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Legal Aspects of Financial Services Regulation and the Concept of a Unified Regulator

Legal Aspects of Financial Services Regulation and the Concept of a Unified Regulator Author Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda
ISBN-10 9780821364604
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 161
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That different types of financial services and products continue to spring up in the financial sector of many countries is indicative of the changing landscape of the financial services industry globally. Equally important, as indicators of the evolving trajectory of financial services regulation, are increases in the number of countries where universal banking is practiced and in numbers of parent and subsidiary companies providing different types of financial services and products. This book is written against that background. A central thesis pursued in the book is that until there is a longer track record of experience with unified regulators, it is difficult to come to firm conclusions about the restructuring process of regulators, and the optimal internal structure of such agencies. In addition, the book examines the concept of an independent regulator, showing how this concept, as a corollary to the concept of a unified regulator, could strengthen the regulatory and institutional framework for financial services supervision if accountability were to be part of such a framework.

Legal Aspects of Combating Corruption The Case of Zambia

Legal Aspects of Combating Corruption  The Case of Zambia Author
ISBN-10 9781621968856
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Legal Aspects of Combating Corruption The Case of Zambia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Legal Aspects of Combating Corruption The Case of Zambia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Legal Aspects of Combating Corruption The Case of Zambia book for free.

Land Law Reform

Land Law Reform Author
ISBN-10 9780821364697
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 259
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"Land Law Reform examines the wide-spread efforts to reform land law in developing countries and countries in transition, drawing in particular upon the experience of the World Bank and the Rural Development Institute. The book considers the role of land law reform in the development process and analyzes how the World Bank has sought to support these legal changes in client countries. It reviews the experience with reform of laws affecting land access and rights in achieving gender equity, identifies opportunities for reinforcing environmentally sustainable development through land law reform, and examines from both growth and poverty alleviation perspectives the effectiveness of reforms to formalize property rights and liberalize land markets. The concluding chapter recommends some basic priorities for land law reforms. John W. Bruce is a senior counsel in the Legal Vice-Presidency of the World Bank, and a former director of the Land Tenure Center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has published extensively on land law and land policy in developing countries. Renee Giovarelli, David Bledsoe, Leonard Rolfes, and Robert Mitchell are staff attorneys with the Rural Development Institute of Seattle, Washington, a nonprofit organization that promotes and advises on land-related policy and legal reform in developing and transition countries. All have done fieldwork and advised extensively on land law reform and have published widely on this topic."

Regulatory Frameworks for Water Resources Management

Regulatory Frameworks for Water Resources Management Author Salman M. A. Salman
ISBN-10 9780821365205
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 198
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This title examines how regulatory frameworks have addressed the various basic issues related to water resources management, and provides a comparative analysis of those issues. It elicits and discusses what it considers are the essential elements for a regulatory framework for water resources management, and identifies some emerging trends.

Forest Law and Sustainable Development

Forest Law and Sustainable Development Author
ISBN-10 9780821370391
Release 2007
Pages 206
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This book analyzes the wide range of issues that should be taken into account in forest-related legislation. It stresses that forest law must be understood in the context of the broader legal framework governing land use and land tenure, as well as international obligations related to trade, environmental protection, and human rights. The book also pays significant attention to institutional arrangements and governance practices relevant to forests, including decentralization, transparency, and law enforcement. The authors draw extensively on experience from around the world to provide tools for dealing with various forest management challlenges. The authors are experts in the field of forest law. Lawrence C. Christy is a Former Chief, Development Law Service, Legal Office, Food and Agricultre Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Charles E. Di Leva is Chief Counsel, Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development and International Law Unit (LEGEN), Legal Vice-Presidency, World Bank. Jonathan M. Lindsay is Senior Counsel with LEGEN, Legal Vice-Presidency, World Bank. Patrice Talla Takoukam is Counsel with LEGEN, Legal Vice-Presidency, World Bank.

The World Bank Policy for Projects on International Waterways

The World Bank Policy for Projects on International Waterways Author Salman M. A. Salman
ISBN-10 9780821379547
Release 2009
Pages 288
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This book deals with the evolution and context of the Bank policy for projects on international waterways. It starts with a brief description of how the Bank faced the challenges stemming from such projects, and the different approaches deliberated by the Bank that led to the issuance of the first policy in 1956. The Book then reviews the implementation experience and analyzes the principles and procedures, as well as the main features of each of the policies issued in 1956, 1965 and 1985. The principles of international water law prevailing at each stage of the policy updates are examined and.

The Gulf Region

The Gulf Region Author John Nugée
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106019835906
Release 2008
Pages 219
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The oil boom of the last three years has accelerated growth in financial market activities across the Gulf region and in Islamic financial and banking activities overall. The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE) are one of the fastest growing parts of the world economy. Burgeoning wealth has strengthened the demand for more sophisticated financial services. Rising transaction volumes have made a compelling case for building the infrastructure to expand services while justifying the cost. These investments in financial market capability have accelerated the development of a financial services industry in the region and introduced new instruments, prompting banking and financial institutions to set up in the Gulf.This book examines the Gulf region as a financial center and an economic power hub, focusing on its role in the world economy and capital markets. In particular, the authors address the issue of whether wealth alone is enough to create an international financial center. They also assess how many financial centers the Gulf can support and who has the best chance of making the transformation from regional player to global leader. This timely book is the first to provide an overall analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the region, assessing its global aspirations and exploring long-term trends. "The Gulf region has become the epicentre of economic and financial progress in the Middle East, and a systemic player in the world financial markets. Yet not much is known about the Gulf economies —their financial systems, the wealth they are generating and how they are spending and investing it, and the impact of their growing financial and economic power on the global economy. This book by experts in their respective fields is an important and overdue contribution and a must-read for those with an interest in the Gulf region. For what happens in the Gulf will have a significant influence on the entire Middle East and the international financial markets." —Dr. Mohsin Khan, Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund "This extremely useful book on the financial might of the countries of the Gulf region is essential to understand the rapid rise and development of what is certain to be, very soon, one of the most important financial centers in the world." —Dr. Mario I. Blejer, former director, Centre for Central Banking Studies, Bank of England; former governor, Central Bank of Argentina "This ably edited volume could not have come at a more appropriate time, as the traditional financial markets go through turbulence unseen in decades." —Dr. Abdel Aziz Abu Hamad Aluwaisheg, Minister Plenipotentiary and Director, Economic Integration Department, Gulf Cooperation CouncilContributors include Ahmet Akarli (Goldman Sachs), Alexander Böhmer (OECD), Florence Eid (Pantera Capital LP),Tarek Fadlallah (Nomura), Ghaleb Faidi (ILMAM), Andrea Goldstein (OECD), Daniel Hanna (Standard Chartered Bank), Michael Hume (Lehman Brothers), Stephen Jen (Morgan Stanley),Vanessa Rossi (Chatham House and Oxford Economics), and Andrew Rozanov (State Street Global Advisors).

Reference Guide to Anti money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Reference Guide to Anti money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Author Paul Allan Schott
ISBN-10 0821365134
Release 2006-01
Pages 288
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Efforts to launder money and finance terrorism have been evolving rapidly in recent years in response to heightened countermeasures. The international community has witnessed the use of increasingly sophisticated methods to move illicit funds through financial systems across the globe and has acknowledged the need for improved multilateral cooperation to fight these criminal activities. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund have developed this guide to help countries understand the new international standards. It will hopefully serve as a comprehensive source of practical information for countries to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. It discusses the problems caused by these crimes, the specific actions countries need to take to address them, and the role international organizations, such as the Bank and the IMF, play in the process. This guide is a tool for countries to establish and improve their legal and institutional frameworks and their preventive measures according to international standards and best practices. -- From Foreword (p. ix).

Current Publications in Legal and Related Fields

Current Publications in Legal and Related Fields Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105064159796
Release 2007
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Current Publications in Legal and Related Fields has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Current Publications in Legal and Related Fields also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Current Publications in Legal and Related Fields book for free.

The Foundations and Future of Financial Regulation

The Foundations and Future of Financial Regulation Author Mads Andenas
ISBN-10 9781135043377
Release 2013-11-20
Pages 544
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Financial regulation has entered into a new era, as many foundational economic theories and policies supporting the existing infrastructure have been and are being questioned following the financial crisis. Goodhart et al’s seminal monograph "Financial Regulation: Why, How and Where Now?" (Routledge:1998) took stock of the extent of financial innovation and the maturity of the financial services industry at that time, and mapped out a new regulatory roadmap. This book offers a timely exploration of the "Why, How and Where Now" of financial regulation in the aftermath of the crisis in order to map out the future trajectory of financial regulation in an age where financial stability is being emphasised as a key regulatory objective. The book is split into four sections: the objectives and regulatory landscape of financial regulation; the regulatory regime for investor protection; the regulatory regime for financial institutional safety and soundness; and macro-prudential regulation. The discussion ranges from theoretical and policy perspectives to comprehensive and critical consideration of financial regulation in the specifics. The focus of the book is on the substantive regulation of the UK and the EU, as critical examination is made of the unravelling and the future of financial regulation with comparative insights offered where relevant especially from the US. Running throughout the book is consideration of the relationship between financial regulation, financial stability and the responsibility of various actors in governance. This book offers an important contribution to continuing reflections on the role of financial regulation, market discipline and corporate responsibility in the financial sector, and upon the roles of regulatory authorities, markets and firms in ensuring the financial health and security of all in the future.

Law and Corporate Behaviour

Law and Corporate Behaviour Author Christopher Hodges
ISBN-10 9781782255833
Release 2015-10-22
Pages 704
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This book examines the theories and practice of how to control corporate behaviour through legal techniques. The principal theories examined are deterrence, economic rational acting, responsive regulation, and the findings of behavioural psychology. Leading examples of the various approaches are given in order to illustrate the models: private enforcement of law through litigation in the USA, public enforcement of competition law by the European Commission, and the recent reform of policies on public enforcement of regulatory law in the United Kingdom. Noting that behavioural psychology has as yet had only limited application in legal and regulatory theory, the book then analyses various European regulatory structures where behavioural techniques can be seen or could be applied. Sectors examined include financial services, civil aviation, pharmaceuticals, and workplace health & safety. Key findings are that 'enforcement' has to focus on identifying the causes of non-compliance, so as to be able to support improved performance, rather than be based on fear motivating complete compliance. Systems in which reporting is essential for safety only function with a no-blame culture. The book concludes by proposing an holistic model for maximising compliance within large organisations, combining public regulatory and criminal controls with internal corporate systems and external influences by stakeholders, held together by a unified core of ethical principles. Hence, the book proposes a new theory of ethical regulation.

Stationery Office Agency Catalogue 2007

Stationery Office Agency Catalogue 2007 Author Stationery Office
ISBN-10 0115008608
Release 2009-02
Pages 176
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Disease Control Priorities Third Edition Volume 9

Disease Control Priorities  Third Edition  Volume 9 Author Dean T. Jamison
ISBN-10 9781464805288
Release 2017-12-06
Pages 426
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As the culminating volume in the DCP3 series, volume 9 will provide an overview of DCP3 findings and methods, a summary of messages and substantive lessons to be taken from DCP3, and a further discussion of cross-cutting and synthesizing topics across the first eight volumes. The introductory chapters (1-3) in this volume take as their starting point the elements of the Essential Packages presented in the overview chapters of each volume. First, the chapter on intersectoral policy priorities for health includes fiscal and intersectoral policies and assembles a subset of the population policies and applies strict criteria for a low-income setting in order to propose a "highest-priority" essential package. Second, the chapter on packages of care and delivery platforms for universal health coverage (UHC) includes health sector interventions, primarily clinical and public health services, and uses the same approach to propose a highest priority package of interventions and policies that meet similar criteria, provides cost estimates, and describes a pathway to UHC.

Comparing European and U S Securities Regulations

Comparing European and U S  Securities Regulations Author Tanja Boskovic
ISBN-10 0821382543
Release 2010-01-12
Pages 184
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This paper, aimed at professionals, scholars, and government officials in the field of securities regulations, compares the European (specifically the Market in Financial Instruments Directive MiFID) and U.S. securities regulations. The analysis focuses on the regulatory and supervisory framework, trading venues, and the provision of investment services. We show that although there may be regional differences in the structure and rules of current securities regulation, the objectives and some outcomes of regulation are comparable. Similarly, as the current global financial and economic crisis exposed gaps in securities regulations worldwide, regulators in both regions face similar challenges. This study will be particularly useful for World Bank member countries that are looking at either the European or U.S. regulations when conducting market reforms.

The Law of Private Investment Funds

The Law of Private Investment Funds Author Timothy Spangler
ISBN-10 9780191635236
Release 2012-09-06
Pages 328
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The new edition of The Law of Private Investment Funds offers a practical analysis of the legal and regulatory issues that arise in connection with the structuring, formation, and operation of private investment funds, including hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, and other non-retail collective investment vehicles. The book provides a unique analysis of these funds on a pan-asset class basis, as well as from a US, UK, and European perspective. The themes of investor protection and fiduciary challenge are considered in the context of the various sources available for investor protection including the substantive rights and obligations under general law, and voluntary and statutory rights of regulation. The author considers the various aspects of running private investment funds against the backdrop of regulation and investor protection. Issues such as structuring and launching, and marketing private investment funds are considered in full. The author also looks at the governance challenge where limited partnerships and offshore companies are concerned. The book identifies governance as a key issue for private investment fund participants and discusses in depth several ways in which managers and fund participants can improve the governance of their funds. In addition it analyses the consequences and impact of the recent global financial crisis on private funds, and the response of the US, UK, and European regulators. The new edition includes increased coverage of best practice and industry guidelines, including the ILPA Guidelines for private equity funds, and the MFA's Best Practices for hedge funds. It also provides discussion of new regulatory regimes in the US and EU, including the Dodd Frank Act and AIFMD.

Legislating for Sustainable Fisheries

Legislating for Sustainable Fisheries Author William R. Edeson
ISBN-10 0821349937
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 151
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Printed on Demand. Limited stock is held for this title. If you would like to order 30 copies or more please contact [email protected] Contact [email protected], if currently unavailable. The purpose of this guide is to facilitate the ratification or acceptance of the 1993 FAO Compliance Agreement and the 1995 UN Fish Stocks Agreement. It presents an outline of some of the most important provisions contained in the two agreements. The book also includes a QUOTEtool kitQUOTE of the various approaches used by some countries that have already enacted national legislation to meet the obligations and objectives set forth in these agreements.

Conflict and Cooperation on South Asia s International Rivers

Conflict and Cooperation on South Asia s International Rivers Author Salman M. A. Salman
ISBN-10 0821353527
Release 2002
Pages 217
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'Conflict and Cooperation on South Asia's International Rivers' traces the development of international water law. This book focuses on the hydro-politics of four countries in the South Asia region: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. It analyzes the problems that these countries have encountered as riparians of international rivers and how they have addressed these problems. In particular, this study reviews the treaty regimes governing the Indus River basin, the Ganges River basin, and the Kosi, Gandaki, and Mahakali river basins. Each of these regimes is described in-depth, with special attention devoted to the main problems each of these treaties sought to address. The authors also review the treaty experience and offer observations on bilateralism and multilateralism.