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Literacy Information and Development in Morocco during the 1990s

Literacy  Information  and Development in Morocco during the 1990s Author Samia Touati
ISBN-10 9780761853510
Release 2012-06-15
Pages 230
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This book offers readers a two-level investigation of the culture of literacy in Morocco. A handful of researchers approach literacy either through theory or through practice in general; however, this is the first study in the African context that tries to investigate the issue of literacy from both perspectives.

Women in Sufism

Women in Sufism Author Marta Dominguez Diaz
ISBN-10 9781317806585
Release 2014-10-24
Pages 204
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Exploring the diverse myriad of female religious identities that exist within the various branches of the Moroccan Sufi Order, Qādiriyya Būdshīshiyya, today, this book evidences a wide array of religious identities, from those more typical of Berber culture, to those characterised by a ‘sober’ approach to Sufism, as well as those that denote New Age eclecticism. The book researches the ways in which religious discourses are corporeally endorsed. After providing an overview of the Order historically and today, enunciating the processes by which this local tarīqa from North-eastern Morocco has become the international organization that it is now, the book explores the religious body in movement, in performance, and in relation to the social order. It analyses pilgrimage by assessing the annual visit that followers of Hamza Būdshīsh make to the central lodge of the Order in Madāgh; it explores bodily religious enactments in ritual performance, by discussing the central practices of Sufi ritual as manifested in the Būdshīshiyya, and delves attention into diverse understandings of faith healing and health issues. Women and Sufism provides a detailed insight into religious healing, sufi rituals and sufi pilgrimage, and is essential reading for those seeking to understand Islam in Morocco, or those with an interest in Anthropology and Middle East studies more generally.

Gender Literacy and Empowerment in Morocco

Gender  Literacy  and Empowerment in Morocco Author Fatima Agnaou
ISBN-10 9781135937256
Release 2004-08-02
Pages 212
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This book's concept concerns the positive correlation between literacy and women's development and empowerment in developing countries.

Literacy Culture and Development

Literacy  Culture and Development Author Daniel A. Wagner
ISBN-10 0521398134
Release 1993
Pages 367
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Literacy is thought to be one of the primary cultural transmitters of information and beliefs within any society where it exists. Yet, when considered as a social phenomenon, literacy is remarkably difficult to define, because its functions, meanings, and methods of learning vary from one cultural group to the next. This book compares and contrasts our understanding of literacy and its acquisition and retention. It addresses major debates in education policy today, such as the importance of 'mother-tongue' literacy programs, the notion of literacy 'relapse', and the concept of educational poverty. The author focuses on Moroccan children whose parents are unschooled, whose language is often different from that used in the classroom, and whose first instruction often involves rote religious teaching.

Poverty and Social Deprivation in the Mediterranean

Poverty and Social Deprivation in the Mediterranean Author Maria Petmesidou
ISBN-10 1842777572
Release 2006-05-03
Pages 414
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'This collection of essays lucidly addresses major issues related to poverty in the Mediterranean area. Empirical measurements of poverty reduced to a meaningless 'one or two dollars of daily expenditure', as suggested by the World Bank, are meant to escape the political economy analysis of the processes that generate the phenomenon. Eradicating poverty implies implementing a programme of social security for all citizens, whatever level of development is reached by the country, in accordance with the basic human rights approach cogently suggested in this book.' - Professor Samir Amin, Director of Third World Forum, Dakar & Paris'This is a most welcome addition to the literature on poverty. It is not just another book but a different and innovative volume. It offers a comparative analysis of poverty for a region -the Mediterranean- which is a microcosm of the global economy comprising a range of countries from the very poor to the rich, countries torn by war and genocide as well as havens of stability, with cultures offering a diverse mixture of family types and ethnic groups. The approach is hard headed and insists on taking the removal of poverty not just as an economic or social policy but as a human rights issue. It should interest students, researchers and policy makers across the world as it has lessons for everywhere and for everyone.' - Lord Meghnad Desai, London School of Economics, UK

Resources in education

Resources in education Author
ISBN-10 MINN:30000005557354
Release 1994
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Resources in education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Resources in education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Resources in education book for free.


1990 Author United Nations Development Programme
ISBN-10 9780195064810
Release 1990
Pages 189
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Concerned with people around the world and how development can change and improve their lives, the Human Development Report 1990 addresses the meaning and measurement of human development and summarizes Third World nations' records in development over the past thirty years. Stressing the link between economic and social concerns, this important study offers specific strategies for human development in the 1990s, focusing on the restructuring of budgetary expenditures, and on the need for an international economic and financial environment conducive to human development. The Report also introduces a new method of measuring development--the human development index (HDI)--that supplements the traditional ranking of countries by gross national product per capita, and uses the HDI to classify countries as having low, medium, and high levels of human development. An annex to the Report discusses the effects of urbanization on human development, and the indicators for 1990 present data for 130 countries. Prepared under the overall guidance of Mahbub ul Haq and informed by a panel of consultants including such distinguished economists and development professionals as Gustav Ranis, Amartya K. Sen, Frances Stewart, Meghnad Desai, Paul Streeten, and Keith Griffin, this book is a definitive guide to human development in the 1990s. With its trenchant insights and a wealth of up-to-date information, the Human Development Report 1990 is an essential resource for development specialists, economists, and political scientists.

Women in Morocco

Women in Morocco Author Rachel Alpert
ISBN-10 9652240745
Release 2007
Pages 112
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"The evolving status of women in Moroccan society has drawn much attention in recent years, particularly in the legal realm. Less noticed, but no less crucial, has been the accelerated entrance of Moroccan women into the workforce in recent decades. The myriad reasons for, and implications of this phenomenon are addressed by this study. By drawing upon, and synthesizing for the first time a wide range of anthropological, sociological, historical and economic sources and data, this study fills an important lacuna in the literature."--BOOK JACKET.

The Report Morocco 2011

The Report  Morocco 2011 Author
ISBN-10 9781907065309
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The Report Morocco 2011 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Report Morocco 2011 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Report Morocco 2011 book for free.

Economic Growth in the 1990s

Economic Growth in the 1990s Author Roberto Zagha
ISBN-10 8213604342
Release 2005
Pages 364
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Economic Growth in the 1990s has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Economic Growth in the 1990s also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Economic Growth in the 1990s book for free.


Sociolinguistics Author Ulrich Ammon
ISBN-10 3110184184
Release 2006
Pages 891
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Sociolinguistics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sociolinguistics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sociolinguistics book for free.

Creative State

Creative State Author Natasha Iskander
ISBN-10 9780801462047
Release 2015-01-26
Pages 392
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At the turn of the twenty-first century, with the amount of money emigrants sent home soaring to new highs, governments around the world began searching for ways to capitalize on emigration for economic growth, and they looked to nations that already had policies in place. Morocco and Mexico featured prominently as sources of "best practices" in this area, with tailor-made financial instruments that brought migrants into the banking system, captured remittances for national development projects, fostered partnerships with emigrants for infrastructure design and provision, hosted transnational forums for development planning, and emboldened cross-border political lobbies. In Creative State, Natasha Iskander chronicles how these innovative policies emerged and evolved over forty years. She reveals that the Moroccan and Mexican policies emulated as models of excellence were not initially devised to link emigration to development, but rather were deployed to strengthen both governments' domestic hold on power. The process of policy design, however, was so iterative and improvisational that neither the governments nor their migrant constituencies ever predicted, much less intended, the ways the new initiatives would gradually but fundamentally redefine nationhood, development, and citizenship. Morocco's and Mexico's experiences with migration and development policy demonstrate that far from being a prosaic institution resistant to change, the state can be a remarkable site of creativity, an essential but often overlooked component of good governance.

Morocco 2040

Morocco 2040 Author Jean-Pierre Chauffour
ISBN-10 9781464810770
Release 2017-10-20
Pages 372
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Morocco 2040: Emerging by Investing in Intangible Capital documents the major economic and social strides made by Morocco over the past 15 years and analyzes the economic conditions for accelerating the pace of economic catch-up by 2040. A virtuous yet realistic scenario suggests that with higher productivity gains Morocco could double its current pace of convergence with Southern European countries. In one generation, Morocco’s standard of living could reach about 45 percent of that of Spain, its immediate Northern neighbor, compared to the current rate of 22 percent. To lay out the possible pathways for Morocco to become the first North African country to attain upper middle income status, the Book then investigates the policies that could bring about such a virtuous scenario of accelerated economic convergence. It shows that sustaining higher productivity gains for 25 years would require greater efforts at building Morocco’s institutional, human and social capital—what is also known as intangible capital. Accumulating such intangible capital necessarily take a number of different forms and the Book proposes a four-pronged approach. First, by strengthening Morocco’s market institutions for a more efficient allocation of capital and labor and international integration. Second, by strengthening Morocco’s public institutions to strengthen the rule of law and justice, modernize the public administration, and improve the quality of public service delivery. Third, by strengthening Morocco’s human capital, especially education, health and the development of early childhood. And fourth, by strengthening Morocco’s social capital through greater gender parity and increased interpersonal trust and civism in society. By placing more of a priority on its intangible capital, Morocco would be advancing a social contract based on the promotion of a more open society. It would be taking a route that is partly new, but which is also the logical outcome of many economic and social diagnoses and pressing calls for change.

The Human Dimension of Local Development

The Human Dimension of Local Development Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556021598370
Release 1991
Pages 178
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The Human Dimension of Local Development has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Human Dimension of Local Development also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Human Dimension of Local Development book for free.

Yearbook of International Organizations

Yearbook of International Organizations Author
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433091266449
Release 2001
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Beginning in 1983/84 published in 3 vols., with expansion to 6 vols. by 2007/2008: vol. 1--Organization descriptions and cross references; vol. 2--Geographic volume: international organization participation; vol. 3--Subject volume; vol. 4--Bibliography and resources; vol. 5--Statistics, visualizations and patterns; vol. 6--Who's who in international organizations. (From year to year some slight variations in naming of the volumes).

Women and Development

Women and Development Author
ISBN-10 9068327046
Release 1992
Pages 206
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Women and Development has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Women and Development also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Women and Development book for free.

Civil Society and Political Change in Morocco

Civil Society and Political Change in Morocco Author James N. Sater
ISBN-10 9781134126453
Release 2007-06-11
Pages 240
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Taking Morocco as its focus, this book looks at the political change in the country since 1990. It places particular emphasis on key topics, such as civil society, human rights and reform, as vital issues for understanding the developments in the contemporary Middle East.