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The Bumper Book

The Bumper Book Author Watty Piper
ISBN-10 0448420015
Release 1946
Pages 63
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Enchanting, timeless children's classics by A.A. MilneRobert Louis Stevenson and more. Includes "The Owl and the Pussy Cat", "The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat", "Wynken, Blynken and Nod", as well as other beloved favorites.

Let s parler Franglais again

Let s parler Franglais again Author Miles Kington
ISBN-10 9781910859117
Release 2015-12-07
Pages 250
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Franglais is back! Apprenez le Franglais en 10 secondes! A delicious second helping of the most humorous and indeed essential languages of all, Let's Parler Franglais Again! will save the day when you find yourself 'Dans le Health Food Shop' having to deal with 'Le Porte-à-Porte Salesman'. Never again will you go blank in le job interview, or when ordering une sandwich dans la boulangerie. So mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue encore à the merveilleux monde of Franglais, the hilarious series that attained first cult and then classic status. C’est a passeport au success social, une garantie of plein de laughter and a heartfelt celebration of des grande union culturelle. MAINTENANT NOMINÉ POUR LE PRIX NOBEL, VIGNT OSCARS, ET LE PRIX FRANGLAIS FOR BEST BOOK DANS L’HISTOIRE Miles Kington was one of Britain's most renowned and best loved journalists. Born in County Down, he grew up in Wales and was educated in Scotland, which was all a big mistake as he was actually English. A presenter, playwright, polymath and wit, he wrote columns for The Times, the Independent, Punch and The Oldie. His other acclaimed titles include Someone Like Me, How Shall I Tell the Dog? and The Franglais Lieutenant's Woman.

How Shall I Tell the Dog

How Shall I Tell the Dog Author Miles Kington
ISBN-10 9781557048615
Release 2009-07-21
Pages 256
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In this hilarious and moving book, popular English humorist Miles Kington faces cancer and death with his sparkling trademark wit, musing on everything from board games and yodeling to the prospect of being outlived by his dog. When some people are told they have only a few months to live, they might travel around the world or write their memoirs or put their affairs in order. When it happened at the age of 66 to Miles Kington-one of England's best-loved humorists-he did what he did best, offering sharp, wry, laugh-out-loud observations and ideas about his situation. Following his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, Kington proposes crazier and crazier ideas for his next book (what he calls "cashing in on cancer") in a series of letters to his literary agent, Gill. And what sort of things capture Kington's attention in his waning months? The sudden grimness of those 1,000 Places to See Before You Die books, for example. (What about 100 Things to Do Before You Die, Without Leaving Home?, he suggests. Instead of bungee jumping and whitewater rafting, learn to whistle with two fingers in your mouth, yodel, or steam open envelopes.) The irony that his dog, Berry, will probably outlive him, or the semi-outrageous idea of creating a funeral video: The answer is quite simple. Make a video in advance of my farewell speech, to be shown on a monitor, from the pulpit, or on a screen behind the stage, or wherever the best place would be. I have already visualised the opening shot. It is of me, smiling ruefully, and saying to camera: "Hello. I'm sorry I couldn't be here in person with you today." Mischievous and utterly original, Miles Kington's words in the face of death are memorable and surprisingly uplifting.

Someone Like Me

Someone Like Me Author Miles Kington
ISBN-10 0755313577
Release 2006
Pages 343
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For the last twenty years Miles Kington has written a humorous column in witch everything has been made up and nothing can be trusted. Now he has written an autobiography by those same exacting standards. Was his father a German spy? Did his mother insist on permission from the Vatican before dancing on Sundays? Was baby Miles the victim of pram napping? Who cares when a book is as brilliant as this one?

Does God Play Dice

Does God Play Dice Author Ian Stewart
ISBN-10 0631232516
Release 2002-02-26
Pages 416
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The revised and updated edition includes three completely new chapters on the prediction and control of chaotic systems. It also incorporates new information regarding the solar system and an account of complexity theory. This witty, lucid and engaging book makes the complex mathematics of chaos accessible and entertaining. Presents complex mathematics in an accessible style. Includes three new chapters on prediction in chaotic systems, control of chaotic systems, and on the concept of chaos. Provides a discussion of complexity theory.

Network Geeks

Network Geeks Author Brian E Carpenter
ISBN-10 9781447150251
Release 2013-04-10
Pages 161
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The impact on modern society made by the Internet is immeasurable. Yet some questioned “why anyone would want such a thing” when the idea was first introduced. Part history, part memoir and part cultural study, Network Geeks charts the creation of the Internet and the establishment of the Internet Engineering Task Force, from the viewpoint of a self-proclaimed geek who witnessed these developments first-hand. With boundless enthusiasm and abundant humour, Brian Carpenter leads the reader on a journey from post-war Britain to post-millennium New Zealand, describing how the Internet grew into today’s ubiquitous, global network, including the genesis of the World-Wide Web in the hotbeds of a particle collider at CERN. Illuminating the science and technology behind the apparent “magic trick” of the Internet, Network Geeks opens a window into the initially bewildering world of the Internet engineering geek. After reading this book, you may wish to join this world yourself.

A Place for Us

A Place for Us Author Benjamin R. Barber
ISBN-10 080907656X
Release 2004-02-01
Pages 176
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In our crowded, noisy world—too many people, too much crime, too many wars, not enough time—it seems almost impossible to locate and preserve the common ground where a civil society might flourish. Whatever happened to the civic virtue and community life that nourished true democracy? In this provocative, hard-hitting book, political scientist Benjamin Barber tackles these questions head-on and, in answering them, retrieves the ideals of “civil society” from the nostalgists who want to re-create old-fashioned (and discriminatory) small communities and from the free-marketeers who associate it with unfettered commercial activity. Commentators have been making a fashion of civil society, but they tend to mean many different things by the phrase: this bracingly clear book shows how diverse the various notions are and how best to think about them. Barber proposes practical strategies for making civil society real, for civilizing public discourse and promoting civic debate, and for affirming values beyond those of work and leisure, commerce and bureaucracy.

I An Distracted by Everything

I An Distracted by Everything Author Liza Tarbuck
ISBN-10 9780718188009
Release 2017-11-02
Pages 304
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READING MY NEW BOOK IS JUST LIKE LISTENING TO ME ON THE RADIO . . . WARNING: THIS IS A COLLECTION OF MY GENUINE DISTRACTIONS AND MAY PROMPT LAUGHTER. I AN DISTRACTED BY: Comments sent in by my listeners: 'Once I took some black puddings out of the freezer only to find a mole! I had found it in the garden and intended to send it to Chris Packham for Springwatch' Mrs D 'My mum said women of a certain age shouldn't wear beige jackets as from the back they look like a baked potato.' Lorna - Edinburgh Travelling back in time: I don't want to be a killjoy, but I remember a time before duvets were the norm, so I'm already apprehensive. And bearing in mind the lack of female toilets now, basic needs are going to be tricky. Stylish Snippets: Children, drunks and leggings NEVER lie The Atom Bomb The idea of 'the bomb' had me awake for years. I felt it might be up to me to get the cellar ready, but Mum was rather casual about the whole thing I am genuinely distracted by everything, and I don't think I'm alone in this. I consider my love of distraction a thing to be cherished. Like the annuals of my youth, this book is filled with puzzles, activities and mental musings. I hope that every page tickles your fancy. This book might be a perfect conversation starter at a dinner table, or the last thing you're flipping through before bed. I promise that you'll laugh at least once. So here we go. I am passing my distractions on to you. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The fans who have already been distracted by Liza's new book . . . 'It's wonderful!' Harry Hill 'The perfect gift' Dawn French 'Utterly glorious' India Knight 'I do love Liza Tarbuck so' Miranda Hart 'National treasure' Sue Perkins

Reading Voices

Reading Voices Author Garrett Stewart
ISBN-10 0520070399
Release 1990
Pages 337
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"At last, a scrupulous and sustained--'earsighted'--study of that shadowy yet vital intersection of sound and sense without which literary reading remains a disembodied exercise. . . . Stewart immerses us brilliantly in the poststructural method of a 'phonemic' analysis." --Geoffrey H. Hartman, author of Saving the Text "Stunningly articulate. . . . Alongside brilliant exegeses of passsages from the major English poets, Stewart offers new and dazzling interpretations of the 'poetics of prose' in such novelists as Dickens, Lawrence, Joyce, and Woolf. The book is a tour de force, no doubt about it. In my opinion, Reading Voices will have not only a wide but a lasting reception." --Hayden White, author of Metahistory "This is exciting, virtuoso work in a playfully imaginative hermeneutic mode. Stewart's ear hears fascinating and compelling things, things which have a delightfully rich and thematically complex bearing on much larger textual issues." --Paul Fry, author of The Reach of Criticism "A truly original book. . . . The first work in years to bring together linguistically informed criticism with more philosophically oriented literary theory. The resulting vision of literature is odd, personal, passionate, even outlandish. Not only is Stewart himself and extraordinary stylist, but his work suggests a breakthrough in stylistic criticism so radical as to revitalize the entire field." --Jay Clayton, author of Romantic Vision and the Novel

Contemporary Linguistic Analysis

Contemporary Linguistic Analysis Author William O'Grady
ISBN-10 9780134069098
Release 2015-02-13
Pages 576
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Contemporary Linguistic Analysis is written and edited by leading scholars in the field. It provides an up-to-date introduction with coverage of phenomena that are of special interest and relevance to the linguistic situation in Canada. Using the generative paradigm, it offers an introduction to linguistic analysis as it is practised at this stage in the development of the discipline. This superb text gives students a solid grounding in basic linguistic concepts, but also prepares them to go on to further advanced work in the discipline.

The Best by Miles

The Best by Miles Author Miles Kington
ISBN-10 1906964211
Release 2009
Pages 329
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Let s parler Franglais one more temps

Let s parler Franglais one more temps Author Miles Kington
ISBN-10 9781910859131
Release 2015-12-07
Pages 250
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Back for a quatrième glorieuse saison with Let's Parler Franglais One More Temps, the world's most humorous language returns in style classique. Essential reading for anyone who loves wine, cheese, Paris and love – which is to say everyone – Franglais is the key to understanding our French cousins (et vice versa, pour le French who love rosbif, warm biere, et Birmingham). Franglais continues its marche de strength à strength. Pour beaucoup de gens c’est maintenant un way de vie. 'A true comic genius' Ian Hislop 'Ridiculously funny' Joanna Lumley 'What a truly gifted, consistently funny writer' Maureen Lipman ‘Utterly charming and extremely funny’ Independent Miles Kington was one of Britain's most renowned and best loved journalists. Born in County Down, he grew up in Wales and was educated in Scotland, which was all a big mistake as he was actually English. A presenter, playwright, polymath and wit, he wrote columns for The Times, the Independent, Punch and The Oldie. His other acclaimed titles include Someone Like Me, How Shall I Tell the Dog? and The Franglais Lieutenant's Woman.

Le Bumper Book de Franglais

Le Bumper Book de Franglais Author Miles Kington
ISBN-10 1906964742
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 216
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Miles Kington first introduced the 'Let's Parler Franglais' columns for Punch in the late 70s. Having fun with the way the English use the French language, they are a combination of wit and linguistic dexterity. This book is drawn from those columns.

In the Merde for Love

In the Merde for Love Author Stephen Clarke
ISBN-10 159691744X
Release 2008-12-10
Pages 416
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The latest episode in Stephen Clarke's almost-true account of his adventures as an expat in France is just as winning as the first. This "anti-Mayle" will have readers chortling over their croissants and café au lait while Paul West struggles to solve the mysteries inherent in life in France. What is the best way to scare a gendarme? Is it really polite to sleep with your boss's mistress? And why are there no public health warnings on French nude beaches? Paul discovers how to judge a French vacationer by the rustiness of his bicycle; opens his English tearoom; and finally understands why Parisian waiters are so cranky. Just in time for spring in Paris, find out if Paul finds the perfect French mademoiselle or if it all ends in merde!

Skiing with Demons

Skiing with Demons Author Chris Tomlinson
ISBN-10 1909644668
Release 2015-09-22
Pages 268
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Part memoir, part observational humour, this seriously funny book, documents the author's transition from a city living executive, to a garage dwelling ski bum in the French Alps. It will be enjoyed by anyone who has either been on a skiing holiday, is thinking of running a ski chalet, wants to be a ski instructor or is planning a midlife crisis - it's not really about skiing.


Alamein Author Mark Johnston
ISBN-10 UOM:39015056244596
Release 2002
Pages 314
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Alamein was a decisive battle of the Second World War. Australia troops took a leading - and costly - part in the battle. Sixty years on Alamein and the North African war is virtually forgotten in Australia. This book tells the story of the Australians who fought the climactic battle of the desert war.

A History of the French in London

A History of the French in London Author Debra Kelly
ISBN-10 1905165862
Release 2013
Pages 488
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This book examines, for the first time, the history of the social, cultural, political and economic presence of the French in London, and explores the multiple ways in which this presence has contributed to the life of the city. The capital has often provided a place of refuge, from the Huguenots in the 17th century, through the period of the French Revolution, to various exile communities during the 19th century, and on to the Free French in the Second World War.It also considers the generation of French citizens who settled in post-war London, and goes on to provide insights into the contemporary French presence by assessing the motives and lives of French people seeking new opportunities in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It analyses the impact that the French have had historically, and continue to have, on London life in the arts, gastronomy, business, industry and education, manifest in diverse places and institutions from the religious to the political via the educational, to the commercial and creative industries.