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Locked In

Locked In Author Judy Mozersky
ISBN-10 9780919614642
Release 2000-08-11
Pages 130
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Judy Mozersky was 19 when she suffered a totally incapacitating stroke. This is a story of incredible personal endurance and courage.

Locked In

Locked In Author Richard Marsh
ISBN-10 9780349401447
Release 2014-06-05
Pages 240
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'The noises were fuzzy in the darkness. Like hearing a domestic dispute through an apartment wall. As a cop, it was a scenario I'd experienced many times as I'd approached a stranger's front door. But this was different. This time I wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't moving at all. Couldn't move at all.' In May 2009 Napa cop Richard Marsh suffered a severe stroke that submerged him in the terrifying world of a Locked-in sufferer. Brain activity remains but sufferers have no way of communicating with the outside world. In fact, 90 percent of sufferers die within four months of onset. Locked In follows Richard's extraordinary race against time. First, to prove his existence to the medical team and then to beat the odds of surviving Locked-in syndrome. Written with the intensity of a thriller, we witness astonishing moments in his journey, such as Richard finally hearing a neurosurgeon say, 'I think there's someone in here'. Now fully recovered, Richard's story is one of triumph that will captivate and inspire.

Monstrum House Locked In

Monstrum House  Locked In Author Z. Fraillon
ISBN-10 9781921564253
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 160
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From the creators of Zac Power, Monstrum House combines a remote boarding school, quirky kids and monsters that go bump in the night! Jasper McPhee is always getting into trouble. That's why he's been sent to the Monstrum House School for Troubled Children. But there's something very strange about Monstrum House. For a start, the students have to stand barefoot in the snow every day. There's also the creepy feeling that the teachers can read your thoughts. Oh, and the fact that the school is crawling with monsters.

Locked In

Locked In Author Kerry Wilkinson
ISBN-10 1611099757
Release 2013
Pages 319
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"When a body is found in a locked house, Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is left to not only find the killer but discover how they got in and out. With little in the way of leads and a journalist that seems to know more about the case than she does, Jessica is already feeling the pressure--and that's before a second body shows up in identical circumstances to the first. How can a murderer get to victims in seemingly impossible situations and what, if anything, links the bodies?-- Page [4] of cover.

Locked In

Locked In Author Marcia Muller
ISBN-10 9780446558297
Release 2009-10-15
Pages 288
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Shot in the head by an unknown assailant, San Francisco private eye Sharon McCone finds herself trapped by locked-in syndrome: almost total paralysis but an alert, conscious mind. Since the late-night attack occurred at her agency's offices, the natural conclusion was that it was connected to one of the firm's cases. As Sharon lies in her hospital bed, furiously trying to break out of her body's prison and discover her attacker's identity, all the members of her agency fan out to find the reason why she was assaulted. Meanwhile, Sharon becomes a locked-in detective, evaluating the clues from her staff's separate investigations and discovering unsettling truths that could put her life in jeopardy again. As the case draws to a surprising and even shocking conclusion, Sharon's husband, Hy, must decide whether or not to surrender to his own violent past and exact fatal vengeance when the person responsible is identified.

Locked in

Locked in Author Michael Esposito
ISBN-10 1930754981
Release 2007
Pages 278
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Locked In is an intelligent, fast-paces breakout book of deceit, greed, and murder set in Tampa's medical and legal community.

Locked In

Locked In Author John Pfaff
ISBN-10 9780465096923
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 272
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"Pfaff, let there be no doubt, is a reformer...Nonetheless, he believes that the standard story--popularized in particular by Michelle Alexander, in her influential book, The New Jim Crow--is false. We are desperately in need of reform, he insists, but we must reform the right things, and address the true problem."--Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker A groundbreaking examination of our system of imprisonment, revealing the true causes of mass incarceration as well as the best path to reform In the 1970s, the United States had an incarceration rate comparable to those of other liberal democracies-and that rate had held steady for over 100 years. Yet today, though the US is home to only about 5 percent of the world's population, we hold nearly one quarter of its prisoners. Mass incarceration is now widely considered one of the biggest social and political crises of our age. How did we get to this point? Locked In is a revelatory investigation into the root causes of mass incarceration by one of the most exciting scholars in the country. Having spent fifteen years studying the data on imprisonment, John Pfaff takes apart the reigning consensus created by Michelle Alexander and other reformers, revealing that the most widely accepted explanations-the failed War on Drugs, draconian sentencing laws, an increasing reliance on private prisons-tell us much less than we think. Pfaff urges us to look at other factors instead, including a major shift in prosecutor behavior that occurred in the mid-1990s, when prosecutors began bringing felony charges against arrestees about twice as often as they had before. He describes a fractured criminal justice system, in which counties don't pay for the people they send to state prisons, and in which white suburbs set law and order agendas for more-heavily minority cities. And he shows that if we hope to significantly reduce prison populations, we have no choice but to think differently about how to deal with people convicted of violent crimes-and why some people are violent in the first place. An authoritative, clear-eyed account of a national catastrophe, Locked In transforms our understanding of what ails the American system of punishment and ultimately forces us to reconsider how we can build a more equitable and humane society.

Locked In

Locked In Author Victoria Arlen
ISBN-10 9781501174643
Release 2018-08-28
Pages 256
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ESPN personality and Paralympics champion Victoria Arlen shares her courageous and miraculous story of recovery after falling into a mysterious vegetative state at age eleven and how she broke free, overcoming the odds and never giving up hope, eventually living a full and inspiring life. When Victoria Arlen was eleven years old, she contracted two rare diseases simultaneously and fell into a mysterious vegetative state. For two years her mind was dark, but in the third year, her mind broke free, and she was able to think clearly and to hear and feel everything—but no one knew. When she was fifteen years old, against all odds and medical predictions, she was finally able to communicate through eye blinks, and she gradually regained her ability to speak and eat and move her upper body, but she faced the devastating reality of paralysis from the waist down because of damage to her spine. However, Victoria didn’t lose her strength or steadfast determination, and two years later, she won a gold medal for swimming at the London 2012 Paralympics. In Locked In, Victoria shares her never-before-published story—the pain, the struggle, the fight to live and thrive, and most importantly, the faith that carried her through. Her journey was not easy, but by believing in God’s healing power and forgiveness, she is living proof that, despite seemingly insurmountable odds and challenges, the will to survive and resolve to live can be a force stronger than our worst deterrents. Not many people get a second chance at life like Victoria has, and she made a promise to God that she would make every moment count.

Locked in

Locked in Author Betty Anne Neill
ISBN-10 1883938279
Release 1996-01-01
Pages 133
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A moving and terrifying account of a mother's entry into another way of life, after her son is involved in a car accident and suffers a coma.

Locked In

Locked In Author Lexi Cross
Release 2018-01-19
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Locked In is book 7 of the Triple Threat series. Parts 1-9 can be found everywhere now! Book 1: Wrapped Up Book 2: Knocked Up Book 3: Tied Up Book 4: Pinned Down Book 5: Down for the Count Book 6: Touch Me Down Book 7: Locked In Book 8: Locked On Him Book 9: Lock It Up I HIT THE HOLE HARD – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’m exactly what I look like: a ladykiller, a cocky S.O.B., an unrepentant player. I talk the talk. I walk the walk. My bed has seen half the girls in this town, although their stays are strictly one-night only. I take them home, rock their world, and send them packing. Then onto the next. That is, until she showed up. No one’s ever told me no before, but Melinda Clark gives as good as she gets. The more time I spend around her, the more I want her. The more I need her. The more I won’t stop until I have her. Forever. HE WRAPPED ME UP, PINNED ME DOWN, AND LEFT ME BEGGING FOR MORE. Harley Marks is a dangerous man. Playboys like him usually are. He’s got a jaw like granite, biceps like pythons, and a c*ck like…well, use your imagination. What’s worse is, he doesn’t care about a girl like me. I’m just another notch on his belt, a trophy to be collected and neglected. But that doesn’t stop me from craving his touch. Try as I might, I can’t convince myself to stay away from him. I know I’m straying into forbidden territory, but one brush of his lips reveals the truth: I just don’t give a damn.

Locked in Time

Locked in Time Author Lois Duncan
ISBN-10 9780316191326
Release 2011-10-03
Pages 272
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Nore Roberts didn't ask for a new life, but now that her mom is gone and her dad is newly married, she has to settle in at Shadow Grove, the old Civil War mansion her stepfamily calls home. When she meets her stepmother, Lisette, Nore is shocked by her youth and beauty that gives her chills- and a hint of something sinister. There's hope of becoming friends with her stepbrother and sister, until Nore realizes they're hiding something. When she begins to feel like the target of a deadly plan, Nore starts digging into her stepfamily's past. The skeletons in their closet are more real than she ever imagined. Can Nore expose her stepmother's dark secret before an old and evil magic swallows her up?

Locked In A DS Jessica Daniel Novel 1

Locked In  A DS Jessica Daniel Novel 1 Author Kerry Wilkinson
ISBN-10 9781743510216
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 300
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They think they are safe at home. Someone knows better. When a body is found in a locked house, Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is left to not only find the killer but discover how they got in and out. With little in the way of leads and a journalist that seems to know more about the case than she does, Jessica is already feeling the pressure - and that's before a second body shows up in identical circumstances to the first. How can a murderer get to victims in seemingly impossible situations and what, if anything, links the bodies? PRAISE FOR KERRY WILKINSON "A crime-writing colossus" The Sun "A strong voice..." Publisher's Weekly "Plotting, high drama and characterization are becoming the hallmarks of his thrillers" Lancashire Evening Post

Locked in the Poorhouse

Locked in the Poorhouse Author Fred R. Harris
ISBN-10 0742509044
Release 2000-07-05
Pages 188
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Including the work of contributors such as best-selling author William Julius Wilson, this discussion of the current status of race and poverty in America presents frank views on what works and what does not, and offers practical policy recommendations. IP.

Locked in Temptation

Locked in Temptation Author Brenda Jackson
ISBN-10 9781460399965
Release 2017-08-01
Pages 384
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His job is to protect her…no matter the cost Police detective Joy Ingram's connection to elite security expert Stonewall Courson is instant. Undeniable. Electric. But her commitment to protect and serve has always come first. Everything else is secondary—especially when she uncovers an underground surrogate baby-making ring. Joy can't risk a distraction during the most important case of her career, not even one as sexy as reformed ex-con Stonewall. There are few things Stonewall values more than a strong woman. But when Joy's investigation draws her into a deadly conspiracy that goes deeper than she ever imagined, he must convince her that he's the best man to protect her. And while he puts his life on the line to save hers, the insatiable attraction between them becomes the one danger neither of them can escape.

Locked in

Locked in Author Peter Conway
ISBN-10 IND:30000109970230
Release 2007-09-28
Pages 224
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Is Father Carey saint or sinner? A compassionate comforter of the sick or a heavy drinker not to be trusted with secrets inside or outside the confessional? Opinion at St. Cuthbert's Hospital was divided. Michael Donovan, paralyzed after a rugby accident, viewed him as the only person who had tried to give him support but there were others who both hated and feared the priest. When Father Carey is poisoned, Donovan loses the will to live. On a respirator and locked inside his paralyzed body, there is nothing he can do about it. Or is there? He may be unable to speak or move but there is nothing inactive about his mind as he attempts to track down the killer.

Locked In Closets and Other Fairy Tales

Locked In Closets and Other Fairy Tales Author Patrick Moseley
ISBN-10 9781449081669
Release 2010-03-23
Pages 244
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What makes a seventy-nine year old man decide he is tired of living a lie? Tonight Roger Travers will break free of his self-imposed prison. Armed with an unlikely talisman, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that carries him through a colorful underworld of prostitutes, schizophrenics and drag queens all the while leading him to redemption. In this erudite primal scream, Patrick Moseley challenges our current social mores by examining the Biblical question, "Who told you you were naked?" Locked in Closets and Other Fairy Tales is a brutally unflinching exploration of life, love, friendship and self-acceptance. Moseley's razor-sharp and engaging style skillfully juxtaposes the heartbreaking and heartwarming, the senseless and the sublime, the tragedy and the triumph that is the human condition.


LOCKED IN A CIRCLE Author Brenda J Rigsby
ISBN-10 9781450272353
Release 2010-12-21
Pages 268
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This unique fiction begins in the early seventies in the San Francisco Bay Area and ends in the year 2004. The main character (Rene Ward) invites you to look at her serious and sometimes funny lifestyle. After having a series of relationship breakup’s and the love of her life living on the down low, Rene finally finds the key to unlock the circle of success and pushes herself into the main stream of life. Locked in a Circle helps us to remember that dreams are formed when we are young but most dreams end in the graveyard before they are birthed. Locked This book pushes you to the point of wanting to capitalize on your dream and embrace life challenges while keeping your eye on your goal. No one ever really knows the true map to life’s challenges, Locked makes you wonder if you have veered off the path.