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Leading Anti Bias Early Childhood Programs

Leading Anti Bias Early Childhood Programs Author Louise Derman-Sparks
ISBN-10 9780807773406
Release 2015-10
Pages 177
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With a focus on the leader’s role in initiating and sustaining anti-bias education in programs for young children and their families, this book is both a stand-alone text and a perfect companion for Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves. It emphasizes that this work is not only about changing curriculum, but requires thoughtful, strategic, long-term planning that addresses all components of an early childhood program. With a powerful combination of conceptual frameworks, strategies, and practical tools, Louise Derman-Sparks, renowned expert on anti-bias education, together with experienced early childhood directors Debbie LeeKeenan and John Nimmo explain the structural and individual changes leaders must foster. Featuring the authors’ extensive experience in the field, supplemented with insights from other anti-bias educators, they build on and expand current thinking about best early childhood leadership practices. This is an essential resource for anti-bias education leaders engaged in change in the wide range of early childhood care and education settings. Book Features: The principles, guidelines, and strategies needed for school- and program-wide transformation. Activities for working with teachers and families to integrate an anti-bias approach. Strategies for supporting and strengthening the leader’s ability to initiate and sustain anti-bias education change, including resources to increase staff skills for implementing anti-bias education with children. Tools for assessing anti-bias education progress and managing mandated standards and assessments. “A concise and powerful message for anti-bias leaders in early childhood education everywhere. A truly inspired gift of lessons from the movement, for the movement.” —Carol Brunson Day, President of the Board, National Association for the Education of Young Children “If you are an educator wanting to see more equity and inclusiveness in the world, at times discouraged confused, or overwhelmed with how to manage the conflict that always emerges in the change process, you’ll find reassurance, resources, and strategic thinking to engage in this anti-bias work.” —Margie Carter, author, The Visionary Director, and international early childhood consultant "It is never too early to prepare children to deal effectively with issues of race, class, gender, family, and ability and equity. This book is a tool box for building early childhood programs that foster sentiments of justice and fairness in leaders, teachers, and young children, and help them to act on these values.” —Herbert Kohl, educator and bestselling author of The Herb Kohl Reader: Awakening the Heart of Teaching

Leading Anti Bias Early Childhood Programs

Leading Anti Bias Early Childhood Programs Author Louise Derman-Sparks
ISBN-10 9780807755983
Release 2014-10-15
Pages 192
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What If All the Kids Are White 2nd Edition

What If All the Kids Are White  2nd Edition Author Louise Derman-Sparks and Patricia G. Ramsey
ISBN-10 9780807771303
Release 2015-04-18
Pages 225
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Tackles a frequently asked question about multicultural education: How do I teach about racial and cultural diversity if all my students are white? This work proposes seven learning themes to help young white children resist messages of racism and build identity and skills for thriving in a multicultural country and world.


Celebrate Author Julie Bisson
ISBN-10 9781605543369
Release 2002-06-10
Pages 160
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Is your early childhood program struggling with how to enjoy holidays in a respectful, anti-bias way? Now you can let the celebrating begin! Celebrate! is the comprehensive resource to guide you through the sensitive issues surrounding holidays. It is filled with strategies for implementing exciting culturally and developmentally appropriate holiday activities so you can party with ease. Chapters include Developing a Holiday Policy, Selecting Holidays, Addressing Stereotypes and Commercialism, Evaluating Holiday Activities, and more. Celebrate! tells you how to involve families and get on the road to making holidays something that everyone looks forward to celebrating! Includes a preface by Louise Derman-Sparks.

Anti bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves

Anti bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves Author Julie Olsen Edwards
ISBN-10 PSU:000067811267
Release 2010
Pages 166
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Provides practical guidance to confront and eliminate barriers of prejudice, misinformation and bias about specific aspects of personal and social identity thus helping staff and children respect each other, themselves and all people.

Anti Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom

Anti Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom Author Katie Kissinger
ISBN-10 9781317229803
Release 2017-03-27
Pages 194
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Anti-Bias Education in the Early Childhood Classroom provides a useful, clearly outlined guide for implementing anti-bias and anti-oppression practices in early childhood education settings. Throughout the book, you’ll find: Stories from the field Strategies for keeping teaching practices in touch with growing social justice movements Tasks and questions to spark your professional growth in this important area Katie Kissinger uses her personal experience as a longtime educator to highlight both the challenges and the potential for transformative learning in the anti-bias classroom, and gives other teachers the tools they need to create classrooms that welcome all students and families.

Culture and Child Development in Early Childhood Programs

Culture and Child Development in Early Childhood Programs Author Carollee Howes
ISBN-10 9780807775189
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Early childhood education programs are expected to provide exemplary care for all children—poor and affluent, children of color and White children—while also adapting care to include children’s families and cultures. These two sets of expectations are often difficult for teachers and programs to meet. In this book, Carollee Howes shows how high-quality programs successfully adapt child development guidelines within cultural contexts, and why quality needs to be and can be measured in culturally specific ways. This important book: Closely examines ECE programs considered exemplary for low-income children of color. Shows how directors and teachers successfully use practices derived from their cultural communities to implement universal standards of child care. Identifies the commonalities in good early childhood programs that are shared across class, race, and ethnic communities. Offers best practices based on extensive assessments, interviews, and observations. “Will have immediate relevance for policy debates, for understanding the mechanisms of program effects, and for educators who wish to deepen their knowledge of practice.” —Robert C. Pianta, University of Virginia “I urge all higher education faculty, in-service teacher trainers, accreditation observers, researchers, text-book writers and policymakers of standards to read this book.” —From the Foreword by Louise Derman-Sparks

Creative Resources for the Anti bias Classroom

Creative Resources for the Anti bias Classroom Author Nadia Saderman Hall
ISBN-10 UOM:39015045974667
Release 1999
Pages 354
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Demonstrates activities offering an integrated approach to building and supporting anti-bias skills in children from birth through twelve years of age

Courageous Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Courageous Leadership in Early Childhood Education Author Susi Long
ISBN-10 9780807774519
Release 2016
Pages 212
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In this inspiring collection, 13 early childhood leaders take action to challenge and change inequitable educational practices in preschools and elementary schools. For them, educating for social justice is not an empty platitude. Steadfast and resolute, they turn rhetoric into reality as they guide early childhood teachers to teach for social justice innovatively and strategically. Through the voices of families, teachers, and the administrators themselves, each chapter shares ways that these leaders use the power entrusted in them to question and disrupt discriminatory and marginalizing practices that deny opportunities for some students while privileging others. The book includes insights, strategies, and resources that administrators can use to build confidence, knowledge, and skills as they invest in more equitable and just pre/schools. Book Features: Highlights the actions of administrators as they take a stand to transcend standardized approaches to teaching and learning, creating more equitable educational environments.Portrays strategies and resources used to engage teachers in critical examination of self and the institutions in which they work.Describes principles and practices that guide administrators as they support the development of culturally relevant practices and policies. Offers powerful ways early childhood administrators can approach inequitable mandates.Highlights the voices of families as they participate in and are impacted by the work of administrators. “Susi Long, Mariana Souto-Manning, and Vivian Vasquez, scholars with stellar reputations in the fields of early childhood education, critical literacy, and social justice education, have combined their considerable talents to edit a book that will serve as a beacon of hope for administrators, policymakers, and educators at all levels of learning and teaching.” —From the Foreword by Sonia Nieto, professor emerita, University of Massachusetts, Amherst and bestselling author

Everyday Artists

Everyday Artists Author Dana Frantz Bentley
ISBN-10 9780807754405
Release 2013
Pages 160
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EDUCATION / Preschool & Kindergarten

Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World

Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World Author Patricia G. Ramsey
ISBN-10 9780807773628
Release 2015
Pages 207
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How can we create truly multicultural classrooms? In this new edition of her popular text, renowned early childhood educator Patricia Ramsey draws on a wide range of research and practice from different communities around the world to further explore the complexities of raising and teaching young children in a world fraught with societal divisions and inequities.Using engaging examples and stories, this comprehensive volume offers concrete suggestions to encourage teachers to reflect on their own histories and experiences and to challenge and rethink their assumptions and attitudes toward children and teaching. This new, up-to-date edition describes research-based classroom practices to engage children in exploring the complexities of race, economic inequities, immigration, environmental issues and sustainability, gender and sexual orientation and identities, and abilities and disabilities. It also addresses the challenges of teaching in the context of globalization, pervasive social media, and increasing standards and accountability. Book Features: Addresses social and economic inequities and how they affect staff relationships, interactions with parents, and children’s classroom experiences.Offers strategies to help teachers initiate conversations with colleagues, parents, and children.Discusses long-term structural decisions about early childhood programs, as well as day-to-day classroom teaching plans.Includes questions that prompt teachers to recognize the influence of overt and covert societal forces on their motivations and views of children.Free supplemental resources, including a comprehensive list of suggested books, can be downloaded at “A pioneer in multicultural/social justice education for young children, this book reflects Patty Ramsey’s life-long commitment to, and ever-deepening understanding of the issues, challenges, and hopes of inclusive, equitable early childhood programs. At a time when our country seems increasingly polarized over the value and meaning of justice for all, her insights and suggestions are as needed as ever.” —Louise Derman-Sparks, international consultant on anti-bias education with children and adults, and co-author of Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs: A Guide for Change “This book is a timely, relevant resource for anyone who works with young children in any capacity. It supports practitioners to develop an individualized approach to infusing multicultural education—broadly defined—into their world views and work. Ramsey makes a clear and convincing case that multicultural education is not an ‘add-on’; it is a vehicle for shaping children’s lives and creating a more just society.” —Takiema Bunche Smith, Director of the Early Education Leadership Institute at SCO/FirstStepNYC

Confronting Our Discomfort

Confronting Our Discomfort Author Tamar Jacobson
ISBN-10 0325005699
Release 2003
Pages 143
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In this practical resource, Tamar Jacobson provides a framework for early childhood teachers and education professors to confront this issue head on.

Learning from the Bumps in the Road

Learning from the Bumps in the Road Author Holly Elissa Bruno
ISBN-10 9781605542065
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 264
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A team of the early childhood field's foremost experts and presenters share insight and perspectives on twelve professional development topics.

Anti bias Curriculum

Anti bias Curriculum Author Louise Derman-Sparks
ISBN-10 OCLC:980318092
Release 1991
Pages 149
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Anti bias Curriculum has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Anti bias Curriculum also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Anti bias Curriculum book for free.

Start Seeing Diversity

Start Seeing Diversity Author Ellen Wolpert
ISBN-10 9781605543529
Release 2005-06-13
Pages 144
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A training guide for teachers who want to recognize and address bias in young children.

Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings Author Stacey York
ISBN-10 9781605544564
Release 2016-06-27
Pages 296
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Use the updated activities, examples, and research to improve your anti-bias and multicultural education programs. This clear and practical guide includes expanded information on English language learners, family engagement, culturally responsive teaching, and staff training. Stacey York teaches child development at Rochester Community and Technical College and established E-LECT, a collaborative effort between thirteen Minnesota community and technical colleges to provide e-learning for early childhood teachers.

Widening the Circle

Widening the Circle Author Mara Sapon-Shevin
ISBN-10 9780807032817
Release 2007-03-15
Pages 280
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Widening the Circle is a passionate, even radical argument for creating school and classroom environments where all kids, including children labeled as “disabled” and “special needs,” are welcome on equal terms. In opposition to traditional models of special education, where teachers decide when a child is deemed “ready to compete” in “mainstream” classes, Mara Sapon-Shevin articulates a vision of full inclusion as a practical and moral goal. Inclusion, she argues, begins not with the assumption that students have to earn their way into the classroom with their behavior or skills, it begins with the right of every child to be in the mainstream of education, perhaps with modifications, adaptations, and support. Full inclusion requires teachers to think about all aspects of their classrooms—pedagogy, curriculum, and classroom climate. Crucially, Sapon-Shevin takes on arguments against full inclusion in a section of straight-talking answers to common questions. She agrees with critics that the rhetoric of inclusion has been used to justify eliminating services and “dumping” students with significant educational needs unceremoniously back into the mainstream with little or no support. If full inclusion is properly implemented, however, she argues, it not only clearly benefits those traditionally excluded but enhances the educations and lives of those considered mainstream in myriad ways. Through powerful storytelling and argument, Sapon-Shevin lays out the moral and educational case for not separating kids on the basis of difference.