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Leading by Design

Leading by Design Author Cassandra Erkens
ISBN-10 9781935542315
Release 2012-01-31
Pages 200
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By focusing on what students learn rather than what they are taught, schools can redefine their mission and begin the transition to a professional learning community. After interviewing and observing principals, administrators, and teachers, the authors identify seven leadership practices that effective PLC leaders share, along with the techniques that have led them to sustainable success.

Leading By Design

Leading By Design Author Bertil Torekull
ISBN-10 0066620384
Release 1999-09-01
Pages 256
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The man who founded Ikea at the age of seventeen in 1943 reveals how he built his business into the largest and most well-known furniture manufacturer in the world.

Leading by Design

Leading by Design Author Mike Jones
ISBN-10 1888237538
Release 2016-10-13
Pages 88
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"In Leading by Design", you'll gain insights about the way Jesus related to a wide variety of individuals. You'll also get a fresh perspective of the people you lead and your leadership style. As you grow in understanding you'll then have clear choices to respond with wisdom and courage. You'll be able to apply these concepts in your relationships in every sphere of your life; with partners, employees, clients, and vendors; with your spouse and children; with parents and extended family; and with neighbors and friends. The twelve types of people include : Eager People -- Rigid People -- Demanding People -- Available People -- Hurting People -- Negative People -- Irresponsible People -- Cautious People -- Sneaky People -- Vicious People -- Hurried People and -- Invisible People." Flyleaf.

Leading by Design

Leading by Design Author Andrew Olszewski
ISBN-10 0732621755
Release 2001-06-01
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Leading by Design has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Leading by Design also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Leading by Design book for free.

Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet Author Sam Bucolo
ISBN-10 9063694091
Release 2016-01-25
Pages 216
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Are our innovation efforts aligned to the challenges of our times? We need firms to grow.

Slim by Design

Slim by Design Author Brian Wansink
ISBN-10 9781781807675
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 328
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In this paradigm-shattering book, leading behavioural economist and food psychologist Brian Wansink - dubbed the 'Sherlock Holmes of food' and the 'wizard of why' - offers a radical new philosophy for weight loss. The answer isn't to tell people what to do: it's to set up their living environments so that they will naturally lose weight. Using cutting-edge, never-before-seen research from his acclaimed Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, Wansink reveals how innovative and inexpensive design changes - from home kitchens to restaurants, from grocery stores to schools and workplaces - can make it mindlessly easy for people to eat healthier and make it more profitable for the companies who sell the food. In Slim by Design, Wansink argues that the easiest, quickest and most natural way to reverse weight gain is to work with human nature, not against it. He demonstrates how schools can nudge kids to take an apple instead of a cookie, how restaurants can increase profits by selling half-size portions, how supermarkets can double the amount of fruits and vegetables they sell, and how anyone can cut plate refills at home by more than a third. Interweaving drawings, charts, floor plans and scorecards with new scientific studies and compelling insights that will make you view your surroundings in an entirely fresh way, this entertaining, eye-opening book offers practical solutions for changing your everyday environment to make you, your family and even your community slim by design.

Competing by Design

Competing by Design Author David Nadler
ISBN-10 0195099176
Release 1997-07-10
Pages 240
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If the defining goal of modern-day business can be isolated to just one item, it would be the search for competitive advantage. And, as everyone in business knows, it's a lot harder than it used to be. On the one hand, competition is more intense than ever--technological innovation, consumer expectations, government deregulation, all combine to create more opportunities for new competitors to change the basic rules of the game. On the other hand, most of the old reliable sources of competitive advantage are drying up: the hallowed strategies employed by GM, IBM, and AT&T to maintain their seemingly unassailable positions of dominance in the 1960s and 70s are as obsolete as the calvary charge. So in this volatile, unstable environment, where can competitive advantage be found?As David Nadler and Michael Tushman show, the last remaining source of truly sustainable competitive advantage lies in "organizational capabilities": the unique ways each organization structures its work and motivates its people to achieve clearly articulated strategic objectives. For too long, too many managers have thought about "organization" merely in terms of rearranging the boxes and lines on an organizational chart--but as Competing by Design clearly illustrates, organizational strength is found far beyond one-dimensional diagrams. Managers must, argue Nadler and Tushman, understand the concepts and learn the skills involved in designing their organization to exploit their inherent strengths. All the reengineering, restructuring, and downsizing in the world will merely destabilize a company if the change doesn't address the fundamental patterns of performance--and if the change doesn't recognize the unique core competencies of that company. In this landmark volume, the authors draw upon specific cases to illustrate the design process in practice as they provide a set of powerful, yet simple tools, for using strategic organization design to gain competitive advantage. They present a design process, explore key decisions managers face, and list the guiding principles for incorporating the design function as a continuing and integral process in organizations that are looking to the future.In 1918, Henry Ford's Dearborn assembly plant was the model of the new assembly-line technology. Today, the assembly plant is an aging relic, but, incredibly, the organizational architecture it spawned lives on in steep hierarchies, centralized bureaucracies, and narrowly defined jobs. As companies are coming to realize they can't compete successfully in the 21st century with organizations based on 19th century ideas, Competing by Design shows clearly and persuasively why--and, most importantly how--to harness the power of organizational architecture to unleash the competitive strengths embedded in each organization.

Interloan 530483

Interloan   530483 Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:1028860473
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Interloan 530483 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Interloan 530483 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Interloan 530483 book for free.

Change by Design

Change by Design Author Tim Brown
ISBN-10 9780061937743
Release 2009-09-29
Pages 272
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In Change by Design, Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, the celebrated innovation and design firm, shows how the techniques and strategies of design belong at every level of business. Change by Design is not a book by designers for designers; this is a book for creative leaders who seek to infuse design thinking into every level of an organization, product, or service to drive new alternatives for business and society.

Gardens by Design

Gardens by Design Author Noël Kingsbury
ISBN-10 WISC:89087989257
Release 2005
Pages 224
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Garden planners, home gardeners, and landscape designers will be turning to this exceptional book for expert advice from the world's leading garden makers including Beth Chatto, Piet Oudolf, James Van Sweden, and Julie Mois Messervy. In this beautifully illustrated collection, Noël Kingsbury gathers their ideas on the entire design process — from choosing a garden style through planning its layout to maintaining its look over time. Encouraging a fluid approach to creativity, Gardens by Design will assist designers at all levels to understand the mechanics of plant combinations, to seek out cutting-edge and exquisite plants, and to nurture their garden's development, growth, and maintenance over time.

The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High Quality Units

The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High Quality Units Author Grant P. Wiggins
ISBN-10 9781416611493
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 122
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"The Understanding by Design Guide to Creating High-Quality Units is targeted to individuals and groups interested in improving their skills in designing units of study based on the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. This guide introduces UbD unit design and directs readers through the process. It is organized around a set of modules that move from basic ideas (e.g., the three stages of "backward design") to more complicated elements of unit design (e.g., authentic performance tasks)."--publisher website.

Sketched by Design

Sketched by Design Author Lon Jordan
ISBN-10 9781613790014
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 160
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"Sketched by Design" will teach you critical principles and philosophies on how to discover your unique design in the 21st century marketplace. In this book, parents and educators will be empowered to develop their unique design, while pursuing a unified effort in shaping their children's future. "Sketched by Design" illustrates how to: Gain insight into the 21st century marketplace, Turn your pain into purpose, Effectively communicate with Generation Y, Create an environment where imagination can flourish, Cultivate your student's unique design, as well as how to leave a legacy that will impact generations to come. Author Profile: Lon Jordan is the CEO of Sketched Publishing, Inc. An organization dedicated to cultivating the unique design of every individual. Lon has appeared on ABC NEWS, created, and hosted a professional TV talk show for youth, and has written numerous articles for educational publications around the U.S., such as the National PTA magazine, "Our Children." Lon is a highly acclaimed speaker for students, parents, and educators. For more information visit

Rise of the DEO

Rise of the DEO Author Maria Giudice
ISBN-10 9780133441314
Release 2013-10-04
Pages 216
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The majority of companies, their employees and their leaders navigate a space where competitors appear overnight, customers demand innovations monthly, business plans rarely last a full year and career ladders have been replaced by trampolines. This environment of constant change will only accelerate in the future and traditional business leaders are ill equipped to deal with it. Just as we took our cues from MBAs and the military in casting the ideal CEO of the 20th century, we can look to design - in its broadest form - to model our future leader, the DEO. These leaders possess characteristics, behaviors and mindsets that allow them to excel in unpredictable, fast-moving and value-charged conditions. They are catalysts for transformation and agents of change. A hybrid of strategic business executive and creative problem-solver, the DEO is willing to take on anything as an object of design and looks at ALL problems as design challenges. Readers will learn not only why this form of leadership is essential to the success of modern organizations, but also what characteristics are best suited to this role. Through intimate conversations with leading DEOs, we explore the mindsets, communities, processes and practices common to creative business leaders. The book lays out—graphically and through example—how DEOs run their companies and why this approach makes sense now. We help readers identify these skills in themselves and their colleagues, and we guide them in using these skills to build, revive or reinvent the next generation of great companies and organization.

Exceptional Leadership by Design

Exceptional Leadership by Design Author Rob Elkington
ISBN-10 9781787439009
Release 2018-09-17
Pages 312
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This collection of stories, examples and narratives about exceptional leadership by design provides tangible, examples of how the design process can be applied to leadership practice. It uses evidence-based organizational, behavioral, and leadership science to inform a framework that will equip leaders and organizations to be more effective.

Design Thinking for School Leaders

Design Thinking for School Leaders Author Alyssa Gallagher
ISBN-10 9781416625940
Release 2018-05-23
Pages 209
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"Design is the rendering of intent." What if education leaders approached their work with the perspective of a designer? This new perspective of seeing the world differently is desperately needed in schools and begins with school leadership. Alyssa Gallagher and Kami Thordarson, widely recognized experts on Design Thinking, educational leadership, and innovative strategies, call this new perspective design-inspired leadership—one of the most powerful ways to ignite positive change and address education challenges using the same design and innovation principles that have been so successful in private industry. Design Thinking for School Leaders explores the changing landscape of leadership and offers practical ways to reframe the role of school leader using Design Thinking, one step at a time. Leaders can shift from "accidental designers" to "design-inspired leaders," acting with greater intention and achieving greater impact. You’ll learn how viewing the world through a more empathetic lens—a critical first step on the path to becoming a design-inspired leader—can raise your awareness of the uniqueness of your teachers and students and prompt you to question the ways in which they experience your school. Gallagher and Thordarson detail five specific roles to help you identify opportunities for positively impacting students, teachers, districts, parents, and the community: * Opportunity Seeker. Shifts from problem solving to problem finding. * Experience Architect. Designs and curates learning experiences. * Rule Breaker. Challenges the way things are "always" done. * Producer. Gets things done and creates rapid learning cycles for teams. * Storyteller. Captures the hearts and minds of a community. Full of examples of Design Thinking in action in schools across the country, Design Thinking for School Leaders can help you guide your school to the forefront of the new design + education movement, one that will move traditional education into the modern world and drive the future of learning.

By Design Or Default

By Design Or Default Author Kevin Gerald
ISBN-10 9781418552688
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By Design Or Default has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from By Design Or Default also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full By Design Or Default book for free.

Business by Design

Business by Design Author Raymond Harris
ISBN-10 9781424557561
Release 2018-10-02
Pages 224
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You don’t need to quit your day job to serve God. Do you find it difficult to work with joy? Do you have a hard time with coworkers? Is your identity wrapped up in your job? Many Christian leaders struggle to bridge the gap between the sacred and the secular—particularly at work. Raymond Harris addressed this dilemma and found true success as one of the most prolific American architects. Business by Design draws upon biblical principles and life experiences to help you:avoid the swirl of busyness and develop an eternity-driven mind-set.exceed worldly standards and demonstrate generosity, compassion, forgiveness, and diligence.look beyond your own needs and use profits to promote God’s kingdom.let go of feeling you’re not doing enough for God and recognize your service to Him at work. The teachings and example of Jesus can transform your professional life and make you more effective in the workplace. Join your faith and work, and discover your ultimate purpose.