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Listen to the Emerging Markets of Southeast Asia

Listen to the Emerging Markets of Southeast Asia Author Corrado G. M. Letta
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105019158562
Release 1996-08-13
Pages 240
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Success lies, like the tip of an iceberg, on a firm foundation of cross-cultural communication ? Have you built on that foundation for success? European business needs to do more to establish an assertive presence in the emerging markets of Asia. The front running competitors are the USA and Japan. The onus is now on Europe to listen to Southeast Asia?s demands for long-term partnership rather than short-term profit. Corrado G. M. Letta, in this ground-breaking book, examines why European companies have, thus far, failed to claim a significant share of Southeast Asian business. His strategy for success presents strategic planning, organizational/financial engineering, combined with cross-cultural relationships, alliances and human resources. This book will give you the insights required to plan successful joint ventures and establish new export opportunities in Southeast Asia. The call is for a single, collective ?European Culture? to relate effectively to the cultures in Southeast Asia. The business leaders in Southeast Asia need to partner with powerful trading nations in the global economy. Who will take heed of their message ? and listen? "?eloquently portrays Southeast Asian needs and masterfully communicates them to European industrialists." ?M. Abdullah, Director, Malaysian Industrial Development Authority "?will contribute to a re-think amongst European decision makers on how to manage a win-win strategic business relationship with Southeast Asian nations in the next millennium." ?Ambassador Tony K. Siddique, Economic Development Board, Singapore "? an important tool for decision-makers in both public and private sectors in Europe." ?D. Verdiani, Director DGIII Industry, European Commission "?Europeans must develop a positive strategy for building on their remaining advantages by means of investment as well as licensing and cooperation agreements?" ?The Earl of Limerick KBE, Chairman, Pirelli UK plc

Asia and Europe

Asia and Europe Author Lay Hwee Yeo
ISBN-10 9781134399116
Release 2004-03-01
Pages 256
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This book provides a systematic and thorough examination of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) process which brings together the fifteen EU member states, the European Commission and ten East and Southeast Asian countries. The author not only traces the actual development of the ASEM process, but also contextualises ASEM within three different international relations theoretical frameworks, as viewed by realists, social constructivists and institutionalists.

Europe and the Asia Pacific

Europe and the Asia Pacific Author Stephanie Lawson
ISBN-10 9781136497322
Release 2013-12-16
Pages 272
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The many points of contact and conflict about culture and identity that exist between Europe and the Asia Pacific are highlighted in this book. This work surveys a variety of issues relating to culture, identity and representation from an interdisciplinary perspective, with contributions from sociology, economics, history, politics, international relations, security studies, museum studies, translation studies and literary and cultural studies. Each brings a different perspective to bear on questions of culture and identity in the contemporary period, and how these relate to the politics of representation.

Global Value Chains in a Changing World

Global Value Chains in a Changing World Author Deborah Kay Elms
ISBN-10 9287038821
Release 2013
Pages 409
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A collection of papers by some of the world's leading specialists on global value chains (GVCs). It examines how GVCs have evolved and the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world. The approach is multi-disciplinary, with contributions from economists, political scientists, supply chain management specialists, practitioners and policy-makers. Co-published with the Fung Global Institute and the Temasek

The Evolving Terrorist Threat to Southeast Asia

The Evolving Terrorist Threat to Southeast Asia Author Peter Chalk
ISBN-10 9780833047595
Release 2009
Pages 238
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Building on prior RAND research analyzing the motives, drivers, and capabilities of the principal extremist groups operating in the Philippines, southern Thailand, and Indonesia, this study examined the historical roots of militancy in these countries, the development and perpetuation of extremist ideological frameworks, and national and international government response efforts.

Governance in Southeast Asia

Governance in Southeast Asia Author Eduardo T. Gonzalez
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822031201635
Release 2003
Pages 103
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Governance in Southeast Asia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Governance in Southeast Asia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Governance in Southeast Asia book for free.

The Leadership Gap

The Leadership Gap Author David S. Weiss
ISBN-10 0470678151
Release 2010-03-02
Pages 320
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Studies consistently show that quality leadership development programs pay off for companies -- in the form of shareholder returns, market share growth, and sales. However, many companies have inadequate leadership development programs. This book challenges traditional views of leadership development with a perspective that focuses on recognizing leadership as a source of competitive advantage. If you're a manager or an HR leader, The Leadership Gap offers the practical, effective strategies you need to close the leadership gap in your organizations, unleashing leadership potential for better business results and a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Sociology of Southeast Asia

The Sociology of Southeast Asia Author Victor T. King
ISBN-10 9788791114601
Release 2008
Pages 334
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One of the main problems faced by teachers and students who have a scholarly interest in Southeast Asia is the lack of general, user-friendly texts in the social sciences. The absence of an introduction to the sociology of Southeast Asia is especially unfortunate. This volume attempts to meet these needs. This is, then, the first sole-authored introductory sociology text on Southeast Asia that focuses on change and development in the region, provides an overview of the important sociological and political economy writings, and considers the key concepts and themes in the field since 1945. Some multiauthored works do exist but these either are outdated or focus on specialized topics. Aimed primarily at undergraduates up to the final year, it will also be a useful reference work for post-graduates and researchers who lack such a general work.

Partnership for Change

Partnership for Change Author East Asian Bureau of Economic Research
ISBN-10 9781760460655
Release 2016-08-15
Pages 303
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The Australia–China Joint Economic Report is the first major independent joint study of the bilateral relationship and has the blessing of both national governments. The Report is an academic policy study by leading researchers in both Australia and China. It draws policy conclusions to guide the development of bilateral economic relations that include an Australia–China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for Change, an Australia–China Commission, and an Australia–China Basic Treaty of Cooperation.

U S Alliances and Emerging Partnerships in Southeast Asia

U S  Alliances and Emerging Partnerships in Southeast Asia Author CSIS Southeast Asia Initiative
ISBN-10 0892065842
Release 2009
Pages 88
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The United States in the end finds itself in an excellent, indeed advantageous, position in Southeast Asia. A reservoir of good will toward the United States remains extant in the region. Indeed, when a region desires more U.S. engagement, particularly a region as strategically important to U.S. interests as Southeast Asia, it would be foolhardy to ignore that circumstance or take it for granted. It requires that U.S. elites, although consumed by several other compelling immediate challenges, take a look again at a region largely neglected over the last generation or more, in order to consider longer-term strategic benefits.

Global Business Strategy

Global Business Strategy Author Kazuyuki Motohashi
ISBN-10 9784431554684
Release 2015-03-25
Pages 259
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This book presents theories and case studies for corporations in developed nations, including Japan, for designing strategies to maximize opportunities and minimize threats in business expansion into developing nations. The case studies featured here focus on Asia, including China and India, and use examples of Japanese manufacturers. Five case studies are provided, including Hitachi Construction Machinery and Shiseido in China and Maruti Suzuki in India. These cases facilitate the reader’s understanding of the business environments in emerging economies. This volume is especially recommended for business people responsible for international business development, particularly in China and India. In addition, the book serves as a useful resource for students in graduate-level courses in international management.

The Power of the Past

The Power of the Past Author Hal Brands
ISBN-10 9780815727132
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 334
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Leading scholars and policymakers explore how history influences foreign policy and offer insights on how the study of the past can more usefully serve the present. History, with its insights, analogies, and narratives, is central to the ways that the United States interacts with the world. Historians and policymakers, however, rarely engage one another as effectively or fruitfully as they might. This book bridges that divide, bringing together leading scholars and policymakers to address the essential questions surrounding the history-policy relationship including Mark Lawrence on the numerous, and often contradictory, historical lessons that American observers have drawn from the Vietnam War; H. W. Brands on the role of analogies in U.S. policy during the Persian Gulf crisis and war of 1990–91; and Jeremi Suri on Henry Kissinger's powerful use of history.

RAND in Southeast Asia

RAND in Southeast Asia Author Mai Elliott
ISBN-10 9780833049155
Release 2010-02-08
Pages 694
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This volume chronicles RAND's involvement in researching insurgency and counterinsurgency in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand during the Vietnam War era and assesses the effect that this research had on U.S. officials and policies. Elliott draws on interviews with former RAND staff and the many studies that RAND produced on these topics to provide a narrative that captures the tenor of the times and conveys the attitudes and thinking of those involved.

The Democracy Promotion Paradox

The Democracy Promotion Paradox Author Lincoln A. Mitchell
ISBN-10 9780815727033
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 240
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Explore the numerous paradoxes at the heart of the theory and practice of democracy promotion. The Democracy Promotion Paradox raises difficult but critically important issues by probing the numerous inconsistencies and paradoxes that lie at the heart of the theory and practice of democracy promotion. For example, the United States frequently crafts policies to encourage democracy that rely on cooperation with undemocratic governments; democracy promoters view their work as minor yet also of critical importance to the United States and the countries where they work; and many who work in the field of democracy promotion have an incomplete understanding of democracy. Similarly, in the domestic political context, both left and right critiques of democracy promotion are internally inconsistent. Lincoln A. Mitchell provides an overview of the origins of U.S. democracy promotion, analyzes its development and evolution over the last decades, and discusses how it came to be an unquestioned assumption at the core of U.S. foreign policy. His discussion of the bureaucratic logic that underlies democracy promotion offers important insights into how it can be adapted to remain effective. Mitchell also examines the future of democracy promotion in the context of evolving U.S. domestic policy and politics and in a changed global environment in which the United States is no longer the hegemon.

ASEAN Champions

ASEAN Champions Author Seung Ho Park
ISBN-10 9781107129009
Release 2016-12-15
Pages 264
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This book examines successful firms operating within the ASEAN Economic Community, their reasons for success, and their role in regional integration.

Oil Palm Expansion in South East Asia

Oil Palm Expansion in South East Asia Author Marcus Colchester
ISBN-10 9789791518864
Release 2011
Pages 249
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Oil Palm Expansion in South East Asia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Oil Palm Expansion in South East Asia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Oil Palm Expansion in South East Asia book for free.

Look East Cross Black Waters

Look East  Cross Black Waters Author Jonah Blank
ISBN-10 9780833092069
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 316
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India’s core goals for Southeast Asia are in basic harmony with those of the United States, including regional stability, peaceful settlement of territorial disputes, and containment of radicalism Still, America should not expect India to enter any sort of alliance, nor join any coalition to balance against China, but should demonstrate strategic patience and willingness to cultivate a long-term relationship.