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Learning Stories

Learning Stories Author Margaret Carr
ISBN-10 9781446258194
Release 2012-03-19
Pages 168
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Shortlisted for the 2013 Nursery World Awards! Margaret Carr's seminal work on Learning Stories was first published by SAGE in 2001, and this widely acclaimed approach to assessment has since gained a huge international following. In this new full-colour book, the authors outline the philosophy behind Learning Stories and refer to the latest findings from the research projects they have led with teachers on learning dispositions and learning power, to argue that Learning Stories can construct learner identities in early childhood settings and schools. By making the connection between sociocultural approaches to pedagogy and assessment, and narrative inquiry, this book contextualizes Learning Stories as a philosophical approach to education, learning and pedagogy. Chapters explore how Learning Stories: - help make connections with families - support the inclusion of children and family voices - tell us stories about babies - allow children to dictate their own stories - can be used to revisit children's learning journeys - can contribute to teaching and learning wisdom This ground-breaking book expands on the concept of Learning Stories and includes examples from practice in both New Zealand and the UK. It outlines the philosophy behind this pedagogical tool for documenting how learning identities are constructed and shows, through research evidence, why the early years is such a critical time in the formation of learning dispositions. Margaret Carr is a Professor of Education at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Wendy Lee is Director of the Educational Leadership Project, New Zealand.

Learning Stories

Learning Stories Author Margaret Carr
ISBN-10 9780857020932
Release 2012-06-19
Pages 168
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This text shows how learning stories can help create learner identities and affect education, pedagogy and learning.

Learning Stories

Learning Stories Author Margaret Carr
ISBN-10 9780857020925
Release 2012-06-19
Pages 150
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This text shows how learning stories can help create learner identities and affect education, pedagogy and learning.

Assessment in Early Childhood Settings

Assessment in Early Childhood Settings Author Margaret Carr
ISBN-10 9781412931588
Release 2001-06-05
Pages 224
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`This is an invigorating and very thought-provoking text, that I would recommend to all early years professionals, parents and citizens interested in developing their understanding of early years philosophy in action, which is directly linked to a compelling research paradigm and deep reflection alongside a sound theoretical base' - Early Years `I would recommend this book to practitioners interested in reflecting on their own practice and approach to assessment. The insights provided are thought-provoking and promote a practical and positive approach to early years assessment' - Early Talk `This thoughtful book challenges the standard assessment process that is commonly employed within the context of early years provision. For any practitioners working in early years setting this is a powerful and exciting book that helps to remind us that the child must be placed centrally within the assessment process, not as a recipient but as a proactive contributor to the situation'- Child Language Teaching and Therapy `This is a highly relevant text as some UK early childhood educators become engulfed with avalanches of tick sheets! A most useful book which contributes to the current vital debate about when, what and how we should access young children's progress' - T.A.C.T.Y.C Newsletter `I found Margaret Carr's book fascinating... the ideas and arguments put forward are well worth mulling over' - Early Years Educator `This is an inspiring book from bilingual, bicultural New Zealand about revolutionizing the assessment of young children's learning and progress.... I hope this book inspires United Kingdom practitioners to set out on learning story journeys' - Nursery World `This book manages to blend recognized theory and recent research with practice. I found it easy, and sometimes enjoyable, to read; it provided plenty of "food for thought" as well as references on "how to". I would recommend it to all early childhood practitioners, not just those considering their current assessment procedures, as the chapters focusing on the child as a learner are of value on their own' - Julia Browne, Goldsmiths Association for Early Childhood This book shows that an early childhood setting can be described as a learning place in which children develop learning dispositions such as resilience in the face of uncertainty, confidence to express their ideas, and collaborative and thoughtful approaches to problem-solving. These dispositions provide the starting point for life-long learning. The author asks: How can we assess and track children's learning in the early years in a way that includes learning dispositions and avoids the pitfalls of over-formal methods, whilst being helpful for practitioners, interesting for families, and supportive for learners? The book - describes a way of assessment that stays close to the children's real experiences and provides an alternative to mechanistic and fragmented approaches, - shows how practitioners can assess what really matters: those learning dispositions (interest, involvement and perseverance for example) that provide a foundation for life-long learning. The book is about weaving theory and practice: theorizing development and learning as reflected in assessment practice. The author also argues that unless we find ways to assess complex outcomes in early childhood they will be excluded from the teaching and the learning. Simple and low level outcomes and goals will take their place. The theoretical ideas and arguments are illustrated throughout by transcripts and stories of children in a range of early childhood settings. At every turn in the journey it asks: How is this reflected in a real life context? It documents the voices of children, practitioners and parents as the learning story develops.

Making Sense Of Theory Practice In Early Childhood The Power Of Ideas

Making Sense Of Theory   Practice In Early Childhood  The Power Of Ideas Author Waller, Tim
ISBN-10 9780335242467
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 176
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This title offers students an overview of a range of theoretical concepts, some traditionally associated with early childhood and some less traditionally. It aims to stimulate debate and to demonstrate how theoretical thinking can inform pedagogy and research with innovative results.

Wally s Stories

Wally   s Stories Author Vivian Gussin PALEY
ISBN-10 9780674041806
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 232
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Publisher's description: Vivian Paley's account of her kindergarten classroom, where children are encouraged to learn by using their fantasies and stories. The book describes the evolution of both teacher and students as they grow to understand each other through this unusual teaching method. The author shows that in the course of creating their own dramatic world, five-year-olds are capable of thought and language far in advance of what they accomplish in traditional classroom exercises.

Serious Players in the Primary Classroom

Serious Players in the Primary Classroom Author Selma Wassermann
ISBN-10 0807739863
Release 2000
Pages 271
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After 10 years of accolades for Serious Players in the Primary Classroom: Empowering Children Through Active Learning Experiences, Selma Wassermann provides readers with a second edition to her classic. Building on the original work, this new edition offers further insight into Wassermann's notion of organizing for instruction known as "Play-Debrief-Replay, a way of structuring curriculum experiences to promote children's active learning in cooperative groups and to foster independent thinking. The book also provides a theoretical framework for implementing teaching for thinking in primary classrooms. By updating references and adding a new chapter on moral dilemmas, including information that is consonant with constructivist ideologies, Wassermann continues to promote ways of teaching that stimulate children's appreciation for social and ethical issues. Her approach is holistic; it not only honors the play of children, but also the work of teachers. Accessible and enlightening, this new edition is a must-read for all early childhood professionals. Parents, too, will find this volume useful.

Documentation and Inquiry in the Early Childhood Classroom

Documentation and Inquiry in the Early Childhood Classroom Author Linda R. Kroll
ISBN-10 9781315464992
Release 2017-09-27
Pages 280
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Documentation and Inquiry in the Early Childhood Classroom explores teacher inquiry, reflection, and research and the documentation of these processes within a variety of school sites and models. Compiling underrepresented inquiry stories from practicing teachers and administrators in early childhood (0–5) classrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area, this book highlights the power of the community in supporting professional development for early childhood educators and the education of young children. Important elements addressed include teacher learning, children’s curricula, parent and community communication, and equity and social justice for teachers, children, and families.

Educational Change in International Early Childhood Contexts

Educational Change in International Early Childhood Contexts Author Linda R. Kroll
ISBN-10 9781317908395
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 200
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Co-published with the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI), Educational Change in International Early Childhood Contexts: Crossing Borders of Reflection examines the role of teacher reflection in a variety of educational contexts worldwide. Using a case study approach that integrates research, theory, policy, and practice, international contributors show how, in some settings, local traditions and values are honored while, in others, international educational ideas and programs become modified to suit local needs. Cases from Japan, China, Palestine, South Africa, Kenya, Finland, Italy, and New Zealand are discussed, as well as models from the United States. Through its thorough investigation into teacher reflection practices throughout the world, Educational Change in International Early Childhood Contexts: Crossing Borders of Reflection focuses on the transformative value of these practices to promote change in early childhood education. Framing commentary from Linda R. Kroll and Daniel R. Meier provides context and places the case studies in conversation with one another, allowing for productive international comparisons in this dynamic collection.

Understanding the Te Whariki Approach

Understanding the Te Whariki Approach Author Wendy Lee
ISBN-10 9781135119720
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 184
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Understanding the Te Whāriki Approach is a much–needed source of information for those wishing to extend and consolidate their understanding of the Te Whāriki approach, introducing the reader to an innovative bicultural curriculum developed for early childhood services in New Zealand. It will enable the reader to analyse the essential elements of this approach to early childhood and its relationship to quality early years practice. Providing students and practitioners with the relevant information about a key pedagogical influence on high quality early years practice in the United Kingdom, the book explores all areas of the curriculum, emphasising: strong curriculum connections to families and the wider community; a view of teaching and learning that focuses on responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things; a view of curriculum content as cross-disciplinary and multi-modal; the aspirations for children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society; a bicultural framework in which indigenous voices have a central place. Written to support the work of all those in the field of early years education and childcare, this is a vital text for students, early years and childcare practitioners, teachers, early years professionals, children’s centre professionals, lecturers, advisory teachers, head teachers and setting managers.

Research in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability

Research in Early Childhood Education for Sustainability Author Julie Davis
ISBN-10 9781317663607
Release 2014-06-20
Pages 354
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Sustainability is a global issue that urgently needs addressing, and for which the most serious consequences are for children and future generations. This insightful research text tackles one of the most significant contemporary issues of our times – the nexus between society and environment – and how early childhood education can contribute to sustainable living. By offering international and multidisciplinary research perspectives on Early Childhood Education for Sustainability, each chapter explores and investigates the complex topic of sustainability and its relationship to early childhood education. A particular emphasis that runs through this text is young children as empowered citizens, capable of both contributing to and creating change for sustainability. The chapter authors work from, or are aligned with, a transformative education paradigm that suggests the socio-constructivist frameworks currently underpinning Early Childhood Education require reframing in light of the social transformations necessary to address humanity’s unsustainable, unjust and unhealthy living patterns. This research text is designed to be provocative and challenging; in so doing it seeks to encourage exploration of current understandings about Early Childhood Education for Sustainability, offers new dimensions for more deeply informed practice, and proposes avenues for further research in this field.

Understanding Schemas in Young Children

Understanding Schemas in Young Children Author Stella Louis
ISBN-10 9781408194355
Release 2013-06-20
Pages 112
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What are schemas and why do they matter? Again! Again! provides an introduction to understanding and supporting schemas and schema play in young children. Practitioners will find an overview of schemas with guidance on where they fit within the EYFS. There are examples of schemas, with illustrations and descriptions of common behaviour patterns, and these are set within the general context of child development. The intention is to help early years practitioners identify schemas and to understand both how important they are and the vital role they play in the growing child's learning. The aim is to help the reader understand how they can develop, plan and resource activities which support children's learning through experiment and play.

The Welcoming Classroom

The Welcoming Classroom Author Johnna Ernst
ISBN-10 9780876594834
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 148
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The children in today's early childhood classroom are more culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse than ever. As a teacher, your challenge is to partner with each family through recognizing their individual strengths, concerns, priorities, and resources. In The Welcoming Classroom: Building Strong Home-to-School Connections for Early Learning, Dr. Johnna Darragh Ernst offers practical ideas for creating a welcoming atmosphere for families that will encourage them to participate in their children's learning community. From improving children's school readiness to encouraging positive engagement with peers, promoting student academic achievement, increasing graduation rates, and helping reduce the negative impact of poverty, the benefits of engaging families early will impact the young children in your care long after they leave your classroom!

Learning in the Making

Learning in the Making Author Margaret Carr
ISBN-10 9087909667
Release 2009
Pages 237
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Learning in the Making: disposition and design in early education. Authors: Margaret Carr, Anne B. Smith, Judith Duncan, Carolyn Jones, Wendy Lee & Kate Marshall. Foreword by Jacqueline Goodnow 'Learning in the Making' integrates theoretical ideas, research findings, and richly detailed episodes of learning to chart the development of learner identities in the early years. Learning dispositions are the central theme. The book traces the progression of learning dispositions for fourteen young children from early childhood centres into the first year of school. To quote the Foreword by Jacqueline Goodnow: this book "is a rare example of work that has two firm bases. One is in the conceptual analyses of learning. The other is in what one learns from the longitudinal following of individual children and particular aspects of change." A theoretical discussion early in the book defines a learning disposition, and argues for three key learning dispositions: reciprocity, resilience and imagination. The fourteen case studies provide verbs for these three learning dispositions: suggesting what young children are doing when they are learning to: live together, take some authority in their lives, and imagine alternatives. Jacqueline Goodnow also comments: "One of the major steps that this book makes consists of translating these nouns into verbs. With that translation, one can pin down what these terms mean. We can begin to see what children do that indicates moves towards reciprocity, resilience, or imagination. And we can begin to see - by way of those specific activities - what we ourselves can do or can foster." Learning in the making, it is argued, is sited in the relationship between disposition and design. The book describes six 'transactional and progressive' processes that are at work in this relationship, with implications for the design of educational environments, for policy, for professional development, and for teacher education. This book was written for teachers, practitioners, families, tertiary educators, and academics working in early education. However a wider audience will be interested in the analysis of where and how children develop a 'critical edge' in relation to their learning and their learning opportunities - Learning in the Making.

Emerging Self identities and Emotion in Foreign Language Learning

Emerging Self identities and Emotion in Foreign Language Learning Author Masuko Miyahara
ISBN-10 9781783093816
Release 2015-07
Pages 216
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This book uses a narrative-oriented approach to shed light on the processes of identity construction among Japanese university students of English. It offers a unique perspective on the role of experience, emotions, social and environmental affordances in shaping their personal orientations to English and self-perceptions as English learner-users.

The Anthropology of Learning in Childhood

The Anthropology of Learning in Childhood Author David F. Lancy
ISBN-10 9780759113220
Release 2009-12-31
Pages 483
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This first major anthropological reference book on childhood learning considers the cultural aspects of learning in childhood from the points of view of psychologists, sociologists, educators, and anthropologists.

Identity Safe Classrooms

Identity Safe Classrooms Author Dorothy M. Steele
ISBN-10 9781452230900
Release 2013-09-05
Pages 232
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This practitioner-focused guide to creating identity-safe classrooms presents four categories of core instructional practices: - child-centered teaching - classroom relationships - caring environments - cultivating diversity The book presents a set of strategies that can be implemented immediately by teachers. It includes a wealth of vignettes taken from identity-safe classrooms as well as reflective exercises that can be completed by individual teachers or teacher teams.