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London s News Press and the Thirty Years War

London s News Press and the Thirty Years War Author Jayne E. E. Boys
ISBN-10 9781843839347
Release 2014
Pages 336
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A topical subject offering interesting parallels between the news revolution in the age of James I and Charles I and our internet age. An important contribution to the history of print and books.

Popular Culture and Political Agency in Early Modern England and Ireland

Popular Culture and Political Agency in Early Modern England and Ireland Author Michael J. Braddick
ISBN-10 9781783271719
Release 2017
Pages 309
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"This collection arises from a conference held to mark John Walter's 65th birthday at Christ's College, Cambridge, in March 2013"--P. xiii.

Alehouses and Good Fellowship in Early Modern England

Alehouses and Good Fellowship in Early Modern England Author Mark Hailwood
ISBN-10 9781843839422
Release 2014
Pages 253
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Representing a history of drinking 'from below', this book explores the role of the alehouse in seventeenth-century English society.

Remaking English Society

Remaking English Society Author Steve Hindle
ISBN-10 9781783270170
Release 2015-04-16
Pages 400
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Written by leading authorities, the volume can be considered a standard work on seventeenth-century English social history.

The Thirty Years War

The Thirty Years War Author Cicely Veronica Wedgwood
ISBN-10 1590171462
Release 2005
Pages 520
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Europe in 1618 was riven between Protestants and Catholics, Bourbon and Hapsburg--as well as empires, kingdoms, and countless principalities. After angry Protestants tossed three representatives of the Holy Roman Empire out the window of the royal castle in Prague, world war spread from Bohemia with relentless abandon, drawing powers from Spain to Sweden into a nightmarish world of famine, disease, and seemingly unstoppable destruction.

St Petersburg

St  Petersburg Author Arthur L. George
ISBN-10 UOM:39015057656491
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 673
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This text covers the city's political and social history, as well as its infinite contributions to scholarship, culture, and world politics.

Scholars of Early Modern Studies

Scholars of Early Modern Studies Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000056032406
Release 1999
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Scholars of Early Modern Studies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Scholars of Early Modern Studies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Scholars of Early Modern Studies book for free.

The Politics of Information in Early Modern Europe

The Politics of Information in Early Modern Europe Author Sabrina Alcorn Baron
ISBN-10 9781134630745
Release 2005-07-08
Pages 320
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In its various European contexts, the invention and spread of newspapers in the seventeenth century had a profound effect on early modern culture and politics. While recent research has explored the role of the newspaper in transforming information into ideology in various European countries, this book is the first to bring this work together into a comprehensive and comparative survey.

War in European History

War in European History Author Michael Howard
ISBN-10 9780199546190
Release 2009
Pages 171
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A new edition of this brilliantly written survey of the changing ways that war has been waged in Europe, from the Norse invasions to the present day, Michael Howard illuminates the way in which warfare has shaped the history of the Continent, its effect on social and political institutions, and the ways in which technological and social change have in turn shaped the way in which wars are fought. This new edition includes a fully updated further reading and a newchapter bringing the story into the twenty-first century, including the invasion of Iraq and the so-called 'War against Terror'.

Royalism Print and Censorship in Revolutionary England

Royalism  Print and Censorship in Revolutionary England Author Jason McElligott
ISBN-10 1843833239
Release 2007
Pages 274
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A study of the content and methods of royalist propaganda via newsbooks in the crucial period following the end of the first civil war.

A Taste for Luxury in Early Modern Europe

A Taste for Luxury in Early Modern Europe Author Johanna Ilmakunnas
ISBN-10 9781474258241
Release 2017-06-29
Pages 336
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Jon Stobart and Johanna Ilmakunnas bring together a range of scholars from across mainland Europe and the UK to examine luxury and taste in early modern Europe. In the 18th century, debates raged about the economic, social and moral impacts of luxury, whilst taste was viewed as a refining influence and a marker of rank and status. This book takes a fresh, comparative approach to these ideas, drawing together new scholarship to examine three related areas in a wide variety of European contexts. Firstly, the deployment of luxury goods in displays of status and how these practices varied across space and time. Secondly, the processes of communicating and acquiring taste and luxury: how did people obtain tasteful and luxurious goods, and how did they recognise them as such? Thirdly, the ways in which ideas of taste and luxury crossed national, political and economic boundaries: what happened to established ideas of luxury and taste as goods moved from one country to another, and during times of political transformation? Through the analysis of case studies looking at consumption practices, material culture, political economy and retail marketing, A Taste for Luxury in Early Modern Europe challenges established readings of luxury and taste. This is a crucial volume for any historian seeking a more nuanced understanding of material culture, consumption and luxury in early modern Europe.

Memory before Modernity

Memory before Modernity Author Erika Kuijpers
ISBN-10 9789004261259
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 360
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This volume examines the practice of memory in early modern Europe, showing that this was already a multimedia affair with many political uses, and affecting people at all levels of society; many pre-modern memory practices persist until today.

Imperial Germany Revisited

Imperial Germany Revisited Author Sven Oliver Muller
ISBN-10 9780857459213
Release 2013-01-15
Pages 384
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The German Empire, its structure, its dynamic development between 1871 and 1918, and its legacy, have been the focus of lively international debate that is showing signs of further intensification as we approach the centenary of the outbreak of World War I. Based on recent work and scholarly arguments about continuities and discontinuities in modern German history from Bismarck to Hitler, well-known experts broadly explore four themes: the positioning of the Bismarckian Empire in the course of German history; the relationships between society, politics and culture in a period of momentous transformations; the escalation of military violence in Germany's colonies before 1914 and later in two world wars; and finally the situation of Germany within the international system as a major political and economic player. The perspectives presented in this volume have already stimulated further argument and will be of interest to anyone looking for orientation in this field of research.

A History of Civilization Prehistory to 1715

A History of Civilization  Prehistory to 1715 Author Robin W. Winks
ISBN-10 0133898849
Release 1988-01-01
Pages 496
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This 2-volume set has become a standard introduction to world history. Volume I covers the period of prehistory to 1765, and Volume II modern history to the present.

Society and Culture in Early Modern France

Society and Culture in Early Modern France Author Natalie Zemon Davis
ISBN-10 0804709726
Release 1975
Pages 362
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These essays, three of them previously unpublished, explore the competing claims of innovation and tradition among the lower orders in sixteenth-century France. The result is a wide-ranging view of the lives and values of men and women (artisans, tradesmen, the poor) who, because they left little or nothing in writing, have hitherto had little attention from scholars. The first three essays consider the social, vocational, and sexual context of the Protestant Reformation, its consequences for urban women, and the new attitudes toward poverty shared by Catholic humanists and Protestants alike in sixteenth-century Lyon. The next three essays describe the links between festive play and youth groups, domestic dissent, and political criticism in town and country, the festive reversal of sex roles and political order, and the ritualistic and dramatic structure of religious riots. The final two essays discuss the impact of printing on the quasi-literate, and the collecting of common proverbs and medical folklore by learned students of the "people" during the Ancien Régime. The book includes eight pages of illustrations.

Early China

Early China Author Li Feng
ISBN-10 9780521895521
Release 2013-12-30
Pages 367
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A critical new interpretation of the early history of Chinese civilization based on the most recent scholarship and archaeological discoveries.

Warfare and Culture in World History

Warfare and Culture in World History Author Wayne E. Lee
ISBN-10 9780814752777
Release 2011-10-01
Pages 231
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It has long been acknowledged that the study of war and warfare demands careful consideration of technology, institutions, social organization, and more. But, for some, the so-called "war and society" approach increasingly included everything but explained nothing, because it all too often seemed to ignore the events on the battlefield itself. The military historians in Warfare and Culture in World History return us to the battlefield, but they do so through a deep examination of the role of culture in shaping military institutions and military choices. Collected here are some of the most provocative recent efforts to analyze warfare through a cultural lens, drawing on and aggressively expanding traditional scholarship on war and society through sophisticated cultural analysis. With chapters ranging from an organizational analysis of American Civil War field armies to the soldiers' culture of late Republican Rome and debates within Ming Chinese officialdom over extermination versus pacification, this one volume provides a full range of case studies of how culture, whether societal, strategic, organizational, or military, could shape not only military institutions but also actual battlefield choices.