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Learning MySQL and MariaDB

Learning MySQL and MariaDB Author Russell J.T. Dyer
ISBN-10 9781449362850
Release 2015-03-30
Pages 408
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If you’re a programmer new to databases—or just new to MySQL and its community-driven variant, MariaDB—you’ve found the perfect introduction. This hands-on guide provides an easy, step-by-step approach to installing, using, and maintaining these popular relational database engines. Author Russell Dyer, Curriculum Manager at MariaDB and former editor of the MySQL Knowledge Base, takes you through database design and the basics of data management and manipulation, using real-world examples and many practical tips. Exercises and review questions help you practice what you’ve just learned. Create and alter MySQL tables and specify fields and columns within them Learn how to insert, select, update, delete, join, and subquery data, using practical examples Use built-in string functions to find, extract, format, and convert text from columns Learn functions for mathematical or statistical calculations, and for formatting date and time values Perform administrative duties such as managing user accounts, backing up databases, and importing large amounts of data Use APIs to connect and query MySQL and MariaDB with PHP and other languages

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

Learning MySQL and MariaDB Author Russell J.T. Dyer
ISBN-10 9781449362874
Release 2015-03-30
Pages 408
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"With an easy, step-by-step approach, this guide shows beginners how to install, use, and maintain the world's most popular open source database: MySQL. You'll learn through real-world examples and many practical tips, including information on how to improve database performance. Database systems such as MySQL help data handling for organizations large and small handle data, providing robust and efficient access in ways not offered by spreadsheets and other types of data stores. This book is also useful for web developers and programmers interested in adding MySQL to their skill sets. Topics include: Installation and basic administration ; Introduction to databases and SQL ; Functions, subqueries, and other query enhancements ; Improving database performance ; Accessing MySQL from popular languages" --

Learning MySQL and MariaDB

Learning MySQL and MariaDB Author Russell J. T. Dyer
ISBN-10 1449362907
Release 2015-04-10
Pages 408
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Covers installation and basic administration; introduction to databases and SQL; functions, subqueries and other query enhancements; improving database performance; accessing MySQL from popular languages; and much more. Original.

MariaDB Crash Course

MariaDB Crash Course Author Ben Forta
ISBN-10 0321799941
Release 2011-09
Pages 287
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The first book on MariaDB: an ideal concise, task-oriented introduction to the open, community-based branch of MySQL • •Master trainer Ben Forta teaches all SQL and MariaDB essentials in a set of hands-on, self-paced lessons. •Covers tools, data retrieval, sorting, filtering, aggregate functions, insert/update/delete, joins, unions, views, tables, schemas, stored procedures, cursors, security, DBA tasks, and more. •Reviewed by MariaDB's developers, Monty Program AB; foreword by founder Monty Widenius. This first-to-market tutorial covers everything beginners need to succeed with MariaDB, the open, community-based branch of MySQL. Master trainer Ben Forta introduces all the essentials through a series of quick, easy-to-follow, hands-on lessons. Instead of belaboring database theory and relational design, Forta focuses on teaching solutions for the majority of SQL users who simply want to interact with data. Forta covers all this, and more: • •Using the MariaDB toolset. •Retrieving and sorting data. •Filtering data using comparisons, wildcards, and full text searching. •Analyzing data with aggregate functions. •Performing insert, update, and delete operations. •Joining relational tables using inner, outer, and self joins. •Combining queries using unions. •Using views. •Creating and modifying tables, and accessing table schemas. •Working with stored procedures, cursors, and other advanced database features. •Managing databases, users, and security privileges This book was reviewed and is supported by MariaDB's developers, Monty Program AB. It contains a foreword by project founder Monty Widenius, primary developer of the original version of MySQL.

Foundations of Web Design

Foundations of Web Design Author Thomas Michaud
ISBN-10 9780321918932
Release 2013-08-19
Pages 269
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Presents information on Web design and front-end coding using HTML and CSS, covering such topics as text elements, layouts, forms, the box model, navigation, and workflow.

MariaDB High Performance

MariaDB High Performance Author Pierre MAVRO
ISBN-10 9781783981618
Release 2014-09-23
Pages 298
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This book is aimed at system administrators/architects or DBAs who want to learn more about how to grow their current infrastructure to support larger traffic. Before beginning with this book, we expect you to be well-practiced with MySQL/MariaDB for common usage. You will be able to get a grasp quickly if you are comfortable with learning and building large infrastructures for MariaDB using Linux.

Getting Started with MariaDB

Getting Started with MariaDB Author Daniel Bartholomew
ISBN-10 9781782175711
Release 2015-06-17
Pages 140
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MariaDB is a database that has become very popular in the few short years that it has been around. It does not require a big server or expensive support contract. It is also powerful enough to be the database of choice for some of the biggest and most popular websites in the world, taking full advantage of the latest computing hardware available. From installing and configuring through basic usage and maintenance, each chapter in this revised and expanded guide leads on sequentially and logically from the one before it, introducing topics in their natural order so you learn what you need, when you need it. The book is based on the latest release of MariaDB and covers all the latest features and functions. By the end of this beginner-friendly book, not only will you have a running installation of MariaDB, but you will have practical, hands-on experience in the basics of how to install, configure, administer, use, and maintain it.

Software Architecture and Design Illuminated

Software Architecture and Design Illuminated Author Kai Qian
ISBN-10 9780763754204
Release 2010
Pages 387
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Computer Architecture/Software Engineering

MariaDB Cookbook

MariaDB Cookbook Author Daniel Bartholomew
ISBN-10 9781783284405
Release 2014-03-20
Pages 282
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A practical cookbook, filled with advanced recipes, and plenty of code and commands used for illustration, which will make your learning curve easy and quick. This book is for anyone who wants to learn more about databases in general or MariaDB in particular. Some familiarity with SQL databases is assumed, but the recipes are approachable to almost anyone with basic database skills.

Learning MySQL

Learning MySQL Author Seyed Tahaghoghi
ISBN-10 9780596008642
Release 2007-11-28
Pages 598
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Presents instructions on using MySQL, covering such topics as installation, querying, user management, security, and backups and recovery.

Mastering MariaDB

Mastering MariaDB Author Federico Razzoli
ISBN-10 9781783981557
Release 2014-09-24
Pages 384
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This book is intended for intermediate users who want to learn how to administrate a MariaDB server or a set of servers. It is aimed at MariaDB users, and hence working knowledge of MariaDB is a prerequisite.

MySQL Cookbook

MySQL Cookbook Author Paul DuBois
ISBN-10 9781449374150
Release 2014-07-28
Pages 866
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MySQL’s popularity has brought a flood of questions about how to solve specific problems, and that’s where this cookbook is essential. When you need quick solutions or techniques, this handy resource provides scores of short, focused pieces of code, hundreds of worked-out examples, and clear, concise explanations for programmers who don’t have the time (or expertise) to solve MySQL problems from scratch. Ideal for beginners and professional database and web developers, this updated third edition covers powerful features in MySQL 5.6 (and some in 5.7). The book focuses on programming APIs in Python, PHP, Java, Perl, and Ruby. With more than 200+ recipes, you’ll learn how to: Use the mysql client and write MySQL-based programs Create, populate, and select data from tables Store, retrieve, and manipulate strings Work with dates and times Sort query results and generate summaries Use stored routines, triggers, and scheduled events Import, export, validate, and reformat data Perform transactions and work with statistics Process web input, and generate web content from query results Use MySQL-based web session management Provide security and server administration

Getting Started with SQL

Getting Started with SQL Author Thomas Nield
ISBN-10 9781491938560
Release 2016-02-11
Pages 134
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Businesses are gathering data today at exponential rates and yet few people know how to access it meaningfully. If you’re a business or IT professional, this short hands-on guide teaches you how to pull and transform data with SQL in significant ways. You will quickly master the fundamentals of SQL and learn how to create your own databases. Author Thomas Nield provides exercises throughout the book to help you practice your newfound SQL skills at home, without having to use a database server environment. Not only will you learn how to use key SQL statements to find and manipulate your data, but you’ll also discover how to efficiently design and manage databases to meet your needs. You’ll also learn how to: Explore relational databases, including lightweight and centralized models Use SQLite and SQLiteStudio to create lightweight databases in minutes Query and transform data in meaningful ways by using SELECT, WHERE, GROUP BY, and ORDER BY Join tables to get a more complete view of your business data Build your own tables and centralized databases by using normalized design principles Manage data by learning how to INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE records

Phasor Measurement Units and Wide Area Monitoring Systems

Phasor Measurement Units and Wide Area Monitoring Systems Author Antonello Monti
ISBN-10 9780128031551
Release 2016-06-09
Pages 298
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Phasor Measurement Units and Wide Area Monitoring Systems presents complete coverage of phasor measurement units (PMUs), bringing together a rigorous academic approach and practical considerations on the implementation of PMUs to the power system. In addition, it includes a complete theory and practice of PMU technology development and implementation in power systems. Presents complete coverage of the topic from the measurement to the system, bringing together a rigorous academic approach and practical considerations on the implementation of PMUs to the power system Includes a complete proposal of implementation for a PMU platform that could be replicated in every laboratory Covers PMU software compiled for National Instrument HW, a compiled monitoring platform to be used to monitor PMU data and developed custom solutions, and a compiled National Instrument schematic to be executed within a SmartPhone app

Web Development with Go

Web Development with Go Author Shiju Varghese
ISBN-10 9781484210529
Release 2015-12-30
Pages 289
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Take a deep dive into web development using the Go programming language to build web apps and RESTful services to create reliable and efficient software. Web Development with Go provides Go language fundamentals and then moves on to advanced web development concepts and successful deployment of Go web apps to the cloud. Web Development with Go will teach you how to develop scalable real-world web apps, RESTful services, and backend systems with Go. The book starts off by covering Go programming language fundamentals as a prerequisite for web development. After a thorough understanding of the basics, the book delves into web development using the built-in package, net/http. With each chapter you’ll be introduced to new concepts for gradually building a real-world web system. The book further shows you how to integrate Go with other technologies. For example, it provides an overview of using MongoDB as a means of persistent storage, and provides an end-to-end REST API sample as well. The book then moves on to demonstrate how to deploy web apps to the cloud using the Google Cloud platform. Web Development with Go provides: Fundamentals for building real-world web apps in Go Thorough coverage of prerequisites and practical code examples Demo web apps for attaining a deeper understanding of web development A reference REST API app which can be used to build scalable real-world backend services in Go A thorough demonstration of deploying web apps to the Cloud using the Google Cloud platform Go is a high-performance language while providing greater level of developer productivity, therefore Web Development with Go equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge required for effectively building robust and efficient web apps by leveraging the features of Go.

Modeling Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF

Modeling Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF Author Philippe Desfray
ISBN-10 9780124199958
Release 2014-08-04
Pages 350
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Modeling Enterprise Architecture with TOGAF explains everything you need to know to effectively model enterprise architecture with The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), the leading EA standard. This solution-focused reference presents key techniques and illustrative examples to help you model enterprise architecture. This book describes the TOGAF standard and its structure, from the architecture transformation method to governance, and presents enterprise architecture modeling practices with plenty of examples of TOGAF deliverables in the context of a case study. Although widespread and growing quickly, enterprise architecture is delicate to manage across all its dimensions. Focusing on the architecture transformation method, TOGAF provides a wide framework, which covers the repository, governance, and a set of recognized best practices. The examples featured in this book were realized using the open source Modelio tool, which includes extensions for TOGAF. Includes intuitive summaries of the complex TOGAF standard to let you effectively model enterprise architecture Uses practical examples to illustrate ways to adapt TOGAF to the needs of your enterprise Provides model examples with Modelio, a free modeling tool, letting you exercise TOGAF modeling immediately using a dedicated tool Combines existing modeling standards with TOGAF

MySQL in a Nutshell

MySQL in a Nutshell Author Russell J.T. Dyer
ISBN-10 1449379370
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 566
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When you need to find the right SQL keyword or MySQL client command-line option right away, turn to this convenient reference, known for the same speed and flexibility as the system it covers so thoroughly. MySQL is packed with so many capabilities that the odds of remembering a particular function or statement at the right moment are pretty slim. With MySQL in a Nutshell, you get the details you need, day in and day out, in one concise and extremely well organized book. The new edition contains all the commands and programming information for version 5.1, including new features and language interfaces. It's ideal for anyone using MySQL, from novices who need to get up to speed to advanced users who want a handy reference. Like all O'Reilly Nutshell references, it's easy to use and highly authoritative, written by the editor of the MySQL Knowledge Base at MySQL AB, the creator and owner of MySQL. Inside, you'll find: A thorough reference to MySQL statements, functions, and administrative utilities Several tutorial chapters to help newcomers get started Programming language APIs for PHP, Perl, and C Brief tutorials at the beginning of each API chapter to help anyone, regardless of experience level, understand and master unfamiliar territory New chapters on replication, triggers, and stored procedures Plenty of new examples of how MySQL is used in practice Useful tips to help you get through the most difficult subjects Whether you employ MySQL in a mission-critical, heavy-use environment or for applications that are more modest, this book puts a wealth of easy-to-find information at your fingertips, saving you hundreds of hours of trial and error and tedious online searching. If you're ready to take advantage of everything MySQL has to offer, MySQL in a Nutshell has precisely what it takes.