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Leadership Games

Leadership Games Author Stephen S. Kaagan
ISBN-10 9781452237459
Release 1998-10-16
Pages 216
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Leadership Games presents twenty-five practical, inexpensive experimental activities designed to be used in various leadership training and development programmes.This book centers on those areas of primary concern to todays managers, team leadership, risking innovation, fostering collaboration, managing conflict, and using diversity. The author has extensive experience both in the academic and consulting word (including being a past President of the Outward Bound program in Rockland, Maine).

Leadership Games Experiential Learning For Organization Development

Leadership Games   Experiential Learning For Organization Development Author Kaagan
ISBN-10 8170368243
Release 1999-06-08
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Leadership Games Experiential Learning For Organization Development has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Leadership Games Experiential Learning For Organization Development also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Leadership Games Experiential Learning For Organization Development book for free.

30 Reflective Staff Development Exercises for Educators

30 Reflective Staff Development Exercises for Educators Author Stephen S. Kaagan
ISBN-10 9781452295862
Release 2008-06-25
Pages 120
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This edition offers a fresh introduction to the power of reflective exercises, new questions for individual and group reflection, and a section on asking thoughtful debriefing questions.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development Author Manuel London
ISBN-10 9781135647872
Release 2001-09-01
Pages 312
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Leadership Development explores how leaders gain and use self-knowledge for continuous improvement and career development and describes how leaders help themselves and the people with whom they work, understand themselves, and become more self-determined, continuous learners, and make the most of resources, such as feedback and coaching. This book explains why leaders need support for self-insight and professional growth in today's business environment. It explores dimensions of effective leadership in light of business, technological, and economic trends. Focusing on the importance of leaders developing accurate self-understanding, the book defines self-insight, outlines the meaning of internal strength and resilience for self-regulation, and considers how leaders attain a meaningful and realistic sense of self-identity. This volume illustrates ways organizations support these psychological processes. Leadership development is viewed as a comprehensive, continuous process that includes evaluating organizational needs and individual competencies, setting goals for career development and performance improvement, offering needed training and growth experiences, providing feedback, and tracking change in behavior and performance over time. It describes how leaders react to feedback and how 360-degree feedback survey methods and executive coaching help leaders attain and apply self-insight to enhance their performance. In addition, this book considers challenges and opportunities for leadership development, including how leaders overcome career barriers and become continuous learners.

Developing Teacher Leaders

Developing Teacher Leaders Author Frank Crowther
ISBN-10 9781412963749
Release 2009
Pages 187
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With five new case studies, this revised edition shows principals and staff developers how to collaborate with teachers in fostering, developing, and supporting teacher leadership.

Games That Teach

Games That Teach Author Steve Sugar
ISBN-10 0787940186
Release 1998-05-29
Pages 192
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Games are your answer! They don't want to hear you lecture. They don't want to read an instruction guide. So how can you tell them what they need to know? You want bright smiles, not bored sighs. You want them to have fun, but you want them to learn as well. GAMES are your answer! Games aren't just for kids. Games can help people learn business ideas: games can teach. Steve Sugar's adaptable designs put an end to tired, scripted business games. Sometimes you have a lot of games, but none of them ever seems to suit the occasion. Sometimes games suit the occasion, but are so rigid that the participants are bored before they've scarcely even begun. With Sugar's help, your games will always be both fitting and new. These aren't your average games. They're frame games, game shells to which you can add your own unique content. With this simple book, you'll quickly create perfect games for every setting! In this book you'll get: An abundance of uniq ue and playful games. These content-reinforcing designs will increase the smile quotient of even the most hard-to-please audience. A handy selection matrix. This tool helps you choose the games that suit your specific training needs. A simple seven-step game implementation model. This plan shows you how to customize these designs for your own use. As a student, Sugar used games to remember his schoolwork; as a teacher, he used games to energize dull lessons; as a trainer, he uses games to excite learners and accelerate learning. And now he offers you this invaluable treasury of his fluid game designs. Bring a bounty of frame game fun to your next training session or presentation!

Games That Teach Teams

Games That Teach Teams Author Steve Sugar
ISBN-10 0787948357
Release 1999-10-15
Pages 240
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Building on his first book, Games That Teach, Steve Sugar, along with George Takacs, tackles teams and team learning through the use of more than 20 competitive games and interactive learning exercises. Using the comprehensive facilitator notes, you'll be able to customize these innovative games to suit the training needs of the teams in your organization. Games That Teach Teams: Gives your teams the opportunity to discuss serious team topics in a non-threatening setting Includes a matrix indicating which games are most appropriate for specific team isues Contains sample exercises using game "frames" that allow you to create your own games Is completely reproducible, saving you time and money! "Games That Teach Teams is packed with activites that can help your team increase its ability to learn from its successes and failures and its ability to work together." —Rick Mauer, consultant; author of Beyond the Walls of Resistance

Emotional Intelligence in Action

Emotional Intelligence in Action Author Marcia Hughes
ISBN-10 9781118171288
Release 2011-12-29
Pages 416
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The importance of emotional intelligence as a critical factor in personal and business success is now well established. Emotional Intelligence in Action, Second Edition shows how to tap the power of EI to build effective emotional skills and create real change for leaders and teams. This book breaks new ground in providing a cross-reference matrix that maps sixty-five exercises to four leading emotional intelligence models – the EQ-I 2.0 or EQ360, TESI and TESI Short, the MSCEIT, and EISA – making it easy to use with all the models. Revised to respond to the significant changes in EQi-2.0 and to add two new instruments, TESI and EISA, this Second Edition now offers in-depth coverage of such emerging topics as emotional expression, as well as twenty new exercises, accompanied by reproducible handouts for your participants. Ideal for both individual or team coaching or as part of a wider leadership and management development program, Emotional Intelligence in Action, Second Edition provides highly-effective experiential learning, drawn from real life, that will help you enhance emotional intelligence competencies in every organization.

The Handbook of Experiential Learning

The Handbook of Experiential Learning Author Melvin L. Silberman
ISBN-10 0470117397
Release 2007-03-15
Pages 350
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The Handbook of Experiential Learning is a comprehensive resource that draws together contemporary thought and practice on a wide range of experiential learning applications from the best-known authorities on the topic. In this book, volume editor and leading experiential learning expert, Mel Silberman presents a contemporary review of experiential learning in the workplace complete with models, applications, and innovative uses. The handbook covers a broad range of experiential learning methods including: Games and simulations Action learning Role-play and Improv Story-telling Adventure activity Reflective practice Creative play It also describes the use of experiential learning in topics such as technical skills, leadership, team building, diversity and cross-cultural training, and emotional intelligence.

The Experiential Learning Toolkit

The Experiential Learning Toolkit Author Colin Beard
ISBN-10 9780749459345
Release 2010-07-03
Pages 288
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The Experiential Learning Toolkit presents a diverse range of practical exercises, which are based on the theory of experiential learning. Experiential learning is concerned with learning through direct experience, which aims to create more effective, engaging and embedded learning. Each activity presented includes a description of the underlying principles, practical information on delivering the exercise as well as tips and further reading. The exercises cover a range of training needs including; effective customer service, telephone skills, applying strategic thinking, and developing creativity. Trainers will find this an invaluable resource, with fresh approaches which engage and inspire learners.

Understanding Organizational Leadership through Ubunt

Understanding Organizational Leadership through Ubunt Author Chiku Malunga
ISBN-10 9781912234127
Release 2009-07-30
Pages 175
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Understanding Organizational Leadership through Ubuntu offers a creative, innovative and holistic approach to understanding organizational leadership using the principles embodied in the African philosophy of personhood known as ubuntu - or the essence of being human. Using African proverbs, folktales and indigenous concepts, the book discusses the organizational principles of ubuntu and the leadership lessons that modern organizations can learn from these principles. The principles include sharing and collective ownership of opportunities, responsibilities and challenges, the importance of people and relationships over things, participatory leadership and decision making, loyalty, reconciliation, experiential learning and knowledge management By using humorous ways that touch people's heart to communicate organizational and personal management and improvement strategies, the book demystifies organizational language while at the same time enhancing its power. It also contributes to the much-needed cross-cultural dialogue among organizations and societies.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Author David A. Kolb
ISBN-10 9780133892406
Release 2015
Pages 390
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Experiential learning is a singularly powerful approach to teaching and learning that is based on the fact that people learn best through experience. In this extensively updated book, the author offers the most complete and up-to-date statement of the theory of experiential learning and its modern applications in education, work, and adult development.

Best Practices in Organization Development and Change

Best Practices in Organization Development and Change Author Louis Carter
ISBN-10 078795666X
Release 2001-09-27
Pages 576
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Learn from experts at the world's top organizations! Best Practices in Organization Development and Change is a state-of-the-art resource that presents the most important ideas and effective strategies from experts and top companies in the field. Comprehensive in scope, the book addresses the five most important organization development or human resource development (OD/HRD) topics--organization development and change, leadership development, recruitment and retention, performance management, and coaching and mentoring--and offers a practical framework for design, implementation, and evaluation. It includes best-practice case studies from seventeen leading organizations that have achieved their change objectives. The case studies will help you: Analyze the need for the specific OD/HRD initiative Build a solid business case for OD/HRD Identify the audience for the initiative Design an effective OD/HRD initiative Implement a successful design of the initiative Evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative You'll benefit from expertise at trend-setting companies such as: Kraft Foods Smithkline Beecham Westinghouse Sun Microsystems . . . and many more! "An extremely important volume with useful contextual perspectives plus vivid and important case studies of companies that know what they're doing to lead change." —Warren Bennis, author, On Becoming a Leader and Organizing Genius

IT Through Experiential Learning

IT Through Experiential Learning Author Shreekant W Shiralkar
ISBN-10 9781484224212
Release 2016-11-18
Pages 98
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This concise book shows you how experiential learning can be used to overcome the challenges posed in applying and delivering information technology (IT) to your business needs through an innovative, game-based approach. Technology innovations and evolving business models are part of a rapid change that is forcing corporate and management professionals to learn, deploy, and adopt IT in new ways in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Many are doing this through experiential learning. You’ll begin by reviewing the basics of experiential learning and its relevance to IT, followed by six chapters that apply the hands-on concept through various scenarios. Make IT Through Experiential Learning one of your valued resources today. What You'll Learn: Innovative and proven IT-related application scenarios Generic management and leadership skill development Guidance for applying the learning methods for generating extraordinary results over conventional methods Who This Book Is For: IT professionals, higher education students, and those engaged in training and organizational development.

Unforgettable Experiential Activities

Unforgettable Experiential Activities Author Mel Silberman
ISBN-10 9780470537145
Release 2010-04-19
Pages 320
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"Designed for facilitators who want to incorporate impactful activities into their training ... Each of the book's activities include an informative introduction and contains suggestions and techniques for implementing the activities that will ensure success every time. The activities are organized by today's most sought after training topics including leadership and change management, team work and facilitation, creativity, conflict and negotiation, influencing, and communication among others." - cover.

The 2006 ASTD Organization Development Leadership Sourcebook

The 2006 ASTD Organization Development   Leadership Sourcebook Author Mel Silberman
ISBN-10 156286422X
Release 2006
Pages 284
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If you are looking for a sourcebook of cutting edge OD and leadership tools that can be used and adapted immediately, this book is for you. Trainers, coaches, consultants, and team leaders will find this book an invaluable resource with its dozens of instruments, handouts, and practical guides for creating ready-to-use training materials. Written by 47 world-class consultants and facilitators, ""The 2006 ASTD Organization Development & Leadership Sourcebook"" allows you to customize games, exercises, learning activities, assessment instruments, handouts, tip sheets, and implementation guides materials you need by downloading all them from the accompanying CD-ROM. Focusing on the hottest topics facing organizations today, this one-of-a-kind resource is a field-tested guide that will allow you to develop stronger leaders and healthier organizations.

The Leadership Training Activity Book

The Leadership Training Activity Book Author Lois Borland Hart
ISBN-10 0814472621
Release 2005
Pages 313
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Gives trainers information they need to teach and apply leadership competencies participants need. Featuring adaptable exercises on a range of leadership topics, this collection of activities is an all-in-one resource for trainers seeking to prepare leaders.