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Lectures on K3 Surfaces

Lectures on K3 Surfaces Author Daniel Huybrechts
ISBN-10 9781316797259
Release 2016-09-26
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K3 surfaces are central objects in modern algebraic geometry. This book examines this important class of Calabi–Yau manifolds from various perspectives in eighteen self-contained chapters. It starts with the basics and guides the reader to recent breakthroughs, such as the proof of the Tate conjecture for K3 surfaces and structural results on Chow groups. Powerful general techniques are introduced to study the many facets of K3 surfaces, including arithmetic, homological, and differential geometric aspects. In this context, the book covers Hodge structures, moduli spaces, periods, derived categories, birational techniques, Chow rings, and deformation theory. Famous open conjectures, for example the conjectures of Calabi, Weil, and Artin–Tate, are discussed in general and for K3 surfaces in particular, and each chapter ends with questions and open problems. Based on lectures at the advanced graduate level, this book is suitable for courses and as a reference for researchers.

The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves

The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves Author Daniel Huybrechts
ISBN-10 9781139485821
Release 2010-05-27
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Now back in print, this highly regarded book has been updated to reflect recent advances in the theory of semistable coherent sheaves and their moduli spaces, which include moduli spaces in positive characteristic, moduli spaces of principal bundles and of complexes, Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces, derived categories of coherent sheaves, and moduli spaces of sheaves on Calabi–Yau threefolds. The authors review changes in the field since the publication of the original edition in 1997 and point the reader towards further literature. References have been brought up to date and errors removed. Developed from the authors' lectures, this book is ideal as a text for graduate students as well as a valuable resource for any mathematician with a background in algebraic geometry who wants to learn more about Grothendieck's approach.

Fourier Mukai Transforms in Algebraic Geometry

Fourier Mukai Transforms in Algebraic Geometry Author Daniel Huybrechts
ISBN-10 9780199296866
Release 2006-04-20
Pages 307
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This work is based on a course given at the Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu, on the derived category of coherent sheaves on a smooth projective variety. It is aimed at students with a basic knowledge of algebraic geometry and contains full proofs and exercises that aid the reader.

Lectures on Hilbert Schemes of Points on Surfaces

Lectures on Hilbert Schemes of Points on Surfaces Author Hiraku Nakajima
ISBN-10 9780821819562
Release 1999
Pages 132
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This beautifully written book deals with one shining example: the Hilbert schemes of points on algebraic surfaces ... The topics are carefully and tastefully chosen ... The young person will profit from reading this book. --Mathematical Reviews The Hilbert scheme of a surface $X$ describes collections of $n$ (not necessarily distinct) points on $X$. More precisely, it is the moduli space for 0-dimensional subschemes of $X$ of length $n$. Recently it was realized that Hilbert schemes originally studied in algebraic geometry are closely related to several branches of mathematics, such as singularities, symplectic geometry, representation theory--even theoretical physics. The discussion in the book reflects this feature of Hilbert schemes. One example of the modern, broader interest in the subject is a construction of the representation of the infinite-dimensional Heisenberg algebra, i.e., Fock space. This representation has been studied extensively in the literature in connection with affine Lie algebras, conformal field theory, etc. However, the construction presented in this volume is completely unique and provides an unexplored link between geometry and representation theory. The book offers an attractive survey of current developments in this rapidly growing subject. It is suitable as a text at the advanced graduate level.

Singularities of the Minimal Model Program

Singularities of the Minimal Model Program Author János Kollár
ISBN-10 9781107035348
Release 2013-02-21
Pages 370
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An authoritative reference and the first comprehensive treatment of the singularities of the minimal model program.

Lectures on N X p

Lectures on N X p Author Jean-Pierre Serre
ISBN-10 9781466501935
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 174
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Lectures on NX(p) deals with the question on how NX(p), the number of solutions of mod p congruences, varies with p when the family (X) of polynomial equations is fixed. While such a general question cannot have a complete answer, it offers a good occasion for reviewing various techniques in l-adic cohomology and group representations, presented in a context that is appealing to specialists in number theory and algebraic geometry. Along with covering open problems, the text examines the size and congruence properties of NX(p) and describes the ways in which it is computed, by closed formulae and/or using efficient computers. The first four chapters cover the preliminaries and contain almost no proofs. After an overview of the main theorems on NX(p), the book offers simple, illustrative examples and discusses the Chebotarev density theorem, which is essential in studying frobenian functions and frobenian sets. It also reviews l-adic cohomology. The author goes on to present results on group representations that are often difficult to find in the literature, such as the technique of computing Haar measures in a compact l-adic group by performing a similar computation in a real compact Lie group. These results are then used to discuss the possible relations between two different families of equations X and Y. The author also describes the Archimedean properties of NX(p), a topic on which much less is known than in the l-adic case. Following a chapter on the Sato-Tate conjecture and its concrete aspects, the book concludes with an account of the prime number theorem and the Chebotarev density theorem in higher dimensions.

Lectures on Invariant Theory

Lectures on Invariant Theory Author Igor Dolgachev
ISBN-10 0521525489
Release 2003-08-07
Pages 220
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The primary goal of this 2003 book is to give a brief introduction to the main ideas of algebraic and geometric invariant theory. It assumes only a minimal background in algebraic geometry, algebra and representation theory. Topics covered include the symbolic method for computation of invariants on the space of homogeneous forms, the problem of finite-generatedness of the algebra of invariants, the theory of covariants and constructions of categorical and geometric quotients. Throughout, the emphasis is on concrete examples which originate in classical algebraic geometry. Based on lectures given at University of Michigan, Harvard University and Seoul National University, the book is written in an accessible style and contains many examples and exercises. A novel feature of the book is a discussion of possible linearizations of actions and the variation of quotients under the change of linearization. Also includes the construction of toric varieties as torus quotients of affine spaces.

Lectures on the Theory of Pure Motives

Lectures on the Theory of Pure Motives Author Jacob P. Murre
ISBN-10 9780821894347
Release 2013-04-11
Pages 149
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The theory of motives was created by Grothendieck in the 1960s as he searched for a universal cohomology theory for algebraic varieties. The theory of pure motives is well established as far as the construction is concerned. Pure motives are expected to h

3264 and All That

3264 and All That Author David Eisenbud
ISBN-10 9781107017085
Release 2016-04-14
Pages 632
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This book can form the basis of a second course in algebraic geometry. As motivation, it takes concrete questions from enumerative geometry and intersection theory, and provides intuition and technique, so that the student develops the ability to solve geometric problems. The authors explain key ideas, including rational equivalence, Chow rings, Schubert calculus and Chern classes, and readers will appreciate the abundant examples, many provided as exercises with solutions available online. Intersection is concerned with the enumeration of solutions of systems of polynomial equations in several variables. It has been an active area of mathematics since the work of Leibniz. Chasles' nineteenth-century calculation that there are 3264 smooth conic plane curves tangent to five given general conics was an important landmark, and was the inspiration behind the title of this book. Such computations were motivation for Poincaré's development of topology, and for many subsequent theories, so that intersection theory is now a central topic of modern mathematics.

Moduli of Curves

Moduli of Curves Author Joe Harris
ISBN-10 9780387227375
Release 2006-04-06
Pages 369
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A guide to a rich and fascinating subject: algebraic curves and how they vary in families. Providing a broad but compact overview of the field, this book is accessible to readers with a modest background in algebraic geometry. It develops many techniques, including Hilbert schemes, deformation theory, stable reduction, intersection theory, and geometric invariant theory, with the focus on examples and applications arising in the study of moduli of curves. From such foundations, the book goes on to show how moduli spaces of curves are constructed, illustrates typical applications with the proofs of the Brill-Noether and Gieseker-Petri theorems via limit linear series, and surveys the most important results about their geometry ranging from irreducibility and complete subvarieties to ample divisors and Kodaira dimension. With over 180 exercises and 70 figures, the book also provides a concise introduction to the main results and open problems about important topics which are not covered in detail.

Chow Rings Decomposition of the Diagonal and the Topology of Families AM 187

Chow Rings  Decomposition of the Diagonal  and the Topology of Families  AM 187 Author Claire Voisin
ISBN-10 9781400850532
Release 2014-02-23
Pages 176
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In this book, Claire Voisin provides an introduction to algebraic cycles on complex algebraic varieties, to the major conjectures relating them to cohomology, and even more precisely to Hodge structures on cohomology. The volume is intended for both students and researchers, and not only presents a survey of the geometric methods developed in the last thirty years to understand the famous Bloch-Beilinson conjectures, but also examines recent work by Voisin. The book focuses on two central objects: the diagonal of a variety—and the partial Bloch-Srinivas type decompositions it may have depending on the size of Chow groups—as well as its small diagonal, which is the right object to consider in order to understand the ring structure on Chow groups and cohomology. An exploration of a sampling of recent works by Voisin looks at the relation, conjectured in general by Bloch and Beilinson, between the coniveau of general complete intersections and their Chow groups and a very particular property satisfied by the Chow ring of K3 surfaces and conjecturally by hyper-Kähler manifolds. In particular, the book delves into arguments originating in Nori's work that have been further developed by others.

Polytopes Rings and K Theory

Polytopes  Rings  and K Theory Author Winfried Bruns
ISBN-10 9780387763569
Release 2009-06-12
Pages 461
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This book examines interactions of polyhedral discrete geometry and algebra. What makes this book unique is the presentation of several central results in all three areas of the exposition - from discrete geometry, to commutative algebra, and K-theory.

Etale Cohomology and the Weil Conjecture

Etale Cohomology and the Weil Conjecture Author Eberhard Freitag
ISBN-10 9783662025413
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 320
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Some years ago a conference on l-adic cohomology in Oberwolfach was held with the aim of reaching an understanding of Deligne's proof of the Weil conjec tures. For the convenience of the speakers the present authors - who were also the organisers of that meeting - prepared short notes containing the central definitions and ideas of the proofs. The unexpected interest for these notes and the various suggestions to publish them encouraged us to work somewhat more on them and fill out the gaps. Our aim was to develop the theory in as self contained and as short a manner as possible. We intended especially to provide a complete introduction to etale and l-adic cohomology theory including the monodromy theory of Lefschetz pencils. Of course, all the central ideas are due to the people who created the theory, especially Grothendieck and Deligne. The main references are the SGA-notes [64-69]. With the kind permission of Professor J. A. Dieudonne we have included in the book that finally resulted his excellent notes on the history of the Weil conjectures, as a second introduction. Our original notes were written in German. However, we finally followed the recommendation made variously to publish the book in English. We had the good fortune that Professor W. Waterhouse and his wife Betty agreed to translate our manuscript. We want to thank them very warmly for their willing involvement in such a tedious task. We are very grateful to the staff of Springer-Verlag for their careful work.

Manifolds Sheaves and Cohomology

Manifolds  Sheaves  and Cohomology Author Torsten Wedhorn
ISBN-10 9783658106331
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 354
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This book explains techniques that are essential in almost all branches of modern geometry such as algebraic geometry, complex geometry, or non-archimedian geometry. It uses the most accessible case, real and complex manifolds, as a model. The author especially emphasizes the difference between local and global questions. Cohomology theory of sheaves is introduced and its usage is illustrated by many examples.

Algebraic Groups

Algebraic Groups Author J. S. Milne
ISBN-10 9781107167483
Release 2017-09-21
Pages 682
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Comprehensive introduction to the theory of algebraic group schemes over fields, based on modern algebraic geometry, with few prerequisites.

Algebraic Spaces and Stacks

Algebraic Spaces and Stacks Author Martin Olsson
ISBN-10 9781470427986
Release 2016-05-13
Pages 298
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This book is an introduction to the theory of algebraic spaces and stacks intended for graduate students and researchers familiar with algebraic geometry at the level of a first-year graduate course. The first several chapters are devoted to background material including chapters on Grothendieck topologies, descent, and fibered categories. Following this, the theory of algebraic spaces and stacks is developed. The last three chapters discuss more advanced topics including the Keel-Mori theorem on the existence of coarse moduli spaces, gerbes and Brauer groups, and various moduli stacks of curves. Numerous exercises are included in each chapter ranging from routine verifications to more difficult problems, and a glossary of necessary category theory is included as an appendix.

Homotopical Algebra

Homotopical Algebra Author Daniel G. Quillen
ISBN-10 9783540355236
Release 2006-11-14
Pages 160
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Homotopical Algebra has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Homotopical Algebra also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Homotopical Algebra book for free.