X
Release 2014-07-10
Pages 184
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MIND ESTRANGED tells the story of Bethany's life, from her years as a promising university student through her gradual descent into schizophrenia, and unexpected, full recovery. While slowly losing her sanity, she traveled the world. She returned to the U.S. unable to work or study, and soon found herself homeless, delusional, and controlled by voices that talked to her and gave her orders in her mind. Bethany's memoir enables the reader to enter into the mind of a person with schizophrenia, homeless and roaming the streets. While living in the shadows of society, her illness drove her to refuse all contact with her family and friends, and eventually led to her arrest and hospitalization. Against all odds, she recovered from schizophrenia, returned to college, and graduated with honors. Henry A. Nasrallah, MD, a professor of psychiatry who treated Bethany, writes, "Bethany is living proof that recovery from schizophrenia is possible with good medical care, solid family support and the courage to keep fighting the tormenting voices that ordered her every move and controlled her every thought. MIND ESTRANGED is also a powerful message of encouragement and support for any human being facing an overwhelming challenge at some point in life." MIND ESTRANGED is the companion book to FLIGHT FROM REASON: A Mother's Story of Schizophrenia, Recovery and Hope, by Karen S. Yeiser. FLIGHT FROM REASON parallels the timeline of MIND ESTRANGED.

The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist

The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist Author Radley Balko
ISBN-10 9781610396929
Release 2018-02-27
Pages 416
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A shocking and deeply reported account of the persistent plague of institutional racism and junk forensic science in our criminal justice system, and its devastating effect on innocent lives After two three-year-old girls were raped and murdered in rural Mississippi, law enforcement pursued and convicted two innocent men: Kennedy Brewer and Levon Brooks. Together they spent a combined thirty years in prison before finally being exonerated in 2008. Meanwhile, the real killer remained free. The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist recounts the story of how the criminal justice system allowed this to happen, and of how two men, Dr. Steven Hayne and Dr. Michael West, built successful careers on the back of that structure. For nearly two decades, Hayne, a medical examiner, performed the vast majority of Mississippi's autopsies, while his friend Dr. West, a local dentist, pitched himself as a forensic jack-of-all-trades. Together they became the go-to experts for prosecutors and helped put countless Mississippians in prison. But then some of those convictions began to fall apart. Here, Radley Balko and Tucker Carrington tell the haunting story of how the courts and Mississippi's death investigation system--a relic of the Jim Crow era--failed to deliver justice for its citizens. The authors argue that bad forensics, structural racism, and institutional failures are at fault, raising sobering questions about our ability and willingness to address these crucial issues.

Inside Forensic Psychology

Inside Forensic Psychology Author Tiffany R. Masson
ISBN-10 9781440803048
Release 2016-03-28
Pages 434
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The rich case material in this unique book provides readers with an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of forensic psychology topics through the perspective of the psychologist working with these individuals. • Includes detailed case material that brings to life core concepts in forensic psychology and documents the clinical thinking and mindset of a psychologist as they meet with the patient, work in the court system, and write the court report • Encourages readers to use their critical thinking skills through the presentation of core forensic psychology concepts throughout the clinical cases • Addresses a subfield of psychology that is one of the best-paying and increasingly popular areas of specialization within professional psychology and is gaining awareness in the general population due to popular media such as movies, television shows, and fictional books that feature forensic psychology-themed storylines

Zubulake s E Discovery

Zubulake s E Discovery Author Laura A. Zubulake
ISBN-10 0985064005
Release 2012-07
Pages 230
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"I was the plaintiff in a case that resulted in a historic jury verdict and a series of legal opinions that influenced the practice of law. In 2002 I filed discrimination and retaliation claims against my former employer, a multi-billion dollar Wall Street firm. Rather than settle, I decided to search for electronic evidence that I was led to believe did not exist. Years of searching for electronic evidence resulted tn the issuance of landmark legal opinions. Known as the Zubulake opinions, they established precedents in the area of elecronic discovery (e-discovery)...My case was never really about e-discovery; for me, it was always about the underlying allegations of unfair treatment..." My book "explains what really happened and how I did what I did. It is a story about perservance, vindication, accountability, and justice." --Back cover.

Researching Resilience

Researching Resilience Author Linda Liebenberg
ISBN-10 9780802094704
Release 2009
Pages 317
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Researching Resilience challenges this tendency to pathologize youth, and marks a profound shift in research methods from the study of disorder to the study of well-being.

Learning Forensic Assessment

Learning Forensic Assessment Author Rebecca Jackson
ISBN-10 9781317681236
Release 2015-10-05
Pages 530
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Major developments in the field since the publication of Learning Forensic Assessment are integrated in this revised edition, including revised editions of the DSM-5, HCR-20 scale, and child custody guidelines. This textbook is designed for graduate students learning forensic assessment and psychologists coming to forensic practice later in their careers. It is organized around five broad areas: Professional and Practice Issues, Adult Forensic Assessment, Juvenile Forensic Assessment, Civil Forensic Assessment, and Communicating Your Findings. Each chapter begins with a strong teaching and learning foundation. The latter part of each chapter is assessment specific, covering available assessment measures and approaches to assessment. The authors go well beyond simple descriptions of assessment measures and provide a conceptual discussion of the evaluation process that helps the reader understand how assessment measures fit into the overall evaluation process. The evaluation component is geared toward assessing the important aspects of the construct as laid out in the early part of each chapter. Each chapter then concludes with a case example to illustrate the measures and techniques described.