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Longing for Running Water

Longing for Running Water Author Ivone Gebara
ISBN-10 1451409907
Release 1999-09-01
Pages 240
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Gebara's succinct yet moving statement of her principles of ecofeminism shows how intertwined are the tarnished environment around her and the poverty that afflicts her neighbors. From her experiences with the Brazilian poor women's movement she develops a gritty urban ecofeminism and indeed articulates a whole worldview. She shows how the connections between Western thought, partriachal Christianity, and environmental destruction necessitate personal conversion to "an new relationship with the earth and with the entire cosmos."

Out of the Depths

Out of the Depths Author Ivone Gebara
ISBN-10 1451409915
Pages 211
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Translated by Ann Patrick Ware Introduces a perspective on evil and salvation to address "the evil women do, " the evil they suffer, and women's redemptive experiences of God and salvation.

Ecofeminism in Latin America

Ecofeminism in Latin America Author Mary Judith Ress
ISBN-10 1570756368
Release 2006
Pages 243
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Extrait de la couverture : "As Latin American women today take a new look at themselves as human beings and at the nature of the world around them, they are forging a new theology: ecofeminism. Mary Judith Ress works among these women, worships with them, and has written down their stories. Ecofeminism in Latin America explores the historical developments of this movement, and its roots and sources in wisdom traditions, new approaches to cosmology, and other women's theological movements."

Beyond Liberation Theology

Beyond Liberation Theology Author Ivan Petrella
ISBN-10 9780334041344
Release 2008
Pages 176
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Ivan Petrella provides a bold new interpretation of liberation theology's present state and future possibilities. In so doing, he challenges a number of established pieties: Instead of staying within the accepted norm of examining liberation theologies individually as if they were closed worlds, he dares develop a framework that tackles Latin American, Black, Womanist, and Hispanic/Latino(a) theologies together; instead of succumbing to the fashionable identity politics that rules liberationist discourse, he places poverty at the forefront of concern; instead of seeking to carve out a small space for theology in a secular world, he shows that only an expansive understanding of liberation theology can deal with contemporary challenges. The end result is a wake-up call for liberation theologians everywhere and a radical new direction for liberation theology itself.

Just Hospitality

Just Hospitality Author Letty M. Russell
ISBN-10 9781611640120
Release 2009-04-02
Pages 158
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In this book, theologian Letty Russell redefines the commonly held notion of hospitality as she challenges her readers to consider what it means to welcome the stranger. In doing so, she implores persons of faith to join the struggles for justice. Rather than an act of limited, charitable welcome, Russell maintains that true hospitality is a process that requires partnership with the "other" in our divided world. The goal is "just hospitality," that is, hospitality with justice. Russell draws on feminist and postcolonial thinking to show how we are colonized and colonizing, each of us bearing the marks of the history that formed us. With an insightful analysis of the power dynamics that stem from our differences and a constructive theological theory of difference itself, Russell proposes concrete strategies to create a more just practice of hospitality.

Theology in a New Key

Theology in a New Key Author Robert McAfee Brown
ISBN-10 0664242049
Release 1978
Pages 212
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"I do not think there are any issues on the theological and human scene more important than the ones liberation theologians are raising," says Robert McAfee Brown. In this book Brown explores how we can respond to liberation theology without condescension, arrogance, or co-optation. He surveys in detail the kind of challenges to North American Christians issued by South American theologians. He then calls upon the church to work to make itself what it ought to be and to take sides politically in support of human rights.

The Bible and the Environment

The Bible and the Environment Author David G. Horrell
ISBN-10 9781317324379
Release 2015-08-12
Pages 160
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The biblical and Christian traditions have long been seen to have legitimated and encouraged humanity's aggressive domination of nature. Biblical visions of the future, with destruction for the earth and rescue for the elect, have also discouraged any concern for the earth's future or the welfare of future generations. But we now live in a time when environmental issues are at the centre of political and ethical debate. What is needed is a new reading of the biblical tradition that can meet the challenges of the ecological issues that face humanity at the beginning of the third millennium. 'The Bible and the Environment' examines a range of biblical texts - from Genesis to Revelation - evaluating competing interpretations. The Bible provides a thoroughly ambivalent legacy. Certainly, it cannot provide straightforward teaching on care for the environment but nor can it simply be seen as an anti-ecological book. Developing an 'ecological hermeneutic' as a way of mediating between contemporary concerns and the biblical text, 'The Bible and the Environment' presents a way of productively reading the Bible in the context of contemporary ecology.

Feminism and Ecology

Feminism and Ecology Author Mary Mellor
ISBN-10 9780745667898
Release 2013-04-23
Pages 232
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The relationship between feminism and ecology has grown in importance in recent years. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the ecofeminist movement and its history, as well as an extended analysis of the main perspectives within it. Mellor examines the connections between feminism and the green movement, and outlines the contributions of the major participants, while contextualizing them within a wider range of debates. She re-examines classic feminist texts from an ecofeminist perspective, and explores the relationship between ecofeminism and other ecological movements, such as 'deep' ecology, social ecology and ecosocialism. Mellor discusses the association of women with biology and 'nature', and argues that the relationship between women and the environment can help us to understand the relationship between humanity and the natural world. Against the trends towards radical economic liberalism, global capitalism and postmodernist pluralism, she argues that there is within the feminist and green movements the basis of a new radical movement which draws on the principles of both. A useful and engaging account of feminist perspectives on ecology, the book will be welcomed by students and researchers in feminism and gender studies, sociology and political theory.

Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology

Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology Author Daniel L. Brunner
ISBN-10 9781441221421
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 272
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Today's church finds itself in a new world, one in which climate change and ecological degradation are front-page news. In the eyes of many, the evangelical community has been slow to take up a call to creation care. How do Christians address this issue in a faithful way? This evangelically centered but ecumenically informed introduction to ecological theology (ecotheology) explores the global dimensions of creation care, calling Christians to meet contemporary ecological challenges with courage and hope. The book provides a biblical, theological, ecological, and historical rationale for earthcare as well as specific practices to engage both individuals and churches. Drawing from a variety of Christian traditions, the book promotes a spirit of hospitality, civility, honesty, and partnership. It includes a foreword by Bill McKibben and an afterword by Matthew Sleeth.

The radical kingdom

The radical kingdom Author Rosemary Radford Ruether
ISBN-10 UOM:39015003510040
Release 1970
Pages 304
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The radical kingdom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The radical kingdom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The radical kingdom book for free.

Decolonial Judaism

Decolonial Judaism Author S. Slabodsky
ISBN-10 9781137345837
Release 2014-07-02
Pages 259
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Decolonial Judaism: Triumphal Failures of Barbaric Thinking explores the relationship among geopolitics, religion, and social theory. It argues that during the postcolonial and post-Holocaust era, Jewish thinkers in different parts of the world were influenced by Global South thought and mobilized this rich set of intellectual resources to confront the assimilation of normative Judaism by various incipient neo-colonial powers. By tracing the historical and conceptual lineage of this overlooked conversation, this book explores not only its epistemological opportunities, but also the internal contradictions that led to its ultimate unraveling, especially in the post-9/11 world.

Mary Mother of God Mother of the Poor

Mary  Mother of God  Mother of the Poor Author Ivone Gebara
ISBN-10 9781592449750
Release 2004-10-28
Pages 208
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Here is the first thorough reflection on the importance of Mary by women writing from the perspective of Latin American liberation theology. Gebara and Bingemer offer a vision of Mary in sharp contrast to the traditional. This is the Mary of the Magnificat: a figure who challenges male-centrism, dualism, idealism, and one-dimensionalism. The authors focus on the idea of Mary as one who lives in God, on the feminine element of the divine, and on the personal factors which color their own perspectives. By delving into the Scriptures, they place Mary in her social, political, and economic context. Reviewing both the Old and New Testaments, they point to Mary as both heir and one who begins something new. In dealing with the traditions of the Church, Gebara and Bingemer rethink Marian dogmas - an area not only ecumenically controversial but also morally challenging. Beginning in the 16th century, the authors survey the history of Marian devotion, exploring the initial appearance of Mary to the Indian Juan Diego (Guadalupe), and reflecting on all the phenomena connected to the figure of Mary. The mystery of Mary brings a new word about God, they note. Her humanity entirely open ... and her full participation in the enterprise of this Kingdom help us perceive who the God of the Kingdom is: God the Creator, who does not cease to perform wonders on behalf of the poor.

Green Sisters

Green Sisters Author Sarah McFarland Taylor
ISBN-10 9780674027107
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 384
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Green sisters are environmentally active Catholic nuns working to heal the earth as they cultivate new forms of religious culture. Inviting us into their world, Taylor offers a firsthand understanding of the experiences of women whose lives bring together orthodoxy and activism, and whose lifestyle provides a compelling view of sustainable living.

Common Goods

Common Goods Author Catherine Keller
ISBN-10 9780823268443
Release 2015
Pages 456
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In the face of globalized ecological and economic crises, how do religion, the postsecular, and political theology reconfigure political theory and practice? As the planet warms and the chasm widens between the 1 percent and the global 99, what thinking may yet energize new alliances betweenreligious and irreligious constituencies?This book brings together political theorists, philosophers, theologians, and scholars of religion to open discursive and material spaces in which to shape a vibrant planetary commons. Attentive to the universalizing tendencies of "the common," the contributors seek to reappropriate the term inresponse to the corporate logic that asserts itself as a universal solvent. In the resulting conversation, the common returns as an interlinked manifold, under the ethos of its multitudes and the ecology of its multiplicity.Beginning from what William Connolly calls the palpable "fragility of things," Common Goods assembles a transdisciplinary political theology of the Earth. With a nuance missing from both atheist and orthodox religious approaches, the contributors engage in a multivocal conversation aboutsovereignty, capital, ecology, and civil society. The result is an unprecedented thematic assemblage of cosmopolitics and religious diversity; of utopian space and the time of insurrection; of Christian socialism, radical democracy, and disability theory; of quantum entanglement and planetarity; oftheology fleshly and political.

On Animals Systematic Theology

On Animals  Systematic Theology Author David L. Clough
ISBN-10 9780567139481
Release 2012-02-02
Pages 208
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The first book-length study of the place of animals in systematic theology.

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood Author Wayne Grudem
ISBN-10 9781433528972
Release 2002-10-04
Pages 304
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For years a debate has raged over how to define true masculinity and true femininity. While there is agreement that men and women share equally in the privilege of being made in God's image, some views of manhood and womanhood blur God-given gender distinctions. Wayne Grudem assembled a team of distinguished writers to show how egalitarian views destroy God's ideal for your relationships, marriage, and life purposes. The contributors to this book include: John Piper, Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota Bruce A. Ware, Senior Associate Dean of the School of Theology and Professor of Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Richard W. Hove, Director of Campus Crusade for Christ at Duke University Daniel Doriani, Dean of the Faculty and Professor of New Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary Daniel R. Heimbach, Professor of Christian Ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Peter Jones, Professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary in California These writers explore key issues, including the interchangeability of male-female roles, the meaning of submission, and the historical novelty of egalitarian interpretations of Scripture. This book will demonstrate how some views of manhood and womanhood tamper with our understanding of God's character and why the extremes of male domination and feminism destroy the beauty of our sexual differences-differences that celebrate the excellence of men and women as God created us.

Philosophy Feminism and Faith

Philosophy  Feminism  and Faith Author Ruth E. Groenhout
ISBN-10 9780253109668
Release 2003-02-19
Pages 312
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"The stories are powerful, sometimes heart-rending, sometimes lyrical, but always deeply personal. And there is some very good philosophizing as part of the bargain." —Merold Westphal How can the seemingly separate lives of philosopher, feminist, and follower of a religious tradition come together in one person’s life? How does religious commitment affect philosophy or feminism? How does feminism play out in religious or philosophical commitment? Wrestling with answers to these questions, women who balance philosophy, feminism, and faith write about their lives. The voices gathered here from several different traditions—Catholic, Protestant, Quaker, Jewish, and Muslim—represent diverse ethnicities, races, and ages. The challenging and poignant reflections in Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith show how critical thought can successfully mesh with religious faith and social responsibility.