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Lessons in Library Leadership

Lessons in Library Leadership Author Corey Halaychik
ISBN-10 9780081005699
Release 2016-03-11
Pages 270
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Lessons in Library Leadership: A Primer for Library Managers and Unit Leaders takes on the topic of management positions within libraries and how many of them are filled by candidates with no formalized training. This lack of preparation often leads to added stress as they scramble to learn how to lead, to formulate departmental goals, to conduct effective assessment, to think and plan strategically, to counsel employees, and much more. This book will serve equally as a primer for librarians new to management and those needing a refresher in basic management concepts. Seasoned managers may also look to this guide as a quick reference resource covering multiple management subjects. The contents of the monograph include basic concepts, real word examples/case studies, and bibliographic information for further management skill development. Ideal for both new and currently practicing library managers and leaders Written from a librarian’s point of view Includes examples directly related to libraries Combines theory and real-world examples in new and innovative ways

Licensing Electronic Resources in Academic Libraries

Licensing Electronic Resources in Academic Libraries Author Corey S. Halaychik
ISBN-10 9780081021088
Release 2018-03-02
Pages 200
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Licensing Electronic Resources in Academic Libraries: A Practical Handbook provides librarians charged with reviewing, negotiating, and processing licenses with fundamental information that will ensure they not only understand the contents of a license, but are also able to successfully complete the licensing life cycle from start to finish. The contents of the monograph includes basic concepts, real word examples, and tips for negotiation. Ideal resource for both new and practicing librarians who are responsible for licensing information resources Written from both a librarian’s and procurement officer’s point-of-view Includes examples directly related to libraries Provides a step-by-step explanation of contract language and suggestions on how to best negotiate impasses and negotiation tips

What Makes a Leader Harvard Business Review Classics

What Makes a Leader   Harvard Business Review Classics Author Daniel Goleman
ISBN-10 9781633692619
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 80
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When asked to define the ideal leader, many would emphasize traits such as intelligence, toughness, determination, and vision—the qualities traditionally associated with leadership. Often left off the list are softer, more personal qualities—but they are also essential. Although a certain degree of analytical and technical skill is a minimum requirement for success, studies indicate that emotional intelligence may be the key attribute that distinguishes outstanding performers from those who are merely adequate. Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman first brought the term "emotional intelligence" to a wide audience with his 1995 book of the same name, and Goleman first applied the concept to business with a 1998 classic Harvard Business Review article. In his research at nearly 200 large, global companies, Goleman found that truly effective leaders are distinguished by a high degree of emotional intelligence. Without it, a person can have first-class training, an incisive mind, and an endless supply of good ideas, but he or she still won't be a great leader. The chief components of emotional intelligence—self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill—can sound unbusinesslike, but Goleman found direct ties between emotional intelligence and measurable business results. The Harvard Business Review Classics series offers you the opportunity to make seminal Harvard Business Review articles a part of your permanent management library. Each highly readable volume contains a groundbreaking idea that continues to shape best practices and inspire countless managers around the world—and will have a direct impact on you today and for years to come.


Maestro Author Roger Nierenberg
ISBN-10 1101148896
Release 2009-10-15
Pages 128
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A conductor reveals powerful leadership lessons by explaining the inner workings of a symphony orchestra Roger Nierenberg, a veteran conductor, is the creator of The Music Paradigm, a unique program that invites people to sit INSIDE a professional symphony orchestra as the musicians and conductor solve problems together. He captures that experience in Maestro: A Surprising Story about Leading by Listening, a parable about a rising executive tough challenges. The narrator befriends an orchestra conductor and is inspired to think about leadership and communication in an entirely new way. For instance: • A maestro doesn't micromanage, but encourages others to develop their own solutions. There's a big difference between conducting and trying to play all the instruments. • A maestro helps people feel ownership of the whole piece, not just their individual parts. • A maestro leads by listening. When people sense genuine open-mindedness, they offer more of their talent. If not, they get defensive and hold back their best ideas. • Truly great leaders, whether conductors striving for perfect harmony or CEOs reaching for excellence, act with a vision of their organization at its best. For more information, visit: From the Hardcover edition.

Command Legacy

Command Legacy Author Raymond A. Millen
ISBN-10 9781597972079
Release 2008
Pages 413
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The definitive source on small-unit tactics

A Library Primer

A Library Primer Author John Cotton Dana
ISBN-10 UOM:39015033878540
Release 1920
Pages 263
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A Library Primer has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Library Primer also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Library Primer book for free.

Library 101 A Handbook for the School Librarian 2nd Edition

Library 101  A Handbook for the School Librarian  2nd Edition Author Claire Gatrell Stephens
ISBN-10 9781610694520
Release 2015-08-26
Pages 233
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This professional primer provides the blueprint to help you create a school library program, covering all aspects of library management such as budgeting, eBook use, purchasing, and teacher collaboration. Advice and strategies from experts in the field will help you master collection development, library administration, recruitment, and staffing. • Covers all aspects of library administration, including operations, technology, and resource management • Helps new or experienced school librarians find ways to launch or elevate their programs • Provides valuable resources for implementing a quality library program • Features lesson plans using Common Core State Standards • Includes short sidebar articles from noted experts in the school library field and tips from experienced librarians

Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management

Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management Author Wang, Victor C. X.
ISBN-10 9781522510505
Release 2016-12-12
Pages 1793
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Strategic leadership techniques are the cornerstone to positive growth and prosperity within businesses and organizations. Implementing new management strategies and practices helps to ensure managers are optimizing their resources and driving innovation. The Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management investigates emergent administrative techniques and business practices being utilized within corporate and educational settings. Highlighting empirical research and best practices within the field, this encyclopedia will be an authoritative reference source for students, researchers, faculty, librarians, managers, and leaders across various disciplines and cultures.

7 Leadership Lessons of D Day

7 Leadership Lessons of D Day Author John Antal
ISBN-10 9781612005300
Release 2017-08-19
Pages 224
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The odds were against the Allies on June 6, 1944. The task ahead of the paratroopers who jumped over Normandy and the soldiers who waded ashore onto the beaches, all under fire, was colossal. In such circumstances good leadership can be the defining factor in victory or defeat. This book is about the extraordinary leadership of seven men who led American soldiers on D-Day and the days that followed. Some of them, like Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt Jr, and Lieutenant Dick Winters, are well known while others are barely a footnote in the history books. All of them made a dramatic difference during Operation Overlord. All understood that they had a mission to accomplish and that if they failed to lead that mission would fail and more men would die. When things did not go as planned, they took action, adapted and overcame – they were leaders. Leadership was the only ingredient that would get them through the storm of death surrounding them and their men. This book is not a full history of D-Day, nor does it cover the heroic leadership shown by men in the armies of the Allies or members of the French Resistance who also participated in the Normandy assault and battles for the lodgment areas. It is, however, a primer on how you can lead today, no matter what your occupation or role in life, by learning from the leadership of these seven. A critical task for every leader is to understand what leadership is. Socrates once said that you cannot understand something unless you can first define it in your own words. This book provides the reader with a means to define leadership by telling seven dramatic, immersive and memorable stories that the reader will never forget.

Managing and Leading

Managing and Leading Author Paul W. Bush
ISBN-10 9781585282784
Release 2008-03-31
Pages 318
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Managing and Leading: 44 Lessons Learned for Pharmacists offers useful ideas and tools for pharmacists, residents and students to improve their managing and leading skills, and more effectively approach the non-technical or "soft-side" aspects of working with colleagues, administrators, vendors, clients, and patients.Each of the 44 lessons in this guide contains an essay that offers at least one idea or principle for honing management and leadership effectiveness. Following each lesson are practical suggestions for ways to apply the ideas using application tools and techniques such as action items, guidelines, do and don’ts, checklists, forms, and resource materials such as articles, papers, books, e-newsletters, and websites.Lessons are focused in the following areas: Personal Roles, Goals, and Development Communication Learning and Teaching Improving Personal and Organizational Productivity Meetings and Agendas Marketing Models

Shackleton s Way

Shackleton s Way Author Margot Morrell
ISBN-10 1101200294
Release 2001-01-08
Pages 256
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Lead your business to survival and success by following the example of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton Sir Ernest Shackleton has been called "the greatest leader that ever came on God's earth, bar none" for saving the lives of the twenty-seven men stranded with him in the Antarctic for almost two years. Because of his courageous actions, he remains to this day a model for great leadership and masterful crisis management. Now, through anecdotes, the diaries of the men in his crew, and Shackleton's own writing, Shackleton's leadership style and time-honored principles are translated for the modern business world. Written by two veteran business observers and illustrated with ship photographer Frank Hurley's masterpieces and other rarely seen photos, this practical book helps today's leaders follow Shackleton's triumphant example. "An important addition to any leader's library." -Seattle Times

Small Computers in Libraries

Small Computers in Libraries Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556018294314
Release 1987
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Small Computers in Libraries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Small Computers in Libraries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Small Computers in Libraries book for free.


Backbone Author Julia Dye
ISBN-10 9781480401174
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 332
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Noncommissioned officers stand as the backbone of the United States Marine Corps. The corps is among the most lasting institutions in America, though few understand what makes it so strong and how that understanding can be applied effectively in today’s world. In this insightful and thoroughly researched book, Julia Dye explores the cadre of noncommissioned officers that make up the Marine Corps’s system of small-unit leadership. To help us better understand what makes these extraordinary men and women such effective leaders, Dye examines the fourteen leadership traits embraced by every NCO. These qualities—including judgment, enthusiasm, determination, bearing, and unselfishness—are exemplified by men like Terry Anderson, the former Marine sergeant who spent nearly seven years as a hostage in Beirut, John Basilone, a hero of the Pacific front in World War II, and many others. To assemble this extraordinary chronicle, Dye interviewed Anderson and dozens of other marines, mining a trove of NCO heroes who comprise the Marine Corps’s astonishing legacy, from its founding in 1775 to the present day.

Resources in Education

Resources in Education Author
ISBN-10 1573560766
Release 1998-05
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Resources in Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Resources in Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Resources in Education book for free.

Becoming a Leader the Annapolis Way

Becoming a Leader the Annapolis Way Author W. Brad Johnson
ISBN-10 0071454691
Release 2004-08-22
Pages 256
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Battle-proven, step-by-step guidelines for instilling leadership in anyone, in any business Today, more than ever, businesses need leaders with a rare blend of strength, capability, and integrity. Unfortunately, they're not always easy to come by. Becoming a Leader the Annapolis Way details how the U.S. Naval Academy builds quality leaders from the ground up, instilling in them the habits and tools required for outstanding leadershipin any pursuit. Using real-life vignettes and examples of USNA graduates who experienced breakthrough success in combat, government, and business, this timely book looks beyond just the military aspects to explore: Techniques for teaching honor, duty, and commitment Empowerment strategies proven to work over centuries of use Insights for overcoming the perils of blind obedience

Cure for the Common Leader

Cure for the Common Leader Author Joe Mull
ISBN-10 1502975157
Release 2014-10-31
Pages 154
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"Written for physicians, practice managers, unit directors, chief nursing officers, or anyone else serving as someone's boss in a healthcare setting, this book is a powerful primer on successfully building teams and leading people." Why are some healthcare teams polluted by conflict, gossip, and lack of effort, while others work hard, get along, and wow patients? Research says it's the boss that makes the difference. The most engaged and inspired healthcare teams don't get that way by chance. They are led by physicians and managers who create the conditions necessary for people to thrive. Yet many leaders in healthcare settings lack insight into what employees must experience to be at their best, every day. Cure for the Common Leader translates the latest research on leadership, employee engagement, and motivation into SEVEN actions physicians and managers must take to engage and inspire healthcare teams. With more than 14 years of experience training leaders, Joe Mull packs each chapter with tips, ideas, strategies, and exercises to help physicians and managers get their teams firing on all cylinders. "While healthcare undergoes a variety of changes, one thing remains the same: the need for physicians and managers to build, lead, and sustain talented, dedicated teams. Mr. Mull has outlined exactly how to get there in one of the most practical healthcare leadership books you will ever read." ~Robert Maha, MD, MBA Chief Medical Officer/Chief Operating Officer, MedExpress. "As a leadership how-to for physicians and managers, Cure for the Common Leader is truly superior, brimming with savvy advice and clear direction. It's a powerful toolkit for anyone leading others in healthcare." ~Barb Moran, RN, BSN, MBAChief Clinical Officer/Chief Nursing Officer, Grace Hospital "25 years in healthcare has taught me that managing a team is the most challenging part of the job. Joe Mull has been, for me, a guiding influence in my quest to keep employees engaged. I am so excited that he has written this book. It's a clear, specific action guide that spells out exactly what healthcare leaders must do to be successful." ~Teresa D. Babyak, RN, MHA, MBA,Director of Operations, Washington Physicians Group

What Is Global Leadership

What Is Global Leadership Author Ernest Gundling
ISBN-10 9781857884692
Release 2011-05-24
Pages 256
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The skill set global leaders need to succeed.