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Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall Author Philip Simmons
ISBN-10 0553897594
Release 2003-04-29
Pages 176
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Now I find myself in late August, with the nights cool and the crickets thick in the fields. Already the first blighted leaves glow scarlet on the red maples. It’s a season of fullness and sweet longings made sweeter now by the fact that I can’t be sure I’ll see this time of the year again.... — from Learning to Fall Philip Simmons was just thirty-five years old in 1993 when he learned that he had ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and was told he had less than five years to live. As a young husband and father, and at the start of a promising literary career, he suddenly had to learn the art of dying. Nine years later, he has succeeded, against the odds, in learning the art of living. Now, in this surprisingly joyous and spirit-renewing book, he chronicles his search for peace and his deepening relationship with the mystery of everyday life. Set amid the rugged New Hampshire mountains he once climbed, and filled with the bustle of family life against the quiet progression of illness, Learning to Fall illuminates the journey we all must take — “the work of learning to live richly in the face of loss.” From our first faltering steps, Simmons says, we may fall into disappointment or grief, fall into or out of love, fall from youth or health. And though we have little choice as to the timing or means of our descent, we may, as he affirms, “fall with grace, to grace.” With humor, hard-earned wisdom and a keen eye for life’s lessons — whether drawn from great poetry or visits to the town dump — Simmons shares his discovery that even at times of great sorrow we may find profound freedom. And by sharing the wonder of his daily life, he offers us the gift of connecting more deeply and joyously with our own. From the Hardcover edition.

Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall Author Anne Clermont
ISBN-10 9781940716794
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 288
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Brynn honors her passion for horses by studying at the toughest veterinary program in the country. Months from graduating, tragedy strikes—tragedy for which she can’t help but feel responsible. Brynn feels suffocated by the weight of her father’s legacy and his dusty hopes for horse show jumping success. When Brynn’s frenetic efforts to dig the family business out of debt fail, she’s down to one desperate hope. Enter Jason Lander, who understands what it’s like to walk away from the ring. The onetime champion agrees to train Brynn, and her horse Jett, for an all-or-nothing run at the prestigious Million Dollar Gold Cup. But going all the way means doing it his way, which has Brynn questioning her decisions, her loyalties, and her growing feelings for Jason—complicating her relationship with her lover. Set in Northern California against a stunning backdrop of coastal hills and valleys, Learning to Fall is about discovering how to let go—and how to hang on with your heart. Fans of Seabiscuit and The Horse Whisperer will love this beautifully written debut; one they’re bound to add to their shelf of favorites.

Convincing Ground

Convincing Ground Author Bruce Pascoe
ISBN-10 9780855755492
Release 2007
Pages 302
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"Convincing Ground" pulses with love of country. In this powerful, lyrical and passionate new work Bruce Pascoe asks us to fully acknowledge our past and the way those actions continue to influence our nation today, both physically and intellectually. The book resonates with ongoing debates about identity, dispossession, memory and community. Pascoe draws on the past through a critical examination of major historical works and witness accounts and finds uncanny parallels between the techniques and language used there to today's national political stage. He has written the book for all Australians, as an antidote to the great Australian inability to deal respectfully with the nation's constructed Indigenous past. For Pascoe, the Australian character was not forged at Gallipoli, Eureka and the back of Bourke, but in the furnace of Murdering Flat, Convincing Ground and Werribee. He knows we can't reverse the past, but believes we can bring in our soul from the fog of delusion. Pascoe proposes a way forward, beyond shady intellectual argument and immature nationalism, with our strengths enhanced and our weaknesses acknowledged and addressed.

Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall Author Mina V. Esguerra
ISBN-10 153024675X
Release 2016-02-27
Pages 168
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"Go out with a stereotypical romance novel hero WHO ISN'T YOUR TYPE." Avid reader and art student Steph is participating in a monthly blog challenge to Live Like Fiction, and this was the task for October. When Grayson, former co-captain of her university rugby team, walks into her class, she knows it's meant to be - she has to go out with this guy. Even if she's never been attracted to big, hunky, athletic types. With Grayson's "player" reputation off the field, Steph thinks he'll be good for one date that'll be worth blogging about, and that's it. But you know how it goes: Soon, it becomes more than just one date - and Steph and Grayson are caught up in "living like fiction." How long can they keep playing their roles before reality steps in?

How Not to Fall in Love

How  Not  to Fall in Love Author Lisa Brown Roberts
ISBN-10 9781622665259
Release 2015-02-03
Pages 352
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Seventeen-year-old Darcy Covington never had to worry about money or where her next shopping spree was coming from. Even her dog ate gourmet. Then one day, Darcy's car is repossessed from the parking lot of her elite private school. As her father's business hit the skids, Dad didn't just skip town, he bailed on his family. Fortunately, Darcy's uncle owns a thrift shop where she can hide out from the world. There's also Lucas, the wickedly hot fix-it guy she can't stop crushing on, even if she's not sure they'll ever get out of the friend zone. But it's here among the colorful characters of her uncle's world that Darcy begins to see something more in herself...if she has the courage to follow it.

It s Okay to Fall

It s Okay to Fall Author H. J. Towsley
ISBN-10 9781449054823
Release 2009-12
Pages 20
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Kayla is ice skating for the first time and is afraid of falling. She gets a lesson on how to fall from an ice skating coach.

Alternate Title Learning to Fall

Alternate Title  Learning to Fall Author Christina Smith
ISBN-10 1976834570
Release 2018-01-07
Pages 164
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'Poetry' is not quite the correct description for this book. The style is derived from a cross between Walt Whitman, the beatnik poets, and life as we breathe it. The poems are not only appealing, but relevant to all walks of life. ”>You do not 'choose' to fall when you step off a cliff. “>Dancing through life, we're only shadows in the rain. The sky's electric tonight as we defy all rules of society and forge our own destinies from the rooftops, writing manifestos of love in alleyways and parking garages, watching as my angels try to fly with their scarred wings, knowing we were never meant to survive-we're marked for death and somehow we push on. Watching the sun rise from that glorious rooftop-we felt in that moment that the universe had taken notice of us.The universe is not smaller than we think-it just wants us to play bigger roles.

Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall Author Timothy Merrill
ISBN-10 0989789055
Release 2016-04-30
Pages 184
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In life, as in skiing, falling is inevitable. But a fall, one of those moral and spiritual blunders we all make from time to time, doesn't constitute a failure unless we allow it to. Getting back up is a part of every falling experience. In this thoughtful, helpful book, Merrill makes the ski slopes his metaphor, including a charming collection of personal anecdotes to illustrate just how uplifting falling can be.

Ready to Fall

Ready to Fall Author Marcella Pixley
ISBN-10 9780374303594
Release 2017-11-28
Pages 368
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A young adult novel about a teen who finds hope and a fresh start after a terrible loss, and learns that being strong means letting go. When Max Friedman’s mother dies of cancer, instead of facing his loss, Max imagines that her tumor has taken up residence in his brain. It's a terrible tenant—isolating him from family, distracting him in school, and taunting him mercilessly about his manhood. With the tumor in charge, Max implodes, slipping farther and farther away from reality. Finally, Max is sent to the artsy, off-beat Baldwin School to regain his footing. He joins a group of theater misfits in a steam-punk production of Hamlet where he becomes friends with Fish, a girl with pink hair and a troubled past, and The Monk, an edgy upperclassman who refuses to let go of the things he loves. For a while, Max almost feels happy. But his tumor is always lurking in the wings—until one night it knocks him down and Max is forced to face the truth, not just about the tumor, but about how hard it is to let go of the past. At turns lyrical, haunting, and triumphant, Ready to Fall is a story of grief, love, rebellion and starting fresh from acclaimed author Marcella Pixley.

Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall Author Christine Meunier
ISBN-10 9781326527068
Release 2018-03-15
Pages 92
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Jacqui is struggling to cope with the return of Matty and not having a pony. As she comes to grips with this, her friend Hannah plants the seed of asking to lease another pony. As Jacqui battles to find the courage to ask her parents, she finds God has already provided a means for her to secure a dream pony. But is it still a dream if you keep falling off and lose your confidence? Jacqui King finds that getting her dream pony isn't all she expected and now she has to learn persistence. That's not all she's learning with her new pony, learning how to hit the ground and get back up is also necessary. Does she really want this?

Learning to Swear in America

Learning to Swear in America Author Katie Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781619639102
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 304
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A Summer/Fall 2016 Indies Introduce selection An asteroid is hurtling toward Earth. A big, bad one. Maybe not kill-all-the-dinosaurs bad, but at least kill-everyone-in-California-and-wipe-out-Japan-with-a-tsunami bad. Yuri, a physicist prodigy from Russia, has been recruited to aid NASA as they calculate a plan to avoid disaster. The good news is Yuri knows how to stop the asteroid--his research in antimatter will probably win him a Nobel prize if there's ever another Nobel prize awarded. But the trouble is, even though NASA asked for his help, no one there will listen to him. He's seventeen, and they've been studying physics longer than he's been alive. Then he meets (pretty, wild, unpredictable) Dovie, who lives like a normal teenager, oblivious to the impending doom. Being with her, on the adventures she plans when he's not at NASA, Yuri catches a glimpse of what it means to save the world and live a life worth saving. Prepare to laugh, cry, cringe, and have your mind burst open with the questions of the universe.

Freefall to Fly

Freefall to Fly Author Rebekah Lyons
ISBN-10 9781414382449
Release 2013-04-09
Pages 224
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Women today are fading. In a female culture built on Photoshopped perfection and Pinterest fantasies, we’ve lost the ability to dream our own big dreams. So busy trying to do it all and have it all, we’ve missed the life we were really designed for. And we are paying the price. The rise of loneliness, depression, and anxiety among the female population in Western cultures is at an all-time high. Overall, women are two and a half times more likely to take antidepressants than men. What is it about our culture, the expectations, and our way of life that is breaking women down in unprecedented ways? In this vulnerable memoir of transformation, Rebekah Lyons shares her journey from Atlanta, Georgia, to the heart of Manhattan, where she found herself blindsided by crippling depression and anxiety. Overwhelmed by the pressure to be domestically efficient, professionally astute, and physically attractive, Rebekah finally realized that freedom can come only by facing our greatest fears and fully surrendering to God’s call on our lives. This book is an invitation for all women to take that first step toward freedom. For it is only when we free-fall that we can truly fly.

Learning to Fall

Learning to Fall Author Valerie Eve Anthony
ISBN-10 OCLC:20043027
Release 1989
Pages 90
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Learning to Fall has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Learning to Fall also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Learning to Fall book for free.

No Fall Snowboarding

No Fall Snowboarding Author Danny Martin
ISBN-10 9781439100349
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 304
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Gain Without Pain. Learning to snowboard can be easy and painless—with the right instruction. In this groundbreaking book, Danny Martin, the most sought-after snowboarding instructor today, teaches you how to snowboard in just three days—and without falling. While the American Association of Snowboard Instructors tells its members, “Your students will fall,” Danny Martin shows you that there can be gain without pain: he has single-handedly revolutionized the way the sport is taught, and in No-Fall Snowboarding he reveals his techniques. Firmly grounded in physical fitness and martial arts and designed so everyone—beginners, skiers, even seasoned snowboarders—can practice at home, No-Fall Snowboarding will teach you how to: -Learn proper snowboarding techniques long before hitting the mountain -Create balance with easy, specific body movements -Find the perfect board, gear, places to board -Get over bad habits -Avoid typical twisting motions guaranteed to cause falling Filled with dozens of stunning photographs by renowned photographer Mark Seliger, No-Fall Snowboarding is the go-to guide for people of all ages and skill levels who want to learn America's fastest growing sport.

Learning how to Fall

Learning how to Fall Author Lynne Rees
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105114412849
Release 2005
Pages 70
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Lynne Rees's first full collection marks the confident arrival of a poet who explores and celebrates human experience in all its unsettling and delightful incarnations.

Learning How to Fall

Learning How to Fall Author T Nikki Cesare Schotzko
ISBN-10 9781317633570
Release 2014-12-17
Pages 228
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Beginning with Richard Drew’s controversial photograph of a man falling from the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, Learning How to Fall investigates the changing relationship between world events and their subsequent documentation, asking: Does the mediatization of the event overwhelm the fact of the event itself? How does the mode by which information is disseminated alter the way in which we perceive such information? How does this impact upon our memory of an event? T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko posits contemporary art and performance as not only a stylized re-envisioning of daily life but, inversely, as a viable means by which one might experience and process real-world political and social events. This approach combines two concurrent and contradictory trends in aesthetics, narrative, and dramaturgy: the dramatization of real-world events so as to broaden the commercial appeal of those events in both mainstream and alternative media, and the establishment of a more holistic relationship between politically and aesthetically motivated modes of disseminating and processing information. By presenting engaging and diverse case studies from both the art world and popular culture – including Aliza Shvarts’s censored senior thesis at Yale University, Kerry Skarbakka’s provocative photographs of falling, Didier Morelli’s crawl through Toronto, and Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom – Learning How to Fall creates a new understanding of the relationship between the event and its documentation, where even the truth of an event might be called into question.

How to Read a Poem

How to Read a Poem Author Edward Hirsch
ISBN-10 0547543727
Release 1999-03-22
Pages 288
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"Read a poem to yourself in the middle of the night. Turn on a single lamp and read it while you're alone in an otherwise dark room or while someone sleeps next to you. Say it over to yourself in a place where silence reigns and the din of culture—the constant buzzing noise that surrounds you—has momentarily stopped. This poem has come from a great distance to find you." So begins this astonishing book by one of our leading poets and critics. In an unprecedented exploration of the genre, Hirsch writes about what poetry is, why it matters, and how we can open up our imaginations so that its message—which is of vital importance in day-to-day life—can reach us and make a difference. For Hirsch, poetry is not just a part of life, it is life, and expresses like no other art our most sublime emotions. In a marvelous reading of world poetry, including verse by such poets as Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, Pablo Neruda, William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath, Charles Baudelaire, and many more, Hirsch discovers the meaning of their words and ideas and brings their sublime message home into our hearts. A masterful work by a master poet, this brilliant summation of poetry and human nature will speak to all readers who long to place poetry in their lives but don't know how to read it.