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Liberal Nationalism

Liberal Nationalism Author Yael Tamir
ISBN-10 1400820847
Release 1995-07-03
Pages 206
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"This is a most timely, intelligent, well-written, and absorbing essay on a central and painful social and political problem of out time."--Sir Isaiah Berlin "The major achievement of this remarkable book is a critical theory of nationalism, worked through historical and contemporary examples, explaining the value of national commitments and defining their moral limits. Tamir explores a set of problems that philosophers have been notably reluctant to take on, and leaves us all in her debt."--Michael Walzer In this provocative work, Yael Tamir urges liberals not to surrender the concept of nationalism to conservative, chauvinist, or racist ideologies. In her view, liberalism, with its respect for personal autonomy, reflection, and choice, and nationalism, with its emphasis on belonging, loyalty, and solidarity are not irreconcilable. Here she offers a new theory, "liberal nationalism," which allows each set of values to accommodate the other. Tamir sees nationalism as an affirmation of communal and cultural memberships and as a quest for recognition and self-respect. Persuasively she argues that national groups can enjoy these benefits through political arrangements other than the nation-state. While acknowledging that nationalism places members of national minorities at a disadvantage, the author offers guidelines for alleviating the problems involved using examples from currents conflicts in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe. Liberal Nationalismis an impressive attempt to tie together a wide range of issues often kept apart: personal autonomy, cultural membership, political obligations, particularity versus impartiality in moral duties, and global justice. Drawing on material from disparate fields--including political philosophy, ethics, law, and sociology--Tamir brings out important and previously unnoticed interconnections between them, offering a new perspective on the influence of nationalism on modern political philosophy.

On Nationality

On Nationality Author David Miller
ISBN-10 9780198280477
Release 1995
Pages 210
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Nationalism is a dominating force in contemporary politics but political philosophers have been reluctant to discuss ideas of nationalism. In this book David Miller defends the principle of nationality.


Nationalism Author Liah Greenfeld
ISBN-10 0674603192
Release 1993
Pages 581
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Nationalism is a movement and a state of mind that brings together national identity, consciousness, and collectivities. A five-country study that spans five hundred years, this historically oriented work in sociology bids well to replace all previous works on the subject.

The Politics of Citizenship in Europe

The Politics of Citizenship in Europe Author Marc Morjé Howard
ISBN-10 9780521870771
Release 2009-09-07
Pages 244
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In this book, Howard addresses immigrant integration, one of the most critical challenges facing European countries, the resolution of which will in large part depend on how foreigners can become citizens. Howard's research shows that despite remarkable convergence in their economic, judicial, and social policies, the countries of the European Union still maintain very different definitions of citizenship. Based on an innovative measure of national citizenship policies, the book accounts for both historical variation and contemporary change. Howard's historical explanation highlights the legacies of colonialism and early democratization, which unintentionally created relatively inclusive citizenship regimes. Howard's argument focuses on the politics of citizenship, showing in particular how anti-immigrant public opinion - when activated politically, usually by far right movements or public referenda - can block the liberalizing tendencies of political elites. Overall, the book shows the far-reaching implications of this growing and volatile issue.

The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment

The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment Author Alejandro Chehtman
ISBN-10 9780199603404
Release 2010-12-09
Pages 187
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Originally presented as the author's thesis (Ph.D.)--London School of Economics, 2009 under the title: The morality of extraterritorial punishment.

Framing the Subjects and Objects of Contemporary EU Law

Framing the Subjects and Objects of Contemporary EU Law Author Samo Bardutzky
ISBN-10 9781786435743
Release 2017-06-30
Pages 352
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This timely book invites the reader to explore the lexicon of ‘subjects’ and ‘objects’ of EU law as a platform from which several dilemmas and omissions of EU law can be researched. It includes a number of case studies from different fields of law that deploy this lexicon, structuring the contributions around three principal elements of EU law: its transformations, crises, and external-internal dynamics.


Sovereignty Author Robert Jackson
ISBN-10 9780745654720
Release 2013-04-26
Pages 200
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Sovereignty is at the very centre of the political and legal arrangements of the modern world. The idea originated in the controversies and wars, both religious and political, of 16th and 17th century Europe and since that time it has continued to spread and evolve. Today sovereignty is a global system of authority: it extends across all religions, civilizations, languages, cultures, ethnic and racial groupings, and other collectivities into which humanity is divided. In this highly accessible book, Robert Jackson provides a concise and comprehensive introduction to the history and meaning of sovereignty. Drawing on a wide range of examples from the US Declaration of Independence to terrorist attacks of 9/11 he shows how sovereignty operates in our daily lives and analyses the issues raised by its universality and centrality in the organization of the world. The book covers core topics such as the discourse of sovereignty, the global expansion of sovereignty, the rise of popular sovereignty, and the relationship between sovereignty and human rights. It concludes by examining future challenges facing sovereignty in an era of globalization. This interdisciplinary study will be of interest to a wide range of students, academics and general readers who seek to understand this fundamental concept of the modern world.

Making Constitutions in Deeply Divided Societies

Making Constitutions in Deeply Divided Societies Author Hanna Lerner
ISBN-10 9781139502924
Release 2011-05-12
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How can societies still grappling over the common values and shared vision of their state draft a democratic constitution? This is the central puzzle of Making Constitutions in Deeply Divided Societies. While most theories discuss constitution-making in the context of a moment of revolutionary change, Hanna Lerner argues that an incrementalist approach to constitution-making can enable societies riven by deep internal disagreements to either enact a written constitution or function with an unwritten one. She illustrates the process of constitution-writing in three deeply divided societies - Israel, India and Ireland - and explores the various incrementalist strategies deployed by their drafters. These include the avoidance of clear decisions, the use of ambivalent legal language and the inclusion of contrasting provisions in the constitution. Such techniques allow the deferral of controversial choices regarding the foundational aspects of the polity to future political institutions, thus enabling the constitution to reflect a divided identity.

Why Ethnic Parties Succeed

Why Ethnic Parties Succeed Author Kanchan Chandra
ISBN-10 0521891418
Release 2007-02-15
Pages 368
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Why do some ethnic parties succeed in attracting the support of their target ethnic group while others fail? In a world in which ethnic parties flourish in both established and emerging democracies alike, understanding the conditions under which such parties rise and fall is of critical importance to both political scientists and policy makers. Drawing on a study of variation in the performance of ethnic parties in India, this book builds a theory of ethnic party performance in 'patronage democracies'. Chandra shows why individual voters and political entrepreneurs in such democracies condition their strategies not on party ideologies or policy platforms, but on a headcount of co-ethnics and others across party personnel and among the electorate.

The Ethics and Politics of Immigration

The Ethics and Politics of Immigration Author Alex Sager
ISBN-10 1783486120
Release 2016-10-01
Pages 240
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This volume provides an overview of the main themes and developments in the ethics of immigration.

A Nation by Design

A Nation by Design Author Aristide R. ZOLBERG
ISBN-10 9780674045460
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 672
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A Nation by Design has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Nation by Design also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Nation by Design book for free.

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association

Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association Author American Philosophical Association
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P00519901R
Release 1995
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List of members in v. 1- .

A Just Zionism

A Just Zionism Author Chaim Gans
ISBN-10 9780195340686
Release 2008-06-23
Pages 166
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For over half a century, the legitimacy of Israel's existence has been questioned, and Zionism has been the subject of an immense array of objections and criticism. Here, Chaim Gans considers the objections and presents an in-depth philosophical analysis of the justice of Zionsim as realizedby the state of Israel. Today, alongside a violent Middle Eastern anti-Semitism that refuses to accept Israel's existence, there are two academically respectable arguments for the injustice of Zionism that dominate: it is an exclusivist ethnocultural nationalism out of step with current visions of multiculturalnationhood, and the Jewish right of return unfairly stigmatizes non-Jews on ethnocultural grounds. While many therefore claim that Zionism is on balance an unjust political philosophy, Chaim Gans seeks out a more nuanced ground to explain why Zionism, despite its manifest flaws, is just. Its flawsstem from the current situation, where exigencies have distorted its application, and from historical forces that have ended up favoring the notion of Jewish hegemony. For Gans, the justice of Zionism is not a black and white proposition. Rather, it's a project in need of repair, which it can do byreconceptualizing Jews' relationship with the Palestinian population and by adhering to a significantly more limited version of Jewish hegemony. Ultimately, A Just Zionism offers a concrete, historically and geographically rooted investigation of the limits of contemporary nationalism in one of the world's most fraught cases.

The Nation and Nationalism

The Nation and Nationalism Author Henry C. Theriault
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002685100
Release 1999
Pages 441
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The Nation and Nationalism has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Nation and Nationalism also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Nation and Nationalism book for free.

Nationalism and Beyond

Nationalism and Beyond Author Nenad Mi??evi?
ISBN-10 9639241121
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 313
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"There is nothing quite like this book in the contemporary literature. It fills a salient vacuum and would make a fine contribution to a number of debates." - Philip Pettit, Professor of Social and Political Theory, Australian National University, Canberra. "The book offers high-level philosophical analysis of a topical issue, that of nationalism. The author takes a partisan, cosmopolitan position towards his subject. His main aim is to show that cultural isolationism, hostility towards the neighbors etc. . . . are logical consequences of nationalism." - János Kis, Professor of Political Philosophy, Central European University

Global Justice and International Affairs

Global Justice and International Affairs Author Thom Brooks
ISBN-10 9789004203433
Release 2011-11-25
Pages 318
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Global justice and international affairs is perhaps the hottest topic in political philosophy today. This book brings together some of the most important essays in this area. Topics include sovereignty and self-determination, cosmopolitanism and nationalism, global poverty and international distributive justice, and war and terrorism.

Liberal Loyalty

Liberal Loyalty Author Anna Stilz
ISBN-10 9780691139142
Release 2009-07-26
Pages 230
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Drawing on Kant, Rousseau, and Habermas, Stilz argues that we owe civic obligations to the state if it is sufficiently just, and that constitutionally enshrined principles of justice in themselves are grounds for obedience to our particular state and for democratic solidarity with our fellow citizens.