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Leadership and Management in Integrated Services

Leadership and Management in Integrated Services Author Judy McKimm
ISBN-10 9781844455805
Release 2009-05-05
Pages 192
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Government drivers promote integrated health and social care services for children and adults yet the field is immensely complex, with the involvement of multiple agencies, professionals and other stakeholders. This book will help students and new practitioners make sense of this rapidly changing scene. It provides an overview and introduction to core leadership and management principles, the key management structures and organisations that comprise integrated services. It also considers some of the differences and dilemmas arising from the range of professions and organisations involved in delivering integrated services.

Integrated Services and Children at Risk Demonstration Programme on Educational Disadvantage

Integrated Services and Children at Risk  Demonstration Programme on Educational Disadvantage Author
Release 1997
Pages 32
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Integrated Services and Children at Risk Demonstration Programme on Educational Disadvantage has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Integrated Services and Children at Risk Demonstration Programme on Educational Disadvantage also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Integrated Services and Children at Risk Demonstration Programme on Educational Disadvantage book for free.

Technology Leadership in Teacher Education Integrated Solutions and Experiences

Technology Leadership in Teacher Education  Integrated Solutions and Experiences Author Yamamoto, Junko
ISBN-10 9781615209002
Release 2010-06-30
Pages 390
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"This book presents international authors, who are teacher educators, and their best practices in their environments, discussing topics such as the online learning environment, multimedia learning tools, inter-institutional collaboration, assessment and accreditation, and the effective use of Web 2.0 in classrooms"--Provided by publisher.

Children Families And Communities Creating And Sustaining Integrated Services

Children  Families And Communities  Creating And Sustaining Integrated Services Author Broadhead, Pat
ISBN-10 9780335220939
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 120
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This title draws on the work of Sheffield Children's Centre, a well-known community cooperative, where cutting edge practice and recognised models of good practice have emerged from community participation.

Critical Issues in Youth Work Management

Critical Issues in Youth Work Management Author Jon Ord
ISBN-10 9781136588556
Release 2013-06-17
Pages 188
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This valuable textbook communicates the complexities and controversies at the heart of youth work management, exploring key issues in a critical fashion. Written by a team of experienced youth work lecturers, the chapters cover topics such as planning, evaluation and supervision, whilst acknowledging the changing structures of integrated services and the impact of public service reform. Divided into three sections, it covers: Historical and theoretical context Critical practice issues, including leadership, policy constraints, planning and accountability Managing in different settings, for instance integrated services and the voluntary sector. Aimed at both youth work students studying for their professional qualification, as well as practicing managers, Critical Issues in Youth Work Management encourages critical thinking about what management in youth work is and what it can be. It includes reflective questions and further reading, and case studies are integrated throughout.

Reinventing a Ministry

Reinventing a Ministry Author
ISBN-10 1550610554
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Reinventing a Ministry has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Reinventing a Ministry also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Reinventing a Ministry book for free.

Management of Regeneration

Management of Regeneration Author John Diamond
ISBN-10 9781134314409
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 234
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Stemming from a need to understand strategic processes, examine current practices, and identify the needs of regeneration management professionals, this book cites current regeneration management practice within a framework which critically examines the theoretical models developed over the past twenty years. It features illustrative case studies, learning objectives, key themes boxes, and review and reflection segments, and explains strategic processes and new forms of local, sub-regional and regional management. It also investigates the development and extension of the roles of regeneration managers (which increasingly illustrate the uneven and contradictory nature of this subject), and raises important issues regarding how such individuals are supported and developed. This book: examines current initiatives in order to present good practice provides practitioners and students with an understanding of the choices, challenges and dilemmas faced by regeneration managers focuses on the themes of partnership, capacity building and community engagement, participation and sustainability has an accompanying web page featuring downloadable PowerPoint slides and test blanks. A valuable resource for public sector managers, and urban management professionals, this book synthesises strategic literature and applies it within a changing local, sub regional and regional governance system. Providing a clear framework within which new models of strategy and implementation can be found, it presents a balanced approach between existing theory and practical case material.

Global Leadership Talent Management

Global Leadership Talent Management Author Jürgen Deters
ISBN-10 9781787145443
Release 2017-05-30
Pages 200
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Global Leadership Talent Management, as an integrated process, supports the sustainable success of global organizations. This book shows how specifically the selection process can be created as an exchange process in which mutual expectations and perceived fairness and justice play an important role.

Medical Group Management in Turbulent Times

Medical Group Management in Turbulent Times Author William Winston
ISBN-10 9781317948629
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 492
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Medical Group Management in Turbulent Times: How Physician Leadership Can Optimize Health Plan, Hospital, and Medical Group Performance provides you with proven methods and new strategies on how to deliver more effective health care, health products, and related services to patients and other consumers. Stressing physician leadership and proactive participation, this text will enhance your understanding of how a working relationship between practicing physicians and health care managers is a positive and necessary means for administering and managing quality health care now and in the future. Through units preceded by defined goals, projected outcomes, and outcome analyses, Medical Group Management presents material to you in a practical, comprehensive manner on topics such as: understanding values and relationships among physicians, hospitals, and health plans working together toward a common goal establishing trust and communication between physicians, hospitals, and health plans embracing change as a catalyst for the enhancement of medical practice understanding the physicians’role in the management of a consumer-focused medical group planning for shifts in medical practice away from intervention and toward prevention creating jointly developed plans and budgets predicated upon principles of continuous quality improvement, such as eliminating unnecessary patient paperwork and improving employees’morale and job satisfaction In addition, most units in this text feature a “factors to consider” category that advises you, for example, how to research competition, establish a target market, and research the demographics of a community before formulating a plan to increase your number of patients. Complete with recommendations, sample plans on how to market health services or better serve your patients, and suggestions on how to enhance quality care, Medical Group Management will give you the knowledge to successfully address problems and work together with other professionals in the health care community to provide quality services to patients and consumers now and into the next century.

FullSpectrum Strategic Leadership

FullSpectrum Strategic Leadership Author David L. Rainey
ISBN-10 9781623966515
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 275
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FullSpectrum Strategic Leadership: Being on the Cutting Edge through Innovative Solutions, Integrated Systems, and Enduring Relationships articulates how strategic leaders, senior managers, business professionals, aspiring young business leaders, and management students can make dramatic improvements in their endeavors, enrich their knowledge and capabilities, and learn the essential perspectives of strategic leadership and management. In today’s world, strategic leaders regardless of venue have to be confident in their aspirations, holistic in their perspectives, proactive in their strategies and actions, and lead change ahead of the prevailing driving forces. Fullspectrum strategic leadership (FSL) is about being on the cutting edge and leading from the front and ahead of changes in the business environment. It involves creating unique solutions, developing effective and efficient systems, and building enduring relationships with people. Astute strategic leader embrace opportunities, overcome challenges, and eliminate threats before others are even aware of the underpinnings of change. They are capable, confident, and courageous when developing and deploying strategic innovations. Strategic innovations are essential in creating sustainable success and extraordinary outcomes. The book examines cuttingedge leadership and management constructs and practices. It describes how to create value across space and time and how to sustain success in a more turbulent and global business world. It explores how to lead change through insights, imagination, and innovativeness. It describes what a solution is and how to design, develop, validate, and deploy solutions that are on the cutting edge. It details how to establish integrated value systems that are inclusive and how to build enduring relationships. The book describes theories, constructs, models, insights, and practices based on multifaceted perspectives and holistic management. Given the current level of obsolesces in theories and practices in today’s business world, FSL presents cuttingedge leadership and management constructs for becoming more sophisticated and successful in a turbulent business world. Given the prevailing business realities, strategic leaders are creating, innovating, developing, improving, growing, and sustaining success or they are falling hopelessly behind. FSL is the neverending desire to accomplish more and provide more beneficial outcomes for people. It is based on the recognition that good is never good enough, that the needs, wants, and expectations of tomorrow are expected to be more challenging than those of today, and that strategic leaders have to provide solutions to the myriad of problems, concerns and issues. It is also based on the multifaceted perspective that such challenges are really opportunities for excelling and creating value for everyone. Truly great strategic leaders provide solutions and systems that maximize the positives and minimize the negatives. They embrace corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and sustainable success. Truly great leaders make the world a better place.

Integrated Children s Centres

Integrated Children s Centres Author Carole Beaty
ISBN-10 9781136938382
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 256
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Designed to be a one-stop-shop to meet the needs of local communities, Children’s Centres represent a revolutionary shift in the way children’s services are delivered to families. Integrated Children’s Centres looks at the way in which Children’s Centre development has built upon the research and experiences of initiatives such as the HeadStart programme in America and the SureStart programme. Exploring the component elements of truly integrative services and the key players in ensuring positive outcomes: families, the local authority, PCT, private and voluntary sectors, and faith groups, this book covers: the challenges faced by children’s centres how to tackle social issues through the medium of children's centres achieving effective multi-agency working and true collaboration the essentials of leading and managing children’s centres the benefits of early intervention how to effectively deliver health care, education and children’s services. Providing a wealth of case studies, this highly topical book will be of interest to nursery and children’s centres managers and early years practitioners enrolled on the NPQICL or EYPS programmes, as well as students working towards a degree in Early Childhood Studies or MA in Early Years.

Creating Integrated IBM WebSphere Solutions using Application Lifecycle Management

Creating Integrated IBM WebSphere Solutions using Application Lifecycle Management Author Emrah Barkana
ISBN-10 9780738440286
Release 2014-12-21
Pages 248
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This IBM® Redbooks® publication demonstrates, through a practical solution and step-by-step implementation instructions, how customers can use the IBM Rational® Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) portfolio to build and manage an integrated IBM WebSphere® Application. Building a business application (mobile and desktop) that uses WebSphere Application Server, IBM MQ, IBM Integration Bus (IIB), Business Process Management (BPM), Operational Decision Management (ODM), and Mobile. IBM RedpaperTM publication, Rapid deployment of integrated WebSphere solutions in your cloud, REDP-5132, is an extension to this IBM Redbooks publication. Using the same practical solution covered in this Redbooks publication, REDP-5132 demonstrates how the IBM PureApplication® System is a "logical extension" versus a "whole new world", covering PureApplication Patterns and the new PureApplication as a service on Softlayer. The intended audience for this book is architects, developers, administrators, and DevOps personnel.

Professionalism and Public Service

Professionalism and Public Service Author David Siegel
ISBN-10 9781442692008
Release 2008-07-26
Pages 352
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Representing the leading scholars in the field, Professionalism and Public Service assesses the state of public administration in Canada while also moving the discipline forward both as a profession and an academic discipline. The contributors to this volume trace the evolution of public administration institutions and explore issues such as the protection and improvement of the public service, recent innovations in the area of service delivery, and how this has created increased legitimacy and recognition from citizens. The various chapters also examine the importance of ongoing learning and training within the public service, and study many recent advances in teaching methods for both students as well as for public administration practitioners. Written in honour of Kenneth Kernaghan, the groundbreaking scholar who played an important role in public administration in Canada, Professionalism and Public Service thematically highlights some of his lasting contributions to the discipline. It is a history of the recent evolution of an essential part of Canadian governance and a fitting tribute to a distinguished scholar.

The Handbook of Community Practice

The Handbook of Community Practice Author Marie Weil
ISBN-10 9781452289977
Release 2012-08-29
Pages 968
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The Second Edition of The Handbook of Community Practice is expanded and updated with a major global focus and serves as a comprehensive guidebook of community practice grounded in social justice and human rights. It utilizes community and practice theories and encompasses community development, organizing, planning, social change, policy practice, program development, service coordination, organizational cultural competency, and community-based research in relation to global poverty and community empowerment. This is also the first community practice text to provide combined and in-depth treatment of globalization and international development practice issues—including impacts on communities in the United States and on international development work. The Handbook is grounded in participatory and empowerment practices, including social change, social and economic development, feminist practice, community-collaborative, and engagement in diverse communities. It utilizes the social development perspective and employs analyses of persistent poverty, asset development, policy practice, and community research approaches as well as providing strategies for advocacy and social and legislative action. The handbook consists of forty chapters which challenge readers to examine and assess practice, theory, and research methods. As it expands on models and approaches, delineates emerging issues, and connects policy and practice, the book provides vision and strategies for local to global community practice in the coming decades. The handbook will continue to stand as the central text and reference for comprehensive community practice, and will be useful for years to come as it emphasizes direction for positive change, new developments in community approaches, and focuses attention on globalization, human rights, and social justice. It will continue to be used as a core text for multiple courses within programs, will have long term application for students of community practice, and will provide practitioners with new grounding for development, planning, organizing, and empowerment and social change work.

Marketing High Profit Product Service Solutions

Marketing High Profit Product Service Solutions Author Roger More
ISBN-10 9781317100423
Release 2016-05-06
Pages 208
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Marketing High Profit Product/Service Solutions addresses one of the most exciting and growing strategic marketing opportunities facing product and service companies - ’bundling’. Many customers want bundled products and services which represent integrated solutions to their problems, rather than buying individual products and services piecemeal, and if you become that supplier it can transform a company. There are many outstanding examples: Magna International grew in several stages from a supplier of basic individual auto parts to a company manufacturing a product/service 'super-bundle'; ultimately sourcing and assembling the entire car itself. GE developed their business involving the supply of medical imaging machines to hospitals to become a 'super-bundler' of complete hospital radiological floor imaging operations planning, installation, and integration. IBM transformed their position as a supplier of individual hardware, software, and peripherals to companies into a product/service solution 'bundler' of increasing complexity, and finally into the 'super-bundle' of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing); representing an outsourced and complete integrated IT solution set for clients’ entire global operations. Roger More explores what was learned by these leading companies (amongst others) when they transformed their market strategies to become bundlers of complex integrated customer solutions. Over many years the author has developed and tested new concepts, maps and tools for use by a wide variety of managers in developing strategies for these bundled product/service solutions. His book now offers these maps and tools to all who invest in a copy.

Service Leadership

Service Leadership Author Svafa Gronfeldt
ISBN-10 9781452279121
Release 2005-11-30
Pages 336
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The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive theoretical framework as well as practical strategies—not just for survival but for a true search for excellence in the uncertain and ever-changing world of customer service management. The theoretical framework is based on the notion that customer service contains three key variables: a promise, a process, and people. After going through the step-by-step process of service management, the reader will have the necessary understanding and skill to choose the right strategy for the right circumstances, to design service processes, to identify the means and methods to implement these processes, and to measure the outcome.

Integrated Risk Management for Leisure Services

Integrated Risk Management for Leisure Services Author Robert B. Kauffman
ISBN-10 9780736095655
Release 2013
Pages 302
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Learn how you can prevent and reduce injury, damage, or loss to your patrons and your organisation.