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Listen God Is Calling

Listen  God Is Calling Author D. Michael Bennethum
ISBN-10 1451405529
Release 2003-07-29
Pages 95
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The Christian faith has implications for all of life. Yet, many Christians do not make the connection between the resources of their faith and the challenges they face in daily life and work. God's call to faithful living is often understood primarily in terms of being involved in church-sponsored ministries. In Listen! God Is Calling! author D. Michael Bennethum presents Martin Luther's teaching on vocation as a resource both for individual believers, helping them find deeper meaning in their ordinary daily labors; and for congregations, encouraging them to develop a climate that supports their members at work.

Living Lutheran

Living Lutheran Author Dave Daubert
ISBN-10 1451405847
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 96
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Kelly Fryer's book Reclaiming the L Word introduced one congregation's journey through renewal. Now Dave Daubert provides a practical how-to guide that will enable church leaders to help individual congregations walk through the process for themselves. Creative and informative, the book provides a straightforward approach that helps congregations reclaim Lutheran tradition for the 21st century. Includes questions for individual or group reflection and an additional resources section.

Ending Poverty

Ending Poverty Author Nancy Maeker
ISBN-10 1451404352
Pages 112
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Ending Poverty invites people from varied faith backgrounds to commit themselves to the study of poverty issues and to just action on behalf of those who experience poverty and prejudice due to class. Stories from four different settings help define poverty, recognize communities of poverty, explore the hidden culture of class, and take a deeper systems view that shows how we are all one community. A practical guide for congregational study groups, this book is a call to action on behalf of the poor.

Living in the Kingdom

Living in the Kingdom Author Alvin N. Rogness
ISBN-10 1451403658
Release 1976
Pages 117
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This revised and updated classic by beloved theologian Alvin N. Rogness explores questions like, "What does it mean to be a responsible citizen of God's kingdom? And how do the teachings of the Bible and the church help us meet the often perplexing problems of life?" Presenting clear and concise responses to dozens of questions, this resource is equally valuable for adults and youth. May be used in adult education, confirmation, and new member classes.

God in the Raging Waters

God in the Raging Waters Author Paul Blom
ISBN-10 1451415575
Pages 93
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Hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused enormous damage and loss of life in the Gulf Coast region in late summer and fall of 2005. Lutherans living in the region and church buildings near the destruction were hit with great losses. The crisis called forth an outpouring of aid and service that continues even today. The book tells the story of how the Lutheran church and its people have responded to the suffering of those most affected by the storms. Following Jesus' admonition to love and serve those in need, the church has worked in partnership with synods and congregations to bring hope and healing to many in the region. Included are powerful firsthand accounts, insightful theological reflections, questions for group use. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Relief Fund.

Reclaiming the V Word

Reclaiming the  V  Word Author Dave Daubert
ISBN-10 0806670576
Release 2009
Pages 93
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Centered in a definition of vocation that flows from Luther's conviction that all Christians share the same vocation but live it out in various occupations and roles, Reclaiming the "V" Word challenges readers to see themselves as instruments of God's mission-as church-wherever they are. From a strong foundation of Lutheran theology (reframed for twenty-first century application), the authors use real life stories and thoughtful exercises to help readers discern what this means for Christian life in today's world. Reclaiming the "V" Word inspires readers with a renewed sense of purpose and clarifies guiding principles that will help them shape their work and relationships in the world God loves.

Luther on Vocation

Luther on Vocation Author Gustaf Wingren
ISBN-10 9781592445615
Release 2004-02-19
Pages 268
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...[C]oncern about the [inherited doctrine of vocation and its relevance for modern life] was generated out of the complexities and frustrations especially of industrial life, and it has produced a voluminous literature of a popular and semi-popular kind which has served to drive home the problem of daily work upon the conscience of contemporary Christians, and also to provide certain resources for handling it. In addition to this varied literature, the last years have also seen a very general discussion of the question at every level of church life: in ecumencal conferences, in the curricular material of the major denominations, and in conferences and study groups of all kinds. About the urgency and importance of the problem of vocation there is now no doubt. But now we find that the rather simple formulae in which we have been dealing with it do justice neither to the Biblical and Reformation inheritance, nor to the profound dilemmas that appear not only in industry, but in every area of professional and commercial life. The problem now is not only to equip our lay-people with fuller theological resources for the understanding of the meaning of discipleship, but to utilize their practical experience of day-to-day dilemmas and day to-day decisions. ...Gustaf Wingren's conscientious analysis of Luther's teaching on the matter...remains our prime resource for the understanding of the relation of faith and works. Nothing could exceed the patience and thoroughness with which Wingren has combed through the Luther corpus.... [I]t will serve to put the full range of Luther's insight at the disposal of those who care for theology as part of their care of all the Churches. Alexander Miller Stanford University

God at Work

God at Work Author Gene Edward Veith Jr.
ISBN-10 9781433516085
Release 2011-08-02
Pages 176
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Work can be a daily grind—a hard, monotonous set of thankless tasks. In the midst of the ongoing toil, many are plagued by a lack of purpose, confused as to what to do and who to become. And while some of our vocations may seem more overtly meaningful than others’, the truth is that most of us work because we have to. It is a means to an end—survival. Given the enormous amount of time each of us spends working, we would do well to understand our callings and how God works through them. Here culture expert Gene Veith gives us more than a simple understanding of work—more than a catchy slogan to “do all things for the glory of God.” He outlines a spiritual framework for answering questions such as: What does it mean to be a Christian businessperson or a Christian artist or a Christian lawyer, scientist, construction worker or whatever? How can I know what I am supposed to do with my life? What does it mean to raise a Christian family? And what if I don’t have kids? Unpacking the Bible’s teaching on work, Veith helps us to see the meaning in our vocations, the force behind our ethics, and the transformative presence of God in our everyday, ordinary lives.

Relational Intelligence

Relational Intelligence Author Steve Saccone
ISBN-10 047043869X
Release 2009-09-15
Pages 200
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"Relational Intelligence" offers church leaders a guide for learning to increase their ability to form and sustain stronger and healthier relationships with everyone in their organizations, including staff, lay leaders, members, prospective members, and others.

A God Who Speaks and Acts

A God Who Speaks and Acts Author Malcolm I. Bartsch
ISBN-10 9780987570604
Release 2013
Pages 268
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This book contains the theological essentials for Lutheran educators and is written in a way which is not only understandable but can be applied in the daily challenges of school teaching, learning and planning. I strongly encourage chaplains, teachers and principals to read and consider these theological essentials to enhance their understandings, discussions and daily work.

Theological Studies

Theological Studies Author William James McGarry
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105114635852
Release 2004
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Theological Studies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Theological Studies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Theological Studies book for free.


Futurecast Author George Barna
ISBN-10 1414360797
Release 2011-05-23
Pages 288
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The world and culture are changing at a pace beyond anything ever seen in history. But where will all these changes lead? We need accurate information that will give us a real sense of what’s happening now—and what’s about to happen—in key areas of our lives, including family life, technology, media and entertainment, attitudes and values, and religious beliefs and behavior. In Futurecast, bestselling author and renowned researcher George Barna presents a timely look at the world we’re creating every day. He offers solid data to show the path society is on, a guide to what’s coming next, and unparalleled insights into how we can prepare for the changes that lie ahead.

The Lutheran

The Lutheran Author Jack Britton Sullivan
ISBN-10 0897542045
Release 2004-06-01
Pages 140
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Meet the most evil character in American Letters. This is a western, but unlike any other western. The Lutheran, "threadbare" he's sometimes called, stalks the plains, kidnaps a boy (because he could) and raises him in his own image. A literary masterpiece, the author manages a 500 page novel into 136 pages of exciting prose. The Lutheran stalks the plains, and he'll stalk your mind, your dreams, and your memories forever. If you like great writing, you just have to read this book.

Family Vocation

Family Vocation Author Gene Edward Veith Jr.
ISBN-10 9781433524097
Release 2012-02-29
Pages 256
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What does it mean to be called as a husband, a wife, a parent, a child? How does the grace of the gospel impact how we carry out our particular calling? How does God’s presence influence the struggles that families face? Gene Veith joins forces with his daughter Mary Moerbe to explore these kinds of questions as well as the roles of calling and vocation in family life. Though we have little control over who is in our family (other than choosing a spouse and deciding to have children), God has placed us with specific people for specific reasons. Veith and Moerbe show how our roles are distinct and important to God’s plan for our lives—and that when we have a biblical understanding of those roles in our families, we can move away from common dysfunctions and toward forgiveness and healing. Writing with sensitivity and wisdom, Veith and Moerbe address the common problems facing contemporary families: the crosses, the weaknesses, and the uncertainties. They articulate a compelling, biblical paradigm for creating and sustaining loving and forgiving families who maintain hope in the face of cultural pressure. This book is an important resource for all Christians, including pastors, counselors, and those working in family ministry.

The Ethics of Martin Luther

The Ethics of Martin Luther Author Paul Althaus
ISBN-10 UOM:39015008453030
Release 1972-01-01
Pages 168
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The Ethics of Martin Luther has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Ethics of Martin Luther also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Ethics of Martin Luther book for free.

Open the Doors and See All the People

Open the Doors and See All the People Author Norma Cook Everist
ISBN-10 9781498284257
Release 2016-06-07
Pages 112
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This journey book invites the reader to go with the author on her travels to dozens of congregations all over the United States, discovering their assets and strengths as well as their struggles and fears. She was not critic, nor teacher, nor consultant, but visitor. Guest. She learned from the people of God she met, appreciated them, and gave thanks. The book was written for enjoyment; it quite possibly also will challenge. The purpose of the book is to help congregations claim their identity in the body of Christ and be strengthened for their vocation in God's public world. The key to unlocking the book is to use the questions for reflection and discussion. Stories beget stories. By focusing on issues in other contexts congregations are sometimes able to talk more easily about important questions they face in our own settings.

Together by Grace

Together by Grace Author Robert Farlee
ISBN-10 1506406386
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Together by Grace has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Together by Grace also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Together by Grace book for free.